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Problems with chapter 11A

I Am Cute

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I have played chapter 11A for the second time and I still don't have a good strategy to let all the Pegasus Knights of Tate's army alive to get the Elysian Whip.

My problem is that I have trouble to reach Tate in time without losing any Peg. Knights.

Klein will be circled by the 4 Peg. Knights so he cannot move. If I rescue Klein with Thany, the Peg. Knights would attack Thany and kill theirselfes.

Further problem are Klein's NPC-archers, who will attack and oneshot the Peg. Knights. So I even have to rescue all of them.

Even rescue, take and drop actions and using Lalum hasn't helped so far.

In this chapter I also have trouble to protect all the villages. Mainly the village on the top right will be destroyed by a brigand, because I cannot visit it in time.

Though I think a promoted unit can rush to the right.

So I would ask for a good strategy to let all the Pegasus Knights alive to get the Elysian Whip in this chapter.

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