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Hello, everyone! I am here to provide you all with an LP of FE7 CHAOS MODE, brought to me, and maybe to you, by KLOKINATOR! Yes, I know that FE7 chaos mode is quite possibly the most LPed hack in all of serenes forest, but I decided to LP it anyways, partially because none of the LPs has actually been finished(although with its official release, there are a few still in progress), and partially because FE7 chaos mode is a pretty awesome hack and deserves more attention.


FE7 Chaos Mode Thread

Klokinator said that when he made this, he wanted to make a hack different from all the other inflation hacks, with just ludicrously inflated enemy and player stats, fake difficulty, and lots of BS everywhere that tries to trick you into thinking it's hard(the other hacks had those things, not this one.). And, although I wouldn't know because this is the only hack of that type I've ever played, I think he succeeded! FE7 Chaos Mode is the best hack of its type that I've ever played!

Maybe you want to know a bit more about the hack before I start. Well, I'll tell you about all the many changes Klok made to everything as we go along. Let me just say that EVERYTHING is different. EVERYTHING. Except the maps. And the game's genre and premise. And the plot, which is only a little different. And probably a few other things that I missed. BUT EVERYTHING ELSE IS DIFFERENT, I PROMISE. Of course, as I introduce them to you, I'll assume you have absolutely no foreknowledge of this hack.

I'm new to this whole LPing thing, of course, so tell me how I do.

And without further ado, it's time for EVEN MORE ADO:



The title screen is unchanged. It is a mask of normalcy for the HORROR THAT LIES WITHIN.


Nah, I do-






Ramming the character limit here, but there is JUST ENOUGH.


Here we go!


And here's another change! Klokinator had someone else do a find/replace on the script, and so many words are replaced. Ill be pointing them out as we go along here. There are actually quite a few in this opening sequence, but I only caught senpai = brother. Oh well, don't worry, there are plenty more.

I should note that the new words create a lot of... awkward... dialogue, but I'm not going to spend all my time making jokes out of them(although I may show some of the REALLY good lines).


All the chapters are renamed too. Some are off the mark, but others are STUNNINGLY accurate. GUESS WHICH ONE THIS ONE IS(hint: its the l-word).

And just so you guys know going in, this isn't a blind run. At least, for most of the early parts. Although my original playthrough was before Klok did a lot of rebalancing, so there's that...


Skipping the initial text, we have here another discovery: CLASS CHANGES! Klokinator has changed ALL the classes. Of course, he's rebalanced the growths to account for it(mostly), and I'll be showing everyone's new classes and growths, except for the people who's classes and growths I won't be showing. Hector here is now an archer. Due to some OTHER changes this hack made(and NOT just giving archers some obligatory buff) archers are a lot more useful. As we'll be seeing.


"But", you may wonder, "what class is Matthew"? Well, you'll have to wait about 3 seconds to find that out!


There! He's a cavalier! And not a good one, at that! Of course, I've already said too much...trust me, you'll see.


And all the enemies come out and arrange themselves, and now we can start...


Yeah, this was just the introduction. The REAL first chapter will come later. Until then, though, I need feedback!

Before I go, I realize I need something to make this LP DIFFERENT. So, I will be running a lot on audience participation! You guys get to choose who to drop, who to keep, who to uberboost, and maybe even who to kill! All I ask is that you please be decisive, it is very tempting to try to include every character, as all of them make you want to use them, but we have very limited deployment spots, and if we don't focus our limited XP(no arenas!), I'll be in big trouble.

I'm done...for now.

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I request that you make copious use of Erk in this playthrough, since I'm not able to do so in my current one.

This will all be done through voting, so if nobody votes against you, or support for other characters isn't overwhelming, IT SHALL BE GRANTED.

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If I can make character usage requests?

1. Erk.

2. Priscilla.

3. Wallace.

4. Nino.

5. Florina.

I'd really like to see these 5 in the final chapter, since nobody uses them in any of the other LP's, at least not very much.

Also wow 5 LP's for my hack. I'm speechless XD

And, although I wouldn't know because this is the only hack of that type I've ever played, I think he succeeded! FE7 Chaos Mode is the best hack of its type that I've ever played!

>only ever played one inflation style hack

>it's this hack

>calls it the best inflation hack ever


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If I can make character usage requests?

1. Erk.

2. Priscilla.

3. Wallace.

4. Nino.

5. Florina.

I'd really like to see these 5 in the final chapter, since nobody uses them in any of the other LP's, at least not very much.

Also wow 5 LP's for my hack. I'm speechless XD

>only ever played one inflation style hack

>it's this hack

>calls it the best inflation hack ever


Okay, I'll see what I can do. 2 votes on serenesforest basically garauntees a position for Erk, Wallace could make a good dedicated healer, Nino and Florina are up in the air depending on how many people are inducted into the A-team before/by then, although I'm not sure why you'd ask for priscilla. 50% growths across the board can mean a whole lot of different things for whether or not she makes the cut. We'll see.

Aim for the Geitz chapter and use him!

Again, we'll see. I've never been good at preparing for these things in advance. And your vote indirectly conflicts with Klok's vote for Wallace...

Welcome to FE7 CHAOS MODE: EPISODE 1: CHAPTER 1: Hector the Wil and Matthew the Lowen: Castle escape: The wonky weapons!


Picking up from where we left off! Before we dive in to the chapter, let's look at our characters!


Hector's an archer, but otherwise not much different. Still strong, speed-lacking, and defensive but not resistant. Also, the character descriptions have changed:


That's right, Klok has provided us with RATINGS to help us decide who to use and who to not use! And no, they are not at all BS, surprisingly. You can trust them, if nothing else. I'll be showing them all off!

Klok has of course altered their starting inventories. Let's take a look!


Yep, no special bows, just some standard ones. We also have some keys, as it's going to be hard to escape without them.

Wait...does something look...off...about those bows? And my attack stat readouts?


0.0 14 MT! 10 Wt! 10 uses! AND IT HAS 5 CRIT!

Yes, Klok has COMPLETELY CHANGED ALL THE WEAPON STATS. The name of the hack is slowly starting to reveal itself, isn't it? You have to learn a whole new way of playing with these weapons!

But what about the steel bow?


It trades 5 MT and 10 accuracy for being less weighty, 35 extra uses, and 1-3 range! Remember when I said archers were more useful?

And we haven't even looked at Matthew yet.


Pretty normal. 4 strength...although, mind you, low strength is less of a problem than you'd think.


This is totally true, although I've never tried using him. We can't really use this guy, what with all the much better cavaliers out there. Mind you, we do need him if we want any hope of escaping this horrible castle.


The iron lance is probably the most normal weapon of them all. Except for the 10 uses, of course.

I actually forgot the screenshot for the iron sword, so let me just say that it has huge MT(like, 16, seriously), high inaccuracy(like, 55, seriously), and high weight(like, I don't remember, seriously), 2 range exactly, and its description is "King of Swords..." except I think a word is misspelled. Just assume its not a weapon you want to hold on enemy phase.


OOOOOOHHHHH yes. The armorslayer is a very good way of getting out of here. It is if anything a crutch weapon. In Matthew's hands, no problem will be had with doubling, and it will be critting all over the place, and from far away to boot! Beautiful.


As far as the enemies go, nothing has really changed. Klok said he didn't change much for the first few chapters to give the player a chance to get used to the new characters and weapons. Mind you, we ARE still in Hector Hard Mode.

Now, there is a totally safe strategy that allows for easy, safe winning by attacking the upper chambers, then working our way down.

But in the interest of making this interesting...


We START by making a break for down.


Hector gets us started on the soldier. Having 3 range options easily available for use really breaks a good bit of the early game maps. As we'll be seeing later.


Matthew doubles and finishes off this soldier, and dodges his hit in the process. Nice jo-


Dangit! Nevermind.


Okay, sorta bad situation, but we can pull through. We can kill the archer without being in range of anyone but the thief, who will hopefully just steal something from us. His AI neglects to move him the first turn, but no such promises for turn 2.


Up here, these 2 mooks open their doors. The soldier will charge at us, the archer will not. Also, the archer hidden by "Defeat", decided to spend all his time in a corner up there, rather than taking the roundabout route that will actually lead him to attack us. FEAI...


Matthew finishes the archer. He should be safe...


We NEED this. No starting vulneraries...


They're here! Let's get them! Also, the thief surprisingly elected to just gun straight for the treasure, rather than steal something. Probably for the best. For everyone.


This will totally work...right?



Never mind. TRY NUMBER 2!

...stupid moving armor...


This time, we dodge the bullet.


And Matthew responds with a much more accurate one. On his first try, too!


It's not all good, naturally.


Okay, the situation is stable. But...the thief is about to reach the treasure...I guess there isn't much I can do about it right now, thanks to mister moving armor.


This isn't helping!


I'm almost entirely certain I can get that back.



But...how to get to him...I'd like to give the kill to hector...





Most decidedly NOT perfect.


Even less so! Goodbye door key!

After that, it's all cleanup, really. But...the enemies just KEEP DROPPING ITEMS.


Goodbye chest key!


Thanks to some trading with Matthew, I kill the armor and snag this with no issues. As you can see, we're mostly clear of enemies.




And ANOTHER one!

Now for wire...


He seems pretty ordinary, but tough and pretty hard to kill. But then you realize...


ONE ONE-RANGE WEAPON. And you have three range options! I think he does move, but...


You can just attack him through the wall! This is one way to kill him...






But then, right when I have the guy on the ropes...


He moves to use his vulneraries! This here is the last one being used. His AI would only let him go up and down, despite the fact that one tile to the left would have made things much harder. FEAI...


After EVEN MORE CHIPPING, Hector ends things a bit sooner than I'd like.


But I am forgiving.

And with that...


We're done! For now...


HP: 90%

Strength: 60%

Skill: 45%

Speed: 35%

Luck: 0%(-30%)

Defense: 50%

Resistance: 25%

Hector is mostly unchanged, that is to say, still pretty good. He'll only need a bit of luck to keep up in this hack, although don't expect him to be half as effective here as in normal FE. Of course, that can be said of anyone, so...

Also, I'm going to be using all the main lords, because they're forced.


HP: 85%(+10%)

Strength: 30%

Skill: 70%(+30%)

Speed: 80%(+10%)

Luck: 0%(-50%)

Defense: 50%(+25%)

Resistance: 70%(+50%...serious?)

Matthew is an EXCELLENT unit, provided he gets just a little strength. Even if he doesn't, he'll still be amazing in everything else, and the inflated weapon MT could well make up for it. But will I use him? Time will tell. And votes.

And the reason I've bolded luck is because Klok totally changed how luck works: EVERY PC HAS 0% LUCK GROWTHS. As a result, you can't gain any luck. Officially, it's to prevent super high evade units, but I think it's just because he wants you to die to crits...anyways, he has made goddess icons plentiful to make up for it. Although it doesn't really work out, still. Later on, there is one way to make your units occasionally gain luck, but its never going to amount to anything. For the units that have high luck, it hasn't really affected their balance, as their other stats have been beefed(AS YOU CAN SEE WITH MATTHEW HERE). I never looked too closely at the enemies, so I'm not sure how it works for them. We'll find out over the course of this LP, I guess!


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If I can make character usage requests?

1. Erk.

2. Priscilla.

3. Wallace.

4. Nino.

5. Florina.

I'd really like to see these 5 in the final chapter, since nobody uses them in any of the other LP's, at least not very much.

Also wow 5 LP's for my hack. I'm speechless XD

>only ever played one inflation style hack

>it's this hack

>calls it the best inflation hack ever


I took Florina and Nino to the final. :-(

Rienfleche!Florina is very good, but she can't use that this much considering Hector uses it for the last chapters.

Nino is... Really good.

(talking about my girls playthrough)

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I took Florina and Nino to the final. :-(

Rienfleche!Florina is very good, but she can't use that this much considering Hector uses it for the last chapters.

Nino is... Really good.

(talking about my girls playthrough)

Yeah but Florina received major buffs in my new patch update including +2 CON on promotion and actual promotion bonus stats.

Nino is Based!God unless 0% growths run XD

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Priscilla's description is a little misleading; she has AT LEAST 50% across the board. Specifically, 80/60/50/50/50/50 for a total of 340. Dorcas, on the other hand, has 90/70/50/45/35/15 for a total of 305, and he's the best apparently. So I'd use Prissy, personally. I just didn't use her on my run because I wanted Jerme's map.

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EVERY PC HAS 0% LUCK GROWTHS. As a result, you can't gain any luck. Officially, it's to prevent super high evade units, but I think it's just because he wants you to die to crits

Maybe it's both of those reasons though

Also you get like 6 iron runes over the course of the game so...

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Priscilla's description is a little misleading; she has AT LEAST 50% across the board. Specifically, 80/60/50/50/50/50 for a total of 340. Dorcas, on the other hand, has 90/70/50/45/35/15 for a total of 305, and he's the best apparently. So I'd use Prissy, personally. I just didn't use her on my run because I wanted Jerme's map.

Hmmm, I will keep that in mind(by which mean, Dorcas will be warming the bench for eternity).

Also ninian/nils has a luck growth you lying mafia scum

##Vote Klokinhator


Welcome to the Chapter 12 prelude! Before every chapter I play I will do a short prelude, showing off any new weapons, items that need stealing, or new characters, so I don't have to do that in the main chapter! Also, you should comment and tell me if I should grab some of the characters levels, just to see how they turn out.


Let's just skip all the opening text here, and get straight to "Ricci Trikki Tactics"...which I THINK I spelled right. So anyways, we have a bunch of new characters and plenty of weapons to show off. This will probably be the longest prelude ever.


To start: Oswin! Those are some GOOD stats, but...


Yeah, he's the crutch character. I'll be having him support in the event that I need him, but we can't over-rely on him, because all xp he gets is pretty much a waste.


Here's the iron sword I missed screenshotting last chapter. He has something else in his inventory too...


That's right, BOLTING SWORD! Oswin's really the only guy with the stats to make it work, but as long as he's here we should have no problem taking out high-priority targets from afar! Trust me, using and dealing with bolting-weapon spam everywhere, on both sides, is a major part of this hack.

Next: Serra! Those astute may have noticed from the sprite:


She's a lyn lord! Yes, we do still get lord PCs. There's one of each, although it will be a while before we have all three.


The ratings are correct here, she is great, and all the lord not-lords are worth using. I will be using them unless you all tell me otherwise.

Anyways, she has a special weapon, which is giving her that luck boost...you can probably guess what it is, but not its stats...


BOOM! 19 Mt, oh man! But then you realize...14 wt...on a 5 con character... yeah. Body rings will be going to her.




Eliwood first!


On my first run, he turned out absolutely horrific, with a barrage of 1-3 stat levels, rarely getting anything better. Hopefully, this run is different!


His first weapon is the fire tome, which weighs him down more than the mani katti, but in exchange has good range, good hit, and hilarious crit, if bad MT.


He also has thunder, which is only slightly less weighty, but in exchange gets more mt, a little less crit, and 30 extra uses. Thunder will be used WAAAYYY more than fire.



Next, Bartre! As you can imagine, converting a fighter into a thief worked out...awkwardly. I'll say more in the growths section.


His inventory has nothing of interest. NEXT.


Rebecca, now a brigand! She looks bad now(because she IS bad now), although she will get better(MUCH better) if we give her a chance. Do we want to give her that chance.


Here's the rating, but I'm sure you're more interested in looking at the axe stats.


It's the axe equivalent of an iron sword, except even worse.


It's the axe equivalent of a steel bow, but roughly the same.


MARCUS! Turned from one crutch archetype to another, he is now the "bad healer who you trade off first chance you get"!


However, he does bring a gift! Also, since I know you might be wondering...


Klok didn't edit staffs.


LOWEN! Phew, almost done...he's the first flier, and he's pretty okay. His flier utility is very helpful. May I use him? I didn't my first run, although he could have helped...


I think I'll just show off ratings like this now, let's you see the inventory easier. Oh wait, do we have another new weapon?


Never mind.


DORCAS! *gasp**pant* He's okay, but SOME people have informed me that he isn't worth using. He will be bench.


For once, you LIE, ratings! You're right about the RES, though. Dorcas does bring us a second steel sword, which is always nice.

There is absolutely nothing interesting on the enemy side, except for Zagan...


...giving us a chance to stare at the steel axe. It seems...steel axe-y.



HP: 90%

Strength: 40%

Skill: 30%

Speed: 30%

Defense: 55%

Resistance: 30%

Oswin is still a crutch character. He's received no changes from FE7, where he was fairly good due to bases, but here, his bases aren't gonna cut it. Use in the early game, forget later.


HP: 50%

Strength: 70%(+20%)

Skill: 55%(+25%)

Speed: 40%

Defense: 15%

Resistance: 55%

Serra has positively stunning offensive potential, what with a 19 Mt infinite uberweapon plus that strength growth. But if she wants to really succeed, she'll need to get some speed, and even then the likelihood of her being anything beyond a glass cannon is slim.


HP: 80%

Magic: 55%(+10%)

Skill: 35(-15%)

Speed: 35(-5%)

Defense: 55(+25%)


Pretty good, but not that amazing. He's forced, but there will be better mages later. For now, we tolerate him, and hey, who knows? He might just make something of himself! And he's quite likely to become a phys-tank mage!


HP: 90%

Strength: 60%(+30%)

Skill: 50%(+20%)

Speed: 40%(+10%)

Defense: 60%(+20%)

Resistance: 20%(-10%)

An excellent flier, especially with all these buffs. BUT WILL I USE HIM? You decide!


HP: 65%

Magic: 50%(+20%)

Skill: 50%

Speed: 25%

Defense: 15%

Resistance: 35%

He's received little to buff his crutch-character growths, cementing his status as bad healer. He can always be a good staff user, but eternally crappy defenses and offenses make him way too risky in the later chapters.


HP: 80%(+20%)

Strength: 50%(+10%)

Skill: 50%

Speed: 70%(+10%)

Defense: 55%(+40%)

Resistance: 15%(-15%)

She's received quite a few buffs from FE7. But do we use her, or wait for another?


HP: 90%(+10%)

Strength: 70%(+10%)

Skill: 50%(+10%)

Speed: 45%(+25%)

Defense: 35%(+10%)

Resistance: 15%

Despite the IMMENSE buffs, he's still only the SECOND best paladin candidate in the game. Not using him.



Strength: 65%(+15%)

Skill: 35%

Speed: 25%(-15%)

Defense: 50%(+20%)

Resistance: 15%(-10%)

So...Bartre. He's the only thief for now, and the game isn't going to wait much longer to spam stealables everywhere, so we need him for right now. But you know how FE normally gives you one wimpy thief at the start who gets really high speed, but has a hard time in combat, and then another one later, who's less speedy, but can hold his own in combat? Not only does Chaos Mode do it in reverse, but it also exaggerates it! He will NOT be stealing things past the earlygame, and he can NEVER make use of his strength and defense growths due to low assassin caps in those areas! Use for a while, then bench when the next thief comes along.

Looking at these growths, the buffs Klok has given to the characters start to become evident. Almost everyone is better in some way. Anyways, expect it to be a while before chapter 12 is up...

So, do you guys like the more informational approach I'm taking to the LP?

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Welcome back, everyone, to...



And here we go!


The setup down here for the first turn. We wait for the enemy to come to us.

Also, I lost the screenshot for the top setup. It involved Hector tanking everything, while Serra lured out maybe one enemy.


Eliwood chips a pegasus knight and gets-33 XP??? Yeah, so, that's another change Klok made. Some characters/classes gain XP at blatantly ridiculous rates in this hack. It's easy to level Eliwood, because he gets XP incredibly quick. Meanwhile, other characters gain XP kinda slowly, and the result ends up coming off as kinda schizophrenic. I don't know if it's for balancing or what. In fact, as I type this, I realize it could actually be a bug. Confirmation, Klok?


I think this was a crit. Either way, Serra-in-forest doesn't care about your pathetic axes.


Dorcas grabs us a sorta-useless treasure. Hmmm...to sell or to use? With secret shops later, I could use the money to buy BETTER statboosters...oops, said too much.


Eliwood finishes the pegasus knight, and gains over 60 XP from it.


Another bandit opted to charge us. Luckily, it turns out the tile Lowen is in is actually safe from all attack.


This picture shows Serra in the top, drawing out the merc and archer, while Hector prepares to decimate more crap in his forest. Serra COULD die, but sometimes you have to take risks!


Hector dodged just about every blow that came his way. As you can see, he didn't even need to move, the ENEMY was the one who slipped up! He must strike fear in their hearts.




And here I was SO worried. Good job, Serr-


Never mind. I mean, come on, you didn't even cast the lightning.


Oh no, the boss group is moving, the poor guys don't stand a chance!


A bandit attacking the bottom group decides to be super annoying and grab a mountain. Eliwood dodges this hit, but fails to cast his spell in return. Man, I keep getting those screens!


Since steel swords don't waste uses if you miss like bolting, take as many unlikely shots as you want. This one, though, happened to actually hit.


Serra gets a predictable first level.


Come on Lowen! I'm counting on you! How else can I eliminate this stupid mountain-wielding bandit?


Missed one, hit one! Good enough!


Eliwood finished with fire and...oh...oh no...MY FIRST RUN IS COMING BACK TO HAUNT ME...


Bahaha! Right into our trap! Stupid pegs. Ignore Oswin's carrying of Matthew. It was tactigy.


This poor unmoving archer is in a good position for getting picked off.


Pegs taken care of! We should have no trouble handling ONE wimpy peg attack.


Serra is injured nonfatally, and it is SO ANNOYING.


TWO bad levels at the start! THERE'S NO HOPE FOR HIM NOW!


Zagan is all that's left, and so now he steps up to the plate. Hector fails to hurt him.

Okay, here's the plan: I attack with Hector first, then have either Lowen or Serra attack second, and have the last one finish him off. Still not sure who to give the kill too, but I can decide that after Hector atta-





I must apologize for the lack of showing off text here. There's a lot of dialogue changes I've been failing to show, because I'm missing the screenshots! Don't worry, I'll get them eventually!


This was actually REALLY easy. Like, way easier than the first chapter. But we'll see what's next...

So, overall, this chapter is actually really easy if you opt not to push ahead at the start. Also, Hector is awesome, and may become overleveled.

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The exp is intentional, though Wil could stand to be nerfed a little either in growths (no) or in exp (yes maybe).

Good to know.

Time for the Chapter 13 prelude!


Here we have the castle to capture for today. This shouldn't take long... Although it will be nice to get a chance to get some supports, which means this will take long.


Here's our dudes, looking a bit different with all the class changes.


The enemy density may have been increased, I just can't tell because I've never played HHM.

Also, do you see him? Yes, it's the amazing...



He has some pretty great defense, just...a lack of everything else. What about his rating?


Hmmm... Should I use him? There's no way to know... Let's wait to see his growths.

Oh hey, new weapon!


No description altering? Such disappointment. The least you could have done was removed the crit and made it ironic. Really, it looks like an iron sword with more crit, less weight, and half MT.


If you noticed the weapon usage oddities, this brings us to Guy's main draw as a unit-his "mastery" of all physical weapons! That plus 14 CON means you can give him anything you find that any other unit couldn't really use properly. If you can get his weapon ranks up...


Here's a picture of the Merlinus village, now with actual guards. And reinforcement bandits WILL attack it. As I learned in my first run, don't send one dude over, thinking he can take it. Send a whole group.

Also, this brings me to another concern about gaidens: In FE7 they were strictly optional. But here, you basically need the XP and character from ALL the gaidens. If you actually miss the gaidens, could you end up horribly behind and underleveled? Not to mention, missing a certain important thief...

Anyways, it's at about this point where the bosses start ramping up.


Just LOOK at that strength and defense. Hey Eliwood? You care to gain a few good levels this chapter?


And...these. Klok wastes no time giving us a chance to gander at all the high-level weapons.


As you can see, the silvers are typically all useful, but may or may not be GOOD, especially with all the new weapon stats to compete with!


14 MT = meh...This hack...and the worst part is that its kinda RIGHT.


Ignoring the joke, it does have really good MT. And a lot of axes have trouble hitting one range.

Also, remember how the armorslayer was "on par with" the silver sword?


Yeah. CLEARLY the best. I mean seriously. I just CAN NOT wait until we get these for our self. But for now, we gotta deal with an uberboss using them.

Looking around the generic enemies, I see...


A SIXTH weapon! Steel lances are pretty good. Very generic, very usable. When we get steady access to them they will prove good general work lances.


The REALLY astute might be wondering what Klok's done with the mine. Well the answer is...

AB-SO-LUTE-LY nothing.

Yeah. Klok LETS you use the mines. Its your ultimate final option if any chapter proves too tough to handle. And in almost every chapter, the enemies have something worth stealing. Klok does it on purpose, so you NEVER KNOW which chapter to use the mine and snag the loot on. Boies's silver armory is this chapter's incentive, although doing it here would be a waste. I'll try to point out any other stuff that begs for a mine.


HP: 75%

Strength: 55%(+20%)

Skill: 55%(+5%)

Speed: 40%(-30%)

Defense: 20%(+5%)

Resistance: 50%(+25%)

So...magic tank speedy knight? His growths are so unbalanced with his bases...is this going to be Ameliageneral all over again? Yeah, I don't think I'll be using him...UNLESS I get requests otherwise, of course!

Also, JUST SO YOU GUYS KNOW, I think I will let YOU guys decide when to use my mines, as part of the audience participation initiative! Just make sure to request, or anti-request other's requests, before I check for new posts and start the update!

Anyway, that's it for the chapter 13 prelude. Until next time, when we have actual gameplay!

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Use Guy! My only problem with him is his pathetic movement and he's too heavy to be rescued by pretty much anyone that isn't Marcus. But he's a great tank.

Also, a request. If you show stealable items in the chapter, can you tell us the speed of the unit carrying it? I'm updating the spreadsheet as you go along.

Good luck, and have fun!

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Promo gains and caps are done, with a few Q's.

How do you find out how much WXP is given to weapons that can already be used? IE SE says male Heroes get 40 sword xp; how do you find/change that?

Why are Fiora, Nino, and Leila male versions of their classes? I can understand the pegasi bros or the berserker girls, but there's female versions of the aforementioned trio's respective classes. Especially Leila, given she has a female map sprite and stuff.

What does the Witch unlock with the Katti lock?

Has the crit rate been changed to 25%, and does it apply to everyone (Sniper, Dragoon, Swordmaster and Berserker)?

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@WEXP, I'm not... sure. I have no idea tbh.

Fiora is a female myrm, isn't she? I know her animation is anyway.

Nino is a wyvern rider, they use the same animations and map sprites so it doesn't matter.

Leila should be a female wtf u talkin about.

The witch unlocks... uh.... well it was supposed to be Aureola but then I made Aureola universal so the lock doesn't do anything now.

The crit rate is a universal 25% now yes.

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