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FE8 Chaos Mode Progress Topic

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Since the FE7CM thread is getting cluttered, I decided to make a new thread.

Behold! This topic will be for spoilers as I advance through the game and start working on the project. But first what is FE8 Chaos Mode? Some people (Maybe 5 people on the whole forum at this point -_-) may not have heard of FE7 Chaos Mode, but if not, check out the topic, located here.

FE8 Chaos Mode follows similar principles, though I will be taking many new steps with it to advance the fandom. Above all things, I favor innovation and uniqueness. I believe new gameplay mechanics to a stale old franchise breathe life into it, and thus I always try to add in new, unexpected things to really flavor the mood up. I also value replayability in my games, and constantly changing elements that give me a new way to play every time.

FE8 Chaos Mode has a different, but somewhat similar feature list to FE7CM:

[spoiler=Features!]-No more fixed LUK stat! I liked it in FE7CM, but I now realize I can do better balancing with an additional stat, plus Ihave ways to counteract the effectiveness of a high AVO unit.

-No more randomized weapons! However, the weapons will still be extremely different from the vanilla game, namely higher stats all around.

-Get sacred weapons earlier and they have more importance and utility.

-All legendary S rank and Prf weapons and tomes have carefully designed stat bonuses. They form their own unique weapon triangle and are balanced to defeat each other.

-A huge, HUGE set of reclassed characters, and lots of NEW bonus characters too! Who will you recruit?

-Three tiers for magic users. You can promote to a High Magus, Archsage, Patriarch/Matriarch, Dark Wizard, Necromancer, and MORE! In fact, currently there are 11
'Tier 3' classes in the game, and a good portion of them are unique to single characters.

-Significantly altered events. I tried not to do a lot of event editing in FE7CM, but FE8CM will see a huge uptick in added and altered events.
--Randomized chests!
--Randomized rewards!
--Desert-item Style events where items are hidden in certain locations. Some will be only obtainable by certain characters, others will be locked to specific classes, and some may even be only obtainable once in the entire game. If you miss them, they're gone!

-All characters are usable, all have their niches, and many are excellent endgame characters.

-Dozens of custom animations, from various members of the community. (I made none of them, no credit to me!)

-More than 40 new items and weapons, in addition to the vanilla items from FE8 that you've come to love.

-NO arena. I have also removed the Tower of Valni until you get to chapter 20.

-The tower and Ruins will have significantly increased difficulty... and rewards.

-So much more!

FE8CM is once again poised to redefine the fandom, and to redefine what can be considered "Acceptable game design" by the naysayers. I say if you stick to general conventions, you're BORING! Innovate a little, mess around, troll a bit! And above all have fun.

Now then, for the first spoilers. PREPARE TO IGNITE HYPE ENGINES.




Let the speculation begin!

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the custom classes are real....and since when did FE7 legendaries get into here? Then again, MOAR CHAOS! +50 to hype stat

Hmmm....Seth, Franz, and Gilliam are your main trainees.....i predict they shall be op given proper training. Speaking of which, it appears that Seth has been nerfed finally. (we never thought it possible)

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sounds interesting klok, im actually mostly interested in the new playable characters

should shake fe8 up a little bit at least.

will one of the newbies be glen the sunstone or is he still dead.

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Ah, nice! You've done it again, Klok.

On a side note, and I think that in and of itself it's still screwy, there's a patch you can apply that lists all 8 weapon masteries and both STR and MAG for a character, right?

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Fun fact: Vanessa is the most diverse character in the game. She has 14 possible classes to promote into.


I have no knowledge of such a patch, if it does exist. A patch that displays all 8 Wlvl's would certainly be nice though.

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Wait, but what about battle animation?

There's female wizard of course but... dark wizard?

Edit: Are you slavedriving Mr.Night to make a female version?

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About the 8 Wlv show thing, I remember seeing an image of Eliwood with it in someone's sig, so I probably just assumed that it was some kind of patch. I don't remember too well.

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Maybe Pi's hack?


I remember the bottom of the box being extended without Def and Res being moved to the right side. I'm curious as to why some of those stat names are in different colors, though. That may be as close as you know to my memory.

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