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FE6 Variable WExp

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This lets weapons in FE6 have different WExp values like the other GBA games, by way of a table of WExp values indexed by the item ID.


Paste the contents of "Wexp.dmp" to some free space in your ROM at an offset divisible by four.

The hex 00 80 E0 08 at the end of the file is a pointer to the Wexp table for each weapon in the game.
Change this to a pointer to wherever you want the Wexp table to go. The (Item ID)th byte in that table
will correspond to the amount of Weapon Exp the weapon of that ID gives for each hit.

Paste the following to $255D4:

00490847 2184E008

The '2184E008' represents a pointer to the offset that the WExp's code resides at +1. Change this to a pointer
to wherever you have placed it, +1.

Finally, make sure to fill out your WExp table with a bunch of 01s to start off.

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My first response when I saw this was basically "lol, wait - FE6 doesn't have that?"

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