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Avatar Run Reloaded: Lunatic Style

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It's the return of my avatar run … with a few changes. Instead of using other peoples' avatars, I will be using ten of my own (so please don't ask me to put your avatar in here). This run will also be on LUNATIC MODE. Therefore, my one and only rule is:

1. ANYTHING GOES! Seriously, I may beaten lunatic classic once, but that was with a lot of grinding. If I need to cheat and grind everyone post-chapter 4, I will do just that. I'll still fail a lot to make the run amusing.

I'll be using Chrom seriously, and he will be joined by a few other non-avatar units: Miriel, Maribelle, Henry, Laurent, Morgan, and Brady. They won't be in every chapter, but they'll be doing their thing in chapters where I need an extra staff user or some extra muscle. I'm also going with Robin/Miriel this run, and I will play through every paralogue in the game.

As for the avatars who will be showing up this run, well, here they are:

Unit     Asset    Flaw    BD   EY   HR   HC   VC   GD
Robin    Magic    Skill   01   02   04   09   01   MA
Luna     Def      Luck    01   01   03   19   03   FE
Raven    HP       Spd     01   01   05   20   01   FE
Luka     Luck     Res     01   02   01   17   02   MA
Iona     Str      Mag     01   02   03   07   01   FE
Iain     Str      Def     01   01   03   03   02   MA
Allen    Speed    HP      01   01   02   08   03   MA
Amara    Res      Def     01   04   04   04   02   FE
Corin    HP       Str     01   01   01   01   01   MA
Maia     Skill    Mag     01   01   01   01   03   FE

And with that out of the way, here we go!


Chrom: This is it, our final battle. You're one of us, Robin, and nothing --

Robin: Ugh … why do I have this sudden feeling of deja vu? Oh, hello Chrom.

​Chrom: …

Robin and Chrom pair up, and Chrom stabs Validar in the face with his silver sword.

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Robin gets all the luck, doesn't he? I wonder how he'll manage with a new crowd of people!

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Chrom: This is it, our final battle. You're one of us, Robin, and nothing --

Robin: Ugh … why do I have this sudden feeling of deja vu? Oh, hello Chrom.

​Chrom: …

It's because of messy time travel mechanics. From dimension to past to new present- *head explodes* Anyway, Lunatic, aiyiyi. I could never make it past Chapter 2 with out saying "Screw this!"

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Frederick: Milord, we cannot trust this man's claim that he's lost his memory.

Chrom: I suppose we should take him to town and get this sorted out.

​Robin: … I'm … right here? Standing in front of you?

Oh, lunatic mode. How I did NOT miss you at all.

I start off by pairing up Chrom with Frederick and having the latter kill the myrmidon closest to the event tile. Lissa and Robin stay out of enemy range for the time being. Chrom dual guards Frederick, which is funny, and he also gets a dual attack which is nice. Chrom ALSO dual attacks and kills the second barbarian, lol. I move Lissa up to heal Frederick and Frederick kills the elwind mage with one hit. Robin moves up.

With minimal healing to do on this attempt, I have Chrom and Lissa give their vulneraries to Robin, who then pairs up with Lissa and goes into the water on the left side of the map (while Frederick and Chrom go to the right). Luckily, the mage doesn't have focus this time, and even though Robin takes a pretty hard hit he's all right after taking a vulnerary. Two back-and-forths and a stab to the face later, I have Chrom and Robin alternate in drawing enemy fire (which is time consuming), and Chrom manages to get in a kill on a myrmidon. Robin levels up and gets an okay level. Robin misses the killing blow on the myrmidon, which is very annoying, but hits the next one at least.

Because Chrom is too weakened to fight any more and I took his vulnerary, I have Robin try to draw fire from the last two brigands before the boss. It takes a while, but it works and he gets another level up. (He won't get speed though, dammit Robin! Thankfully his next level up gives him everything but skill.)

Everyone regroups once the map is cleared. Lissa heals Robin and Chrom. Robin passes his bronze sword to Frederick for the time being, while Frederick pairs up with Chrom again and stands next to the boss. He gets hit on the EP at like … 35% hit, what the fuck. I move him back and heal him because if the boss crits, he hits for EXACTLY the amount of HP Frederick has left. Chrom dual attacks with Frederick on the next EP and they finish off the boss. Okay?

50 turns on the prologue. LOOOOOOL.

Lissa: That battle was so hard! I thought for sure we were going to lose!

Chrom: You weren't even fighting at all!

Robin: … I feel the need to hate someone for this, but I don't know who.

​Frederick: Milord … the man is a lunatic …

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Oh yes! Even without Loki, this is gonna be gud. Luka <3~

50 turns on the prologue. LOOOOOOL.

:o: Hey....remember when i was frantically skyping you during chapter 1? leeel

I dont think prologue had 50 turns on my lunatic run, but it was still a disgustingly high number of turns.

Lunatic jokes. Yes.

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Chapter 1

Lissa: Frederick! Robin! This masked man saved me from those horrible creatures!

​Robin: … Sorry, I still can't get over the fact that zombies ACTUALLY EXIST here.

Chrom: I told you, they're not from Ylisse!


Chrom pairs up with Frederick, who moves onto a fort with Robin's bronze sword equipped and tanks stuff, while Robin and Lissa do their best to pretend they don't exist. Chrom dual attacks the first enemy and helps Frederick defeat it. Sully and Virion show up on the next phase. Robin moves to the outermost range of a fighter so he could get in at least one attack on this chapter, while Sully and Virion move up and Frederick stays on the fort.

Robin gets in an attack, but also loses about half his health. Frederick dodges the hammer guy easily. On the player phase, Robin continues to lure the fighter while Frederick finishes off the hammer fighter, and gets a good level. He stays on the fort and continues to tank stuff (including the fighter I was trying to weaken with Robin). Chrom gets a lot of experience through the power of dual attacks. Frederick finishes off the mercenary on the player phase, and everyone runs from the archer. The boss is not so threatening to Frederick. On the next player phase, Frederick and Chrom kill the archer through dual attacks, and Chrom gets a not-so-good level.

Once the boss is the only enemy left, I have Frederick weaken him with his bronze sword. I put Robin paired up with Virion in the boss' range, and sure enough the boss goes for Robin. Frederick returns Robin's sword to him, and then Robin finishes off the boss. Lissa got a good level healing as well. Robin's level was … not so good only because he missed speed.

Lissa: I never got to thank you for saving my life, so … thank you.

Virion: 'Twas nothing, milady! Any noble would gladly stake his life to protect an innocent --

​Sully: Hey knucklehead! She was talking to the masked man!

​Robin: That man already left.

​Chrom: … Well. That was weird. Shall we head to the capital now?

Chapter 2

Robin: The exalt is your ruler, yes?

Chrom: Indeed. She is a symbol of peace, and she represents the hope that the exalted line brings to Ylisse in times of darkness --

Robin: What exactly does she do?

​Chrom: What?

Robin: I suppose it's good and all if she fills your people with hope. But what does she do to keep this country running?

Frederick: Well, uh … that is of no matter to one who may be a Plegian spy! Yes, I am onto you!

​Robin: … Really.

I activated supports between Frederick/Chrom and Robin/Lissa. No witty dialogue here.

Let's see if I can remember the strategy I used for chapter 2 last time … I start by highlighting the enemy's ranges, so I can keep people safe. Inventory rearrangement means that Robin trades his bronze sword and Virion's elixir to Frederick, who pairs up with Sully and weakens the nearest mercenary. Sully dual guards him from the counterattack. Everyone except for Robin paired with Chrom stays in the "safe box", and Robin manages to get in a kill with dual attack help. Frederick manages to dodge and tank stuff and stay alive.

The next phase, Miriel shows up. Frederick kills a weakened barbarian, while everyone else attempts to flee the mercenary near the bottom screen. I somehow find an arrangement that works and keeps people safe, unlike the last few attempts. Frederick levels up and gets a not-so-fantastic level. He also continues to absorb blows from soldiers, and Sully gets in a dual strike. He survives with little HP, but is able to use his elixir the next turn. The others flee to safety. On the EP, Frederick weakens and kills stuff, and Sully gets a dual strike.

Once there are only two enemies left, I put Robin+Chrom in the range of the weakened mercenary, with Miriel next to Robin and out of range. Frederick uses his elixir, and Robin gets in a kill. The soldier also gets knocked down to 4 health. Frederick retreats to a fort while Robin, Chrom, and Miriel attempt to finish off the soldier. Robin misses, but at least that lets me take the kill with Miriel. Bottom half of the map is cleared, and Miriel+Robin get a support boost on the event tile.

I am not entirely sure what to do next, so I decide to have Robin and Miriel attack a soldier by standing in the middle of the river, and I move Frederick and Sully to the next event tile. Everyone else follows. Frederick tanks shit like always, Sully gets in a dual strike, and the boss aggros on Frederick. Robin and Miriel continue to hang around in the water. Frederick gets a not-so-good level by killing a mercenary, I believe. He also dodges a steel axe, gets poked by a steel lance solider and kills it, and dodges the boss.

He and Sully then retreat onto a fort, and everyone else moves out of the way. He finishes off the soldier and kills the last brigand, and then proceeds to wait out the boss and weaken him for someone else to kill. Frederick knocks the boss down to less than half health, then runs away to let someone else kill it. Lissa heals him. Robin attempts to get the boss kill. He weakens it, and gets a terrible level. So I decide to let Miriel grab the kill instead.

That chapter was annoying, but I think it's less annoying than last time.

Miriel: Fascinating. These reanimated corpses are just as you have described.

​Robin: … I don't see what's so fascinating about them. It's gross.

Chrom: Gross or not, we'd better continue on our way. If they're showing up this far north, they surely must have spread elsewhere.

Vaike: Ha! They're no match for The Vaike! Just you watch! Teach is gonna --

Robin: *smacks Vaike over the head with his tome* No. Just … no.

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Oh yes! Even without Loki, this is gonna be gud. Luka <3~

How do we know you're not secretly part of the Lunatic movement, though? Your behavior on the last run makes you very suspicious, "good" sir! *suspicious face*

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For some reason this is how I picture Frederick as he avoids the hammers

Keep going, I'm sure Frederick will figure out Emmeryn actually does eventually! After he's done with his dance moves of course.

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Chapter 3

Chrom: It's no use! They're not going to listen to us. Everyone, get ready to fight!

Robin: Chrom, I don't understand Ferox. How well aware are they of the exalted Ylissean line?

Frederick: They are aware that our ruler is Exalt Emmeryn.

Robin: Then why do they not seem to be aware that the exalt has siblings?

This chapter sucks more than the last one, I'm just going to start off by saying that. After several failed attempts, I decide I need to try a new strategy. Frederick pairs up with Sully and the two run up to an archer and weaken it. Chrom recruits Kellam and the two finish off the archer with a javelin toss. Everyone else tries to stay out of enemy range. On the EP, the armor knight suicides on Frederick and the other archer is weakened. The next player phase has everyone else jumping in to finish off enemies at partial health.

I trade Kellam's javelin to Frederick so he can take care of the enemies charging from the right. A few javelin throws later, where many of the enemies are either weakened or dead, I have everyone else jump in to try to grab some kills. Once that is all over and the bottom half of the map cleared, Lissa heals everyone.

Frederick opens the door and lets the armor knight suicide on him. Lissa continues to heal. I then have Frederick take Kellam as a pair up partner, then put them in the range to aggro the enemies at the top of the map. I switch to the 1-use bronze sword, with the iron sword right below it, and use the open door as a chokepoint. Once the hammer guy closes in, I have everyone retreat away and give Frederick a vulnerary use. Luckily, at full health he can take one hit of a hammer without dying. With the hammer guy weakened, I give Robin the kill then have Frederick weaken the archer (only to have Kellam dual attack and kill it). Amusingly, Kellam dual guards Frederick on a mercenary that did 0 damage. Robin then kills the mercenary on the following phase to level up. He gets a good level, everything but magic and skill.

Kellam dual guard Frederick against an armor knight, which was pretty nice. Frederick weakens the armor with an iron sword so that Miriel can snag the kill, and levels up. Lissa heals Frederick and gets a bad level. Chrom and Sully start heading to the left to get the event tile, while everyone else creeps over to Raimi. Miriel and Robin get a support boost event tile. Chrom gets EXP.

Thankfully, Raimi can't kill Robin and has no chance of a crit. So I just let him whittle down her health (with Miriel dual guarding the first short spear against him, but Robin missing) and this is a thing until Robin feels like critting Raimi and weakening her to let Miriel take the kill.

Raimi: No brigands could possibly be as strong as you've just proved to be. My deepest apologies, Prince Chrom, I shall take you to see the khan right away.

Chrom: Thank you. That would be most appreciated.

Robin: … I don't get it. What kind of back-ass-wards logic is this? Brigands cannot wage battle, so therefore Chrom is who he says he is? That leaves them open for any powerful enemy to just waltz in and earn an audience with their leaders just by demonstrating their strength -- mmph!

Virion: *covering Robin's mouth* My dear lad, I do believe now would be a fine time to stop talking, lest the Feroxi believe us to be conspirators against them.

And now, I believe I can access the wireless menu. I'll probably only have enough gold to recruit one avatar in time for chapter 4, so I'll return with a new avatar on the team … eventually.

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For some reason this is how I picture Frederick as he avoids the hammers

Keep going, I'm sure Frederick will figure out Emmeryn actually does eventually! After he's done with his dance moves of course.


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Okay, so the next avatar on my team has been successfully recruited, with gold to spare. However, a risen skirmish popped up on the only location that sells tomes, so I had to take Frederick and Chrom to clear it. Frederick with iron swords on a fort is amusing. Most of the enemies were axe-wielding things. I bought a tome and went on to the next chapter.

Chapter 4

Corin: Uugh … why do I feel like I've been pulled from another dimension and dropped into the middle of another one?

Robin: You too?

Lissa: Why were you lying face down in the snow? It's cold! Only a lunatic wouldn't be cold in this snowstorm!

Corin: In that case, I guess I am a lunatic. My name's Corin, by the way. Mind if I tag along?

​Frederick: Milord, it's happening … these Plegian spies are everywhere!

Vaike: Aw, lighten up! What's the worst that could happen?

So the first avatar in this run who we recruit is not Luka, or Iona, or anyone else people may be familiar with, but Corin. I think I might have screwed up on him, for a -str avatar he has a lot of strength.

I deploy Chrom, Frederick, Lissa, Robin, Miriel, and Corin this chapter. I start off by pairing Robin with Miriel, Lissa with Frederick, and Chrom with Corin. I have Frederick weaken the fighter on the left on the EP, which lets Robin take the kill on the following phase. Frederick moves over to the mage and takes it out in one hit. Corin moves over to Robin.

The fighter on the right moves in and hits Robin for most of his health, and Robin crit-kills it in response. I have Frederick kill the other mage, and move everyone else back. He gets a good level for his troubles. Corin attempts to lure the 2-range axe fighter over to him, and he is able to weaken it considerably. I let Miriel get that kill. Frederick retreats and I do some partner arranging to get Frederick healed. Robin draws in an armor knight. He and Miriel knock it down to low health, while Frederick kills the short axe fighter. Miriel gets the kill on the armor knight and gets magic and HP at least?

Frederick dodges a 72% Falchion hit from Lucina. Chrom helps knock her down to lower health. Robin and Miriel finish her off with a dual attack, and Robin REALLY needs to get speed even if his other stats are good.

Frederick: That was well done, milord.

​Chrom: Yes, but … I have to wonder how that man is also capable of wielding the Falchion?

​Robin: … What? No accusations of that masked man being a Plegian spy, Frederick the ridiculous?

Frederick: I'd thank you kindly not to refer to me by that name.

Corin: So … I'm getting the feeling that I missed something?

Stahl: Ah, don't worry about it! Let me fill you in.

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A bit of grinding and a few recruited avatars later, here are all the avatars I've recruited.

Unit     Level     HP   ST   MG   SK   SP   LC   DF   RS
Chrom    11.28     30   14   02   15   13   13   13   05
Robin    11.84     27   12   13   08   09   08   11   11
Corin    14.58     38   14   08   12   13   07   10   09
Allen    05.26     27   16   17   14   23   18   10   13
Luka     07.00     39   18   17   17   20   24   14   06
Iona     13.00     26   17   11   13   14   11   13   05
Amara    05.00     38   20   18   21   21   12   11   17

I'll include non-avatar character stats if people want them. Robin, Corin, and Iona are tacticians. Allen is a priest, Luka a thief, and Amara a pegasus knight.

Chapter 5

Lissa: Guys! Come on! We have to save Maribelle!

Chrom: And we will. Emmeryn, let me go with you if you mean to speak to King Gangrel. Robin, help us come up with a plan.

​Robin: I'll let Luka deal with this one.

​Luka: Huh? Me? Oh … right, I get you.

Amara: Wow, look at all the archers here -- or lack thereof, should I say. Ehehehehe …!

Iona: Amara, I think you've been hanging around a certain dark mage for far too long.

Allen: Iona, quit breaking the fourth wall.

​Corin: … *sigh*

I deployed all of my recruited avatars, plus Miriel, in this chapter. Miriel and Robin pair up and kill the bandit blocking the top half of the map. Corin stands in front of Miriel, while Iona and Allen stand to the other side of Miriel and lure in a brigand. Luka and Amara decide to lure the enemies at the bottom of the map. Maribelle and Ricken stay put. On the EP, Luka and Amara successfully tank and dual attack stuff, while Corin is able to dodge the myrmidon trying to kill him. Miriel and Robin kill a dark mage.

On the player phase, Amara takes the lead and kills the other dark mage. Corin moves up once space and finishes off the myrmidon with thunder. Robin moves onto the fort, takes the lead, and crit-kills another mage. Maribelle and Ricken close in to the exit, while Allen and Iona separate. On the EP, Corin easily kills enemies and gets crits while he does it.

Robin and Miriel kill the wyvern rider on the player phase, while Allen heals Corin and Maribelle+Ricken retreat. Amara flies over to the others. She successfully takes out a brigand with Luka's help on the EP, while Corin weakens a myrmidon. Allen heals Iona while Luka kills a hand axe barbarian and Robin crit-kills a myrmidon. Corin runs into the edge of the remaining myrmidon's range and Maribelle heals him. Iona pairs up with Allen.

Miriel runs down to kill the barbarian right below Iona, and Robin assists with a thunder crit. Allen heals Miriel. Amara kills the myrmidon while Maribelle heals Corin. Reinforcements appear and start moving towards my units. I move Miriel down to take care of the dark mage, which makes the bottom half of the map safe for Maribelle. Iona goes to stand on the fort with a sword equipped, while Corin stands on a forest tile. Luka has crazy good avoid against axes, so I have him kill the myrmidon. The EP has Corin dodge and kill stuff and level up, it's interesting how they only go after him. He breaks his tome on a wyvern. The next one goes for Luka, who weakens it and gets a decent level up. Iona and Amara kill the two leftover wyverns on the player phase.

Once all the mobile enemies are routed, I have Allen heal everyone before doing anything else. Robin and Miriel get a support boost. After everyone has regrouped, I move Luka onto the fortress event tile and Corin right behind him. A nosferatu dark mage tries to attack him, and gets knocked down to low health. Luka also tanks the physical enemies around that area. The boss weakens itself on Corin, who is healed by Allen. Miriel kills one of the wyverns she can reach. Luka and Amara take out the boss, and Corin weakens one of the remaining wyverns and gets an odd level.

The two wyverns nearly kill Allen, but thankfully he dodged one of the axes. Robin kills the wyvern that Corin had weakened while Allen heals Robin and Iona takes out the boss with Luka dual attack critting. Corin moves down to let the dark mage attack him one more time. Allen heals Corin and Iona kills the dark mage.

​Allen: Well … I'm pretty sure this now means war.

Iona: No, you think?

Luka: What do you mean "now"? Ylisse couldn't have seriously let Plegia walk all over them for this long.

Miriel: In all technicality, it was not even Ylisse who declared the end of amenities.

Robin: … Miriel, since you're a Shepherd, I'm sure you'll have a better idea than most people -- what exactly does your exalt DO?

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Luka: What do you mean "now"? Ylisse couldn't have seriously let Plegia walk all over them for this long.

Miriel: In all technicality, it was not even Ylisse who declared the end of amenities.

Robin: … Miriel, since you're a Shepherd, I'm sure you'll have a better idea than most people -- what exactly does your exalt DO?



I love this so much.

Come Miriel, do tell us about the uahem...successes of our dear Exalt Emmeryn. B:<

Also YAASS LUKA~ \o/

Edited by Loki Laufeyson

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Robin: … Miriel, since you're a Shepherd, I'm sure you'll have a better idea than most people -- what exactly does your exalt DO?

Shots freaking fired.

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We interrupt this lunatic run to take a short paralogue break. Also, two additional avatars have been recruited (which means that I only have two more to go).

Paralogue 1

Chrom: Everyone in position? Good. Now let's drive these bandits out!

Donnel: Y-yes, Your Majestyful! I-I'm ready!

​Iona: … Remind me why he's fighting again?

Amara: Well, Chrom thought it was a good idea.

Robin: Chrom still hasn't been able to tell me just what it is that his exalt DOES. I don't know if I trust his judgment.

Chrom: I heard that.

Although I'm not planning to use Donnel, I have to compulsively recruit every unit that I can … which means I will have to get him a level. Fun.

Robin pairs up with one of the new avatars, Raven, and they take out the nearest barbarian together. Corin takes Iona and he is able to weaken a thief, while Amara and Luka fly over to the upper path and switch to let Luka take the lead. Chrom pairs up with Donnel and they (plus Allen) stay out of harm's way. Corin crit-kills the thief on the EP and draws archer fire. The short axe brigand is blocking my path now. Chrom attempts to tank the steel axe bandit from the bottom path while Luka and Amara advance the upper path. Allen heals Corin and Iona kills the archer with Corin's help. Robin kills the bandit that Chrom weakened.

Luka and Amara take out another steel axe brigand, and a random archer blocks my path again. Allen heals Luka, then Iona clears the archer so that Amara and Luka can advance. Chrom and Robin also advance. Luka kills a brigand and tanks an archer and a short axe bandit on the EP. The next player phase, I have Raven go up and block the entrance where the two steel axe bandits are waiting, while Amara kills the archer and Corin weakens the short axe bandit. This opens up Corin to an attack by a thief, but Iona helps him kill it. Amara takes heavy damage from a brigand, but still survives. Raven kills both steel axe bandits without issue (although she got hit by an 18%!) and Corin finishes off the short axe bandit.

Allen heals Amara and she moves up to the event tile. Robin stands in front of Allen to protect him from an archer, while Chrom and Donnel head for the event tile. I move Corin to the edge of enemy range. Robin tanks the archer on the EP and weakens him. Allen heals Corin and Iona grabs the archer kill. Luka kills the thief (which has just swiped the killer lance). Donnel gets practice. Allen heals Robin and levels up. Amara finishes off the archer. Corin grabs the rescue staff (which Allen will proceed to spam later) and Chrom+Donnel move to rejoin the group. Robin stands in the range of a bandit to draw the guy out, while Allen continues to heal people. Everyone regroups.

Robin gets hit at 20% and gets a crit out of revenge or something. After Allen heals him up, Robin goes to draw fire from the closer archer so Donnel can get his level. After drawing a hit, I move him back so the archer can move closer. Once the archer gets in close, I unequip Chrom and take a few turns to let Donnel whack away at the archer, while Allen heals. (Thankfully, Donnel gets one level from poking at an archer the entire time.) Allen heals Donnel, then Robin takes Chrom as his pair up partner. Luka stands in the range of the last archer. Allen heals Luka and learns healtouch. Amara kills the archer.

I decide to let Chrom get the kill. I plant him in front of the boss and just wait for the boss to kill himself on Chrom, who gets an okay level up.

Raven: That battle was surprisingly not difficult.

Luka: It would've been easier if we didn't have to protect Donnel the entire time.

Donnel: Yee-haw! My first victory!

Chrom: It was a battle well fought, Donnel.

Donnel: Er, Your Majestyful … is it all right if I join you? I'm good with livestock and I wanna do my part!

​Chrom: Oh, uh, well … we'd … be happy to have you … right guys?

Allen: You're … not serious, are you?

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Silly Robin, exalts are for jumping off cliffs holding an "I DO WHAT I WANT" sign obv

More like an "I'm giving you the illusion of choice!" sign.

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Paralogue 2

Iain: Hey everyone. Am I late to the party?
Iona: Iain? What took you so long?
Chrom: Who even are you?
Iain: I'm Iain, like she said. At your service.
Robin: You can start by flying over to that village across the river.

Robin pairs up with Amara and they land on a river tile, where Robin weakens a brigand and levels up. Iain flies over and 1HKOs a mage, while Iona kills the bandit that Robin had weakened. Chrom pairs with Corin while my healers (Luna and Luka) run forward. Robin crit-kills a brigand on the EP, while Corin and Chrom kill another. On the player phase, Raven kills a brigand while Luna heals Corin. He then runs over to a mage and gets rid of it. Allen does his best to stay out of enemy range, while Iain advances. Amara takes the lead and kills a bandit.

The enemies would rather attack Corin than go for Luna (which is sort of nice). I have Iain kill an archer with Luka's help. Iona goes back to help Corin and kills a brigand. A mage suicides on her, while the brigand goes for Corin. An archer attacks Iona and the other one goes for Corin, but only Corin is able to defeat the archer. Iain kills a barbarian while Robin weakens an archer and Luna helps Amara kill it. I have Raven kill the archer that Iona weakened. Corin moves out and Allen heals people. With most of the enemies not attacking me anymore, I have Allen and Luna take a heal break.

Iain kills a barbarian, then rejoins the team on the next turn. Luna and Iain continue to heal. Once everyone is healthy, Iain gets the physic staff village. I move my characters closer to the advancing enemies, and when they're close enough, I have Corin chip the boss and Iain finish him off. Raven kills another barbarian and Amara takes out the archer with a crit. The last bandit goes for Amara, but she and Robin take care of it easily.

Anna: Hey, thanks! That was real sweet of you to help!
Chrom: Don't mention it. We were just doing our job.
Luka: Indeed. It was lucky that we were passing by. Speaking of which, Chrom, doesn't Ylisse have an army to keep bandits in check?
​Chrom: Well … uh, Ylisse is a land of peace and we have no formal army --
Iona: WHAT! Are you … you can't be serious.
Allen: Chrom, what does your exalt think an army does? Please don't tell me your Shepherds are the only people doing anything about Ylisse's bandit problems.
​Chrom: …
Luna: Oh my gosh.
Anna: … Well! If you ever come across a Secret Shop, be sure to drop in!
Corin: Right … if we can even find it, since it is secret and all.

Unit     Level     HP   ST   MG   SK   SP   LC   DF   RS
Chrom    12.31     31   14   02   15   14   14   13   05
Robin    14.43     30   12   14   08   10   09   11   13
Corin    18.98     42   16   09   14   13   10   12   10
Allen    11.97     29   17   19   20   27   22   12   14
Luka     10.54     40   21   20   19   23   25   14   06
Iona     15.43     27   19   13   13   16   12   14   06
Amara    07.95     40   22   19   22   21   14   11   17
Luna     11.08     38   11   18   14   23   15   22   16
Raven    06.23     49   21   15   23   21   15   15   12
Iain     10.74     45   27   13   24   24   18   21   10
Tactician: Robin, Corin, Iona
Priest: Allen
Thief: Luka
Pegasus knight: Amara
Troubadour: Luna
Myrmidon: Raven
Wyvern rider: Iain
Edited by Sangyul

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Chapter 6

Chrom: What? You're … a woman?

Maia: No duh, but her disguise is a man.

Corin: That makes absolutely no sense.

Maia: And you have absolutely no sense of humor, Corin.

Frederick: You! Who are you? Another assassin?

Maia: I'm Maia, and I'm not an assassin. A lunatic, maybe, but not an assassin.

Lucina: Oh, never mind that! The exalt is in danger, we have to protect her!

And now we welcome the final avatar of our group, Maia. Corin takes a break because he's the highest leveled person right now.

On Chrom's side, I have Robin, Iona, Maia, and Luna. The opposite end has Amara, Iain, Allen, Luka, and Raven. I pair Chrom with Robin and Iona with Maia, and have them stand at the edge of the first fighter's range. Raven pairs up with Amara, who flies over to Lucina, while Iain and Luka keep their side guarded. Allen and Luna stand by.

Maia is able to easily kill the fighter, while an error in placement gets Allen attacked. Luckily, Iain tanks the next two fighters. Lucina gets in a kill, while Iain dispatches of the dark mage. Panne appears. Chrom recruits Gaius, then lets Robin attempt to kill the nosferatu dark mage (Chrom helps). Iain flies over to the left and kills a thief. Allen heals Lucina. Raven blocks the entrance to the middle path and slays a fighter with Amara. Panne moves into Emmeryn's room.

Iona and Maia kill the dark mage that suicided on Iona, and get a wind tome. The thief gets another hit on Allen. Iain crit-kills a dark mage, while a thief and a fighter kill themselves on Raven. Luna heals Iona, and then Iona moves down to weaken a cavalier. Robin gets the kill. Gaius pairs up with Panne and gets the secret book. Allen moves out of the way, while Luka takes the lead against a pair of cavaliers on the right. Amara kills the thief next to Lucina with Raven's help.

On the EP, a second thief suicides on Amara. Robin crit-kills a dark mage and weakens a cavalier, while Luka dodges a dark mage. A cavalier ends up going for Lucina, and she kills it. Robin retreats and Allen heals him, then Luna heals Allen. Maia kills the cavalier that Robin weakened. Luka and Iain kill the dark mage. Amara retreats. A fighter suicides on Maia, who finishes him off with Iona's help. Luka and Iain also kill the fighter on their side. Validar begins to move.

I start shoving everyone into Emmeryn's room, while Luna and Allen heal. Robin trades Luna a rescue staff for Lucina. The next turn, Luna moves into Emmeryn's room and rescues Lucina inside, while Allen heals a point of HP from Iain. I continue to move everyone inside while Luna and Allen continue to heal. Finally, I get all of them in with Robin and Chrom blocking the entrance. Luna gets a good level. Robin lures Validar over.

Robin does an amazing 4 damage to Validar. I heal him up and let him have an additional few volley with Validar, then decide to let Amara have the kill because she's the lowest leveled. She gets a good level up so it was worth it.

Chrom: Emmeryn, it's too dangerous to stay here. We have to leave, now.

​Emmeryn: I cannot leave the people undefended, Chrom. The people must know that their exalt stands with them.

Chrom: And what if something happens to you? What then?

​Iain: … Why is this even an argument?

Chapter 7

Luka: You're acting awfully funny.

Hierarch: F-f-funny? W-why, what would m-make you say that?

​Iona: Okay, something's wrong here. Spill, you!

Amara: Chrom! I can see enemy Plegians approaching in the distance!

Chrom: What? How did they know we were here?

Raven: We can worry about that later. Right now, it's time to fight!

This chapter lets me deploy all of my units, so that's nice. Corin pairs up with Maia and they move as far up as they can. Robin takes Chrom and helps him kill an archer. Amara and Raven pair up and kill a brigand, while Iona pairs up with Iain and they take the wyverns flying on the side of the mountain. Allen and Luna advance. On the EP, Amara gets hit by a barbarian and loses quite a bit of HP, but gets a good level up. Chrom weakens a thief and kills a barbarian. Amara is pushed down to 5 HP, but is somehow able to survive. Iain takes out another wyvern.

Luna heals Chrom, while Allen heals Amara to half HP. Luka kills the wyvern rider across from Chrom, while Chrom finishes off the thief he weakened. Iain moves into a wyvern's range while inching closer to the others. Maia crit-kills an archer with a silver bow. Cordelia shows up. The enemies start advancing on me, so I move my characters back. Iain kills a wyvern rider and stays on the outside of the cliff. Luka pairs up with Cordelia.

Maia weakens a brigand, while she and Corin kill a wyvern lord. She's also at 2 HP, which is depressing. Corin gets a good level. Allen heals Maia while Luna heals Chrom, who kills the brigand that Maia weakened. Luka kills the thief and Raven kills an archer. Corin weakens a barbarian for Iona to kill. The boss goes for Corin and knocks him down to half health, while the other wyvern gets him down to 6 HP (Maia helps him kill that one, though). Good thing he has such high HP. Luna and Allen heal Corin to full health and Iona kills the boss with Iain's help.

Chrom: Emmeryn, please! You can't do this!

Luna: Exalt Emmeryn, I don't understand your logic. A squad of pegasus knights just sacrificed themselves for you to escape! So why would you go back?

​Emmeryn: Chrom … take the Fire Emblem with you. Keep it safe.

​Allen: … Will someone explain to me what the wisdom of this decision is?

Robin: There is none.

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