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LunaticScreamer plays FE7 Chaos Mode

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Well, I think it's time to get this show on the road and start playing FE7 Chaos Mode!

I've only played through the hack once way back when it was first released and only know that one certain character in the game is going to be a permanent fixture in my party when he appears.

That being said, let's begin, shall we?

[spoiler=Ch11: The Pain Begins]


Despite the fact you can select whichever main character you want, you'll always be railroaded into Hector Hard Mode to start out with.


Well, I certainly don't want to own myself before the game even begins.


There we go. Let's do this!


Turn left to go to FE7 Chaos Mode or turn right and go to FE7if Hector Hard Mode and smash my head into a wall again. This is not the hardest decision to make here, heh.

Also, some of the text has been changed. Only one word changes to start, but it'll quickly ramp up in hilarity as the game progresses.


Well, this is a good sign already, isn't it?


Harsh words from Hector because Lord Uther doesn't believe in onii-chans or something like that, even if that onii-chan belongs to a close friend of Hector, Eliwood.


I guess the onii-chan hate extends to the guardsmen of Ostia Castle as well if Matthew's words are anything to go by. Guess they can start their quest by breaking through the back door and killing some random bad guys that wanted to pay a visit, but first...


There's a lot of things FE7 Chaos Mode changes up and it starts with Hector here. As you can probably tell right away, his class has changed. In fact, every character that joins in this hack (with one exception) will have a different class.

Another thing to take note of is growths. Some characters will have unchanged growths, but one constant across all characters...aside from one exception, everyone is going to have 0% for a luck growth. All unpromoted units will have 10 luck to start with (again, with a couple exceptions which will be seen as the LP goes on).

That being said...since Hector's growths haven't changed at all besides the 0% luck, he's still going to have very knight-like growths, but with a speed growth that isn't super low. Probably a good thing since Hector's speed base is pretty bad.

Now, if you think Hector is going to be in trouble due to the weapon type he'll be locked to, think again.


Weapons have been totally rebalanced as well. True to the nature of chaos, every weapon is going to be unique and a little random in some way. The Iron Bow only has 10 uses and a bit on the heavy side, but has high Mt. The Steel Bow is weaker, but light enough for Hector to use with no AS penalties and has 1-3 range and 45 uses.


Finally, every character has had their description changed to give you a rough idea on their combat potential for the entire game. Of course, the RNG will probably play a hand in that to some extent.


Matthew has given up the life of a Thief to turn to a more noble job of being mounted and thusly being able to move multiple squares in a single turn. As his description states, strength is going to be the stat that will do him in if it doesn't trigger on level ups often enough. With a 30% growth, a strength screwed Matthew is a very real possibility, but even then, he has excellent growths everywhere else. Not a single one below 50% for that matter.


Matthew's weapons. The Iron Lance is just...well, look at its description, heh. The Iron Sword is very heavy, but 2 range and packing quite a bit of Mt.

The Armorslayer though is going to be your panic button for the early portions of the game. 2-3 range, plenty of uses, light, high crit rate. Very very useful, just make sure not to get into a habit of over using it, lest you leave yourself without a good option to kill a potentially nasty enemy.


Starting off the map, there's these two enemies to the west. Nothing special, but they have enough power between them to bring Hector from full health to very near death. This may not be FE7if, but that doesn't mean you can be reckless early on unless you want to die very quickly.


There's going to be a Thief making way to the sole treasure chest of the map and I want to be there to intercept him, thusly Matthew uses his Iron Sword to break down this wall and Hector moves forward enough so that he's only in range of the Soldier and equips his Steel Bow to do some counterattacking.


Palette changes for the characters too. Both are pretty spiffy I must say.

Also, probably should have had Matthew break open the wall from the north so he wouldn't attract the ire of an Archer to the south.


The next couple of turns involve Hector dealing with the Soldier & Archer to the west, getting a pack of Vulneraries from the Archer. Once those two enemies are dead, Matthew unlocks the door to the treasure chest with his Door Key. Hector has a Chest Key on hand to open up the chest, but first...


Hector stands in front of Matthew and uses one of his Vulneraries to heal up.


This Thief has a higher priority on stealing items rather than opening chests. As such, he swipes the Chest Key, but Matthew gets it back by breaking out his Armorslayer.


Hector, with the chest safe & sound now, backs up a bit so only one Soldier can attack him. A pointless battle ensues with the first one that attacked him.


Hector begins wearing down the Soldier and gets his first level. A pretty good one to start out!


One Archer down, then Matthew weakens a Soldier (or kills it, don't remember exactly).


Weapon rank get for Hector as he mops up the Soldiers.


Going to need that Archer in the east to die so Hector heals up with a Vulnerary again and prepares for a counterattack.


Of course, he dodges, then proceeds to pull out a critical and instantly end the poor Archer's life.


Hector then decides that critical wasn't strong enough and takes measures to correct that.


While Hector heads south to deal with a Knight, it's a good time to mention that Knights have weapon proficiency in all physical weapon types. However, as of the 1.34 patch, a bug makes it so that they have no animations when they attack, defaulting to map animations only.


I decided to feed the Knight to Matthew and see what he gets for a level. Said level doesn't inspire me to use him in any great capacity beyond the first few chapters.


Since Hector starts with no gold in the war chest, this is effectively 2500 gold when I can sell it next chapter, something he appreciates quite a bit.


With a bit of counterattacking, Hector's able to drop the second to last enemy and get a spare Iron Bow in the process.


As for the boss, Wire is nothing special besides good strength & defense scores, but no ranged weaponry and the fact he won't move unless he uses a Vulnerary means Hector or Matthew can outrange and kill him easily.


Did need to make Wire burn all of his Vulneraries, but Hector goes it solo in killing Wire. He picks up this level during the killing process, a good one because it contains precious speed.


As Wire kicks off, he mention Ner...grinch? Well then, he's going to be a lovely individual to have a chat with when that time comes to pass, eh?


Matthew is no longer a spy, but rather someone that gets to stick by Hector's side until the end...or when I get a chance to bench his ass, one of the two.


Uther, worried about his brother's desire to help his friend and find his onii-chan, sends Oswin out to keep an eye on him as chapter 11 comes to a close.

Next time: How FE7if should have balanced chapter 12.

[spoiler=Growths & Comments (Hector, Matthew)]

Hector's growths:

Hp: 90% Luk: 0%

Str: 60% Def: 50%

Skl: 45% Res: 25%

Spd: 35%

Hector's growths have remain largely unchanged, even though he's now an Archer. That means he can still be a main character with very Knight-like qualities, able to cap or nearly cap strength & defense before promotion and hopefully get enough speed to not be doubled by enemies once the game starts to pick up in difficulty. Just watch out for his low resistance when in the presence of magic users.

Matthew's growths:

Hp: 85% Luk: 0%

Str: 30% Def: 50%

Skl: 70% Res: 70%

Spd: 80%

Matthew's one big problem is going to be that strength growth. If he doesn't get any quickly, he might be a lost cause despite having excellent growths everywhere else.

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Alright! Time to start reading another one of your playthroughs!

I've only played through the hack once way back when it was first released and only know that one certain character in the game is going to be a permanent fixture in my party when he appears.

I can almost guarantee you are talking about Wil

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heheheheh....another FE7CM run......and he's probably going to do better than my 1.0 run :c WHICH I STILL HOLD THE TITLE OF THE FIRST TO COMPLETE FE7CM AND POST MY COMPLETION :D Anyway, will you be using the Torch Staff Glitch this run? MrNight48 abused it all the way to hell

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Torch glitch kinda takes all the fun/difficulty out of it but if he does, w/e.

For the record, I won't be using the Torch glitch here. FE7if was a terrible enough hack that I felt it was needed there, but this hack is not steeped in stupid bullshit balancing issues and I'm not going to make it easier with a glitch.

That being said, might as well put out another update here.

[spoiler=Ch12 Part 1: Rikki Tricky Tactics - So Many New Characters!]


Well that's good to know. Eliwood's another one destined for the endgame I'm sure.


Of course, Hector & Matthew aren't alone at present. Oswin's here to lend Hector a hand and he's brought Serra along too.


And there's the excuse to go run in and start murdering everything because Eliwood's here.

Due to the sheer number of units that join this chapter, the rest of this part of the update is going to be talking about every single new unit.


Starting off, we have Oswin the Mercenary. His growths aren't exactly amazing besides hp, strength, and defense, but his bases are great and he'll be useful for the early portions of the game at least.

Oswin does bring a new weapon to the table, the Steel Sword. Only 10 uses and poor accuracy, but has the range of a siege tome (3-10). Definitely useful if there an enemy far away you want to pester or kill.


Serra is a Lyn Lord and very very fragile early on. Low hp and low defenses mean she has to tread very carefully as she'll not likely be able to handle more than two enemies at once without risking her life in the process. Low growths in hp & defense aren't going to do her any favors either.

However, get past that, and you'll find yourself with someone that can absolutely tear up enemies with her Mani Katti. Very heavy, but her high speed base will ensure that she's not likely to be doubled early on. On the plus side, the Mani Katti is very powerful, decently critty, 1-2 range, infinite uses, and boosts her luck by 5. Should you not want to use Serra for your endgame plans, worry not. There's another unit in the game that will be able to use the Mani Katti.


There's Eliwood and he's dropped the whole lord business to become an everyday Mage. His biggest issue early on is that Fire & Thunder are very heavy tomes that will tank his speed something fierce and he doesn't have nearly as good of a speed base as Serra to offset that.

Regardless, once Eliwood can start picking up some levels, he'll start getting very damn good. His growth spread is very similar to Hector's growths, trading in 10% hp and 5% skill for 10% defense and 5% speed. Being able to support with Hector is always useful too.

As for his tomes, even though they're very heavy, both share high crit rates so if he does pull a crit off, his target is going to be in for a world of hurt.


Here's an interesting Thief, Bartre. Whereas most Thief units distinguish themselves with a high speed stat and matching high growth, Bartre actually has a poor speed growth, instead opting to have high hp, strength, and defense and set out to be the tankiest Thief ever. He'll be useful until a more proper Thief comes along at the very least.


Eliwood's team is going to need a more physically oriented unit, am I right? Worry not, for there's a few. The first of which is a Cavalier, Dorcas. He's billed as being the best potential Paladin candidate. That's certainly true, given his solid bases and overall good growths coupled with 12 con to start.

One weakness he does have? Awful resistance, meaning magic users are going to be a big threat to him.


Lowen is effectively Hector, but flying thanks to being a Wyvern Rider. Soild bases besides resistance and good growths aside from resistance means he's one of the best for aerial combat for a good portion of the game. He does have a weakness to sacred weapons, but those won't be showing up for some time so all he needs to worry about for effective damage are bows, simple as that.


Bringing axes to the table is a Brigand, Rebecca. Like Serra, her durability is a bit weak, but Rebecca at least has more hp to start out with than Serra. However, give her some levels and her growths will make her into someone that can soak up physicals pretty nicely while also being quite strong and speedy. Terrible resistance though so watch out for that.

Also, I'm going to be giving her a serious chance at leveling. If she turns out well, she'll make a good support partner for a future character.


Last, but not least, there's a healer by the name of Marcus. He has lower base luck despite not being promoted and a poor speed growth, but that's not going to make him useless. His goal first and foremost is to keep everyone alive with healing staff spam, a feat he'll be able to do nicely with his strong magic growth.

Next time: Clearing out chapter 12 for real.

[spoiler=Growths & Comments (Oswin, Serra, Eliwood, Bartre, Dorcas, Lowen, Rebecca, Marcus)]

Oswin's growths:

Hp: 90% Luk: 0%

Str: 40% Def: 55%

Skl: 30% Res: 30%

Spd: 30%

Oswin's bases go a long way to making him useful early on because with those kind of growths, his tenure in the party is shaky unless he can get lucky.

Serra's growths:

Hp: 50% Luk: 0%

Str: 70% Def: 15%

Skl: 55% Res: 55%

Spd: 40%

While Serra's durability is going to be pretty low early on, the Mani Katti coupled with her solid offensive growths will make her into one hell of a glass cannon. Throw her some Angelic Robes, Dragonshields, and Body Rings and she'll be a very worthy endgame unit for sure.

Eliwood's growths:

Hp: 80% Luk: 0%

Mag: 60% Def: 60%

Skl: 40% Res: 25%

Spd: 40%

Eliwood has a rough start due to very heavy tomes early on and not having the world's best durability to offset that. Luckily, his great Hector-like growths will correct that once he's picked up enough levels. Very good for someone who needs to come to the endgame.

Bartre's growths:

Hp: 105% Luk: 0%

Str: 65% Def: 50%

Skl: 35% Res: 15%

Spd: 25%

Definitely an odd stat spread for a Thief, but Bartre can be useful, especially if you want a certain unit much later down the road. Just be ready with Speedwings aplenty if you want to use him long term and that speed growth fails him one too many times.

Dorcas's growths:

Hp: 90% Luk: 0%

Str: 70% Def: 35%

Skl: 50% Res: 15%

Spd: 45%

Reasonably sturdy early on, Dorcas is definitely a very good Paladin candidate with high con and strong offensive growths. Just be wary of his very low resistance if you want him dealing with magic users.

Lowen's growths:

Hp: 90% Luk: 0%

Str: 60% Def: 60%

Skl: 50% Res: 20%

Spd: 40%

Lowen makes for a very solid character that's a flyer on top of it thanks to strong growths everywhere except for resistance. Sacred weapon weakness isn't going to be seen for a long time so he just has to be worried about the standard flyer issues, namely bows.

Rebecca's growths:

Hp: 80% Luk: 0%

Str: 50% Def: 55%

Skl: 50% Res: 15%

Spd: 70%

Very combat capable and worthy of an endgame slot, Rebecca's strong offensive growths and high defense growth will ensure she can stand with the sturdiest of units when she starts gaining some levels. Like most of the characters featured in chapter 12, she'll need to be careful when in the presence of magic users due to low resistance.

Marcus's growths:

Hp: 65% Luk: 0%

Mag: 60% Def: 15%

Skl: 50% Res: 55%

Spd: 25%

Marcus may have awful speed, but he's going to be your only source of staff based healing for a good portion of the first half of the game. At least he has a good magic growth so he can keep strengthening his heals.

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It's also pushing me even further to cancel my old LP so I can play FE7CM with further randomization via randomizer

Will likely be super unstable like Fateborn's LP but whatever

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[spoiler=Ch12 Part 2: Rikki Tricky Tactics - Map Wide Murdering]hdNQwlp.png8timgtr.pngpERTCGN.pngbNyHRRH.png

Well, turns out sending Oswin east wasn't exactly the best plan. He couldn't dodge well enough and gets the honor of being first to go on the Death Count list.


Anyways, Hector's team has to deal with a decent density of enemies in their vicinity, namely several Pegasus Knights. Only Hector can really afford to rush east and survive easily. Everyone else up there needs to stay back a bit and snipe at any distant targets until the enemy density dies down enough.


Hector rushes east and quickly shoots down a Pegasus Knight at point blank range for the first level of the map. Not going to complain about him getting more speed.


Down south, Eliwood's group doesn't have too many nasty threats. Just a few Brigands, a couple Pegasus Knights, and perhaps an Archer & Mercenary. Nothing that should pose too big of a threat to kill.


You know, assuming I can remember to equip someone with a weapon that allows them to counterattack.


Serra gets hit by an Archer on the enemy phase, but returns the favor by killing her attacker.


On the next player phase, with some help from Matthew, Serra bags herself another kill, this time being a Mercenary.


Eh, the odds weren't the best, but I figured I might as well have Oswin try to nuke a Pegasus Knight from range.


As such, Hector finishes off the weakened flyer.


Meanwhile, down south, the first enemy death occurs when Rebecca kills the Pegasus Knight that attacked Eliwood.


As for the Brigand that attacked Lowen, Eliwood wipes him out with a redundant critical.


Any chance Marcus sees to heal anyone for even the slightest bit of damage, he's going to take it. 21 exp per Heal staff use is going to let him gain levels at a very nice pace.


One Brigand tries to hit Dorcas, but fails and gets doubled with a Javelin in the face as a result.


Matthew somehow manages to miss this Archer twice. Capital work there buddy!


Serra is in range though and can finish off the Archer herself.


Eliwood goes 2 for 2 on redundant criticals this map as he kills the Brigand that attacked Dorcas.


Hector's been tanking pretty well in the forest. Hasn't needed to back off for healing once yet.


Bartre lures out the next Brigand and weakens him with one hit of his Iron Sword.


Eliwood doesn't go 3 for 3 on redundant criticals, but he does kill the Brigand and bag his first level up. Not too bad for a first level actually.


Matthew gets to the weapon shop and sells the Red Gem from chapter 11. Didn't purchase anything since everyone's weaponry is still in good condition.


With action nearing its end on this chapter, Lowen visits the village and picks up a Secret Book. It's been buffed a bit in this hack, providing +3 skill for whomever it's used on.


Cleaning up some of the last remaining enemies up north grants Serra her first level. Can't really ask for much more from a first level like that.


Hector fails to kill the last remaining flyer on an enemy phase so he switches to his Iron Bow on the player phase to bag the kill and another level with speed in it. If he keeps getting speed like this, he's going to get very dangerous very fast.


Only one enemy left and that's the boss, Zagan. While he will move after a few turns, he's not extremely deadly. A good chunk of hp, but otherwise easily killed when he gets into range.


Apparently he wanted to show Hector what it's like to whiff a counterattack after being struck with an arrow.


Before killing the boss, Lowen frees up several slots in Hector's inventory while Marcus heals up Serra.


Serra comes in to end the chapter by bringing down Zagan with zappy powers. She picks up a good level for the kill too.

Death Count: Oswin (1)

Next time: Finally getting a storage man!

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Morning update!

[spoiler=Ch13: The Easy Part lol]nQTQyAA.png95OQ0tX.pngFhrIn26.pngZB5SRML.png

Time for grabbing a few things from the transfer data pile. Since Hector has four inventory slots available, I send the Silver Card, Emblem Seal, Thor's Ire, and Emblem Axe his way.


As for the chapter itself, it shouldn't pose too much of a challenge. There's two villages to visit and both have useful supplies for your army. There will be Brigands that pop up which will make a break for the two villages so you do need to visit them fast.

Also, that lone Knight there? That's Guy, a character which Matthew can talk to in order to convert him to our side.


Stats of the Emblem Axe. Being a 1 range axe when Rebecca has only 2 range or better axes right now will serve her well when she has to get up in an enemy's face.


Not much happens on the first enemy phase since all I do is position characters to do some counterattacking. Thanks to breaking down the tree to cross west, a Cavalier comes to attack Eliwood, but he manages to miss his attack (typical...).

As for the Brigand that attacked Serra? Well, look at the damage she's going to deal. That is all.


With some weakening provided by Hector, Eliwood finishes off the Cavalier with a redundant critical.


Any chance Marcus has to perform healing duties, he takes it. Not going to argue with him getting more defense, that's for sure.


A flyer is getting a little too close for comfort. Rebecca shows her out the front door.


Might as well have Oswin annoy some flyers with long range strikes.


Guess he's not killing the Pegasus Knight this...


Nevermind, he critted.


Sweet! This hack will encourage the use of the Mine glitch for goodies at times so its best to stash any you get and only use them when the profit is ripe. Lowen backs out of range of the nearby Archer so he doesn't get one shotted after this.


A bit of rescuing and dropping gets Rebecca where she'll only be attacked by one enemy. Two at once right now is still a bit much for her to simply tank through.


Flyers are jerks, but at least that means Marcus can get some more exp on the next player phase.


Archers are jerks too, especially this one. At least Rebecca lands her counterattack.


Next player phase and...eh, was worth trying.


Eliwood attempted to kill the Pegasus Knight, but failed to crit. Hector came in to swap Eliwood's weapon to the Thunder tome before using his Steel Bow to finish off the flyer. Marcus comes up and heals Bartre afterwards since that flyer to the west is likely going to hit someone.


Rebecca finishes off the Archer that attacked her on the enemy phase and gets a quite acceptable first level. More defense is good for her.


More enemy phase shenanigans puts Serra down to 1 hp, but her attacker does not survive the counterattack.


What is it with female flyers and being annoying dingbats to take down half the time?


Hector gets to perform anti-flyer duties once again to cover for Eliwood.


Nice try, but no. This flyer dies on the counterattack phase of course.


At least Eliwood can dodge well. Good thing because this dingbat doubled Eliwood and nailed him on the second strike so he cheated death here.


Well, that's just great. Everyone bails out of range of this enemy except for Hector. He's going to try landing a counterattack on the next enemy phase.


Since Marcus is with the team up in the northwest (And going to run over and rescue Bartre and get him out of range), Rebecca uses a Vulnerary to heal up.


This time, Hector lands his counterattack and continues to be awesome with his levels.


A few too many Brigands going to the northwest so Oswin deletes one of them (with a crit no less too I think).


Bartre gets to visiting the northwest village, finding an interesting fellow here who hands over a Torch and access to 13x after this chapter is over with.


Some quick healing for Hector as he's about to get attacked by an enemy on the next enemy phase.


Said enemy did hit, but gets a critical in the face and dies.


The two remaining Brigands fail to land any blows, even on Eliwood who I think cheated death again there due to doubling hijinks. Then again that was my plan so yeah, heh.


Killshot dodged by Serra which is followed up with her counterkilling and getting a good level for her efforts.


Some more levels doing clean up duty and healing services as per usual.


Bartre finally bags his first kill of the playthrough.


Hector continues his murdering spree. Northwestern team should be able to start moving down towards the boss very soon.


Eliwood really needs to stop cheating death sooner or later, even it means getting another redundant critical kill.


Then again, if he wants to gets levels like this, all the better for him.

Fun fact: He uses this as an excuse to get bad levels for the rest of this chapter and the next one. Cute, eh?


Hector does more murder, then gets healed since he's about to attract some attention his way.


Meanwhile in the southeast, Matthew recruits Guy at last.

Guy's problem early on is his abysmal speed. It wouldn't be unreasonable to think almost everything could double him except for early game Mages, but luckily he has enough defense that he should be able to survive a double hit from almost anything. His growths happen to be pretty good too with resistance being his only bad one.

On top of all that, he has access to four weapon types, meaning he can get a weapon type advantage on anyone he wants if he really feels like it.


Killing Edge's stats. Not too bad actually.


Rebecca kills off the remaining enemy in the vicinity of the southeast.


Hector tanks through this attack and two other ones this enemy phase like a champ.


Eliwood gets a non-redundant critical? Well now, that's surprising. None of those Cavaliers have any 3 range weapons so he's safe right now. Hector gets some heals from Marcus once again.


Rebecca gets ready for some counterattacking soon with another application of her Vulnerary.


You know what? I'm actually ok with this miss. It means I can feed the Cavalier to someone else that needs the experience more in the northwest.


I foresee lots of counterkilling in Rebecca's future.


Decided to just feed the kill to Hector since he was near a level anyways. It's minimalistic, but still good. He wants his shots to land and the extra defense just lets him tank that much better.


A Cavalier and two Archers attack Rebecca. The Cavalier survives only because he didn't get counterattacked. The two Archers didn't get so lucky though and Rebecca picks up a level after killing the second one.


Oh, I thought all the flyers were dead. She is using a new weapon though so let's have a look at it.


Very nice weapon indeed.


Eliwood weakened the Pegasus Knight and I figured Bartre can try killing the flyer off for kicks. He manages to land his blow and gets a nice first level up. More speed for him is appreciated.


Marcus rescues Eliwood and gets him out of range of the boss. Yes, the boss does have a 3 range weapon on hand.


One more enemy down with only the Cavalier on the west side left before I go after the boss.


So long as Marcus can get magic on a level up, I'll be happy with his levels. He also eats a hit from the Cavalier.


Eliwood gets a hit in and gets karmic payback for that level he gained earlier. At least the single stat is in a useful one for him.


Hector finishes off the Cavalier, leaving only the boss to deal with now.


Boies is very much a min-maxer. Not very fast or lucky at all, but has extremely high strength & defense. As for his weapons? All new and all of them are Silver class weaponry. Lovely...


How about that Silver Sword eh? I am not going to let him switch to that because that will make killing him a very risky task. As such, there will be lots of rescuing units out of his range to ensure that doesn't happen.


Hector & Eliwood begin getting their support going. Eliwood does connect with his Fire tome on Boies, but no crit occurs. He is then brought out of range of the boss by Marcus once again.


Lowen flies over to the shops and sells off the Thor's Ire for some more funds, then does some shopping. The weapon shop has Iron Swords, Javelins, Hand Axes, and Iron Bows while the other shop sells Vulneraries & Heal staves. Everyone that doesn't have a pristine set of Vulneraries gets a set while Marcus gets a pair of Heal staves. Also grabbed some Iron Swords, Javelins, and an extra Hand Axe.


Still no crits, but Eliwood can get rescue chained out of range and kill the boss on the next turn.


The kill happens and...well, doesn't that just beat all, heh.

Anyways, after all shopping business is dealt with, Hector seizes the gate and finishes off the chapter.

Death Count: Oswin (1)

Next time: Saving a very important merchant.

[spoiler=Growths & Comments (Guy)]

Guy's growths:

Hp: 75% Luk: 0%

Str: 55% Def: 55%

Skl: 55% Res: 20%

Spd: 40%

Guy does have abysmal base speed, but he has a decent enough speed growth for a Knight to hopefully make up for that. Definitely could be endgame material due to good growths (aside from resistance of course!) and access to all four weapon types.

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...so that's how you get access to the transfer items. I thought you only got those emblem weapons on the pirate ship due to this, but I guess those are completely different.

Loving this LP so far.

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Last part of what I did this morning.

[spoiler=Ch13x: The Ballista Sword]MY1RiGP.png6t3NGst.png

Objective of this map is simple...survive for 7 turns and keep Merlinus alive. As you can see, he's not exactly specced to take any kind of hit.


Doubly so when the boss, Puzon, has a Steel Sword for ranged combat and can double Merlinus. Oddly enough, Merlinus factors into my strategy for dealing with him. By doing some rescuing and dropping shenanigans, I can place Merlinus on a forest, meaning Puzon only has a 10% chance of landing his double killshot attempts on Merlinus.

Should you kill Puzon, you'll be rewarded with a Killer Bow. Being 1-3 range like the Steel Bow is going to be nice for Hector since Steel Bows aren't available for purchase yet.


Serra crit kills a Brigand in the southeast to kick the murder spree off.


Bartre likewise gets to murdering a nearby Brigand and picks up a level in the process.


Don't want the Brigands going for the northeastern village so Oswin deletes one with his Steel Sword.


Hector & Rebecca get in on the 1st turn murder spree too.


Dorcas gets lucky and lands both hits of his Steel Sword to drop a Mage in the west. Rebecca oughta be safe in the upcoming enemy phase now.


Last enemy that gets murdered this turn.


Marcus & Lowen get my plan with Merlinus going. Here's hoping he can survive seven turns without a random 10% hit going off.


Merlinus not only dodges through a double from Puzon, but also a double from a nearby Mercenary. So far, so good.


No points for guessing what happens to this Brigand since Serra can double him.


Rebecca takes a hit, but kills her attacker in return. Probably a good thing this Brigand went after an Archer ran up and attacked Marcus though.


More murder goes down this turn. Serra could probably handle the southeastern corner herself if she wanted to, but I'll send Oswin & Bartre over for assistance, just in case.


More minimalistic levels for Rebecca as she kills the Archer, but it's two stats she really needs right now.


Dorcas comes over and nukes a Myrmidon on the west side.


Marcus patches up Rebecca for a pretty good level. If Puzon really wants to, he can try a 34% killshot on Marcus or continue failing 10% killshots on Merlinus right now.


Matthew gets to removing a Mercenary that's threatening Merlinus and ends up crit killing him to get a...perfect level? Well now, that's just lovely.


Bartre, by way of Lowen, gets a Steel Sword delivered to him, allowing him a chance to attack an incoming Brigand. He lands both hits.


Eliwood finishes off the Brigand, allowing Hector to move north and one shot an incoming Nomad.


Merlinus dodged the killshots from Puzon once again with some enemies following suit on the missing chain. Serra counterkills her attacker for another minimalistic, but useful level.


This is the only hit that actually connects, but of course, Hector responds in kind with a redundant critical.


Not much happens on this player phase besides some Vulnerary uses going off.


More killshot dodging from Merlinus.


Eliwood manages to not lose more than half of his health from an attack for once while Dorcas gets to experience some dodging for himself finally.


Hector continues the murder spree with another critical, but of the non-redundant vareity.


Guy gets his first kill of the chapter for shooting down a Brigand.


One Javelin toss to weaken a Myrmidon and Dorcas dodges the counterattack like a champ.


So help me god you dingbat I will burn all of the bonus stat items (aside from the Body Ring) from the transfer data on you if you keep this up.


At least Hector gets a stat he has use for, unlike you Eliwood.


See these two enemies? I was going to have Serra run for the village in the northeast since I thought it was all clear, but these two chucklefucks appeared at the start of the enemy phase and got to move instantly. Serra killed both of them, but sheesh, that was a close one for her.


Hector had a close one too since the Mage could have crit killed him. The Mage dies of course.


Nothing to really do this turn so Matthew can go pester Puzon.


Talk about the most pointless battle ever. Matthew missed both of his attacks.


Guy finishes off a weakened Mercenary for his first level. Despite not getting speed, he's at least getting more defense so he can tank better.


Hector manages to kill this Myrmidon. The Nomad will likely go after Marcus, but he can take the hit.


Like so.


Stop dodging you dingbat, thank you.


Matthew manages to crit Puzon and miss his second attack. All the better as that means I can feed him to somebody else.


Someone that's not Eliwood apparently. A task for next turn it seems.


It's not Puzon, but Dorcas kills a straggler for a pretty great level.


Serra finally visits the northeastern village for a good chunk of gold while Marcus heals himself with another Vulnerary.


Puzon moves to heal which is OH GOD THE NOMAD APPEARED ON THE ENEMY PHASE!


Well damn, I wasn't expecting that one, but I should have to be honest. Rewind time!


So apparently stats for a reinforcement that appears at the start of an enemy phase can vary, didn't notice that. At least Lowen survives this time (after having to do rewind time at least 2 more times to save his ass).


Go away you evil Nomad.


Lowen tosses a Javelin at Puzon, allowing Rebecca to come in and kill him, acquiring the Killer Bow in the process as the final turn comes to pass and chapter 13x ends.

Death Count: Oswin (1), Lowen (3)

Next time: Erk joins the team.

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@Tequila, you can get two copies of each Emblem weapon. The pirate ship chapter, and the transfer data.

@Lunatic, I like how you took the Thor's Ire. It's literally useless at this point in the game, unless you're selling it.

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