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Fire Emblem Awakening Character Descriptions

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So after reading the character descriptions from this LP (near the bottom of the page), I decided to try my hand at doing something similar myself, only with FE13... because I was bored and had nothing better to do. I was only bored enough to do descriptions for the Gen Wunderkins, apparently. I probably think the descriptions are more witty and clever than they actually are (and some of them I don't even get anymore), but that's how it goes when you have an overinflated ego (which is why I made these thread because that ego was cruising for a bruising). Also Euklyd helped me with 99% of these, so props.

Anyways, keep in mind that the descriptions are not entirely serious (although I'd like to think that they're fairly accurate :3), so don't feel offended if your favorite character didn't get the optimal description (and more importantly, don't spend pages arguing about it here). That being said, if there's anything you feel that can be changed or improved (or you just don't get a description, feel free to mention it (or just leave your general comments, that works too). Just as long as you're not expecting a quality answer, of course!


CHROM: The heroic, well-respected lord. Bit of a hypocrite.


AVATAR: The charismatic, amnesiac tactician. Bit of a player.


LISSA: The perky, tomboyish cleric. Bit of a brat.


FREDERICK: The no-nonsense, Chromosexual great knight. Bit of a pyromaniac.


SULLY: The foul-mouthed, straightforward cavalier. Bit of a tryhard.


VIRION: The clever, womanizing archer. Bit of a legend.


STAHL: The helpful, perpetually hungry cavalier. Bit of a bro.


VAIKE: The confident, absent-minded fighter. Bit of an egomaniac.


MIRIEL: The methodical, perfectionist mage. Bit of a nerd.


SUMIA: The ditzy, kindhearted pegasus knight. Bit of a hate magnet.


DONNEL: The incompetent, peculiar-speaking villager. Bit of a pothead.


LON'QU: The unsociable, woman-fearing myrmidon. Bit of a hunk.


RICKEN: The endearing, animal-loving mage. Bit of a shota.


MARIBELLE: The proud, sophisticated troubadour. Bit of an elitist.


GAIUS: The calm, relatable thief. Bit of a sugar-fiend.


PANNE: The independent, apathetic taguel. Bit of a xenophobe.


CORDELIA: The hard working, beautiful pegasus knight. Bit of an eidolon.


GREGOR: The mature, easy-going mercenary. Bit of a swell sword.


NOWI: The energetic, childish manakete. Bit of a pedobait.


LIBRA: The calm, attentive war monk. Bit of a zealot.


THARJA: The sadistic, self-centered dark mage. Bit of a stalker.


ANNA: The friendly, iconic trickster. Bit of a con artist.


OLIVIA: The antisocial, talented dancer. Bit of an exhibitionist.


CHERCHE: The loyal, composed wyvern rider. Bit of a dragonkin.


HENRY: The cheerful, cruel dark mage. Bit of a punslinger.


SAY'RI: The determined, old-fashioned swordmaster. Bit of a nonentity.


TIKI: The naive, revered manakete. Bit of a deadbeat.


BASILIO: The quirky, badass warrior. Bit of a possum.


FLAVIA: The brave, informal hero. Bit of a sore loser.


PRIAM: The sociable, powerhungry hero. Bit of a throwback.

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WOAH you actually got around to posting these!

Still just as good as I remember.

Also Euklyd helped me with 99% of these, so props.

oh come on; you did almost all of the work, I did hardly anything

Also I feel like you at least started the kids? I definitely remember Lucina.

Edited by Euklyd

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Freakin' awesome

I loved the one calling Basilio a possum

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Virion is offended by your understatement of his awesomeness.

Seriously though, these are pretty awesome. The only ones I have a bit of a beef with are Sumia and Nowi, because all the others are about how the character portrays themself/is reacted to ingame, while those two are about part of the fanbase's reaction to them.

Also for some reason the last three start with "A" instead of "The", but that's just nitpicking.

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^Dammit, I knew I forgot to change something! Also yeah, Sumia and Nowi's are slightly different than the others; only difference is I feel KIND OF CLEVER for Sumia's but Nowi's I'll admit was kind of lazy and I couldn't really think of anything else for her.

Anyways, thanks for the compliments you guys! Nice to know that people enjoyed reading these descriptions.

Edited by Refa

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Not bad at all.

Although I can't unsee these being used as GBA character descriptions.

Now I can't either.

also have a present

[spoiler=Gen 2 spoilers]lnMKaie.png

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