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I lost my save file. Does anyone have a link to a save file I could use to play FE7 with hardmode unlocked? Preferably a .sav or a save state. I can't seem to use .sps. Thanks.

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Certainly. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28014061/FE7%20Chaos%20Mode/FE7%20Chaos%20Mode.sav

This is the save file in my FE7 Chaos Mode thread, it has everything including the mario kart bonus items unlocked.

To bring a random tangent in. It still amazes me that Mario Kart Double Dash had a bonus disc for stuff including those very good items for FE7.

IS and Nintendo must have been really pushing it west after the popularity of Marth and Roy exploded via Melee looking back on it.

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