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Nice video my man!

However, you killed three soldiers and didn't get the full amount of money lol

You killed those three soldiers on the bottom right of the map. They attack in range so there was a way to not draw them in in order to save their lives.

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Thoughts on the chapter: Okay, I played this chapter 3 times! because I'm dumb, and I messed up recording a few times. But the map in this chapter is really nice. If you're a castle fan then you're gonna like this~
Interesting design choices too, especially with the sniper 'ambush' spawn.
I should also mention Guntram, he's like the ultra GOAT. And has a spiffy animation. And King Bro, he's sick because he's a competent NPC soldier There was decent loot and you got an interesting character in Kiowa.
My reactions aren't as natural here because I knew what was coming and it made for kind of a boring LP (it was already like 4am lol zzzZZzzz) , but I do like this chapter a lot.

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Thoughts on the chapter:

Nice map? I think so!

Good levels? NOPE

Good RNG? noope

The high level weaponry in early chapters fits, IMO. I could do without the killer weapons on enemies though, because if I get critted, then gg. I only have Donwik and Vidar to not die from them. But its a consistent theme in the game, so to me, it doesn't come off as a bad choice.

ambush spawns? They are here.

The last one, I'm really not a fan of. Like, I get it. It's an anti turtle mechanic to punish you for taking your time. Well, that's what seems to be happening here. And I just think its a dumb idea. Now, this is just my opinion and feel free to disagree here, but I shouldn't be punished because the chapter lets me take my time. I shouldn't be punished with "woop here's some stuff you can't control reinforcements" for dictating the pacing of a chapter and having no prior warning to it.

And placing them at the very END of a chapter is just... why? The damage is done, I already took my time; don't try to pull a fast one on me at the very end of the chapter when its all over like a last 'screw you!' to the player.

I get that this is an anti-turtle thing, but jesus there are plenty of other ways to achieve the same thing. Like, right off the bat, give me 20 turns or something instead of 25. Or have a pursuing reinforcements coming from the back that are way more threatening than 2 brigands. Or even better, make Amon move!

That's at least my only gripe, though. Since I could have been forced to restart. Aside from that it was solid~

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Mil is officially the second most relevant character in this hack. This is a fact! Without spoiling, the chapter revolves around Mil's quest to find his mum.
Awesome, this chapter has a deeper narrative than any other chapter so far. I am emotionally invested and can relate to Mil, this is great.
Unfortunately, designs which Prime and I personally do not like plague this chapter. Now, keep in mind that this is just my opinion and I'm not a fuckin' authority and shit. BUT, random, fuckyou spawns are plenty here and weeeeeeeee didn't like them.
DoG's fuckyou spawns:
I understand that this is a common occurrence in DoG and I should just grow a pair of naaads and adjust, but this basically forces half of my units to serve as bath plugs whenever there are stairs or a fort. Not letting enemies appear on enemy phase by literally sacrificing their combat abilities to act as plugs is boring and unrewarding. The map design already awards mounted units because the maps are wicked big and slower units will always lag behind. But now I need to turn them into statues. I'm really hoping this doesn't become their role later in the game.
You can do fuckyou spawns should be treated with more fairness, IMO ;w;
Not to mention, its a fog chapter, so you won't even be able to tell where enemies are coming from IF they ambush you, so there will be a few instances where you think you're safe, but then woosh out comes a myrmidon from the darkness.
I didn't get killed by a fuckyou spawn this run, but I lucked out twice. I did, however, die from killing edge myrmidons right at the end. there are two killing edge myrms packed in a tight space. I just had Vidar kill everything, again. Because he's a god and could probs just solo the chapter anyways. But it is still risky, I was blessed with a broken unit, others may not be so lucky.
You need to bring Mil all over the place because he's the only one that can talk to NPCs --which makes sense, but Ragnar also knows why they are here, why can't he talk to them?-- This doesn't sound bad as a concept, but Mil has foot movement so you'll need to turtle your way around the fog. But you don't want to turtle because you want to plug the stairs so you don't get fucked by enemies. You need to curl around to reach the NPCs, but there are like no enemies here to begin with aside from fuckyou spawns. So I felt like I was walking through empty corridors for most of the chap.
The narrative of the mum was the only driving force in this chapter, but that got diluted because of the frustrating design choices.
But YES, the story really shines in this chapter, its a really meaningful gaiden chapter and Mil instantly becomes the second most important playable character because he's more than just an one dimensional character.
So there's my feedback sandwich.

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