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Lamia draws ponies

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hey guys I am both a fire emblem lover and brony so sometimes I like to put the two together, just sharing what few crossover pictures I've done so far

click the pictures for the deviantart pages and their proper resolutions

here's a picture of Shining Armor as the black knight as I thought it was a cool idea at the time


a request for one of my friends, his pony character Mint dressed up like Leaf


these three make a cameo in my FE4 project (the screenshots are outdated)


and finally, just finished this one, it's taken a long time but I finally drew one of my favorite characters in FE


so if you like the whole pony thing check out the rest of my arts at my various galleries





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Oh hey, I'm a Pegasister too! (I don't use the term Brony for female fans. It just feels silly, imo) And I also did a crossover art with FE (an Ike x Elincia where both are ponies lol). XD You've got cute pics there! :)

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