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Avatar confirmed?


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DEFINITELY, DEFINITELY more backstory than Robin--perhaps one of the most cliche character introductions I remember seeing in games. But PLEASE, don't go with the silent protagonist option. Leave Link in LoZ where he belongs.

Y'know what's funny about Robin? Out of the 3 "self-insert" characters FE has had thus far, he's actually the most interesting, amnesia cliche included.

I'm definitely with you on giving the new Avatar more backstory. I'm not with the camp that wants the new Avatar to be a main character but that might just be because dumbass Kris stole some spotlight from mah boi Marth in FE12. I also don't think the Avatar works as a real main character because it's supposed to be a self-insert, or at least it feels that way with the way it's been implemented thus far.

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Quoted from my post in this thread:

Due to the vague image in the trailer, I can be completely wrong on this (so don't spread this around as a confirmed fact please!), but I think one of the crests shown on the dragon's outfit actually has a spade or club symbol on it.


If you tilt your head for 45 degree to the right, you can see that the zoomed symbol kinds of resemble either a spade or a club. This is the clearest frame I could get.

I darkened it a bit in Photoshop for convenience:


^ If this is actually correct, than the theory that Kamui is Western-originated or even related to Marx/Max may not be that far-fetched after all (assuming that he/she really is a dragon, of course). I'm personally still remaining skeptical about this though.

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