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Einherjar of a Spriter of Yore

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My word... The level of quality on display is astounding!

Your use of more a more de-saturated FE7-esque palette really lets you're wonderful line work and anti-aliasing shine! The portraits look almost painterly with how the values ease into one another!

I'm super impressed that you also stick to the 15 color color palette rule! Even when you broke it in the Deidra (Spear-cleric) sprite, the white was a highlight that could easily be rolled into the skin tone! (Yes I'm aware that use more colors were used in the waist band, but that wouldn't show up in the GBA sprite)

I'm also impressed by your cleaver replacement of the 5th skin value in your sprites! I didn't notice in the one guy from FE3H and was shocked  when I zoomed in and saw a cool grey tone! It manages to roll into outline well enough and gives him this subtle harshness to his features when compared to his cohorts! Same goes for Bara! It subtly sells a sickly demonic presence!

*cough* when do you stream




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Oh god. I have quite a few more portraits in August/Early September 

3 Houses




Critical Role





Oh and I know he's kinda been done to death in FE6-8 style, But I've also made a Sigurd mug. Fully GBA compatible and insert-able.


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I didn't realise you had your own sprite thread here. I've only been keeping track of the ones posted in the subreddit. Really nice to see the full extent of your work, keep up the good stuff. 

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