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Biweekly Battle Sprite Showdown 1 ~Match Game~ Voting Finished.

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Hey all,

Welcome to the first ever,(that I am aware of) Serenes Forest Biweekly Battle Sprite Showdown!
Many thanks to all who offered ideas, and suggestions! So much great feedback, and much thanks goes to Lenh, Ghast, and Levy for suggestions on format for rules and competition, and to all who offered advice or ideas... Special kudos to Lenh for going over each part of the original post!

With that out of the way, lets get down to it!

THEME/TOPIC: Match Game, Make a battle sprite that matches the artwork or mug of an existing Fire Emblem character. can be any of entries from the series(ex. FE13, FE BS satellite, etc.)

An example of what to post.

[Name of character] Lyn [Entry Division] Splice/Edit

-Base used for Splicers/Editors(non-Optional), Pose/Skeleton or early form for Custom Sprite(Optional)
-Your Entry
-Reference/mug to illustrate or be used for the concept or theme.
-Post reference/art used in spoilers below

[spoiler=Original Art/Reference]


Lyn is one of the few Fire Emblem GBA sprites to have a mug and sprite, and even character art that actually match pretty well... so, lets make some more, shall we?

As this is our first Biweekly Battle Sprite Showdown competition, let me lay out some ground rules.
1) only 1 entry per contestant, either in the Full Custom division or in the Splice/Heavy Edit division.
2) No voting for your own entry!
3) Entries should be limited to 16 colors.(15 colors+ 1 background color) This is more of a guideline, but good to follow for style and challenge reasons. Colors may be custom or using GBA sprite palletes.
4) No posting previous/old works.

> Contestants must be able to show work if splice/edited nature of the sprite is under question.

> Again, Skeleton/early version is not required to be posted, but recommended. (This is more for newer battle spriters to learn from/reference)

[spoiler=Voting and Winners]

Voting will be split into three categories,
-Best Full Custom
-Best Splice/Edit.
-Best Overall Battle Sprite

>Voting will run for 3 days

Winner of Best Overall Sprite may also be the winner of Best Full Custom, or Best Splice/Edit category.
> Winner of the Best Overall Sprite gets to choose the next theme/topic of the following contest.
> Winner of the Full Custom Division gets to provide a skeleton pose.
> Winner of the Splice Division gets to provide a base sprite to splice for the next contest.
> Winner with the highest votes total gets to provide a reference/original art.

Runners-up will be the three contestants with the next highest votes following the winners.
> The Runners-up of the three categories will get to provide their choice of either one base sprite each for splicing, a reference, or a skeleton pose.
> Winners and Runners-up must provide their choices within 3 days of the host's private messaging. Host will provide the next theme/topic if no reply in 3 days.

The Winners of each category of the contest will also receive a custom banner and trophy sprite which they can display in their signatures for bragging rights. A thread will be kept updated chronicling past events and winners for the community.

Any further questions or concerns can be PMed to the current host!(That's me Errant, currently) ...or posted either in the feedback thread or within this thread itself.

Deadline: Monday, February 9th, 2015... 11:59pm PST (ie... about 2 weeks) ...1 day extension.

Hope you all enjoy and have some fun! Lets get spriting! :D

PS: I have currently left out animations as a category. We may do another of the Competition weeks focused on animations but as for now they are just bonus. Might garner you some extra votes if people think it looks cool.
If we have enough interest for animations, we may include that as a division/category of future showdowns, or have showdowns focused on animations.

...any other suggestions or ideas on the format/rules/deadline will be taken into account. My apologies if this is still too wordy... we'll work on that. ;)

EDIT: voting thread is up! Go vote!

Edited by TheErrantShepherd

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True... I did say the topic with highest vote would be first chosen. I did not see a difference in votes at the time I was putting this together. But it was late and I may have missed something. (Thought we had a three way/four way tie of four votes a piece)

We can change the theme if I was mistaken or people want to go with one of the one's initially proposed.

The thought behind this theme was that it gave some leeway to beginner and more practiced battle spriters... Whereas some of the topics would be very custom heavy.

...but yeah if I missed something or an actual winner I can switch it up no problem. :D

Edit: original post formatted hopefully a bit better. Hope that is more readable.

Edited by TheErrantShepherd

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Looks good to me, just declare within your post if it is full custom or a splice/edit for the vote at the end... I can tell pretty obviously custom but that might not be the case for some entries.

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Yeah - I think the stickman requirement might be a deterrent to some.

Edited by Siuloir

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Once again, no pose/skeletons required for Custom...But Splice/Edit must provide the base they used. Please also provide the mug/reference used to make it easier for voters to judge.

-All you are required is to follow the theme, and indicate the Name and whether the entry is a Full Custom, or Splice/Edit.

PS. Please post the name/character for clarity, especially if no reference mug or artwork posted.
...I hope that clears things up. I will edit the original post to try to make that more obvious.

Edited by TheErrantShepherd

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The only one entry and having to choose between categories makes me a little sad, but ah well.

...again, all you are required to do is provide a battle sprite within the theme and indicate it as Full Custom, or Splice/Edit. Splicers must also use some small part of the original base provided.

Is this provided original base the battle sprite the character uses, or the Lyn you gave in your example?

Am I understanding it right, in that the winner of custom get to decide what's in box 1, and splice winner get to decide what's in box 2, (and box 3 is ???). I like that idea! (even if the overall winner/theme can make the box contents superficial)

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@ Lenh

The splice requirements have changed. You are no longer required to use the base sprite provided by the host, BUT you must include your entry's base sprite.

The Lyn is now an example that could be used as base sprite for Splice/Edit entries.

EDIT: Some rule tweaks have been made with Lenh's help, and the general format has been simplified. Please check out the updated original post.


Please remember to declare Character name, and entry type! (full custom or splice/edit)

@ Merc

...oh hell yes Merc! Now I've gotta up my own quality of idea! XD

Edited by TheErrantShepherd

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Cool, Dorcas always needed a new battle sprite. Maybe see if you can add his pants and sandals in too?

Edited by TheErrantShepherd

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I'm not sure I understand quite how this is supposed to work but here goes


Seth, Spliced. Mounted and unmounted. Ephraim Knight Lord as base.


Edit-Shortened the leg one pixel.

Edited by Lt.Smirks

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Latest Splices look great!

Custom looks great too!

Looks like we're going to have some fun voting! :D

Edited by TheErrantShepherd

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edit, base being beta eliwood



who knows if this is done right

>Portrait uses purple armor

>Original battle sprite uses blue armor

>Artwork uses black armor

IS do you even know how to color??

These all look pretty slick so far.

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[spoiler=Dozla Art]

Did you know that Dozla is actually a dwarf



I made a really lazy custom axe because I didn't feel like positioning anything and I was going really fast, don't judge

Edited by Mercenary Lord

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Pretty sure full custom, but please declare in your post if custom or splice/edit for the voting.

Also keep in mind, if you wish to make any fixes or tweaks to your entry you can do so until the deadline. Just edit the original entry post.

...he really is a Dwarf. XD

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I'm torn between Smirks' Seth, and Skitty's Perceval. I also like Merc's for obvious reasons of ass.

But, the Seth one is great, it just matches so well and I want it animated so badly. The Perceval one looks utterly badass. I am in love with both, don't make me choose just one!

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