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Favourite scene/support in the game? (Spoilers for full game!)

Roy Havenstone

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Doing a fan-dub of a few of my favourite scenes from Fire Emblem 7, but I'd like to include more fan favourites. These are the scenes I have so far:

Lyn's Story:

Footsteps of fate - Sain and Kent's Introduction

Band of mercenaries - Lyn's speech (Added by request of a friend of mine)

Beyond the borders - Erk and Serra's introduction

Blood of Pride - Matthew's introduction

Siblings Abroad - Nils + Ninian's introduction + Matthew and Hector's scene + Eliwood's introduction

A Grim Reunion - Wallace's introduction + Lundgren and Hausen's scene

The distant Plains - End of Lyn's Story

E+H's Story:

E+H's departure

Merlinus sidequest

End of "False Friends"

End of "The Noble Lady of Cealin"

End of "Whereabouts Unknown"

Lyn and Hector's scene in "Pirate Ship"

"The Dread Isle" - Nergal's introduction, Leila's Death, Discovery of Leila's Body

Beginning and end of "The Dragon's Gate"

End of "A new resolve"

"Kinship's Bond" - Black Fang Meeting and Meeting with Uther

"Genesis" - Athos's Introduction

"Four-fanged offense" Linus' attack, Linus' death, Nino and Jaffar in the house

"Battle before dawn" - Zephiel's prayer, Hector confronting Jaffar, Hellene's scene

"Night of Farewells" - Nino confronts Sonia, Farewell to the Black Fang

"Cog of Destiny" - Lloyd and Nino talk, Bramimond's introduction, Ninian's abduction

"Valourous Roland/The Berserker" - Ninian's Death

"Sands of Time" - Athos's story + Revelation of Uther's Death

Hector's talk with oswin and Lyn in "Battle Preparations"

End of "Victory or Death"

"Light" Full chapter

Epilogue, E+H's perspective

Final (Because Spoilers): Ch 19xx - Nergal's painting


Eliwood x Ninian
Hector x Lyn
Renaud (Renault) x Lucius
Jaffer x Nino
Kent x Sain
Serra x Matthew
Matthew x Jaffer
Sain x Serra (Request from cast members)
One or two of Legault's supports (haven't decided yet)

Feel free to let me know if that cover the basics, or if they are glaring omissions you'd like to see fan-dubbed. Bear in mind it's the PAL version of the game without the grown-up Hector and Eliwood scene with Roy and Lilina at the end, and that this is not a full walkthrough style fan-dub, just a highlight reel. I'd like to do the beginning of "Unfulfilled Heart" as well, but I don't have a voice actor to play Desmond.

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I'd like to request all the character recruitment conversations, just in case you weren't planning on voicing all the characters.

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