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TheMoniker plays Death or Glory

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Hello everyone, and welcome to...



Uh, wait, I mean...


Death or Glory is an FE7 hack by NYZ Gamer. It's story and gameplay are all custom, using plenty of custom animations and mugs. The story revolves around a generic soldier named Ragnar, who aims to make a difference in a large war. It contains 15 levels(13 chapters + the prologue and a gaiden), which is actually the same as the second-to-most-recent patch, which I played. The newest patch just makes massive changes to the gameplay and dialogue of the existing chapters. I honestly have to say that it needed it. Before, the gameplay and story could be described as "mediocre". But has it really improved? Is it a better hack now? We will find out!

The thread for the hack(and the patch) can be found here.

Also, I have a few notes I'd like to make:

1: I'll be doing the same prelude/gameplay/conclusion thing I did for Road to Ruin, at least after the first few chapters.

2: I wasn't able to get a growths sheet, so no character growths. Sorry :C

3: This hack is way better than Corrupt Theocracy, so you and I both will have to switch out of criticism mode.



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I've been playing this hack in my free time, and I have to say, it's pretty good. During the some of the dialogue portions it feels like it goes on for a bit too long sometimes. However, when it comes to the actual meat of the story, it's pretty satisfying. I've only gotten to chapter 5, but I can tell that this will be an enjoyable experience.

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I hope this hack is actually at least mediocre, unlike Corrupted Theocracy

Trust me, it's way better than that mess. I'll still be criticizing it's problems, of course, but there's way less of them than there are in Corrupt Theocracy.

I've been playing this hack in my free time, and I have to say, it's pretty good. During the some of the dialogue portions it feels like it goes on for a bit too long sometimes. However, when it comes to the actual meat of the story, it's pretty satisfying. I've only gotten to chapter 5, but I can tell that this will be an enjoyable experience.

Yeah, the dialogue does go on a bit sometimes, but when you get into the meat of the story it's good.

Hello everyone. Time to dive into...

Death or Glory: Episode 1: Prologue: The Worst Tactics Ever


So, first, the prologue thing...


And then, suddenly...disembodied narrator voice!

???: They say it grows from the heart of men, and will forever bind them to a self-destructive nature. It is war that will burn as all.


???: unparalleled military strength, they were nigh unstoppable. Kingdom after kingdom were razed to the ground and left ravaged. But, come the day Silvatica marched into Azalian territory, they were met with the first opposition to so much as halt their advance. The Azalians were a force to be reckoned with.

So, basically, some evil nation stormed around and started conquering people. But then, one nation didn't fall in ten seconds. Please, please tell me we get to play as Silvatica...

???: While small and not renowned for it’s own military might, the country of Azalia protects its borders with well trained and loyal soldiers.


???: He, along with his loyal soldiers, are no royal guard, nor are they nobles, princes, kings, or queens: they are soldiers. Soldiers who fight day in and day out for a country they love. But war cares not for rank or devotion. War cares only for the lives it can take.

And with that, we're thrown into the actual story!

Honestly, I think this scene would be much improved by having a map or something appear in the background. In fact, the whole of the hack would be improved if there was a map screen, because as it is now a lot of stuff doesn't make sense.


And we now see WOAH. That's a pretty great portrait! ...Not the green guy, the other one! I hope/wish he was the main lord...

Awesome black armor guy: At ease, soldier.


Green derp: They’re mounting an assault from all angles! The gates can’t hold out much longer.

ABAG: Dammit… Soldier, join the rear guard and tell them to bolster the defense. Send a runner to every unit we have, we’re going to need them.

Green derp: At once, sir!

Uh oh. Looks like Silvatica is attacking the main castle! The nation can't last long. They're probably already losing.


And there's our main character! He has a pretty nice portrait too, although he really should get a helmet.

ABAG: Your platoon will hold the front gate. Do you have the numbers?

Ragnar: We are men of Azalia, general. No matter the opposition we will always succeed.

ABAG: Ragnar… You needn’t worry with bravado around me.


Only 10 or 20? Against the alleged might of Silvatica, it'll be tough, but my brilliant tactics can of course do it.

Ragnar: I do not know how long we will hold them.

ABAG: Hold them as long as you can. The Dragoons and I must see to the king.

Ragnar: Of course, General. We will hold out for as long as it takes.


And then we move to the battle screen. Our boss for this chapter is this guy. He looks kinda...odd. Of course, that's a very nice portrait for a random earlygame boss.

Not a splice surprisingly: At once. Show them no quarter. I want the king’s head by sundown.


And so we see the standard green and redBLUE cavalier combo.

Ragnar: We… can’t expect reinforcements. This burden is on our shoulders and our shoulders alone.

Tero: Forgive me, Lieutenant, but do we have a chance of surviving this?


Tero is entirely correct. See these two? They're the ONLY people Ragnar has with him. Earlygame or no, Azalia sent THREE PEOPLE to defend the FRONT GATE OF THE CASTLE. What? Isn't that where the enemy's attack would be strongest? Does Azalia's entire military consist of like, seven people?

Vidar: We haven’t a choice now, Tero. We retreat, we die. We stand and fight, and we might have a chance of surviving.

Tero: A chance? I can’t go out there knowing I probably won’t be coming back. Gods, Vidar, how can you be so calm about this?

Ragnar: Gather yourself, Tero. Vidar’s right. We don’t have a choice anymore.

Tero: We have a choice, Liuetenant. We can retreat. We can just walk away.

I declare him to be the worst soldier ever.

Ragnar: Dammit, Tero! Get a hold of yourself. Why is it that you joined this platoon in the first place? To run away at the first given chance?

Tero: …

Ragnar: Answer me! Why did you join? Why did you sign your life to Azalia? (that sentence was a text skip)

Tero: I joined to protect my family, sir! To protect them from anything that might happen.

Ragnar: And what is it you’re doing right now? Running away while these bastards knock down your front door? Where will they go next, Tero? No one will be safe from them. Even less so if we run today.


Tero: I lost sight of what’s really important.

Ragnar: Let it go. We’re all scared. You’d have to be be mad not to be.


Yes, please! We're all eager to get to the fighting, but all this CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT keeps getting in the way!

Vidar: All this complaining and second-guessing is wearing on my last nerve.


Vidar: This is what I live for, sir. I will not lie down and let those dogs walk about my corpse.

Ragnar: Yes. Truer words have never been spoken. You know your orders men. We’re not to let a single Silvatican through.

No, this isn't a defense mission. The enemies gave no interest in "getting through".

Tero: Sir!

Vidar: Sir!



So, we're finally into the first chapter! I can forgive lots of text because this is the beginning, but a LOT of the text scenes are roughly the same length as that one later on. I'm serious, it took me about a half-hour to transcribe the end of chapter 1. It kinda approaches Sacred Dawn DX levels, although it's still nowhere near as bad. It's not necessarily the game's fault, as the dialogue never truly feels bloated, it's just a heavy focus on story.

Anyways, let's get to the gameplay! I'm sure you're eager enough without me throwing paragraphs at you to further slow you down!


Getting things set up. We're going with green windows this time.


If you didn't notice, Ragnar is a standard soldier. That's right, soldier lord! Kinda unorthodox, I must admit. Regardless, his stats seem pretty good.


The Homyrius is your standard anti-everything lord weapon, but with 35 uses instead of 45. It's extremely helpful throughout the whole game, so you'll want to try to keep it around.

Also, the potions are vulneraries. They don't heal 15 HP, but an extra use is appreciated.



Tero and Vidar are our lance/sword cavaliers, with according gear and specializations. You might want to give Tero's javelin to someone else, though.


The generics aren't notable. And that weird sprite is the new fighter sprite. It looks like an armored journeyman. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet...


Gavri is down here, and his stats are only barely better than ours. A shot or two from the Homyrius will drop him quickly.


So, there aren't that many enemies around, but we barely have any units to counter them with.


We'll start by having the cavs lure out people and use the weapon triangle.


Vidar is slow, but tanky. This chapter would actually be way harder without his good DEF.


Tero is delicate, so...you better hope he can dodge!


Oh great. The two cavaliers next to the boss are coming.


I kill/damage as much as I can, but...


Tero still ends up on the verge of death. And the cavaliers are here now.


Oh come ON!




Vidar and Ragnar back up to make... a makeshift Tero-shield!


Vidar dutifully tanks everyone.


Now we have to guard him...but the good news is, we survived the initial wave!


And our very first level is...okay. I mean, this is probably a good stat to get...


You better believe it!

Red derp: They are quite skilled, sir. It would appear they will be capable of holding the gate


Dun dun dun?


Red derp: Sir? You can’t mean to-


Red derp: …At once.


So, it appears the boss has decided to be proactive! I guess we'll see how this plays out.


Aside from the boss, all that's left without the first wave is bait-and-switch.


Uh...okay! I'm...I'm sure this is alright!


We continue our strategy, this time luring out the fighter...


Um...boss? It's been two turns? Are you gonna charge at us?


One rounding oh man.


Okay, I've been forgiving because I know I'm coming from Corrupt Theocracy, where all levels are amazing, but...this is ridiculous! Could one of you at least gain strength?



Yeah, the boss moves, but only if you get in his range, it seems.


I probably shouldn't have taken so many pictures, but I kept expecting it to end!


Ragnar weakens him greatly...


And Vidar takes the kill!


Gavri: I was… I wanted glory. I w-want my glory!

Too late now, derp!


And this guy is still here.


Vidar finishes the 8/10ths of a level he got from the boss, and actually gains strength!


So, it's IMPLIED there's more soldiers offscreen, but we never really see them.

Tero: Why? They outnumber us fifty to one.

Vidar: Cowards! Damn cowards the lot of them!




Vidar: Hah! It’s exactly that. We’ve sent ‘em running with their tails tucked firmly between their legs.

Ragnar: …


Is it PROPHETIC dust? Can you make out images in it?

Ragnar: The east wall’s fallen, they’re flooding inside.

Tero: How the hell did they take down the whole castle wall?

Vidar: I’d say a ram. A damn BIG one.

Uh...that's some ram...

Ragnar: Dammit… We can’t leave the main gate unprotected.

Vidar: Forget the gate! I say we take the fight to ‘em!

Tero: Are you stupid, Vidar? They mean to slaughter everyone in their way!

Ragnar: No, Vidar’s right. We have to reinforce the eastern wall. They can’t stand against the main army for long.

And that's the story of the castle that left its main entrance entirely undefended for a reason that didn't involve a trap.

Tero: We best close the gates, then. Hopefully they can hold out.


Ragnar: More to the point: Hopefully this isn’t a Silvatican ploy.


Wait, they're losing?


Oh, no wonder. Awesome guy is here.

ABAD: Perhaps we should give you rolling pins, hmm?

Red derp #2: Ugh… Dammit… Agh.


And suddenly, he's defected to our side!

Green derp 2#: The enemy is in full retreat, shall we pursue?

ABAD: No. We tend to our wounded and rebuild what was lost. Tell the men they have the general’s thanks. Without their bravery… we’ve of lost more than I care to think about.

Green derp 2#: Of course, General.


You're too late, buddy!

Ragnar: They’ll reach the King over my dead body!

ABAD: …Ragnar, I think you’ll be hard pressed to find an enemy.

Ragnar: General! The enemy-

ABAD: Is gone, Ragnar. At ease.

Ragnar: What of the king? Is he safe?

ABAD: Worry not, King Erec is safe and under watch…


ABAD: Impressive.

Ragnar: It was a small force, General. Merely a distraction while the ram was set up.

ABAD: Hah! Don’t undercut yourself, Ragnar. You led those men to victory, and into the face of an even larger force. Quite commendable.

Ragnar: Thank you, General.

ABAD: Enough with the formalities. You have earned my respect, you needn’t worry. But tell me, did you truly think my Dragoon unit unable to hold the Silvatican forces?


Note the smirk.

ABAD: Hah! And the stoic Ragnar makes a joke. Why, this is certainly a joyous day.


Green derp #5: I come bearing word from His Majesty.

ABAD: Speak, runner.

Green derp 5#: He wishes for an audience with Lieutenant Ragnar immediately.

ABAD: Thank you, messenger.

So, the king wants to talk to us?


ABAD: Best not to keep him waiting, Ragnar.

Ragnar: Of course, with your leave.


Oh, hey. There's the king dude. He looks pretty nice, honestly.

Erec: See him in.


Erec: Ah, Lieutenant. Please, you need not be so formal. We’re all tired from today’s events. You, I’d imagine, even more so.

Ragnar: Think nothing of it, Your Majesty. It’s my duty.

Erec: No need to hide behind modesty, Ragnar. You’ve performed admirably today… Dare I ask your consul on a few matters?

Ragnar: If I can be of service, King Erec.

Erec: Thank you, Ragnar. Now, as I’m sure you’ve heard, Silvatica gave no warning before the assault. There was no provocation on our part either. So… why do you suppose it happened?

Ragnar: …A ploy for dominance perhaps?

Erec: Good, but not quite.

Did he call us here to give us a pop quiz?

Kidding, I know it's just how the exposition is shoehorned in.

Erec: Every kingdom knows the vastness of Silvatican military. They need not flaunt it like this.

Ragnar: Perhaps they seek our land? Our resources?

Erec: A reasonable assumption, Ragnar. But no. The truth, as I see it, is that Silvatica did not seek a single thing when they invaded our territory.

Ragnar: Your Majesty, surely they couldn’t of bene seeking death and chaos? Men don’t go wage war for nothing.

Erec: Ah, but times are changing, Ragnar. And why can they not have a reason? That is the question. Death and chaos is all they’ve peddled since they began their campaign.

Ragnar: What could King Iiro be thinking…

Erec: As of now; I have my own suspicions regarding the state of king Iiro. But, let us worry about our own doorstep for the moment. What Silvatica did went beyond the simple skirmish… This will surely become war.



This is...the START of the war for Azalia?

Okay, let me explain something.

Unless the castle was placed literally right next to the edge of a kingdom's territory(and it's not, it's placed in the middle, usually!), then the castle isn't the FIRST thing that gets attacked. It's the LAST thing. Usually, conquering an entire nation requires the conquering of several forts and towns, and marching across the territory of your enemy, at which point your enemy's army will engage you in several small skirmishes. When they actually make it to the castle, the enemy nation has probably already lost, or is very close to losing and can't win without UBER TACTICS(it's been done in history).

And yet, here, not only is the main castle and capital of the entire kingdom attacked FIRST(considering that it contains the king-without the king there, it could be assumed to be a fort near the borders, but nope, the king's definitely there), but apparently it came as a complete surprise, and Azalia is still in a position to fight back.

See, this is why I think the hack needs a map screen. It could either explain this a little(even if the castle being right next to an enemy's border contains about the same amount of logic) or make the nonsensicality of it all even more obvious.

Ragnar: But how are we supposed to defend against such a force?


This hack plays a bit like a medieval war movie. I mean, if that wasn't obvious already.

Erec: Repairs have to be made and fortifications established. There is to be war, Ragnar, and war isn’t decided in a day.

It is if they attack the castle and kill the king on the first day, which very nearly happened, apparently.

Ragnar: Of course.

Erec: But you, Ragnar, you need to head for Zerenus and meet with Urien. They are our closest ally, and if we are to have a hope of victory, we’ll need their help.

Ragnar: Your Majesty, while it is an honor, I cannot leave Azalia in good conscious.

Erec: You needn’t worry, Ragnar. You’ll be appointed official envoy and have access to all rights therein.



Erec: You’ll not have access to any large force. Nor will you have access to the Dragoon unit. As of now, Azalia needs every able bodied soldier it can get.

Ragnar: What of my platoon, my King?

Erec: Most will stay behind. What we can spare is the two you led into battle this morning. It makes my heart heavy to see you off with only two soldiers—

Wait...Ragnar had a full platoon with more troops before this? And they were just sort of...not there... in the battle we just fought? What?

Ragnar: No. Don’t hold yourself responsible. I’d go by myself if I knew those two wouldn’t cause trouble without me.

Erec: Hah! Yes, you’ve raised some fine soldiers there, Ragnar. You’ll make a brilliant general one day.

Ragnar: Thank you, King Erec.

Erec: Now, it is a heavy burden which you bear, and I cannot guarantee your safety. But, I wish you luck, Lieutenant. The fate of Azalia is in your hands.

Ragnar: I’ll make preparations to leave at sunrise. I will not fail you, Your Majesty. And I will not fail Azalia.


OH MAN was that a long dialogue sequence! And there's gonna be ANOTHER long one come next chapter! Ah, man...this hack has so much text...


The good news is, we get this rather inadequate amount of gold. Better than nothing, but we won't get an opportunity to spend it for like 4 chapters.


NEXT TIME: A semi-clever but rather annoying gimmick!

I must warn you, that update is/was massively long.

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Pffft those levels. I had to experiment a little to get something decent (not great mind you). If those levels keep up it might as well be a 0% growths playthrough.

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My God those levels...I remember my Ragnar hitting like a truck, but couldn't really dodge or take a hit orz, while Vidar was just plain awesome, like a Knight but with Cavalier movement.

Anyways, glad to see you're playing this! I have a real soft spot for this hack, it's just so much fun to play~

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Too bad Guntram's badass helm makes him so fuckin' short D;

And could I ask why Ragnar needs a helmet? To hammer in the whole Soldier-Lord thing?

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Too bad Guntram's badass helm makes him so fuckin' short D;

I can't unsee it!

The characters stand out and the banter's pretty good, so this should be a fun read even if the levels don't co-operate.

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I just finished transcribing the beginning of chapter 3 and the Word Document I'm using to store all this stuff is 20 pages long, AFTER I deleted the prologue dialogue. The dialogue for this prelude amounts to 4 pages! Do you have any idea how long it takes to type all that? Someone please shoot me now.

Pffft those levels. I had to experiment a little to get something decent (not great mind you). If those levels keep up it might as well be a 0% growths playthrough.

Honestly, is a 0% growths playthrough actually possible? Like, has it been done before with the new patch? Because the levels don't get better. Not for a long while.

Too bad Guntram's badass helm makes him so fuckin' short D;

And could I ask why Ragnar needs a helmet? To hammer in the whole Soldier-Lord thing?

Yeah, that's it. Although his portrait looks fine as-is.

Hello everyone. Time to dive into...



So, are you all ready?


Unfocused red man: You put on a marvelous struggle. ‘Tis a shame you lost like all the others.

Zerenus leader(?): Go to hell, Silvatican bastard.

So, yeah. Zerenus has already had its capital conquered, even though for some reason many of its forts are still standing. Please refer to my past comment about attacking the castle first, because that's how it worked here.

Honestly, if Zerenus got conquered THAT EASILY, I'm not sure I want them as allies...

URM: Hah! You truly are a tough old codger, aren’t you? Keep barking, I’m sure it’ll spare your life.

Zerenus leader(?): Why? Just tell me why you started this senseless war with my people?

URM: Hmm? Why? Hah! That’s for the higher ups to worry about, King Urien. I’m just a simple middle man who likes what he does. And what I do, is kill people.

Urien: …Hah. You know, it’s men like you who I’ve sent to the gallows. In fact, it’s men like you who I blew down on my way to be king. Simple-minded-monkey-men.

URM: Best watch your tongue, least I cut it out.

Urien: Will you now? Hmph. I’d be astounded if you can wipe your rear end without being ordered.

Why? Why are you insulting the guy?


Much as I hate to say it, evil dude is right.

URM: You’ve lost.

Urien: Yes, what you say is true… Yet, if you think we will lay down and let you walk about our dying bodies, I’m afraid you’re very wrong.

Didn't they already do that?

URM: Oh, heaven forbid! I wouldn’t have it any other way. You see, I’ve hardly had my fill of fun. I would love to see you and your worms struggle.

Urien: Bastard! I’ll slit your throat myself.

With what? Your bare hands?


Red derp #7: The lookouts report of a group marching towards us. They bear the Azalian mark.

Annnnd that would be us. Too late. Us being too late will become a theme, although we will occasionally arrive JUST IN TIME!


URM: Looks as if there’s still some fun to be had.

Urien: …

URM: And you know what will be more fun? Sending some of your meek little citizens out there.

Enter this chapter's gimmick!

Urien: If you touch them, I will hunt you to the ends of this world.


Once again, yeah.

URM: Not now, and not in the very distant future.

Urien: …Nothing will save you.

URM: Hah, keep barking. I’m almost positive they’ll look dashing in our armor.


URM: And I want it on the civilians big enough to walk with the weight.

Red derp 11#: Sir!

URM: And if they struggle snap the necks of their families.



Tons of people go everywhere.


Red derp 20#: Listen up, you cur! You’re to get into this gear and fight out there.

Civiman: B-but I don’t know how to wield a weapon.

Red derp 20#: What does it matter? You can learn. Don’t make me say it again! Get out there now or the boy dies!

Civiman: N-no! Leave him out of this!

Red derp 20#: Hurry it up!



Some soldiers come out of the forts.I'll explain more about this when the chapter starts, although you can probably guess...


Ragnar: Speak freely, Tero. The need for formalities is dwindling.

Tero: Yes. We’re nearing the river crossing. We’ll be within sight of the keep once we cross.

Ragnar: Good. I believe we’ve made brilliant time. If we continue at this rate, we should make the keep within the hour.

Tero: If all goes well, perhaps. I’ve a feeling trouble is awaiting us.

*Red soldiers surround the group*

Dude: I have a feeling trouble is awaiting us...

Failed a spot check much?

Vidar: Hah! And should I be surprised with you, Tero? Ever the cautious warrior.


Tero: And what does that make you? Some fearless soldier who laughs in the face of death? Or just an idiot who’ll lose his life twenty years earlier than most?

Vidar: It makes me more than you. Where will you be when Silvatica holds your family? Hmm? Running to the damn hills. But me, I will be fighting for what I believe in.

Tero: Dammit, Vidar! I’m not some coward. Stop telling me that being cautious is some flaw.

Vidar: Oh, my friend. You are so much more than cautious.

Banter banter banter!


THANK you!

Tero: …

Vidar: …


Ragnar: …Seems like Tero can see into the future.

Or 5 feet in front of his face.

Vidar: Orders, sir?

Ragnar: We’ll hold. They’re coming towards us. best we wait to see what’s going on.


And then the green cleric just sort of walks through all the enemies.


Downcast cleric lady: Would you stop me, soldier? Do you owe allegiance to Silvatica?

Ragnar: Not on my life, ma’am. We’re Azalian spldiers.

DCL: Azalia? Thank the Gods.

Ragnar: What’s wrong? Why were you running?


She just sort of text skips through some stuff and it stops here. Not sure if it's intentional.

Ragnar: What? What of the king?

DCL: …I do not know. All I heard was his voice. Oh! We must hurry and ride for help.

Ragnar: My lady, you needn’t worry. My men and I will drive them out.


Ragnar: Hah, but we’re a good handful. We’ll clear this rabble out.

The BEST handful!

DCL: But surely-


I wonder if these cutscenes change when these two are dead? I don't think they're game over characters...


Rinoa: …Berta? Is that you, Berta?

Berta: Oh, Sister Rinoa! They took him! They took my George!

Ragnar: Calm yourself, ma’am. Tell us what happened.

Berta: Some Silvatican soldiers barged in and took him. They said he’d have to fight. Daryl was taken to, and so was Martha’s husband Roderick.

Ragnar: It would appear Silvatica is arming themselves for an enemy force.


Berta: Please, sir, you can’t hurt my husband. I beg of you, don’t hurt him.

Ragnar: We’ve no intention of harming the villagers. You needn’t worry.

Berta: No, you don’t understand. They’ve dressed them all in red armor. You won’t be able to tell them apart!

Indeed. I'll talk about this soon enough, don't worry.

Vidar: Calm yourself, lady. Untrained soldiers are noticeable. Most of the time it’s by the wet


No idea what he means by this. The civilian generics don't have any special sprites/animations.

Berta: But-


Okay, that's slightly better advice.

Berta: Please don’t hurt them.


Ragnar: Seems to be a mature side about you two after all.

Tero: Sir!

Vidar: Sir!


Rinoa: No. I’m not some precious flower. I can help.

Ragnar: Hmm? But you are not armed, and we haven’t any extra weapons.

Rinoa: I’m a lady of the faith, good soldier. I can heal wounds in a heartbeat.

Considering the numbers we're fighting against, we need healing, so this is good!

Ragnar: Be that as it may, I can’t guarantee your protection. It’s for the best if you stay back.

Rinoa: It’s a shame, but I’ll have to disagree. Their numbers are great, sir, and you’ll need me to heal the inevitable wounds.

Ragnar: …How is it that Zerenus fell with women as strong willed as yourself amongst their number? I want you to stay out of the enemies sight at all times, we’ll come to you if we need healing.

Rinoa: Gladly, sir.

Ragnar: Please, call me Ragnar.



And we finally finally FINALLY actually get to play the game!


First, Rinoa. She's a renamed cleric, with a buffed heal stave(those 10 extra uses are VERY helpful, although I honestly would prefer to actually have a shop come up soon...), and pathetic MAG, as all earlygame clerics are. Still, we need those heals.


Okay, so. Let's talk about the chapter's gimmick. See all the soldiers around? They're civilians. If you kill them, you'll get lectured at the end of the chapter, but if you save them, you get a reward.


They all have incredibly weak stats, but...this is earlygame, so it's not NOTICEABLY weak. If you aren't paying attention to the dialogue, it's easy to just assume they're normal and murder them all. Most of them don't move, but they have javelins, are placed in position that are VERY annoying, and are MORE than willing to attack their own allies.

Seriously, I would like this chapter way better if there was some way to actually stop the civilians. Maybe talk to them once the enemies around them are cleared out, tell them its okay, they can go?


Compounding the problem is that there are some normal soldiers who AREN'T civilians around, and the only noticeable stat difference is HP! If you just assume that all soldiers are civilians, well, I hope you're okay with this guy following you around the whole chapter while you desperately try not to murder him!


Also, why do these guys who just picked up a lance have a C rank? Ragnar is a fully trained soldier and he has a D rank!


Slivick is the boss, and he's another cavalier. Again, he'll be easily beaten with the Homyrius.

NEXT TIME: The most annoying civilians ever

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Hello everyone. Time to dive into...

Death or Glory: Episode 2: Chapter 1: Annoyances and Murder


We start by killing the non-civilian soldier next to us.


Rinoa has a really gray palette. Including on her staff.


Ragnar tanks out the initial wave of enemies, but pain is had.


Oh what? That guy moves? Guess he wasn't a civilian!

Anyways, he's the last non-civilian soldier, so every soldier left is one we can't kill.




End of the second turn. We're moving forward, but quite slowly.


Berta: then a man walks in and takes my husband away from me… Please, bring my husband back unharmed. I don’t know what I’ll do without him…


And with that, the cavaliers are upon us now, and it's going to be difficult to hurt them without being in range of the civilian's javelin...


So we pull back. Make them come to us.


Ragnar DESTROYS the whole lower half of this fool.


G-gasp...a good level!


Tero(or Vidar, I forget) grabs our cleric and hides up there, we can't have her getting hit!


I don't do this engagement, but I'd like to say how easy it can be to kill these guys, yet not so easy you KNOW you aren't supposed to kill that enemy. It's kinda misleading.

What happens if you attack one?


Okay, I caught the screenshot at a derpy time, but the animation is totally unchanged. No "never leaves their side" lances or anything like that.


I savestate back, and Tero gets ANOTHER level with no useful stats.


Yeah, that civilian-soldier just happens to cover the range of the house. You need to use a cavalier to canto out of there.

See, another reason I don't like this gimmick is because most of the time it isn't really dangerous. It's just ANNOYING.


Et tu, Rinoa?


Old dude: Three! I don’t know about you, but that seems impossible. I mean, how can they be in three places at once, and still be here? I wouldn’t believe it. I’m not going to anyway.


I guess it's useful exposition... Note that they actually assimilate the military/civilians of each kingdom they conquer, and we'll see the effects of this later.


Vidar, being awesome, gets another level with useful stats.


So annoying...


I have Ragnar kill one just for fun. Nothing happens, but in the old patch, you'd get a game over if you killed so much as one of these guys. Yeah, it's annoying.


We just have to keep dealing with it...moving past that first soldier without getting hurt is nearly impossible...


Apparently, some more cavs came from the forts when I wasn't looking. Use camera scroll, please!


We get to fighting them, and Rinoa gets a level with magic, if nothing else useful!


So, now we have to figure out how to move up. The only one nearby is the guy on the fort, so we shouldn't have too much trouble.


Oh, what? They have short spears? That's the tier 2 throwing spear! They shouldn't be around yet! Much less on civilian soldiers!


Also, I haven't done a good job of showing the new icons. So here's one.


This guy has an iron lance, and is out of the way. We should be f-



Before I can even react, Ragnar's killed the guy and gotten a level.

Okay, so. First, you make this annoying civilian gimmick. You clearly establish at the beginning that the civilians don't MOVE, they just throw javelins at you, and as long as you don't get too close you're good.

Then, suddenly, the civilian soldiers DO start moving, with no real indication! If I haven't been blatantly abusing savestates, I could have had to reset the whole chapter to that BS!


Okay, so. Doing things differently this time. Like visiting this house.


Red lady: I’m begging you; please find him before he’s hurt. He can’t fight; he can barely lift a weapon. If he does get hurt, please, give him this. I’m so worried…


This is the only house with an actual reward, which is kind of annoying seeing how hard they are to get to.


There's one more house, and it's the hardest of all because it's in range of both of these moving soldiers.


Boy from earlier: I thought you were my dad… …


Yes Tero, I agree, this gimmick COULD be executed better!


Okay, last non-civilian enemy...


Well...he glossed over the two stats he really needed...but okay!


Ragnar/Rinoa literally CAN'T move past the range of this guy(remember, the moving guy covers the way forward), so you NEED a cavalier to ferry them through if you want to avoid PAIN.


Okay, okay, maybe I was exaggerating with the bad levels.


Alright, everyone's through. Now we just have to kill the boss.


I'll have him wait it out...

And yeah, that civilian soldier will attack anyone who engages the boss at 1 range. Yes. Yes it is annoying.


Ragnar: Men like you are nothing but bluster. You may flap your mouth all you like, but I’ll let this lance do my talking.

Slivick: Bark, bark, bark! You remind me of that fool king.


Ragnar takes damage, but deals PLENTY in response.


Another attack on player phase finishes things.


I don't get it either.


I do some healgrinding before leaving.


For the record, this is probably the most enemies I've had to leave alive on a siege map.


But we are LEAVING!

NEXT CHAPTER: The mercy the game was having on me, level-wise, disappears. Also, the scale of the battles gets massively inflated!

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Hello everyone. Time to dive into...



Rinoa: Gods above.


Rinoa: Oh, King Urien! Are you alright?

Urien: Yes. Fine. The bastard clouted me one before he left.

Rinoa: Allow me to heal you.

Urien: No. You needn’t worry. You have to get out of here, Rinoa. Surely Silvatica has claimed the capital.

This wasn't the capital? Then why is the king here?

Rinoa: Silvatica is gone, your Majesty. We were saved by Azalia.

Urien: What? More detail, girl.

Rinoa: Ragnar and his platoon were travelling to meet you. I happened upon them and they agreed to rid us of Silvatica. They were like demons on the battlefield, Your Majesty.

Urien: …Send for this Ragnar.


Urien: Ragnar…


It's nice to at least be given a shred of respect from everyone else for work we do, actually.

Ragnar: It is an honor, but please rise.


Man, why does everyone keep telling him that?

Urien: You must realize the whole of Zerenus is in your debt?

Ragnar: It’s my duty to protect those in need.

Urien: *text skip* so far before a person is forced to show their true colors, no? But let’s not get strung up on the agendas of man. What is it that brought an Azalian platoon to Zerenus?

Ragnar: I’ll cut to the chase, Your Majesty. My men and I come on behalf of King Azalia. We seek an alliance in response to the growing Silvatican threat.

Urien: Yes, I assumed as much.

Ragnar: Azalia was assaulted by a Silvatican unit some nights ago. The attack was fended off, yet we lack the numbers to resist the certain all-out war.

Urien: As I’m certain Zerenus does too. An alliance is the best course of action for our survival.

Ragnar: Indeed. That’s why, on behalf of the Azalian Kingdom, I, Ragnar, Lieutenant of the First Platoon of Azalia knights, official envoy to King Erec Kestrel, formally request the alliance of the Zerenus kingdom.

So many titles!


Urien: If he’s desperate enough to send you out here to confirm it? I cannot begin to fathom the threat Silvatica holds.

Ragnar: …I’ve faced them twice in battle now. It’s difficult to explain, but they’re different. Not soldiers who fight for a cause. They fight with anger and rage. As if killing is what they were bred for.

I bet this is important somehow later.

Urien: Yes, there is a mysterious air surrounding that nation and it’s people. A thick air of death and destruction. You’d do well to ride back to your king and inform him of the alliance and what’s happened here.

Alright, time to head back to the allied nation.


Uh oh.

Urien: Then speak, soldier.


Purp derp: They’re in drastic need of reinforcements. Fort Xinus can’t hold out much longer.

Oh. Well, I guess we're going to rescue them next.

Urien: Dammit! We haven’t the man power to spread ourselves so thin!


Urien: No. No, your own country needs aid.

Ragnar: I have to differ, King Urien. You are our allies. If I ride out and abandon you in your time of need, where will our own reinforcements come from? This war calls upon us all to carry those in need.

Urien: …Hah! That old crow of yours must be counting his lucky starts to have a soldier like you.

Ragnar: Then you will allow my men to reinforce your own?

Urien: Allow? I ought to kneel before you again!

Ragnar: I’m not above begging you to not.

Urien: Ever the modest soldier I see. Truly you are one of a kind, Ragnar. Don’t ever lose that spark.

Ragnar: Of course not, King Urien. We will ride immediately.


Yes please! GIVE.

Ragnar: You needn’t worry—

Urien: Rinoa! I know you’re eavesdropping outside that door.


Oh, it's just that character who was already gonna join us anyway.

Urien: Hah! My foot! Perhaps a punishment is in order, hmm?

Rinoa: …

Urien: Oh, please. Don’t give me that face. I want you to accompany Ragnar.

Ragnar: Lord, while I agree that Rinoa is a great boon to have in any circumstance, your injured soldiers need her more than we do.

Urien: I disagree, Ragnar. We have a handy number of clerics at our disposal. And I’m sure our lovely Rinoa would’ve followed you anyhow.

Rinoa: You know me too well, King Urien. I know you’re too stubborn to think about dying without me.

Urien: That I am! And since that’s settled; I have one more gift to impart. Here, Ragnar.

Ragnar: What? This is gold, Your Majesty. Surely you can’t expect me to accept this much?

Urien: I do and you will. Think of it as the first installment of our alliance. And I know that king of yours is just waiting for me to pay back the debt I owe. Never play cards with that man. Take my word for it.

Ragnar: I will…avoid that in the future.

Rinoa: Forgive me, but perhaps we should ride out before poor Donwick loses his life?

Urien: Indeed! If not for you, Ragnar, we’d of been lost. You’re our savior. The people will worship you, as will the soldiers. We’re all depending on you, Ragnar.

Ragnar: And your faith shall not be misplaced. Come, Rinoa, we ride!



Because we're awesome, of course.

Well, we're finally do-oh wait, there's one more scene.


Berta: May the gods favor you and your men.

Ragnar: Pardon?

Husbando: Your men and yourself… Gods! You spared them all! I ask not how you knew, but praise you, sir. I praise you for all you’ve done.

Ragnar: …You needn’t thank me.

Husbando: Modesty will do you no justice, kind sir.

Berta: Would you accept this gift? Please, we beg.

Ragnar: No, keep your coin. We need it not.

Husbando: We must insist. It is from the thankful hearts of all those you saved today.

Berta: We have not given beyond our means, do not worry.

Ragnar: I… I thank you, then. Your gift will be used wisely.

Husbando: Bless you, sir! May the Gods ease your journey.


Berta: We will be making a journey to Azalia some day soon. We would give a proper thanks.


Heh. Anyways, the gold from the villagers and Urien somehow only adds up to 3000. That isn't that much. And no, we won't have an opportunity to spend a single piece for a while yet.


So, I get curious and murder ALL the civilians, just to see if the dialogue changes.


And of COURSE we get a fantastic level while doing it.


And when I'm done, the first cutscene is changed, but the second one...


Ragnar: Ma’am… I didn’t-


Kinda odd dialogue bubbles there...


Dude who somehow lived: We all lost someone to your men this day. It will…it will not be forgiven easily.


And then we get NO gold, despite the fact that Urien allegedly gave us some. I think the reward is 500 per civilian saved. But if you aren't concerned about money, the soldiers actually give good XP at this point in the game...

No, just kidding. I go back to my savestate where everyone was saved.


You ready to save a fort?

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Actually it's 375 per civilian.


This is what I got for killing three. If you kill some but not all you get a more forgiving cutscene. And yeah it's a dick move to have the 1-range civvies move, but at least it's not an instant reset!

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Actually it's 375 per civilian.


This is what I got for killing three. If you kill some but not all you get a more forgiving cutscene. And yeah it's a dick move to have the 1-range civvies move, but at least it's not an instant reset!

375 gold? Okay, that's a bit of an odd number, but I guess it lines up with the civilian numbers.

Also, before I begin, I'd like to give a big shoutout to PureHeaven, who gave me all the game's text in .txt form! This will decrease my suffering greatly, and increase the speed at which I can record! Thanks a bunch!

Hello everyone. Time to dive into...



We begin the chapter and right away zoom into...


Fort Zerenus, being sieged! Who's the hero guy?


Unblinking crazy dude: Doesn’t it make you feel warm inside?

Why, the best character in the game of course! It isn't shown here, but trust me...

Hero man: It does, sir. My guts full of butterflies, sir.


He's the best.

Hero man: Yes it is, sir.


He doesn't...blink.His eye just sort of...spazzes out.

UCD: No no no! Not good.

Hero man: May I suggest that you leave this in my hands, sir?

UCD: Hmm? Hahaha! In ‘your hands’? Why don’t I leave it on your head, hmm?

Hero man: Sir, I don’t-

UCD: So if you fail I’ll take it. Take it! Head or hands?

Hero man: My… Sir…-

Vimal's reaction makes it even better.


UCD: Hahaha!

Hero man: S-Sir y-you needn’t-

UCD: Oh but I do need. I do. ‘Cause it would be good. So GOOD!


So, unfortunately, he's left us with this normal guy. Meh.


Hero man: and dare I say I know what will happen if we fail. Get more men out here, now!


So, let's switch perspective to the guys under siege...


Donwick: Bloody bastards.


Awesome headband bro: We won’t have two too rub together soon.


So everyone, meet OUR LORD AND SAVIOR(unless he was nerfed), the fighter character for the game! In the previous patch, he would always turn into "the guy who did all the work" for everyone that played it, due to his great growths and bases, and general usefulness, not to mention having a large variety of axes to choose from later on.

You gotta have blue hair: I’m all for dying in battle, but I want to be a grey old man by then.

Donwick: Hah! A grey old man with an axe in his hand. That’ll be the day… A day very far from now, my friend. Kai, what of the front guard? How many remain?


Yeah, there used to be one line of knights, which would never last long, but now there's two, which makes the whole thing much more survivable.

Kai: Two are still stationed inside.

YGHBH: What’s the plan, tin can?

Donwick: …We hold out. Or we die trying.

YGHBH: A solid plan, I like it.

Kai: I feel good, sir. Oddly good. Is this what it’s like to know you’re going to die?

Donwick: I don’t know, Kai, and I don’t plan on learning today.

Kai: Perhaps we ought to keep alive for just a little longer then?

YGHBH: Sounds good to me. We aren’t dead yet, not by a long shot.

Kai: A long shot? I feel like I’ve got a few of those in me.

No, he doesn't have a siege bow. There aren't any ballistae around either, for that matter. You know, that would actually be a nice addition...

YGHBH: What say you, Kai? Are you for a little bit of tactical crashing and banging?

Kai: I bring the lightning-

YGHBH: And I’ll smash the thunder!


And with that...


The reinforcements arrive!


Rinoa: To the south of this river the battle will be waging.

Ragnar: Yes, I see it, and quite a bit of smoke. It would seem they’re surrounded.

Rinoa: Then we must ride! There isn’t any time to waste.


Yeah, don't go off by yourself! You're the only cleric we have, and that won't change anytime soon!

Rinoa: My apologies.

Ragnar: Let it lay. Now, what’s Xinus set up like?

Rinoa: A single entrance. It is only vulnerable to assault from the front.

Ragnar: Are you positive? Very rarely anything is so simple.

Rinoa: …Perhaps the river is emptying in these hot days. but I doubt if it is anything to warrant worry.

Believe it or not, it'll be important enough to warrant worry later.

Ragnar: Hmm. Best if we keep an eye on it.


Ragnar: Make a beeline for the keep and reinforce Donwick’s men. If the enemy is in your way, ignore them. Bolstering fort Xinus is our main priority.

You can try that strategy in-game. It won't work.

Vidar: Sir!

Tero: Sir!


Ragnar: Do not rush off under any circumstance. Same as before: we come to you for healing.

Rinoa: Of course, Lieutenant.



Here we go. The troops down there turned blue, and we have to survive for...EIGHTEEN turns? What? That's an insanely long defense mission! Ah well, best start looking at the tools at our disposal...


So, basically, Ragnar and his group have to traipse allllll the way around the river before they can make it(why are there enemies stationed on the path?). It will take LOTS of turns, so you'd best make sure Agro and Kai plan to survive for the long haul.


Kai is the first archer we get. His stats are anything but useless, especially in the position he finds himself in. He'll be serving us faithfully for as long as we need him to.


Also, the Kimera bow is...kinda useless. It has the same/less Mt than an iron bow,and is effective against JUST cavaliers...but even if he's attacking them, it only has 1 more Mt than the steel bow. Really, just stick with the steel bow unless you really need that extra AS/hit.


Introducing the best unit in the game(I hope), AGRO! He doesn't look like much now, but believe me, he will become much later on!

A versatile starting inventory helps too, of course.


Donwik will be joining us next chapter, but for now, he's a tough green knight that needs to survive. Mind you, standing on a gate with high defense and a potion, he's just not really all that killable.

Also, note the high weapon ranks. Seriously, a B this early on? Wow.


The friendly mooks are slightly weaker, but still good enough to last against the oncoming horde.


Vimal is our boss, and of course he gives us a nice little reward if we kill him. However, keep in mind that we have had no less than three opportunities to get money so far, and no more than ZERO opportunities to spend a single penny! When are we gonna get shops?

Also, dare I say it, that red gem sprite looks...kinda bad. I liked the old one better. Just my opinion, of course.


The other new item is the Khanjar, which is one of the three new reaver weapons in the game. Expect to be seeing this and more reaver weapons a LOT down the road. The hack maker was VERY fond of them.


A droppable iron sword and some more new icons for you.


Finally, the mooks have started leveling up! They'll be tough to handle, especially considering how much the game's been screwing us over!

NEXT TIME: We "rescue" Fort Zerenus!

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Hello everyone. Time to dive into...

Death or Glory: Episode 3: Chapter 2: Part 1: Knights of Failure


Could this possibly be more pathetic? Stupid Tero.


Here's what Kai and Agro are going to do for the first few turns.




Oh, of course.


And it happens again on ally phase. Stupid greenies.


Kai gets his first kill. Like the palette!


Oh, hello! Didn't notice you before!


Looks like axe cavaliers are in this hack too! From what I can tell their stats tend towards being tankier than the ordinary cavalier generics. However, they're kinda less useful because they get one weapon rank while the other kind gets two...


Go Agro go! You're our best hope!


Such...a bad level...




No one can kill him, but he can't kill anyone either!

Actually, I think he died after that last combat round...


The lance one, however, is faring much better.


Even when I'm targeting the right enemy, the Kimera bow still isn't that great.


See? Told you he's the best unit.


Kai does an epic dodge, but the first line of knights is nearly dead...






Guess that this level is? NOT...MAGIC!


The archer that Agro failed to injure kills another knight.


Vimal: Speak.

Red derp #52: The scouts report of some men charging from the north.

Vimal: Reinforcements?

Red derp #52: They don’t appear to be of Zerenus, sir, but I wouldn’t discount the possibility.

Vimal: Shit! Get more men out there, block ‘em off before they can reach Xinus. My neck’s already on the damn line, but I don’t want my balls to be as well.

Red derp #52: Sir!


And then some cavaliers come, right as it looks like we were gonna have a bit of breathing room! Yeah, this chapter really just keeps you constantly under threat. And in a defense mission, that's a good thing.


We'll have to get behind the next knight line.


It's been a while since I gave a status update for the other group, but they're moving towards the fort at a forced slow pace. The terrain and the enemies in the way make it hard to hurry, and now we've got a chokepoint to get through!






Also, we killed that fighter blocking the bridge...




Greenies=1, enemies=2.


Kai gets his first level, and it's awesome because strength.





There aren't that many enemies left, but there's more coming!


Oh, and the friendlies are almost dead, even if one stubbornly clings to life.


And then...


Now they're gonna have those guys murder the snag, and then waltz over to attack from behind! This is where it becomes super hard to survive if you don't get Ragnar's group over there soon. There aren't enough dudes to handle both fronts!


The boss also summons two more cavaliers, but Donwick gets out our last two knights(which move and attack the enemy), which does give us a bit more time.

I'm cutting it here, you'll have to wait a bit to see the epic conclusion! WILL I KILL THE BOSS? FIND OUT NEXT TIME!

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this map looks epic, i love a good defense map.

also hey its a character named kai!

It actually is really fun to play. And indeed it is a character named Kai! I guess you can consider him your self insert.

Hello everyone. Time to dive into...

Death or Glory: Episode 3: Chapter 2: Part 2: Breaking the Siege


One of the mercs coming for the snag spawned with this. Better keep him away from Donwick!


Finally! Time to get moving again!


Tero heads down to attract out some enemies...


Yes, Agro hit on his attack. Best unit, I tell you.


I can even forgive him for this.


The second defense line is breaking. It's a good thing those two new knights just came out.




The new greenies are more than willing to CHARGE to their deaths. Their exact fate depends on a number of factors, of course.


Oh hey, he can double! Maybe he can still be good ye-







I guess I can forgive this too... I could RNG abuse again, but I don't wanna play that card too many times.


The snag drops to one hit from the fighter. Here they come!


And then Agro DIED because he didn't kill that cavalier.


Donwick: FALL back. Get it treated and… and just live, alright?

Agro: ..Sir.

Man, even the DEATH QUOTES are super long in this hack! I didn't intend to take that many screenshots, but I kept thinking it would end, and it just didn't!


This time, Agro just does a much safer chip.


He gets his first level and it's the BEST ONE YET.


See? Much better!


Another kill for the greenies.


Oh great. There's not many enemies left in the way...they're gonna head for the boss, aren't they?


The other group has ALMOST ARRIVED, and Tero gets a level that contains a useful stat but not one of the stats he oh so desperately needs.


There they go, charging to their deaths!


Meanwhile, the group that broke the snag is nearly to Donwick. He chips one, but we'd best help him out.


More cavs from the bottom, and another group of two from the top! I guess we can leave the cavs to the knights for now...


Magic! Her heals are really weak right now, so she totally needs it.


Tero slays the axe cavalier, and Agro has to heal before he can take on the oncoming enemies.


The Glam merc hasn't arrived quite yet, but Donwick's getting hurt!




This is okay. Get that WTA going, yeah.


Finally! Ragnar's group has arrived! Now we can finish things!




Donwick was hurt, but NOT ANYMORE, thanks to his potion! See? Indestructible!


The other though, they aren't doing so great. Why does Zerenus have its fighting force as like 80% knights?


Tero's headed for the village, but it looks like we have some time to focus on the boss...


Vimal: If I didn’t have that psycho looming over me, things might be different.


Thanks for making him switch to the Khanjar, derp knight! At least you chipped him...




Oh come on! That wasn't even a 69!


And, right as the charging knights go down, we have MORE cavaliers and reinforcements from the sides to deal with. Come on! Give us a moment to wrap things up!


Agro's holding the top ones off.


It's against my policy to RNG abuse levels...but...I'm seriously considering it...


Donwick's helping out as best he can.


Kai's levels are the only good ones!


‘Stache man: *text skip* Poor Sir Donwick never made it to the blacksmith to collect his lance. Take it to him. I want him knowing he saved us all. Please hurry.


A steel lance isn't all that special, but I'll take it. Also, why isn't there an armory outside if the town has a blacksmith? I WANNA BUY STUFF.




The guy has no 2 range weapon, so...you can just do this if you want.


Well...I guess she had to work on it sometime...


OH SURE. MORE. On the second to last turn! Thanks a lot!

Especially those two from the left. They can't even reach the fort at this point, they're just there to stop you from routing the chapter.


Nice reaver bro.


Defense! Clearly best unit!


Vidar gets a good level as well.


Tero's still pathetic though.


Last turn! Time to finish the guy off!




Vimal: I could’ve… I could’ve done so much more…




Red derp #76: Men retreat!


And then we go to Ragnar talking to Donwick. I'll show that in the conclusion, but for now...

The Ragnar v Boss dialogue!


Ragnar: …Why do your eyes flick over your shoulder?

Vimal: Ha! No reason that concerns you. En garde!

Yeah, it's nothing much.

NEXT CHAPTER: The Longest Level Yet

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Loving the LP so far. As for a couple of things to not:

You have been RNG screwed when it comes to level ups, especially with Ragnar lol.

I actually forgot to change Donwik's weapon level for sword from B to D so that's a bonus I guess lol.

The world map is still in the air. I just don't have anyone to make the map for me. I'm very busy to do it myself with my internship and school.

I actually might consider your suggestion on the civilian gimmick. Talking to them can indeed make them leave and why not? That will deft be ideal for the players to handle.

Keep up the good work! And thank you for LPing this.

Also before you play chapter 8x (far from now lol) PM me cuz I will give you a fix to a problem in that chapter.

Edited by NYZgamer3

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I for one hope that Agro gets tons of awful levels and you're forced to drop him! Why? It's a secret~

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The first Kai I got was a complete beast, had like 19 str and max speed by like lv 17 and proceeded to carry the entire fucking team cause he was basically one rounding everyone who was not a knight.

So of course he became a complete disappointment in my 2nd run. Goddammit Kai

...at least you can always count on Agro, right?


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Loving the LP so far. As for a couple of things to not:

You have been RNG screwed when it comes to level ups, especially with Ragnar lol.

I actually forgot to change Donwik's weapon level for sword from B to D so that's a bonus I guess lol.

The world map is still in the air. I just don't have anyone to make the map for me. I'm very busy to do it myself with my internship and school.

I actually might consider your suggestion on the civilian gimmick. Talking to them can indeed make them leave and why not? That will deft be ideal for the players to handle.

Keep up the good work! And thank you for LPing this.

Also before you play chapter 8x (far from now lol) PM me cuz I will give you a fix to a problem in that chapter.

Thanks for your comments. I'll remember to PM you when I'm there. I'm just starting chapter 4 right now so...

Hello everyone! Time to dive into...



Rinoa: Oh, Donwik! I thought you were lost, Donwick.

Donwick: Not quite yet, Rinoa.

Rinoa: When the messenger came, I feared the worst. We all feared the worst.

Donwick: It was just a minor scuffle, do not fret.

I'm afraid I must disagree, 18-turn defense mission wasn't exactly minor.

Rinoa: And so soon to the Silvatican assault on the capital-

Donwick: WHAT? When? What of the king?

Remember, he doesn't know!

Rinoa: King Urien is fine, Donwick. No doubt badgering the royal guard into a game of cards, and likely losing, too.

Donwick: …Hah! You damn near gave me a heart attack there, Rinoa.

Rinoa: …I know that feeling all too well. Yet, if not for Lieutenant Ragnar and his men, I fear I may not have had the chance to experience another of those moments.

Donwick: Ah, you mean those men who are amongst my own as we speak?


Ragnar: To you as well, Sister. I hope you can forgive the intrusion.

Donwick: Forgive you? Hah! I ought to kiss you, my fine friend.

Please, please don't. That is the worst ship ever.


Donwick: My king owes you a debt. My whole damn country owes you a debt. You can intrude while a bathe for all I care.

Once again, please, please, PLEASE don't.

Ragnar: I’m flattered. But, I’m here to discuss war matters.

Donwick: War? Forgive me, Ragnar, word reaches us slowly here- but, war? Have things truly become so dire?

Ragnar: They have. And it seems likely they’re spiraling into something far worse. Silvatica declared war with my own kingdom of Azalia, Donwick.

Donwick: Aye, and it would make sense that they engaged Zerenus as well. Cut off the reinforcements before they can be mounted. Yet, we are not allies. Not true allies. Surely Silvatica knew we’d not be riding to your aid?

Ragnar: Perhaps that was true some nights ago, but as of now Azalia and Zerenus are allies in this war. Your king, Urien Rheged, made it so with that seemed to be little hesitation.

Donwick: Hah! And that’s why I’d die for that man; he’s always been out of reach of the nobles claws.

Ragnar: Yes, so few are. And thankfully we are united because of it.

Donwick: Then, what are we to do now?


Time for a VERY LONG introduction scene!

Donwick: Of course. Of the men who’ll travel, I have but two. Messenger!


Donwick: Hmm? Oh, yes. His mother was a serving woman here. I try to take care of him.

Is this supposed to serve as some sort of characterization for Donwick? Because it sort of works.

Ragnar: And why not?


Donwick: Yes I did. Ragnar, this is Kai. He was next in line for bow instructor of fort Xinus. As of sunrise this morning when the previous instructor took a

He's gonna say it, isn't he.


Oh, never mind.

Donwick: There isn’t a man out there I’d trust more than this one.

Ragnar: It’s an honor, Kai.

Kai: The honors all mine.


Donwick: Ah, and here is the brash, axe-swinger himself. Ragnar, may I introduce Agro. He is but a simple soldier.

Simple? I think not!

Agro: Simple? Ain’t nothing simple about the way I cleave men in half.

Donwick: And of course he has his redeeming qualities.


Ragnar: I’m sure his qualities are abundant and useful.

Agro: Bet your sweet ass they are.


Donwick: I figure we all need a little bit of wild.

Ragnar: Perhaps in moderation.

Donwick: The smallest in quantities. But, what of your own men?

Ragnar: Allow me. Messenger!


Messenger: The gentlemen with horses, sir?

Ragnar: Yes. And for your troubles…

Messenger: Gold? M-More g-gold? I-I… I…


Worst messenger ever.

Donwick: Hah! Who would’ve thought you’d have a sense of humor?

Ragnar: Send for another messenger?

Donwick: Messenger!


Messenger #2: Of course, sir. *leaves*

Ragnar: We best move him to the infirmary.

Donwick: Don’t bother, they’ve got more than they can handle. Let him sleep it off.

Ragnar: …We’ve all slept in worse places.

Donwick: That we have Ragnar.


Ragnar: two of the finest knights Azalia has to offer.

You're talking about yourself and Vidar, right? Because Tero doesn't count.

Donwick: It’s an honor.

Tero: Commander Donwick.

Vidar: Sir.


In FE, you ALWAYS lack numbers. Deal with it. Besides, we still have like 1 generic knight.

Ragnar: Indeed we do. What do you suggest, Commander?

Donwick: Fort Zera. It’s the largest stronghold on Zerenus ground. If we’re going to recruit some more hands, that’s where to do it.

Ragnar: I’ll take your word for it. If all goes to plan we’ll soon have the numbers to reinforce Azalia no matter the problem.

Donwick: …If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, Ragnar; it’s that nothing ever goes to plan.

Ragnar: Yes. This war brings with it some mysterious tidings. Best we ride out at sunrise.

Donwick: To the east then!


So, it seems like its over, but then...


There's actually a teleporting noise and then this guy walks onscreen. This hack has some pretty good eventing.

UCD: How does he know? How how how how? Hahaha! He knows EVERYTHING! Every little thing he knows. He knows all of those little things! How does he know? Won’t anyone tell me? No? Jolly good, here’s the door. Hahaha! He’ll know what to do. He ALWAYS knows what to do. But, he doesn’t tolerate failure. Failure is unacceptable. Those who are unacceptable fail. He’ll know how to find those unacceptable ones. He always knows. HAHAHAHA!

Still best character.


NEXT TIME: What, you didn't think there ACTUALLY WOULD be allies at that fortress, did you?


Vimal: God damned psycho breathing down my neck. I’m not ready to die. Not yet!


And that's what happens if you just wait for him to retreat.

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