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Erik Twice

Changes from the Japanese version?

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It's very likely this has been asked before, but I can find any info on this so I created the thread.

I know there were some changes made to the gameplay of the Western versions of the game, but I need to confirm it for an article. Which of those are true?

- Enemies have generally lower stats in the Western version

- Some chapters were redesigned to be a bit easier (In the second to last map, only one door opens at a a time instead of two, for example)

- Experience gain is much higher in the Western versions.

Anything else you know about this? I would really like to know :)

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I didn't know about the exp one. ...or were you asking if it was true? If that then idk, I've heard about that final chapter change and enemy stats though.

(This isn't a gameplay change, but Lyn's age was bumped up to 18 from 16 IIRC.)

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i'm pretty sure effective might is 3x in the japanese version. (someone should confirm this though)

Oh, yeah, I've heard of this one .

Also, Serenes has a nice page on this that I forgot about.



Script/Story related:


I completely forgot the tactician creation had blood type in the japanese version.

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