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Captain Karnage

Fire Emblem x Shining Force

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this is just a concept but i would like to get some creative input on this idea I've been thinking about for a few years.

I've always had this crazy thought in my mind "why not cross over two classic srpgs from the 16 bit era". I'm pretty sure I'm not the first person to come up with this idea but i want to see this running on the Genesis over the snes. I want to slightly change the art style of the Shining Force characters to match up with the FE characters.

So here's how I've wanted to cross over the games

Akaneia saga x SF1

Elibe saga x SF2

and here's where i go crazy

Tellius and Jugdral saga x Shining Force cd

The gameplay will be more like Fire Emblem when it comes to battles, your characters strike and the enemy counters.

Spells will work like they do in shining force as in they have an are of hit rather than hitting one enemy. Which can be countered if close enough.

Recruitment will vary by the origin of the characters as in FE characters will be recruited in battle and the SF cast will be found in the villages. There however will be an exception for SFcd where all characters will be recruited on the battle field.

when it come to the type of enemies you will fight on the field they will mostly consist of monsters from SF

When it comes to exploring the towns the player will be able to choose whether to explore the villages as the lead FE character, lead SF character, or the player avatar. The player will be able to explore the village and talk to the other characters in the party which can affect support bonuses ( this part I have not thought all the way through)

and that's my idea Fire Emblem x Shining Force on the Genesis (Fire Emblem could use a little blast processing)

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