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Glaceon Mage

A Mottle Slime Draws Near!~ Casual DQVIDS Draft

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Um, well, I wanted to draft a DQ game, and I picked DQVI mainly because of bias, but whatever!


This draft is for four players.

There is no need to draft characters. This isn't FE, where there is eight million to choose from, and you have eight slots with a constantly changing party, so...

The goal of the draft is simple. In your endgame team of eight, have the lowest average level for your characters. In addition, money spent and held will be judged in a similar way.

Both average level and money earned will be given a score from 1-10. Average level will simply be multiplied by .1 to obtain your score. For gold, you will lose .25 of a point for every 10000 gold earned, starting at 10. For example:

Average level: 40 Score: 4

Gold Earned (including spent gold): 150000 Score: 150000/10000=15*.25=3.75 10-3.75=6.25

These numbers are averaged to get the overall score.

In this case:


Thus the overall score is 5.125

Alltrades Abbey is free to use as much as you will. Go wild with your vocation training, just be wary of overleveling!


1. Glaceon Mage




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