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Hi! I'm still new to this board so forgive me if this is not the correct place to put this topic. I've always thought it'd be cool if someone did video analysis' on charcters from Fire Emblem Awakening and talk about sets to run on them (sort of like those pokemon videos you see sometimes).

I was surprised to find out no one makes them so I decided to try my own hand at it. Now I know it in no way looks "professional" or especially well-made but I put all i could into it with the resources I had and I'm fairly pleased with the result. I decided to do the episode on a very popular pairing/unit, Lon'qu!Severa.

Any and all advice I could use to make this better is great! However I would prefer ADVICE! Not comments just saying "Oh this stinks" and "You shouldn't be making these cause your voice is annoying". I want helpful advice. This video was made using Windows Movie Maker (I know. The horror) and some quick drawings on my paint system.

Thank you for any help you can provide as it is much appreciated! Thank you! :)


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Pretty good to be honest has modifiers, class options, and recommeded skill sets and all. Honestly, I didn't really find your voice annoying at all. Sure there are quite a few uh's and umms but that comes with practice and time. Good stuff.

I kinda skipped around a bit so if I missed it I apologize but maybe for future ones have a section dedicated to Apotheosis or Lunatic runs. Althought the video is long and detailed as is so I wouldn't worry too much about that just an idea for future vids. :)

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I watched the whole video and I'd say the only problem I have is that the audio can sometimes be too loud/too low so I adjusted it here and there. Otherwise, you did a good job on that video. It's detailed and all so if you wanna make more I'd say go for it.

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Thank you! Yeah I need to work on the audio when on different takes. It constantly fades because I try to play background music to go under it it but then it causes a fade. Ill see what I can do to fix it but thank you for the advice :)

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i am sorry if i sound rude, i try to be most constructive, but i did not like this video very much, to be honest, it is good for beginners, but you have to work on that

imo a too long, boring intro, you have to work on that

idk if you did on purpose but music is louder then your voice at the beginning, so i don't hear what you are saying

also you use the same exact music over and over again, not that it is annoying, but the music just stops and later reappears and this feels somewhat irritating.

also you should mention the music in general (title) and the copyright/owner of the music you used or alternatively a link to the sources you have the music, if you would use custom music that is not made by you (you mentioned nintendo which is ok)

same goes for the images (you did mention nintendo, which is good, but are the stat images originally from nintendo too?)

a link to the music/image is for convinience for the people that are watching you e.g. when they don't know the music playing in the background or the image and they think its kick ass, they would appreciate it when you would link them to the vid/image but again, that is for the convinience of the others.

you generally are either way too loud or i don't hear you because the music is louder then you (in the beginning and i think somewhere in the middle of the video)

Also there is a weird beeping noise when there is no music playing

try not to be to colse or to far away from the microphone, alternatively you can adjust it and you can loop the music so the beeping noise is not heard.

as the person above said, you "uhh"d and "umm"d but that is ok, since this is your first vid of sth. like this

you could practice and record the stuff you are saying for multiple times, cut them and use the best for the video or section.

also you cut after the sorcerer part in a weird place, you were still talking but you just cut yourself out.

Video is too long in my personal opinion for the overall content, to make it much more convinient for the people who watch your video and possibly for you too, you could edit the images, so that instead of writing down all the skills she gets in a straight line, you could make a headline from which line she gets the skills from or have the text in a different colour so people could get more orientation

for the second part the "character customization" part you could, instead of explaining everything, every skill troughly, just type next to the skill what the skill does or display it, you have lots of space left (if you would have the equipment of 3ds recording(which you obviously don't have) you could just show some game footage of what the skill does)

LordTaco said also that it would be good what to recommend for lunatic etc. runs and imo you should do that, but that is optional

Your video could be packed in 6-7 minutes at most

To be honest and i am sorry for what i now say is, that i did not like your "creative introduction of what you are going to do"-style, since you have not continued your "very creative" style, either keep your style or don't do it(imo don't do it, since it would sound weird when you would pronounce the skills happily and with a "yay" at the end)

also something for what i am much more sorry for to say is thet i don't like your voice all that much, i am not saying that you should change it, but it feels like you say things in such a half-hearted way, which you could change and i would be glad if you would be doing so.

you don't need to change your videos at all, this is not what i expect from you, this list is the most perfect way a human could possibly produce its video(in my opinion), since human are not perfect, i don't expect you to do everything what stands there but if you want people to watch your videos, you have to be a little strict with yourself and think objectively if you would watch this video or not, also this is an example of what comes towards you, if you ask people for their opinion.

i also don't want to discourage you, i want that you improve and to encourage you for putting more heart into your video(s) and to work on yourself.

keep going ;D

(btw i have never played awakening, so i don't mind to be sued)

(also sorry for big post)

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If I have to say anything about the video that isn't already covered by others is that you don't need to read EVERYTHING off of the screen when viewers can simply pause the video to do that themselves (though it can be helpful if the viewer isn't paying attention to the video itself though that would fall on the viewer). I recommend pointing out the best/most popular skills and the more important parts of the video in audio as well as grouping the skills with each of their classes.

Besides Vengeance and Lethality, Astra is the only proc skill that Lon'qu!Severa has that directly increases her damage output which is worth a mention IMO. For the VV setup, although Severa can do that well enough, there are other units that can do the job better (ie. having access to Sage class and Tomefaire, having better Magic, having 100% Dual Stike rate with Chrom/Lucina, etc.)

It's not a bad video, but it could be better. If I'm going to be blunt, the video feels quite a bit like a Powerpoint presentation.

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