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Beginner's Guide to Optimal Pairings

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If you're new and need help with pairings, I will recommend this.

First off,here are the best father and mother for each stat.Just because they're the best with stats doesn't mean it will make them OP all the time. Just remember that usually,Skills>Stats>Levels

Father. Mother

Speed:Lonqu. Speed:Panne,Sumia


Skill:Lonqu. Skill:Panne,Cordelia,Sumia,Sully

LSuck:Donnel Strength:Cherche

Strength:Vaike. Defense:Nowi

Magic:Ricken. Luck:Maribelle

Res:Libra. Magic:Miriel,Tharja


Galeforce is a really important skill in this game,let as many units get it as possible.Donnel,Gaius,And (M)MU will give 3 children (Kjelle,Nah,Noire) access to galeforce.Dont ask me why vaike doesn't. The children who can't get Galeforce in any way is Laurent,Gerome,and Yarne.

Based on skills and stats,here are the best magic fathers (because most of the women have children than males)


Gregor(Doesnt hurt magic too much,offers armsthrift and vantage)

Henry (Offers Wrath,Sorc,and Lethality)

Ricken (Offers Tomefaire,Luna,and Aegis)

Lon'qu (Doesn't hurt magic too much,and gives vantage)

Libra(Gives Tomefaire,Sorc,and Renewal)

Virion (Doesn't hurt magic too much,and gives tomefaire)


Vaike (Offers Axefaire, and gives Luna to female children)

Chrom (Offers Luna and Aether to female children)

Stahl(Offers Swordfaire and Luna)

Gaius(Offers Swordfaire)

Donnel (Offers physical power with armsthrift)


Kellam (Pavise and best defense mods with Renewal)

Frederick (Both Pavise and Aegis)

Vaike (Gives merc,knight,and cav tree to female children if they don't have it on their own)

Hope this helps. It might suck but whatever :<

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Frederick offers good strength too. I should know since I married him to my Avatar. My Morgan is strong as hell since he has both Frederick for a dad and his mother with a +str asset.

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I expected terrible outdated advice and was pleasantly surprised. I have a few questions and comments though.

You can get just as much Galeforce by using FeMU as by having MaMU give a girl GF. That way you also avoid having your Avatar paired to a unit who's weak in postgame.

Do you mostly mean Gregor for Laurent? I haven't heard of him being used for any other magic kids, nor can I think of any reason why he would be, but that could just mean I haven't heard of that. If you do specifically mean Laurent, consider clarifying that.

Virion gives TF, yes, but do any kids really want his TF? Most magic-inclined kids already have it. The exceptions are Inigo and Noire. Inigo wants a proc that isn't Astra, and Noire gets nothing she wants besides TF. This wouldn't be a problem if she was one of the kids who already has a great skill set regardless of dad, but Noire... is not.

Surprised to see Chrom in the physical section while Gregor is in magical. Wither one can go either way, but Chrom seems more magically inclined than Gregor does. You mentioned that he offers Luna and Aether to female children, but actually he only offers Luna to males; both his potential daughters already have Luna. I would also narrow down "female children" Cynthia," because Chrom!Kjelle results in Kjelle and Lucina lacking Galeforce. And Chrom!Cynthia can go magic or physical--her magic mod is actually higher than her strength mod.

I thought Donnel was mostly regarded as a father who gives Galeforce but is otherwise terrible? I mean, I guess the Merc line is good, but it hardly seems like enough to redeem him.

I would comment on ommissions (physical Lon'qu and Virion?), but since this list is so short I'm guessing it isn't supposed to be anywhere near comprehensive.

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Virion gives TF, yes, but do any kids really want his TF? Most magic-inclined kids already have it. The exceptions are Inigo and Noire.

And Severa. Virion!Severa is notable mainly for her 75 Spd Wyvern, but she can pull out a very good DF on a whim (especially if she's married to Libra!Inigo, Henry!Gerome or Avatar-M).

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My main caveat with the OP is that it's rather poorly formatted -- overall, it looks horribly rushed.

It's easier to say that only Chrom and male Robin are the male characters to have any children that are tied directly to them, having Lucina and female Morgan respectively.

A lot of the information is good, but there are some mistakes (and not just the blatant misspelling of "Luck"):

Vaike passes down Mercenary, Thief and Knight lines to female children. He doesn't pass down the Cavalier line.

Lon'qu's and Virion's stat mods don't hurt Magic at all -- both have Strength and Magic mods of +0 each.

Some things that could have been added:

Stahl also offers Bowfaire, Vantage and Astra.

Stahl, Gaius, Gregor and Lon'qu all offer Astra.

Henry, Vaike, Stahl, Gaius and Kellam all offer Lethality.

The obvious that Chrom and Sumia each have only 4-5 marriage options.

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Conclusion of who's caring about:

Leader: Galeforce, Optimal class, Luna/Vengeance, Weaponfaire, Non-negative Str/Mag Skl Spd mod

Supporter: Str/Mag, Class, Weaponfaire

Lucina: Galeforce, Vantage+Vengeance husband, Tomefaire

Laurent: Vantage if he's the only Vantage+Vengeance boy to marry Lucina

Dodgetank: Lancebreaker, Spd, Avo+10, Hero

This will be better for both beginners and experts.

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