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Online name: Pinxmirs
Real name: Jérôme
DoB: 27/03/1987
Favourite FE Game: Path of radinace
Favourite Game (other than FE): tales of symphonia
Favourite FE Character: Ike/Lyn
Least Favourite game:
Online friends:
Favourite music:
Favourite artist/band: Offspring
Favourite song: Burn it up
MSN/Yahoo/AIM: gtalk but i won't give it this easily :p
Hobbies: Playing
Good Point: i have finished path of radiance in difficult mode :)
Bad Point: I like using actions replays but not until I have beaten the game 2 or thee times
Anything else?]I'm looking for guys living near for streetpassing Aversa's night with me.

All in all I Started fire emblem since the gba games and can't stop now.

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Cool someone older than me other than BLS has appeared!

Now, do you has a child/children?

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You clearly haven't seen the ages of many of these SF members

wait, in what sense should understand that ? I'm really that old here ? brr

Thanks for both chocolate and carpets =)

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