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Persona 3 FES vs. PSP

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-certain cutscenes are fully animated (in P3P, these are subbed with simpler, rendered scenes)
-"Episode Aegis", aka, "The Answer" is playable (essentially a follow-up epilogue to the game that many enjoy and accept as at least head-canon, I think... *I at least do*)
-a few personas are buffed/altered slightly in "The Answer" and fusion requirements are less strict (barring still needing to be the equivalent lv necessary to summon/fuse and that)

-lacks the Female Protagonist and thus her unique social links, battle theme, and interactions with Theodore (whos personality is not all that similar to Elizabeth)
-"The Answer" can be really tough starting out
-cannot directly control your allies and you have no skill cards for personas here
-lacks a little bit of content added to P3P and is generally harder (could also be considered a "pro" for some)


-is easier and quite suited to a wider audience of gamers (the ease in difficulty may be considered a "con" for some)
-has more content overall, even disregarding the whole Female Protagonist's perspective
-a very good "classic" RPG in general for its system with a splash of Pokémon elements, so what's not to love

-its a potentially very long game to play, not the best thing for a handheld system
-you can't play "The Answer" so its possible the ending may leave some feeling a bit wanting (on the other hand, if you're content with it, more power to ya)

I hope this proves sufficient. Tried to elude any story spoilers. : ]

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You can also say that the PSP have:

-easier navigation

-Personas are easily capped due to trading gems for a buff card

-Bonus boss and dungeon (iirc)

-Added some stuffs in the ending

The cons are that:

-Minato/Makoto can only equip swords now (not that I really mind, it just removed one of his unique persona protagonist trait though)

-lower graphic quality

-No more fusion spells (you can still use it, but somewhat inconvenient)

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