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Castle Season Finale Speculation Thread (Spoilers)

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(Spoilers for season six) So yeah. That was certainly an interesting season finale. The entire episode I was just waiting for the ending so I could see them getting married, and...well...that didn't happen. I'm rather pissed off about it, but whatever, I'll just have to wait. So, what do you all think happened?

-Return of Senator Bracken?

-Return of 3XK and his doctor pal?

-Something to do with Castle's father?

-Something entirely new?

I think it's pretty obvious that he wasn't in that car when it crashed, but I wonder what really happened.

By the way, that black car scared the shit outta me. I hope I wasn't the only one.

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You know my feels from the HHH thread. I'm mostly wondering why they only chose to attack him now? I suppose we'll know why once we know who.

And yeah, that did scare the shit out of me too. But it must be nothing compared to what Beckett's feeling now.... >_<

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