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Konami does not care about their game anymore

Zak Something

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So I just wandered over to check out the official YuGiOh banlist to see if the new one was up.

I was figuring Trishula would break free from it's ban eventually, and was relieved to see it was still banned and therefore would continue to be affordable for me to get.

Wandering down the list, I saw something that basically shook apart my concept of the game.

Raigeki is now not banned anymore.

For 10 years, since the very first banlist, this card has not been allowed to be used. This card was the reason the banlist was put into place in the first place. The card was too ridiculous. You could topdeck it at any moment and save yourself from almost any situation, or you can use it to get rid of whatever monsters your opponent has guarding them to go in for an easy OTK.

I do not understand...

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I get the feeling Konami is trying to kill off Yu-Gi-Oh.

This is Raigeki

-chump card-

Y'know, if you bothered to read my first post you'd know that I know what Raigeki is/does.

I didn't post about The Huge Revolution is Over in my second post for no reason, I said 'What's Raigeki' sarcastically(or jokingly) because Huge Revolution can stop it.

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The card was too ridiculous. You could topdeck it at any moment and save yourself from almost any situatin, or yoou can use it to get rid of whatever monsters your opponent has guarding them to go in for an easy OTK.

And then your opponent flips over his Magic Jammer Trap card, thereby completely nullifying it...

So much for being "too ridiculous".

Anyway, I play "Traditional format", where there are no "banned" cards, meaning this has no bearing on me at all.

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not a yugioh fan or anything, so I'm ignorant on the matter...

but why would they create a card just to ban it later?

There were a lot of cards made at the beginning that nobody knew would be as OP as they are until put into practice.

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Glow-Up Bulb: So Synchros have their favorite level 1 tuner back. That's about it since Vanity's Emptiness is still a thing but the plays will still be as ridiculous as ever.

Infernity Archfiend: Infernities are far less consistent and can no longer search literally a quarter of their deck now and decide the outcome of the duel on their first turn.

Raigeki: Why. In. The. Fuck. Is Raigeki Limited. The top decks do not give a give shit about monster destruction. If anything they WELCOME it so you can send key cards to the Graveyard for them to further their own plays. This just means rogue decks get shit on far easier by the already powerful top tier decks.

Soul Charge: Oh Soul Charge.... Why do you exist? I guess Monster Reborn just wasn't broken enough so they said fuck it and made a card that can potentially give you an insane amount of advantage with very little risk. Sure you lose life points but the rewards FAR outweigh the risk. This card should only be at either 3 or 0. It doesn't matter whether it's at 1 or 2 since it just means you don't open up with it as often but still gain an insane amount of advantage. Sigh...

Super Polymerzation: Once a card created to give Elemental HEROes a competitive edge over their adversaries it quickly became one of the most degenerative card of the current format with the advent of the Shaddoll archetype. An out to any problem Light or Dark monster that could ALSO trigger their own effects because they do not miss timing. This card being at 1 solves that issue but the threat still remains. Over all I am happy with this choice since Shaddolls can't just derp their way out of a problem monster while still gaining advantage.


Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind: The once mighty Blackwings have fallen on hard times. Gaining absolutely everything they ever wanted after the first two booster packs of their debut with any other support just being superfluous. Blackwings have slowly been getting their former glory back but with the current meta their performance is always less than up to par. This seems more like Konami just easing the eventual Unlimiting of Gale.

Gorz the Emissary of Darkness: I like this guy. Always liked him. Gorz being at 2 means you have to much more wary of attacking your opponent when they have a clear field if you do not have an immediate counter to Gorz. Taking the battle damage is already a risk in it of itself.

Ceasefire: Seems like anti-Shaddoll more than anything since their Flip Effects are just so powerful.

The Transmigration Prophecy: Another fantastic card that counters many potential plays by simply ridding the Graveyard of cards that would otherwise be a part of said plays effectively causing some cards and effects to either fizzle out as they cannot resolve properly or disrupt future plays.

As for the Unlimited cards. Coach Wolfbark being at 3 just means it won't be laughed at by Satellarknight Altair anymore. Magician of Faith is such a slow card but may see more play due to this. Formula Synchron probably due to Glow-Up Bulb coming back. I'm not sure about this yet but Formula Synchron at 2 didn't do much. Have to wait and see. Reinforcement of the Army is just a buff to anything Warrior. They become more consistent and that's about it.

What I didn't see on this list....

Sinister Shadow Games: This card is so horribly designed I would rank it Spellbook of Judgment levels of poorly designed. With ABSOLUTELY no drawback to activating it. You can chain it when it is targeted for destruction or when anything you don't like is triggered. Send whatever you need to send and watch yourself gain all the advantage you want because you obviously earned it. It also ONLY triggers your face down Shaddoll monster flip effects because why the hell not.

Vanity's Emptiness: A previously horrendously under looked card that is now 30-40 dollars from it's initial .01-.25 cent price. Activate while you have a strong monster and lock your opponent out of their Special Summons. Or just activate it when you need it and Mystical Space Typhoon one of their cards o get rid of your own Emptiness and go off. It should be Limited in my opinion. Royal Oppression levels of potential control which is currently Forbidden.

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because the heart of the cards means that the cards change their effects for the sake of turning the situation in the protag's favor

don't you watch the show

i watched it back when the heart of the cards involved celtic fucking guardian or whatever the link guy who spoke in gutteral snarling was called ffs

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Stratos too good. A level 4 Wind monster with 1800 atk is waaaaaaaaaaay better than 3 fucking RotA, E-Calls, Shadow Mist, and A Hero Lives.

Bestiari will only lead to Gyzarus loops. Which is TOO broken.

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