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EA Syntax Highlighting in Notepad++

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If you're like me and use Notepad++ for writing up your event files you may have wished that there was some sort of highlighting for keywords like UNIT, MOVE, etc. Maybe something like this?


Here you go:


Click me

How do I use this?

Steps to import language highlighting file:

1) In Notepad++ go to the 'Language' menu and select "Define your language..."
2) In that new menu, select Import
3) Browse to where you've stored EA Syntax.xml (The file you downloaded) and select it
4) Notepad++ should say "Import successful."
5) Close Notepad++ (It needs to reload the necessary internal files which it does when it boots)
6) Reopen Notepad++ and open a file that you want EA syntax highlighting for
7) Go to the 'Language' menu and at the bottom of the list select "Event Assembler Syntax". Done!

Note 1: You'll need to do step 7 for any file you want EA syntax highlighting on.

Note 2: These steps are based off of Notepad++ version 6.6.9. If you have a different version, this process may be different.

After import feel free to tweak the colors and add to it however you want. You get to do your own research for this though :P:

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