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FE7 Knight Ring

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From FE4 and FE9; it's an item that grants the holder mounted re-movement now ported to FE7

Have a demonstrative video


The patch is here

The patch puts the hack at 0xD70000 and the byte at 0xD7001A determines the ID of the item you want to grant removement

If you want the hack somewhere else, follow these instructions


In this .dmp, change the last four bytes to the pointer of where you want to put the hack + 1 and paste write that to 0x1CBA8


00 4B 18 47 01 00 D7 08

Then paste this .dmp to the offset you want and change the value 0x1A bytes in to the ID of the item you want to be the knight ring

[spoiler=next dmp]

03 1C 09 48 0B 43 02 21 0B 40 00 2B 09 D1 00 24 0A 2C 07 D0 1E 21 09 19 51 5C 6B 29 01 D0 02 34 F6 E7 02 38 00 47 00 00 B5 CB 01 08

For those interested, here's the wack, uncommented source


@ .org 0x1CBA8
ldr r3, = 0x8D70001
bx r3


@.org 0xD70000
mov r3, r0
ldr r0,=0x801CBB5
orr r3,r1
mov r1,#0x2
and r3,r1
cmp r3,#0
bne Success
mov r4, #0
cmp r4,#0xA
beq Done
mov r1, #0x1E
add r1, r4
ldrb r1, [r2,r1]
cmp r1, #0x6B
beq Success
add r4, #2
b Loop
sub r0,#2
bx r0

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I know there's a way to add the main stat attributes like STR/SKL etc, I didn't know there was a way to add movement. Never mind.

EDit: Wait, actually...


The FE7 and 8 editors don't have an array for movement, only the main stats.

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The next ones after that should be CON and MOVE in that order

You can try editing the actual hex to see if it works and if not I could make it work if you're willing to pay me but you should PM me if you want an actual commission so as not to clog up this thread

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