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Favourite Character from each Game?

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I was wondering what characters everyone liked from the different Fire Emblem games. This is something I've been thinking about for a while, and I think I've finally come to a conclusion about my favourite character from each game.

I'm also going to count remakes as the same as the original, for simplicities sake (unless they're FE11/12 exclusive, such as Horace or Frey).

FE1/11: Merric. Merric is the character that really sold me on mages, but it wasn't just because of his stats. The head canon I created for him with Elice also helped. His magic wasn't very high compared to other games, but the res stat for this game's enemy units was also incredibly low.

FE2: "Zeke." I'm not saying he's Camus with amnesia or anything, but he's totally Camus with amnesia. He's Camus. Nuff said.

FE3/12: Nabarl. Nabarl is the character that got me into loving the swordmaster characters. His stats also didn't hurt x) He was so mysterious, and I ended up creating so much head canon for him. (Looking at you, Feena)

FE4: Gen 1, so totally Lewyn/Levin. He is my favourite character of all time in Fire Emblem for his wit alone, but his incredible stats don't hurt either.

Gen 2: Aless/Ares. He was my second gen game-breaker, along with Ced. Aless/Ares made me realize why we hardly ever get playable characters like Camus: it would be way too easy in any other game if their stats and growths lived up to their lore.

FE5: Mareeta. Mareeta overcomes some of the worst things, including a cursed sword that eventually becomes her personal weapon of world domination.

FE6: Karel, because of his character development from the following game. That, and he's the only character guaranteed to get a perfect level up, to my knowledge. FE6 didn't really have a lot of great characters for me, personally.

FE7: Hector! Hector is tied with Ephraim for my favourite lord, and Hector was such a change for me on the average lord. I don't always agree with Hector's rash decisions, but the way he, Lyn, and Eliwood contrasted was really cool to see.

FE8: This one was one of the harder ones to pick, because there wasn't a single character that I disliked. Unfortunately, I have to make a call on it. Joshua's personality was awesome, Gilliam was a hard-hitting tank, Franz was a mobile tank, Ross had absurd strength, and Ewan grew into a beast from great growths. However, Ephraim capitalized on all of this to some degree, which is why I'm going to choose him, even though I have so many other favourites.

FE9: Soren. All hail the rightful King of Daein! Soren is pretty much a carbon copy of my best friend, and he's a wind mage to boot (See a pattern?). Soren has been one of my best units on each of my FE9 playthroughs, so I can't imagine the game without that moody mage.

FE10: Radiant Dawn didn't have very much character development, unless they were some of the main cast of the previous game or this one. All of the other units get about two lines of dialogue (No real support). However, I'm going to choose Prince Pelleas. Pelleas sacrifices everything for his people on the first RD playthrough. Even though he wasn't royal blood, he showed the resolve of a true ruler.

FE13: Awakening had a lot of characters that I really liked, but some stood out above them all. My favourite from gen 1 is Tharja with Henry and Lon'qu tied for second. Tharja was a beastly unit with an awesome personality, and Noire is incredible when Lon'qu is her dad.

My gen 2 pick is Severa. Even though Gerome is Batman and Noire is hilarious, Severa was a beast on my playthrough. I paired Cordelia with Gregor, so her stats were awesome, but I also liked how her drive came from a passion to get out of her parent's shadow. I could totally empathize with the feeling of not living up to a parent, so Severa became one of the characters that I could relate to.

You guys don't have to give an explanation (it took me a LONG time to type all of that), but I think that it really helped me solidify my choices. It actually made me change my mind a couple times once I started typing, too.

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FE1/FE3/FE11/FE12: Lena, Tomas

FE2: Dyute, Alm

FE4 Gen I: Fury, Jamke

FE4 Gen II: Patty, Julia

FE5: Machua, Sleuf

FE6: Tate, Zeiss

FE7: Wil, Fiora

FE8: Ephraim, L'Arachel

FE9/FE10: Marcia, Lethe

FE13: Cynthia, Brady

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FE1/11: Palla

FE3/12: Palla

FE4: Fury

FE6: Miledy

FE7: Fiora

FE8: Vanessa

FE9: Marcia

FE10: Marcia

FE13: Cordelia

I'm totally not obsessed with fliers.

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FE11: The most amazing mage of Excalibur, Merric, god he is the most awesome unit, he can bypass terrible bases even with mediocre growths.

FE12: Catria, she does well in every class and most importantly, amazing bases and growths.

FE4: Lex because Elite Brave axe spam.

FE5: Never finished but I like Othin.

FE6: Lilina, specially all my speed blessed Lilinas.

FE7: Pent, the most useful prepromote, he is one of your best units even with mediocre growths.

FE8: Ewan, shota druid of amazing caps and level, the only est I really like.

FE9: Stefan, the best prepromo because he is even better than your other Myrmidon.

FE10: Micaiah, she kills everything for me plus like Lilina she has got blessed speed every time I played.

FE13: Everything is broken so I'm gonna say Henry because he is punny.

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Marth alive series: Athena and Frey

First International Iron: Florina and Heath

Second International Iron: Franz and Amelia which is OTP

Ike's journey through Tellius: Ike and Ilyana

Ike's second journey through Tellius: Laura and Eddie

IS takes the Brawl Marth looks feminine joke and goes with it game: Tharja and Lon'Qu which is most OTP and Noire who is best daughter

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I've only extensively played Blazing Sword, Sacred Stones, Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn, and Awakening, so I'll just list my favorites from those. :P

The Blazing Sword: Sain, no contest! He is just effing hilarious, charming, and cute! I love him so many pieces. <3 And damn dat strength stat.

The Sacred Stones: Ephraim, Ephraim, and more Ephraim. This guy is as epic as a lancer can get! His animations are just badass and this guy can take an entire castle with just a few men. That takes real skill and tactics.

Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn: Check my sig lol. Ike, no contest! PoR was my first FE game and I've loved Ike since! There's nothing I don't like about him, really. I love his character, his design, his skills (Aether for the f-ing win), he's super badass, and I think he's damn hot, especially in RD. :wub: Hell, he even wields my favorite weapon! Ragnell ftw!

Awakening: Again, my sig tells you the answer lol. Frederick almost ties with Ike for favorite FE character overall, I love him so much! He's hilariously serious, and I love how he's really a big softie at heart. He gives bear hugs and cries when he's really happy, just oh my gawd. XD And he is just charming and sweet as can be! I did not regret marrying my Avatar to him one bit! And like Ike, Freddy is badass! PICK A GOD AND PRAY. Oh, I find him hot as hell too. :wub:

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FE1: Bantu. I love the dynamic he has with Tiki. Shame he had such low growths.

FE2: Luka. Soldier bias, it's probably my favorite class in the series.

FE3: Cecil. I love her personality, plus the fact that she's kind of hot doesn't hurt.

FE4: Tiltyu. She always seems to dominate for me, plus the fact that she promotes to mage fighter, which is a really cool class that I'd love to see return. I guess FE13 kind of did it with Tactician, but...

FE5: Fergus. Something about that guy just strikes me. I don't really know what it is about him that I like, lol. He's usually a pretty good unit for me.

FE6: Gonzales. His story was really touching to me.

FE7: Vaida. She's badass, plus bonus points for being an antagonist for multiple chapters before being recruited.

FE8: Ron Swanson Moulder. I love his character, the way he interacts with Vanessa and Gilliam especially. I like the idea of a healer confronted with his own mortality.

FE9/10: Nephenee. I like her design, and her "southern" style of speaking is pretty cool. Also, soldier bias again.

FE11: Dolph. He just looks so badass, that shaved head is so cool. Plus he had the decency to show up a chapter before Macellan in FE12.

FE12: Belf. I love the design of the Sable Knights. Dem coats. And between him and Leiden, Belf seems like a nicer guy.

FE13: Sully. She's a great unit overall, despite lacking Galeforce. Plus she's good-looking, and her personality seems to be channeling Cecil a bit, another of my favorite units, which is a huge plus.

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I've only played 7, 8, 10, 11 and 13, so I'll just list my favorites from those.

7: Lyn.

8: Ephraim

10: Brom

11: Marth

13: This one is tougher, but I guess if I had to pick I'd go with Lucina (kinda funny since I didn't really like her at first), Gregor, Stahl or Lon'qu.

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FE1: Anna

FE2: Anna Zeke

FE3: Anna

FE4: Anna

FE5: Anna

FE6: Anna

FE7: Anna

FE8: Anna

FE9: Anna

FE10: Anna

FE11: Anna

FE12: Anna

FE13: Anna

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FE7 Canas. I've always like scholarly characters and I like how despite being a dark mage he's a nice guy.

FE8 Joshua. Sexy hat and a cool guy. His support with L'arachel is hilarious

FE9 Ike. My favorite lord in the series due to how he matures over PoR and becomes a complete badass in RD and he fights for his friends

FE10. I didn't really like any of the new characters but if I had to pick I'd say either Volug or Nailah

FE13: Gregor. He's hilarious and actually has depth beyond his gimmick.

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4: Oifey because he's awesome

5: Conomool because he's awesome

6: Bartre/Dieck because they're awesome

7: Dorcas/Hector/Fargus because they're awesome

8: Gerik because he's awesome

9: Shinon/Haar because they're awesome

10: Shinon/Haar/Ike because they're awesome

11: Beck/Hardin because they're kinda awesome

13: Gregor/Priam/Walhart because they're awesome

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The Sacred Stones: Ephraim, Ephraim, and more Ephraim. This guy is as epic as a lancer can get! His animations are just badass and this guy can take an entire castle with just a few men. That takes real skill and tactics.

Even better, those few men can just hang back, give Ephraim their vulneraries/elixirs, and let him go to town on that castle solo.

But yeah, while I didn't care too much for most of Sacred Stones' cast, Ephraim is totally up there for me, along with Amelia and Marisa.

As for the others I'd played...

Blazing Sword: Hector. Both in personality and combat ability, that guy is just awesome. I also like Farina, and especially Serra. In fact, when I beat Blazing Sword for the very first time, I lost Serra during the last stage. When I saw the ending, and for Serra, it said, "Died at 'Light'," I was like, "Hell no! I am not accepting this as my first time beating the game!" I immediately reset and beat the last map without losing Serra that time.

Binding Blade: Alan and Miledy, just because they look cool, and Saul, because he's funny. Also Wendy; She turned out really bad for me, stat-wise, but hey, she's a pink Armor Knight!

Path of Radiance: Ike, because he kicks all ass. Also, while he may not have too much of a personality, he still has enough of one to deliver some fairly witty pre-boss lines. Soren, Mia, Lethe, Boyd, Marcia, Jill, and especially Haar are also up there.

Radiant Dawn: Besides the characters mentioned for Path of Radiance, Elincia takes several levels in badass, and Shinon, Titania, and Gatrie become near-unstoppable once they reach their third-tier classes (probably even before that, in Gatrie's case).

Shadow Dragon: Catria; my favorite Pegasus Knight in the series (even though I usually reclass her to Myrmidon/Swordmaster).

New Mystery of the Emblem: Catria, once again, Malice, and My Unit; no really, I'm serious. S/he's just totally badass, and the fact that I made him/her makes it even sweeter. Maybe s/he was a tad overexposed in cutscenes for a character that's ultimately so minor, but I never really cared much; I just liked seeing my character.

Awakening: Avatar, for most of the same reasons as My Unit, and once again, I didn't really care too much about him/her basically turning out to be the true main character, for better or worse, because by the time that became apparent, I pretty much decided that the story wasn't much anyway, so what was one more wrinkle? Looking forward to playing as him/her in the new Smash.

Also, Lucina (also looking forward to playing as her), Cynthia, Gaius, and Kjelle.

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FE1/3/11/12: Linde. Not a huge fan of the cast in these games, but Linde is one of the few characters that I feel stands out. She's pretty cute to boot. (Honorable mentions: Merric, Lena, Minerva and Athena)

FE4 G1: Ayra. Love the token Swordmaster girl, and Ayra was the original. She's pretty badass, and a great unit as well. (H.M. Sigurd, Lewyn, Fury and Tiltyu)

FE4 G2: Leif. The official underdog, but the payoff of training him is SOOO GOOOOD. (H.M. Julia, Larcei, Sety, Tinny)

FE5: Mareeta. Similar reasons to Ayra, but I find her even more awesome. I love how she is basically a "Put her on the map and watch her KILL" character. (H.M. Finn, Sara, Linoan)

FE6: Lilina. There aren't many memorable characters in this game, but Hector's daughter always stood out to me. Can grow to be pretty powerful, and I like her as a character. (H.M. Fir, Sue, Sophia)

FE7: Farina. GREAT character, and has turned great for me the few times I've used her. She's a breath of fresh air in a game with few memorable characters. (H.M. Hector, Bartre, Rebecca, Karla)

FE8: Lute. She's hilarious. I just love her personality and the way she talks. And can be a very good unit to boot. Easily one of my all time favorites. (H.M. Eirika, Ephraim, Seth, Marisa, L'Arachel, Amelia and Tana. For some reason I really like the cast in this game. Maybe because it's smaller, they were able to flesh them out better)

FE9: Mia. Again, token Swordmaster girl, but Mia is just hilarious and awesome. Another one of my all time favorites (H.M. Gatrie, Mist, Nephenee)

FE10: Micaiah. My favorite lord, as I love all the sides of her we see through the game. It's a nice turn of events which makes her more interesting than your usual main character. (H.M. Sothe, Nolan, Laura, Aran, Nephenee, Mia, Sanaki. I guess with a cast so big, it makes sense the list of favorites is also big)

FE13: Tharja. Screw the haters. I find her actions interesting and her personality rather funny, and while she could have used some extra development, I do like how they handled her interactions with other characters. (H.M. Cynthia, Sumia, Severa, Noire, Stahl, Donnell, Gaius, Tiki, Aversa. Lots in this one probably because it's the most fresh in my mind.)

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FE1/11: Merric. I dunno about this one. He just seems to be a likable dude.

FE3/12: Etzel. There was a line in a convo with the avatar about how he fought as if he was looking for a place to die. That warmed me up to him somehow.

FE6: Raigh. In almost every conversation, he talks like he’s absolutely floored that the other person isn't doing exactly what he imagined they would do. His love of power reaches peak fangasm in his quote before the final final battle, which is a nice touch.

FE7: Pent. I like that he’s so attached to Louise that his relationship with everything else seems to be reduced to one of focus. The story from the Erk x Nino A-Support about him giving Erk the picture book was really cool.

FE8: Knoll. The flow of his words is nice and I like his tendency to speak in absolutes (without trying to sound deep or seeking corroboration or whatever, fwiw). His support conversations with Natasha were my favorite in the game.

FE9&10: Soren. Someone has to talk some sense into the other Greil Mercenaries.

FE13: 1st Gen: Henry. <3

2nd Gen: Severa. Pretty much everything she says is charming and makes me chuckle. A conversation with her seems like a fun thing to navigate ("challenging" with a positive connotation).

Since I usually make Severa a sorcerer, I guess this counts as magic bias.

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2: ?

4: Lex

5: ?

6: Milady


8: Eirika or Joshua

9: Jill or Ike

10: Haar

11: Merric

12: ?

13: Lucina or Cordelia

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Haven't played them all yet, but I'll give my thoughts on who I like from what I've played.

FE4: Lewyn, Sigurd, Jamke, and Ayra for G1 (because they are awesome), Seliph (Sigurd's son, instant awesome), Leif (he's just fuckin' cool, okay? Dat Master Knight), Shannan (Odo blood = Alpha), and Altenna (badass Wyvern Ridin' babe) for G2

FE5: Actually haven't played it but since Leif is the protagonist and I like Leif anyway I'm gonna say Leif

FE7: Canas (dat monocle), Hector (my personal favorite Lord, just look at my sig), Eliwood (he's pretty chill about everything. I like that about him), Pent (sexy as fuck. Sexy bases, sexy hair, damn it Pent), and Sain (it's Sain for cryin' out loud)

FE13: Basilio (coolest guy in the game), Gregor (most developed character), Walhart (amazing villain, for Awakening at least), Virion (underrated character), Laurent (cool ass guy, I always like "glasses" characters)

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FE2: Celica. The best female lord in the series. No competition.

FE4: Lachesis. Dat Master Knight.

FE5: Fergus. He's just a cool guy and an awesome unit.

FE6: Deke. Another cool guy who's very useful too.

FE7: OsWIN. Because OsWIN.

FE8: Seth. A no-nonsense character who owns the game and has some great moments.

FE9: Haar.

FE10: Nolan

FE11: Hardin. What a badass and tragic character.

FE12: Ogma. A great character despite the liimited dialogue.

FE13: Virion.

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FE4: Gen 1: Lewyn, SIgurd. Gen 2: Tinny

FE5: Mareeta

FE6: Hugh

FE7: Serra, Ninian,Oswin

FE8: L'Arachel, Joshua

FE9/10: Soren, Ilyana

FE11: Minerva

FE12: -

FE13: Cherche

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I've not played them all. Even thought, I'll share my favourites.

1\11 - It has to be Abel. He saved my ass a lot of times as a Paladin, as a Swordmaster he's just speedy.
2- not played :c
3\12-I'd not lie if I said Palla. So mother-like <333
4- Played only Gen 1
I'd say Lex. He's simply ... a badass.
5-Othin. That relationship with the little archer who I don't remember the name <3
6-Gonzales. Simply ol' plain Gonzales
7-Lowen. That 22% of crit was something I loved so much. (Also RebeccaxLowen forever <3 <3 <3)
8-I'd say Lute. She is so damn cute
9-10 Not played ç_ç

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FE4 : our Dastard. I just can't understand people hating him with fiery passion for "what he did to Sigurd". I mean, the whole ruling class of Grandbel was "meh" and the whole Loptyrian persecution was actual. Apart from deeming those as "superstitious nonsense" I can't imagine Siggy playing in their favour. Contrary to Seliph who saw the scriptures at Yied and no longer held any hate for Arvis (after having diced him to ribbons though. Easier to forgive a dead man than an alive Dastard).

FE5 : Dastard's bastard Amalda, the whole ordeal with "I can't let my soldiers die" is a nice touch to the series, rather than just switching sides and exterminating your once comrades (even for the sake of a heron pet Oliver) and is better played than the Marado loldiers with Fiona. Plus the Paladin can see actual fight, with good ranks and has a LS star (just like the Lord!). Plus she helped Ralph.

FE6 : Saul, even if I still can't understand how a man wearing puny robes can avoid better than a certain myrmidon I know (granted with Bartre's genes). And he brings funny to the cast.

FE7 : nostalgia rings, but I'd say Pent. A potent Sage with great bases and great Staff rank, destroying bandits (and stealing your items and xp). Too bad he doesn't appear in FE6 (how's that it was done before this one?) because his children are disappointments compared to him. (WHY NO SILVER HAIR?)

FE8: Moulder. Facial hair. 9 con. 11 con when promoted to Bishop. Mustache Demon Slayer.

FE9 : Naesala? Sure, he was not who you would pick as reinforcment for the final chapter but even without his Radiant Dawn incarnation he was pretty much the guy who would do anything for his country, selling his friend. We didn't know at that time the dire state of affairs of Kilvas but he mentionned "wanting to develop his country" or something like that. Still, he does what he does for Kilvas (what a dastard!). The only thing FE10 added to his character was the kick-ass battle theme.

FE10 : Chuck, or as he goes by his alternate name, Nolan (what sense of style, he has a purple... reverse appron thing as a Reaver, delightful. Top tier manliness here, for Chuck.)

FE 11 : "I am Wrys, a humble priest. I cannot fight, but this staff I carry can heal your wounded.Take me with you, and you’ll be very glad you did." You can't beat wisdom from NES era. True Wisdom of Ages here.

FE 13 : Err... DLC Dastard? I'll go with the majority and place Virion here, he has supposed backstory and is more than what is seems. He is the guy who trashes Robin, the so-called tactician at chess. Even if he sacrifices his soldiers, that's war (boat on fire somebody?). Too bad his class and reclasses are so... Well.

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FE6: Lilina
FE7: Canas

FE9 & FE10: Ilyana (Favorite FE character out of them all)

FE11 & FE12: Tie between Elice and Etzel
FE13: Kjelle

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Fe4: Azel. I like shy characters who don't take it to annoying Florina levels and him being the brother of Alvis is rather interesting.

Fe6: Niime. Great unit and one of the few good guys who does some messed up things.

Fe7: Pent and Louise.

Fe8: L'arachel. She's a fun character to see.

Fe9: Tauroneo. Badass with a nice backstory

Fe10: Pelleas. One of the few characters who actually devolopped in the game.

Fe11: Did't really care about anyone aside from Hardin and his turban.

Fe12: Gordin

Fe13: Virion

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FE7: Florina

FE8: Amelia/Lute

FE9: Mia

FE10: MIA!

FE:SD... Didn't play enough.

FE:Awakening: Lucina.

Shockingly, this is not because I like girls. I liked Florina's general niceness, I liked Amelia and Lute for their playstyle (always loved mages, and I like the trainee's class selection. I have this mental image of some big hulking suit of armor pummeling a baddy only to pull their helmet off to reveal the compertively small Amelia) and personality, Mia is just fun to play as (and really strong in FE10), and Lucina is in Smash (I don't consider it fair to include Robin since not even their gender is set).

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FE6: Dieck and Miledy

FE7: Florina and Hector

FE8: Tana, Ephraim and Joshua

FE9: Marcia and Jill

FE10: Ditto an Micki

FE11: Whitewings sisters

FE12: Ditto

FE13: Ugh... nobody!

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