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~Hello~ Is it me you're lookin' for?


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Hello,I love music,gaming,anything fictive also catches my eye,or ear,or nose guess. I love looking at art,but I can't draw. At all. I've played FE 10-13 and I'm going to delve deeper eventually... I've been a long time lurker and...well... I don't really have any projects except a book I'm writing,except that's not in English. I am planning to translate it sometime,but I'm only on page eleven. If someone would need help with writing,I could help,except I don't know coding,doesn't mean I don't wanna learn. I do have a gender,but I'd rather have you guys wondering. :P If anybody reads this I guess.

Oh,and I'm a quick learner if it's something I enjoy. So,um,yeah. Fire Emblem is always going to be one of my favorite games,played Radiant Dawn when I had this giant metal-thingy on my leg. For surgical reasons,and it really helped,it's what got me into FE. Lots of love,StarScry. :Nino:

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So you're totally a girl! xD And I'm planning on writing up a story too for my FE game in the works. I wish you luck with that! :D I just havent got all my characters in order yet so I cant start writing until all the artwork is done. Welcome to the forum :D I'm new too.

Edit: PS Sorry if you're actually a boy hahaha xD

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