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Welcome to Serious Discussion! This subforum exists for reasoned and logical discourse over some of the heavy, more "serious" topics of our times. That said, extended and mature discussion on almost any subject can conceivably fit in, provided it's well-presented and well-maintained. Here's a short, non-exclusive list of things to keep in mind before making a topic, or contributing to one:

- Serious Discussion is not your personal soap-box to come to for validation, do not hope nor expect to "preach to the choir". You will be interacting with others, many of whom may not share your viewpoint. If you cannot handle disagreement in a respectful and mature fashion, this is not the place for your post.

- There is an important difference between attacking an argument and attacking a person. Everyone posting here is a human being and worthy of being treated as such. Do not lose yourself in the heat of a disagreement and cross over that line. Nor should you automatically assume that when someone is arguing against you―in some cases forcefully, emphatically, and with strong language―that they are disrespecting you and not your position. Before you fly off the handle at a perceived offense take a step back and consider the situation from a different angle. Never post in the heat of the moment. Insulting other users will NOT be tolerated, regardless of if you feel "they started it".

- There's a time and a place for polemics, neither of those are this board. While controversial topics of discussion are welcome here, do not go out of your way to spice up your phrasing in order to grab attention to your position. More likely than not you'll simply end up offending people and embarrassing yourself. When handling sensitive issues of discussion try to treat them with the delicacy they deserve. You don't have to sugarcoat things, put on your kid gloves, or walk around on eggshells, but you can't be aggressively hostile either. Show some empathy for the rest of the board and strike the middle ground.

- Topics can and do end up wandering off course. If you notice the flow of discussion is straying a little far afield from the original topic please either fork it to a new topic, or quietly report it and ask that the offtopic posts be separated. Complaining about things in the thread itself won't solve anything, may even make the issues worse, and should be left to a moderator if necessary.

- Please pay attention to what's on the first page. Necroposting kicks in when something is at least a month old AND off the first page. If it's still on the first page, it's fair game.

- If you want to contribute to an ongoing discussion, please make sure you can provide some logic to back up your case. This isn't the place for groundless claims, no matter how impassioned you can make you pleas appear to be.

- This subforum is no substitute for trained medical professionals. For any serious personal medical or psychological issues there are better places to get advice than from strangers on the internet. Get in touch with your primary care provider if you have one, or a relevant hotline (Suicide Prevention, Domestic Abuse, Substance Abuse, etc.) if you do not.

- When a moderator is posting in an official capacity, do not argue with them publicly. Contact them, or another moderator, in private to discuss whatever issue is at hand. If you are not sure if they are posting in an official capacity or whether they are simply arguing their side of the issue, ask them for clarification in PM first.

- If someone asks for sources, please do your best to find them. Ignoring such requests stifles discussion, which is what this subforum is about.

- If you have any questions regarding these rules, feel free to PM a mod.

By posting in this subforum, it is implied that you've read these rules, and agree to them. Pleading ignorance is no excuse.

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