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Belated Introduction

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I've been a member since March, but I never bothered to do any introduction until now. I got bored...

Anyway, my name I'm using here, Power Master, means two things: One is a personal title, I'm very good and knowledgeable about many Nintendo-made games, though I have been known to play a PlayStation or Xbox game every now and then.

Second reason is a bit more meaningful to me, it's the title of my very own game series I hope to make one day. Think Mario's imagination meets Zelda's exploration meets Fire Emblem's characters. I've been working on the game for a while, as you can see by looking at my site, but so far, little has been accomplish in terms of actually making the dang thing. I'm still learning my way around Unity...

I enjoy talking to people and the outdoors, though my autism and allergies make it somewhat difficult. I also have Tourette's which adds to the fun. You've probably heard of it, a mental tick that causes people to twitch or make a loud noise? Mine is a cough-like noise... It's gets painful after a while...

I'm not gonna be the kind of guy that constantly asks for followers or friends (I don't really see the point) but if you wanna be friends, sure! Just expect some awkward moments when you talk to me...

Anyway, there's that. If you want to learn more about my game ideas, the links are on my profile page. If you wanna help, it'll be appreciated, but don't go stealing my ideas.

I'll know...

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You are not a real power master until you own a self-built desktop PC with an unlocked Intel processor

Welcome to Serenes Forest.

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A title of a game series eh? How interesting, can't wait to see how it goes! o:

Welcome to the forest and enjoy your stay here

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