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Online name: sarinomu / sarinoku
Real name: David
DoB: 09/09/98
Favourite FE Game: Currently FE7 but leaning more and more towards FE4 (lyn bby)
Favourite Game (other than FE): Kingdom Hearts
Favourite FE Character: Lyndis
Least Favourite game: Eh Haven't really found one
Sports: Nope
Online friends: uhhh don't know what about this one
Favourite music: grew up with 80s 90s korean stuff so thats cool
Favourite artist/band: forced to like KJK (Kim Jong Kook) but its not like hes bad
Favourite song: Too indecisive
Country: USA
MSN/Yahoo/AIM: lolwhat
Hobbies: playing videogames, hating school, hating homework, daydreaming
Good Point: lack of ego(?)
Bad Point: lack of decisiveness (is that even a word)

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>Favorite Game: Kingdom Hearts

Are you a Final Fantasy fan, out of curiosity?

Sorry for late replies, but yes I would consider myself a fan of FF. I haven't really played many games because my experiences with playing FF on emulators just doesn't feel right =/ (only played 3 DS ver, 4 DS ver, 10, 13, 13-2)

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