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Lethality/Aether/Astra/Luna/Ignis theorycrafting spreadsheet @ google drive

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I post this here as well as gameFAQ in case people are interested.

Since people keep on repeating the same questions forever, I decided to make a little spreadsheet to help everyone estimate their damage.


In the first row, you can specify your own stats which are needed for damage calculations. Add your strength and weapon might and weapon rank bonuses (Faire skills, Aggressor etc.) and put them into the cell below "P. Attack".
This is the stat you see ingame as "Atk".

Add your magic and skill.

Magic is needed for Ignis damage calculations, skill is needed for trigger chances of skills. On the right side you can toggle "Rightful King".

The second row shows you the exact chance to trigger each skill in percent.

In the third row you can toggle skills. If you want to activate a skill, enter 1. To deactivate, enter 0.

The fourth row you can see average and maximum damage of a skill.

Fifth row describes the priorities in which the triggers of each skill are checked. Let's say you have lethality, aether and luna. The game will roll whether you activate lethality, if that happens the skill triggers, if not, the game rolls for aether, checks if it triggers or not, if aether doesn't trigger, the game checks for luna.

The left column of the sixth row can be ignored since it's only purpose is to provide data for calculations.

The right column of the sixth row shows the average damage contribution of each skill. It's an estimation based on your stats.

red "lethality" rectangle shows damage in case it triggers or no.

Same with aether, astra, luna, ignis.

Edit: If you want to use this for magic, put your magic in "P.Attack" and your Strength in "M. Attack" and put the resistance of the enemy into "defense". It's only needed for Ignis calculations.

Tell me what you think of it if you'd like.

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