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I have decided to create a thread. I have decided to rebuild the mushroom kingdom and I have some positions to fill. They are Mario, LawyerLuigi (first to go), Wario, Ruler WALUIGI (taken), Toad, Starlow, Princess. Peach, Daisy, Fawful,Toadette and Bowser. I will allow 5 nominees per topic. Let the funny begin.

If you come up withe a Lol enough worthy role you may get it, but we need people for the current one.


WALUIGI (obvious)

Starlow: Glac

Hotel Mario Zak

Necromancer Necromancer

LAWYER Luigi Nominees


Phoenix Wright

Edited by WaluigiWeegee

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can I sue anyone who tries to be luigi.

I have decided that a Lawyer should also be luigi since they start with L. MR. Wright would like this title?

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Not a bad Idea Daisy position goes next.


wait what

Roll with it.

Being Luigi inevitably ends with getting shipped with whoever is Daisy.

Edited by Sylveon Lord

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