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Replacing or Deleting Maps Question


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Hello all I'm still pretty new to this and I have some questions. I've checked all the map creation and insertion tutorials, but none of them cover replacing or deleting maps, only adding new maps. I have 47 new maps planned for a FE7 hack, and I'm not sure they will all fit on the rom. (Like I said I'm still pretty new to this.)

So Question 1 : Do I need to make free space, or will 47 new maps fit. (I can make every map the same size as the original maps, with less map changes even. If possible I would like to make bigger maps though.)

Question 2: If I need to make free space, how do I go about replacing each map or deleting the old ones.

Current Last Line of the clean rom is at 01000000, pretty sure that tells me how much free space is left, but I still wouldn't understand how many maps worth that is.

Thanks in advance for any help

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Maps are very small in the relative scheme of things. As long as you repoint the data that's very much as good as "replacing" an old map. Just do as the tutorials say.

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