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Just got this in the mail today. What can I say this thing is awesome. Its all in Japanese so I can't really read it but its mostly art anyways. The quality of the print is exceptional even the official character art looks better than anywhere else and the detail is stunning. It also came with the official promotional art as well as the concept, drafting, and storyboard art for every class, character, and event. The back third is the game dialogue between characters in its entirety (I can't read it but its awesome nonetheless and if it ever gets localized I'll definetely try to get one). Bottom line this thing is amazing if you can find it. Goes for about 3800 JPY I got it off Amazon Prime for $60. There are a few funny comic art pieces as well along with the Japanese popularity polls and other statististics. Oh they also have DLC character art all the Einher (Spelling?) cards. This thing is packed.

EDIT: I realize this has been out for awhile and if there are any existing threads I apologize. Feel free to ask questions about it and such (aside from what it actually says).

EDIT: Here are some scans from the book (I'm going to link them since there are quite a few)



Sacred Stones DLC


Emmeryn falls storyboard



Character Dialogue (Japanese)


Cover Art


Weapon Concept Art


Unit Concept Art


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Scans plox.

I may post some later if its ok with the SF rules and all don't necessarily want to copyright art or stuff like that.

u got it from amazon huh, im considering getting the 20th anniversary book there

Yep I found it for a resonable price and with prime I got free two day shipping.

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Scans are fine as long as you don't post the whole book : P

Still hoping Udon or someone picks up the English rights...

Ok I'll post some today I gotta go through and snip them and convert them from PDFs (6 pictures or so).

And yeah if this thing gets localized I'll get it in a heartbeat.

EDIT: Scan links are now posted in the OP.

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