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Ban the User Above You


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Oh crap, I've been forgetting to ban people for arbitrary reasons again. So uh... Here ya go, one more ban sticker to add to your portfolio!

*Banned Sticker of Approval by none other than yours truly, CyberZord! :)*

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Banned because I unironically do in fact have a Twitter Account (Or should I call it X now? Eh, whateves).

Also Banned for having the honor of being the final person on Serenes Forest that I "ban" as well as being the last person I last I post to. Double Whammy!

Triple Banned because I can't believe the final post I ever make on this site (Assuming we're not counting the obligatory profile post I'm gonna do after submitting this reply) was in the "Ban the User Above You" thread of all things. For that, @King Marth 64, you have earned yourself a Triple Ban-ny Whammy Button of Shame. Be sure to put it on your wall or something.

Quadruple Banned because I felt like it. Go make yourself a sandwich or something as a reward for your good deeds.

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