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Giovanni Boss

Dolphin codes strike again

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I was trying to make some gecko codes cooperate with me and actually work on Dolphin with me. While I only succeded with the "Unlock all Extras" and "100% PoR support info", by adding 80 to the first block of hexadecimal values in each line of the code, I realized two things:

First, nowhere I searched they mentioned this offset, so I guesses it could potentially help someone out there. I suppose other "extras" codes would also work if 80 was added to them.

Second, none of the offsets I saw could solve my frustrated attempts at turning my weapons blessed from the beginning. Mainly trying to use the "Bless Weapon After Attack (Player's Phase)" code, but I did try others, using the + b880 offset and also with the -264b80 offset.

So, that's it. If anyone can help me with this particular code, I'd be glad, but even if not, perhaps I could help someone with this post.

Thank you for your time.


Managed to make the code work by removing what I guessed [probably right] were button-activation lines. And adding 80, of course. Thanks a bunch for your time again, somehow posting here solved my issue even before any answer.

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Regarding the offsets, I believe they change. I'm using Dolphin version 4.0.2 and I've played FE10 on v 3.5 something before. Those offsets applied to the older version but does not for the newer dolphin version. The way I found the new offsets was(I was on Ch1 so I was trying this with Nolan) is to use the cheats manager's Cheat Search tab. For xp, that's 8 bit. Easy way to do this is save state at your initial xp value. Enter that xp value where it displs 0x0, change the unknown to equal then hit new scan. Then go attack something, gain xp. Enter the new xp value and hit Next Scan. Then you can go back to the save state and enter the old xp and hit next scan again and repeat to narrow down the list. The address presented will be something like 0x008something. For me it was 0x0084da0f. The others that start with 5, 3, or anything else won't be correct, it will start with an 8.

The original code:

Nolan 99EXP [Am3692]
00884E0F 00000063
So using my case as the example, if you now replace the 884E0F, the new code will be 0084da0f. By simple hex subtraction, you will find the correct offset governing all character codes(exp, slot, skill slot). So for me, the offset is to subtract 37400.
The item offset will require you open dolphin in debug mode. Open command prompt, type: start dolphin.exe /d
This will open debug mode. Click on View and check Memory. Memory tab should appear next to code on the left side. Run the game, make sure to hit play as debug mode automatically pauses the game. You'll notice that under the memory tab, there are 2 blank boxes above Set value. The top one is to enter an address. So looking at the original code that modifies Nolan's slot 1:
Nolan Item Slot 1 [ShadowX39]
and based on the character offset I found before, 04884ECC becomes 0484DACC. Now once your game is loaded. In the top white box, enter the new address with the correct offset(but omitting the 4). So for me I would enter 84DACC. And memory will display a long list with 0084DACC in the middle and in black while to it's right I have displayed 80B62E60 in blue. Since this is chapter 1, I know this code refers to Steel Axe. Comparing it with the original code, you will find that by adding 2400 to the original, you get the new one. So for me, the Item Offset is adding 2400.
You can do the same thing again for one of the skill slots. Nihil is in fact not in the first skill slot presented(04884E44):
Nolan's Skill Modifier [ShadowX39]
But if you modify one these addresses with your new character offset and search it in memory(again omitting the 4), then in the list that follows, all of Nolan's skill slots will be one after another so you will be able to see what skills are in what skill slots. I think Nihil is in the third one. Anyway, for me, I recognized immediately there was no shift for the skill codes, but if there is one you'll need to cross reference with subtraction to figure out which skill is which and then determine the offset.
Once you have the offsets, some other codes which will either look like item based codes such as:
All Weapons have Infinite Use [ShadowX39]
08B5FDC9 00000081
00CA0050 00000000
Note the B5FDC9 is your hint.
Or if it looks like a character type code:
Every Single Unit always has 99 Exp [ShadowX39]
08884E0F 00000063
00A103F0 00000000
Then applying the appropriate offset to the 08XXXXXX address should make the code work. I have tried looking at all the codes since many I don't even care about using. I did poke around the unlocking extras codes but it didn't work so I lost interest. Anyway, the offsets are the most important so this should help anyone who wants to get a lot of the codes to work.
Also, the always perfect level up code is a huge mess that doesn't even work with bonus exp, the Pain Elemental made a new code that seems to always work(older dolphin versions and new one) and it works with bonus exp:
0406D324 38600001
0006DA77 00000008

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so after I take say edwards code of 88717f subtracting 37400 I get 84fd7f but I still cant get any of the 99 exp codes to work is there something I am missing.

also any chance at you doing the 99 exp all units, all weapons infinite or bexp codes?(the perfect lvl up is great by the way)

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Giovanni, I wish you could help me. Im trying to use the Perfect Level Up codes in my dolphin, but I cant get it to work. I wonder if you know how to convert it to action replay or something, or if it is a gecko code as it is. I really could use the help.

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