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Let`s Play Final Fantasy VI: Brave New World

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OK, After waiting like FOREVER, I finally can make official this LP:




So, How this LP is going to catch my attention? It has something special?

Final Fantasy series, are know for being one of the most valuable franchises around the world, almost every console have AT least one game of this series

All of them are awesome (Yes, even Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy) But even among them are titles that stand up, being Final Fantasy VI one of the most memorable. This game have been replayed so many times that one day, two players have the wild idea of change things to make it more viable and challenging, those two are BTB ans Synchysi

Yeah,so.... what are the changes in general?

• Character-based esper restrictions & new stat boosts that promote greater diversity and allow for customized development

This is the feature that make BNW (brave new world) worthy: FFVI was know to be the first on the series to have a logical way to learn magic, taking away the nonsensical "hey, everybody that have money can go to the magic store and buy magic to wreck everything", but of course it also VERY easy to break and trivialize almost all bosses, boring the player even before getting to the half of it. BNW makes sure that all 14 characters not end up being the same and support the player to get a hold of the game mechanics and every character advantages and flaws

• New and reworked formulas which rescue everything that isn't magic or magic evasion from the dump-stat heap

Normally, the only stats that matters were hp,mp,strength and magic, making look the others like trash. Now you want to cover all the stat spreed in order to survive and make this game go more smooth

• Rebalanced equipment, items, spells, and skills that aim to remove dead weight and give players more (and better) choices

Now it`s not simple as "this armor give me more defense, I just gonna sell the one I have and buy it", neither "Holy/Flare/Ultima all the way to the end tactics" you MUST use every skill, piece of equipment and accessory to sort the obstacles that the game offer you

• A complete overhaul of enemies from their stats to their behavior to better challenge veteran players and newcomers alike

The vanilla game wasn't know for its difficulty, now the creators make sure that enemies get harder, in order to teach both newcomers and veterans to play with more mind and less muscles

• Tons of bugfixes, as well as remedies to many of the game's more annoying aspects (such as rage hunting taking a lifetime)

• A new script that restores much of what was lost in translation and builds on existing plotlines and characterization

So now this is version 1.6.0, why the long wait?

​because now shynchysi create a new and wonderful system call "esper experience" that eliminate play the game almost like a LLG challenge, having a different formula to the espers bonuses, letting me enjoy and play like I want to.

with that out, this LP will start tomorrow, have a good night

Note: BTW, the name is Ronlyn and I have some time watching some lp and play some mods, This is my first LP here, hope you like it :D:

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I would love to see more of this LP, because i was never able to finish playing this hack, but your posts can be a bit hard to read. As such, i would appreciate it if you would have someone edit them before posting.

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I would love to see more of this LP, because i was never able to finish playing this hack, but your posts can be a bit hard to read. As such, i would appreciate it if you would have someone edit them before posting.

Sorry, that is something that can`t be done right now, English is not my first language, so expect some grammatical errors here and there -_-lll , but I will solve that.......... eventually

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Sorry, that is something that can`t be done right now, English is not my first language, so expect some grammatical errors here and there -_-lll , but I will solve that.......... eventually

That's too bad. As someone who has a hard time learning a foreign language that he is expected to understand, I sympathize with your plight. I'll still watch this, and look forward to your updates. Keep it going!

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Well, shall we go?

Lets Play Final Fantasy VI Brave New World: Prologue: The Imperial Witch


Ahh, how many years have past since the last time I play you?



Quick recap: Long ago, people fuck around with magic and almost destroy the world, and then the magic just dissapear. Now there are things like guns, stream machines and all those shenanigans,but one big asshole decide (as always) that everything was too quiet and gonna make the world explode again, yay!!! :newyears:



Vicks%20-%20Status.gif I was in the bathroom and the captain just got in and pull me out! Must be important


(yes, I`m gonna use savestates to get all the captures, get over it)


Vicks%20-%20Status.gif It`s not like she just gonna get crazy on any moment and fry us like meat, that would be stupid! XD


After this, we got a nice screen showing up the staff, of course I`m too lazy to put it in, so let`s continue


Yes, make the dangerous and impredictable witch the leader, nothing bad will happen, right?


This funny sequence will appear if you are cocky and try to go out this city because fuck them


The menu wasn`t change that much, you still can`t nab the equipment of Biggs and Wedge, of course, who want to get a hold of Wedge`s Dirty Undies?


Shit, they got us! What they gonna send to destroy us?


A Doggie!! owo*



Our first battle is against Lobo, these enemies come packed up with 100 hp and have a ice inmunity because BNW, of course they still get wipe out by Fire/Bolt beam but they have a counterattack before die


The next ones on the list are Guards, they come with 50 hp and critical as their special ability


But like all humans, they are weak to poison, The Witch must be happy about make use of that snack before reach narshe


They also can get confuse and start attack themselves to get rid of that sound, looks like they not like justin bieber……..


The enemy try to ambush the team, but they got mauled (BTW, one of the doggies “see the light”)


Our next foe is Mammoth, they enter with 200 hp and and nulifies wind/ice , not that I care about because they are weak to fire


After walking beneath the bridge, we get to the esper mine to say hi



These blue blinking point are your tipical save-points, normally when you die, you get in the last spot you save before diying, BNW get rid of that mulligan by send you to the title screen, making the tip about save the game often more useful than ever


Biggs try to impress the lady by smashing these logs with his face, killing his last nerve cell in the process, whatever, carry on!


Sheesh, these people is too angry, we just come to rob that esper and the same time kill all of you, why all the hate?



These little conversation make us aware of whelk particular shell, if that thing get attacked, whelk gonna get piss off and kill us, c`mon we fight a fucking mammoth and win, what this thing can possibly do?


Yeah…. Don`t fuck around with his shell, or else you will get a very dead party (BTW, how in the hellish world whelk manage to visit Goku and learn kamekameha is beyond me)


After all this, we get a hold of our objective, have to point out that he wasn`t happy after we wake him up


Vicks%20-%20Status.gif What the?!?!........



Well, that was quick, at least I wasn`t counting with them


And of course, The Witch is the only alive, trying to talk to a frozen monster, that not only didn`t answer her, also make her explode and leave us in the climax, what happen? Let`s hope that we don`t change character now, because I want to know her fucking name!!!

Ok, see you the next time and hope that you like this LP

Edited by ronlyn

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Let`s hit the way:

Let`s Play Final Fantasy VI: Brave New World: Part 01: There is no escape from the past


So she wasn`t dead yet! Our strange lady wake up inside a house and say hi to this old guy



The man just get rid of his slave crown a tell her that the empire was just using her (I bet she wasn`t happy about it)



The man then tries to make her forget about those thoughts, falling miserably


And now we get to name her! I will leave the original names because I like them (and I don`t think you will like a lady called Butz)


The humble man get surprised by the fact that five seconds ago she don`t remember how to talk and now she even know her name



Then dogs reveal our position and guards come to capture our mistress in distress over here, maybe has something to do with her killing spread one hour ago, but what we know


The guy just gets scared and tells us to get the hell out of there


Of course we don`t give a fuck about his complaints and got an elixir out of the clock


And before we go, he just stops her to tell the same thing again, thanks, now go and take a hike old marmaduke


We are so good hiding that we walk like nothing across the bridge and get see by ALMOST EVERYONE ON NARSHE


Of course we do the logical action and run like we were pursued by a merchant, now what horrors we are going to encounter here?



First off let`s see these newbies: Wild Rats show up with 50 hp and a fire weakness, but they are not alone, Repo Man makes a appearance with a whopping 50 hp, but this one is a tough cookie because he can nullifies fire, making one-turn kill impossible as we can see here, of course that doesn’t matter when he dies with one hit of Terra`s sword


Making our way through these caves, we found a save spot, along with two chest that we going to ignore for now, so we just save up


Before reaching the stairs, Terra manage to level up and learn Muddle, the portable version of confuser (Make note that only Terra and other character later on will learn magic as they level up)


Terra%20-%20Status.gif Damn! They found me! Think, Terra, think! Yes! I can Muddle them and then torch them to death, but first I have to get more space, There! Now I make sure to not fall……..


Terra%20-%20Status.gif DANG IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well, this is it, Thank you for watch this lp, I hope you like it, see you…….


Wait, she is still alive?!?!? But she just fall like two floors and absorb the impact with her face!!! At least doesn`t walk off and just pass out. Now guess what time it is?


Adventure Flashback Time!!! Our lady is in custody of a ... clown?


Of course he is not a harmless as we think because he put her on the slave crown and make her his bitch



Now we appreciate her lunatic spread, ending up killing 50 soldiers because she can, talking about disturbing a women on her period



Then we see a scene when an old geeze yell, making all the soldiers and generals scream like monkeys


Finally this crazy lady passes out, now who will save her? Wait for the next time to know it!!!

And before I go, I will change the window screen color according the character that have the lead, because I don`t like that boring and lame color

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The last one for today:

Let’s Play Final Fantasy VI Brave New World: Part Two: Advance Wars


After Terra leave this senile man, a strange guy comes to the house



What you were expecting, a mighty and handsome hero? Of course is a thief that got the honors to save Terra like a Disney Movie (-_-)


Fair enough, he tries to change the old man opinion by calling himself “treasure hunter”. Heh, good luck with that one, buddy (¬_¬)


Don`t lecture me, I don`t believe you



Arvis%20(Front).gif And no, don`t even try to do that, you fucking pervert, she just lost his memory!!!

Locke%20(Front).gif But I want to have fun! Why he is the only one that can “show his tool”? :@


So…. to save Narshe and the world we have to join a terrorist group? Fair enough


Of course not, hell, if two noobs and a witch ALMOST kill everything in the city, I don`t want to meet a entire platoon


Arvis%20(Front).gifShe just blow up 2/3 of the city and its people and MAYBE angry the mine`s esper, I don`t understand why they want to burn her at the stake

Locke%20(Front).gifI tell you, this assholes are crazy!!!


Arvis%20(Front).gif but no let him help much, or maybe the poor girl have a “surprise” later on


HAHAHA! The poor moron think that she know how to escape without dying XD


Locke then manage to follow her, by falling in the same hole that this babe use before(and don`t breaking a leg in the process, mind you)


Locke%20(Front).gif well, she doesn`t seem too bad…. Maybe if I drag her in this hole….


Locke%20(Front).gifOhh shot!! I didn’t do anything to her!!!…. yet….


Locke%20(Front).gifAnd I don`t want to have a “happy hour” with one women and five monsters -_-lll


Thanks gods! Now we have help! I wasn`t sure that he can defeat all of those……


……………. Stuffed bears? Well, at least they have REAL weapons to fight


Now I explain you What the hell is going on: you have three teams to protect the bitch sleeping in the floor as you can see, you can change between teams with select, and of course, if any of the enemies put a finger of her, it`s game over

With that out, let`s check our teams:


We have the “treasure hunters” team, with our protagonist leading up, and no, we still can`t steal these mooks equipment


On the left is the “random team Nº [email protected], feature Mog, the only one that can be equipped, but why? Whatever it`s not like he will join us, right?


And finally, the last one is the “random team Nº 2”, even less exciting (and that is very hard)


The 3er team starts the bloodshed and destroys all their enemies (you only fight mammoths and lobos here)



Meanwhile, Locke and his wannabes get destroy by blizzard, the special attack of mammoth, this is important as we can see, the enemies script have change so they use powerful attacks on you if it`s fullfit the requirements (or just dick around enough to find out)


And finally, random team Nº1 finishes off some enemies and…….. Learn how to dance?


WTF? How this suppose to help me out?


…..Ok, I shut the fuck out, sheesh!! (-_-)


And after mop up the floor with these excuses of enemies, we fight with the captain of this assault


We have now a new enemy, Marshal comes in with a big 250 hp to spare and two special techniques: Wed is a skill that inflict stop on your characters and blow is a powerful counter-attack that can and WILL kill your characters, so I hope you don`t mind use some consumables


But at the end, he just another normal enemy that is cut out by the team


Locke doesn`t lose time and run like his life depends on with Terra in his hands

See you the next time as Locke abuses Terra they escape through Narshe`s caves, until then

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Let`s continue:

Let’s Play Final Fantasy VI Brave New World: Part Three: En route to Figaro


The last time, we leave our savior running across the caves, bringing Terra along


Locke%20(Front).gif Now, I have to search for a good INN and then….


Locke%20(Front).gif Fuck! Better hide these handcuffs


Of course you have to! Let just say that Locke was TOO excited about you two being alone…..


Locke is shocked for wasting his chance to have a little action



Terra just don`t understand that Locke wants more than her gratitude


He even offer his hand to her and she just ignore him, Good job Terra ;)


Now with that out, the lovebirds GTFO of Narshe


But first they enter in private property, with the excuse of “We are seeking knowledge” to just nab everything in sight. The beginners school hasn`t change that much, but if this is your first time playing the game, I suggest you take a visit and talk to everyone to know the basics and even if you are a veteran, you should go there to acknowledge all the changes from vanilla FF6. Of course since I`m badass (and this is my the 2nd time playing this mod) I will tell you about the new mechanics as we go (this and I`m too lazy to put another 20-30 pictures just for the kicks)


And the last thing to do here, is try to go north and get a properly reason to run like a moron


For the enemies in the plains of Narshe, we have Leafer as our first victim, they are just normal enemies (50 hp and weakness to fire, block wind, they only stand out by having wing slash, a MT wind attack) so let`s talk about Raven, packing up 50 hp, weakness to bolt and also block wind, they are just typical enemies until they use everymore, a single target attack that inflict sleep, and the always dangerous Break spell, that right now can OHKO any party member with no full hp


We also have two new enemies on the desert, Sand Ray come with 100 hp and are weak to ice, nothing remarkable, on the other hand, Antlion comes with the same hp and weakness, but also have immunity to fire, and stringer, a stop inflicting attack, so watch out or they can mauled you


After walking aimlessly through the desert, we see a castle and make a visit; of course nobody would let in two strangers, but looks like one of us is well- known here


After some walking, we reach the throne room a see a blonde guy, now let`s go…….


Ok, ok! I talk to him! Sheesh……… but the next time, now I have to sleep, see you later!

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Hello viewers, I`m back:

Let’s Play Final Fantasy VI Brave New World: Part Five: The dessert castle

In the last episode, we leave Terra and Locke in front of the king of Figaro, let`s see what he has to say….


This man come and look at Terra shameless. This is my interpretation:

Edgar%20(Front).gif Hey Locke, you didn`t tell me that she come equipped with two missiles

Gnyu0n6.gif…… I give you five seconds to leave before I chop you head, and I don`t talking about the one in your neck

Edgar%20(Front).gif She also have a sharp tongue it seems (-_-)lll

Gnyu0n6.gif Who the hell are you?!?!?


He must be a dork, because I don`t think Terra was joking there


This “King” name is Edgar, and this is not the last time he got threatened with death


Of course not, he is as pervert as you


Then, Locke try to give those two time to know each other


Gnyu0n6.gifHow I`m going to do that? I was pursued and almost killed, just to be saved by a fucking thief that keeps saying that he is a "Treasure Hunter"!!



Gnyu0n6.gif First off, I don`t give a fuck about that, Second, I give you ONE clue: anything but you!!! , And last, my special ability is Torch people to death, so better GTFO, got it?


After our beloved King take a hike, Terra think how she going to escape of this bullcrap


Some Guards tell us that the empire have big machines called magitek, also we get to know that the Emperor Gestahl have magic powers, how? That is still unknown


Gnyu0n6.gif I`m the fucking Queen of this Place!!!!! (Also, we nab a phoenix down in our way up here)


We reach the main hall and go to shopping, the selection is very basic, so I will take this moment to talk about something right here: the genji gloves and gauntlets were removed for the game, and now how are we suppose to get dual–wield and two–handing now, you say? The weapons inherited those effects, for example, the mythril dirk now have the genji glove effect, allowing you to have two of them at the same time, not only saving you one space at relics, also make more diverse your characters, because now you can`t double wield two omega weapons and break the game. I buy one dirk and six dried meats, along with the auto-crossbow (and yes, now Edgar comes without any of his tools). And last, we grab a tonic, antidote and remedy


Gnyu0n6.gif What a asshole, I hope you get mauled to death


And I know where you like them ;)


Ok…. I guess we go to the west tower



Here we found two lovely ladies and a child, and they confirmed Terra`s theory of Edgar being a jerk to every women on his kingdom


And finally found this old granny that told us about Edgar`s twin brother, but that have to wait until the next time, see you there!

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Carry on with this:

Let’s Play Final Fantasy VI Brave New World: Part five: Hey, look! A Drag-Queen!

The last time, Terra was in search of proofs to torch Edgar to ashes, and found a old lady daydreaming about Edgar`s twin, so let`s continue:


It is time for another cut-scene from the past!, first we can see Edgar and a blonde dude enters the room


RM9lQTt.gifWhy the sky is blue?


8zgayF4.gif About bitches and whores, you idiot!!!


RM9lQTt.gif Nah! It`s must be that he took some sand on his eyes :)


This is Sabin, and it`s the living proof of human evolution


rSPnBXQ.gif Zzzz…Huh? Did you say something? Hmmm…whatever! Carry on!!



After we talk with two scholars and a dude that want to be like Edgar (You have a LONG way ahead, buddy) we go back at the throne to rub salt in Edgar`s wounds


rSPnBXQ.gif… It just a fortress in the middle of the dessert, I didn`t expect that much…


And now, we get to know the all mighty General Kefka!


VwzpWIx.gifDamn, I spring my leg! Fuck this place!







Kefka is a mayor asshole and he don`t even try to hide it


VwzpWIx.gif Fucking moron! How you dare to breath near me?!? Off with his head!!!



Well, now Edgar has big problems it seems



If that is true, why search here? The empire it`s like in the other side of the world, this is one stupid excuse


They were like 5 women at best, the rest escape because of you, dickhead (-_-)


DX7oVLe.gif HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! – Ohh! I mean, I might come back, see you later, you dork


Locke come and say the obvious


Then Terra come in and see both of them talking about how they going to rape her


rSPnBXQ.gif Edgar, you are such a bad liar! The only thing you do it`s chasing women and get slap in the face (¬_¬)


Then Locke start their horrible plan, but more of that the next time, until there!!!

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Leaving this one and calling a night:

Let’s Play Final Fantasy VI Brave New World: Part six: I think I have seen that before…


Last time, our heroine came from that door and see a very concerned Edgar, but before go to ask him, Locke want a race to see who reach first the room!


rSPnBXQ.gifFuck off, old sazzy!!!


wwmTLYE.gifI think those backpacks doesn’t let you run, babe ;)


wwmTLYE.gifAgh! I spring my leg!

rSPnBXQ.gifThat`s what you get for being a jerk!!


rSPnBXQ.gifYES!! Now I only have to walk and……


rSPnBXQ.gif……… You are a fucking cheater!!! :@


rSPnBXQ.gifYeah, whatever (-_-)


So, we suppose that this is true, why you didn't hide us where we can't be found, and then just come for Edgar and hightail to their base? LOCKE WORST SPY


rSPnBXQ.gif(I still have that strange chip that gives them my location, but if I bring them, that fucking clown is going to make me bear all of his shit again….)



To be or not to be a bitch, there is the question


8zgayF4.gifSmell like BBQ :P


8zgayF4.gifOh shit! It`s the castle!


8zgayF4.gifI didn’t recall call you, damn it!



The NPC here are so unique….


8zgayF4.gifBut I want to do that the next week, now I have a priest to catch up!!!


:mellow: Now…. What I suppose to do? (.—.)


Edgar from nowhere, bring three chocobos to save the day


Kefka still try to catch up, but he has every detail of this planned, right?


Well…. at least they don’t lose the head


For the last step, Edgar order to…dive?


I call this bullshit!!! They don`t even have bathrooms!!


Of course, Kefka isn’t very happy about all of this and send magitek armors to kill us


Here is our boss battle against Tek Armor, they are just pushovers that only use physicals and metal fist (That going to leave a scar)


Of course this wasn’t the reason why I put this: If Terra use his magic command, this happened:



8zgayF4.gifYes, she got packed up! But it`s not that!!


Wait a second!!! I know, Locke is amazed by that but……


Where in the world he was looking when they were escaping and fight against monsters? I call it bullshit!!! (that or he was distracted because BOOBS)


8zgayF4.gifYou are a Mindfreak?!?


Locke just kicks Edgar in the balls and tries to shut his mouth


Then Edgar stand up and split out another atrocity, you REALLY don’t know how to talk to a Lady, don’t



Locke finally come and rectifies Edgar`s shit


Or I will burn your asses, now come here!! (This scene is borked up, but doesn’t affect anything)


After that, we escape in our chocobos (when they come back is something to you to discover, really) and leave kefka in the dust,

Alright, see you later for more!!!

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Welcome back to:

Let’s Play Final Fantasy VI Brave New World: Part seven: Disrespect

Ok, last time we escape from Figaro and leave Kefka in the dust, let`s see what happen then….


wwmTLYE.gifDon’t worry, I protect you! Of course, I need some gratitude…..

4WFUy9i.gifFuck off!!!


8zgayF4.gifYour thing with that esper would be useful to us, and considering what a freak of nature you are and all...


8zgayF4.gifOps… (Edgar in all his glory, and he is still single, ladies!!)


wwmTLYE.gifAnd you shut the hell up!!!


After a while, we found our destiny and tell the guard to fuck off and tell everyone in Figaro that Kefka is gone



Afterwards, we heal up and fight three new enemies: Crawler and Eye Goo enters with 150 and 100 hp, But the first have a weakness to fire while the other block it, sorry Terra, no MT fire. Hornet have 100 hp, fire weakness and the nasty Slow X spell, this would be worst if Edgar didn’t send them to their grave in just one attack with auto-crossbow (Edgar OP, please nerf!!!)

Terra and Locke level up, and Terra get the always useful Poison (until I get Bio-blaster, then is just garbage)



Finally, we reach the town of South Figaro with goodies and wonderful NPCs to fill us with hope.


Edgar doesn’t know what privacity is and starts to loot everything in his sight



(And what isn`t too it`s seems…)



Yeah, nothing important will happen here, no sir! (Also, we grab 3000 GP)




Here’s our selection: we grab a hair band, karate gi and a cotton robe. In the weapon department, just the Noiseblaster, and last 12 antidotes and 12 eyedrops (and equip the mythril dirk that I buy at Figaro because I`m the best)


Then, we see a dude in the relics shop, that confirm the theory that the sprint shoes doesn’t let you run through walls


The relics are always a must in all your characters, they can even change commands (like the dragoon seal) so never forget buy some of them (I get a goggles, the star ring and a knight cape)


And after a while, we reach a Pub with a guy all dress in black



This one over here is shadow, and this is not the last time he going to give us the shivers, but for now I call it a day, see you later!!

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One bit for the time being:

Let’s Play Final Fantasy VI Brave New World: Part eight: Hey, what time it is?



We kick off with some new fiends: Rhinox appears with 250 hp, water weakness and bolt absorption; they use a crippling attack called Tackled sometimes, Rhodox on the other hand are weak to fire, have 150 hp and they use…White Wind? I suppose someone could learn that lore from those things. And our special guest is Greasemonk, these dudes are the next rank of Repo man, having 150 hp, poison weakness and nullify fire, they like to play catch with pipewrenchs and you can get some dried meat stealing from them

That also reminds me of something! Locke now can only nab things from human enemies, because was kind of bullshit get a elixir for a dinosaur


Before hit the way, our heroes made a stop at this house and Locke leave his essence for the kicks


In short: The not-so lost twin has go to Mt.Kolts to rape talk to Vargas peaceful


We teleport there and the enemies doesn't wait us: Mammoths evolves into Tusker, a 400 hp wall that hit like a truck, but they are not alone: Vaporite have the typical 100 hp with fire weak/bolt nullify, but they use Slow X which is annoying, because they always are with a Brawler, packed up with 250 hp, weakness to ice/poison and bolt nullification


Here we have a hidden path to a chest containing a main gauche (again, I didn’t equip it because I`m da best), oh and BTW the slim jims are items to steal from brawlers, heals 100 hp and give haste/regen, pretty handy dandy!!



Another one send us to a pretty sexy power glove that go straight to Locke`s inventory (gives 25% more damage to physical attacks)


Ohh, is that a person?


Nah, just condors: have 250 hp, like all flying thing, are weak to bolt, and if you dick around enough, they gale cut you to death, so watch out!!


Another token and our final enemy of the night: Trilium is the way that the game start to teach you how to fight: 300 hp, fire/ice weakness, but if you choose to attack, they going to use bane: a poison-inflict attack, so use your head and torch them to death (or use Edgar`s tools)


Ohh! There is someone, let`s ask him the hour!


Fuck! You didn't have to do that!

8zgayF4.gif You want to talk my twin? he is right behind that rock

RM9lQTt.gifShut the hell out, you dick!!!

aSWv8qF.gifYes… and I want his head! And all of you are going to meet him in hell!!

8zgayF4.gifThis dude is on the dopes!!



Guess what? I lie! Bear have 400 hp and a weakness to fire, but now they are the only target in the field, making Vargas a HUGE PAIN IN THE ASS, and if that wasn't enough, he is another Gale-Cut spammer (I hope you burn in hell forever, you dork)



RM9lQTt.gifHe didn`t give you classes from your childhood? Why I am his successor? Even in his last moments, he was a good troll

aSWv8qF.gif Shut the hell up!! I kill you now!! Blizzard fist!!!


RM9lQTt.gif...I just hide behind that rock...



RM9lQTt.gifWell, I guess he lose it cold (-_-)


aSWv8qF.gifH-How did you do that!?!?!?

RM9lQTt.gifI just use the magic of Disney ;)


Vargas finally perishes and leaves us the wait for another scene, see you later!

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Carry on:

Let’s Play Final Fantasy VI Brave New World: Part nine: The hideout

Well, Vargas kick it out, so let`s have some more cutscenes:




8zgayF4.gifNo Locke, it`s a mirror in the middle of nowhere, you moron!!!

RM9lQTt.gifHey, how are you, guys? And by the way, I’m Sabin, Edgar`s brother, my lady




8zgayF4.gif Let me make it clear: this bitch here is the only way to stop the empire, go it?


Sabin, don`t invite yourself, I was about to do that :@



Okay, the four of them after nab a tent, follow the path to Their base


And inside this room, we see a strange guy thinking himself as a Jedi



Of course, as we can expect, he is a mayor asshole and doesn’t help that much


Once upon a time, a babe walk across the forest, pursuing a rabbit, but because of being smart as hell, she fell out on a hole, traveling inside a stupid land of ponies, talking flowers and smoking caterpies….

8zgayF4.gif……..You drink again, don`t you?


rSPnBXQ.gifI can save someone by melting his face? Awesome!!!!


Banon%20(Front).gifMaybe… fuck!! I ask for a coke with three strwberries and they only put two, I’m gonna kill them, damn it!! @:


A nap later, she walks and talks to his companions, to see what she going to do now….


wwmTLYE.gifNow I have a thing to protect strangers, especially ladies hot as hell like you



rSPnBXQ.gifWe are doomed, aren’t we?

RM9lQTt.gifDon’t tell him that I say it!!


8zgayF4.gifBut maybe if we go out and … FFFFUUUUUCK!!

rSPnBXQ.gifAnother like this and I won't restrain myself , ok?


While they were screaming to the wall, I grab some sundries


We could talk to Banon and just GTFO of here but…



Treasure hunting!!!!!


(Also, have a secret passage to a white cape)



Finally, we restock on meat before going out to face our destiny, the next part have a cutscene affected by our decisions, it`s up to you choose “Yes or “No”: Safety Glove for a “Yes”, and Barrier cube if the answer is “No”. I choose the first because Sabin needs Defense so badly (and make looks Terra less useless)



We have some sort of discussion and we never really make a plan


I am with Sabin, let`s kick some ass!!!


But then a derp soldier come in and tells us that South Figaro was taken and they come here for us!!


Locke as always, go and try to get some information there (How he gonna pass all those guard? MAGIC!!)


8zgayF4.gifLocke!! You troll!!!

Banon%20(Front).gifStop you two!!! Now let’s jump the river, in hope to reach Narshe before them

rSPnBXQ.gifBut we could just walk all the way back and don`t go to South Figaro….

Banon%20(Front).gifShut up!! This one is more spicy!!!


And after this, we going to suicide at the river, isn’t that funny?

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Let’s Play Final Fantasy VI Brave New World: Part Ten: I prefer the chicken, thanks…


Last time, our crew was going to the Lete River, but Edgar pick up a Lady on the way and Terra just doesn’t give a fuck about all of us, so Sabin takes the lead


But first, I send this bitch to the back row, why?


Because the game give us a “Fuck you” moment, you know, it wasn’t that bad if Banon wasn’t boring as hell, he is just there to take hits and heal, nothing more, nothing less


The first batch of enemies: Albatross are a strange case when the game’s difficulty start to appear early in the game, if you are cocky with this one, you get a fireball in your ass, and Banon isn’t exactly a power house, so watch out (they have 500 hp and bolt weakness)


Later on, Exocite and Nautiloid make a entrance (300 and 400 hp, they’re weak to fire/bolt and null water) these losers are the first to go, because you cannot avoid Albatross’s fireball, and they just do the exact damage to kill of Banon (fuck them, I got game over because of them 2 times IN A ROW) (nATB BTW)


The path you choose it, but your choice will decide if you take the VERY LONG way or even repeat the same trail


And after some time, we finally get to introduces to a….. Octopus???


Ultros is one hell of a boss if this is your first time in this mod, he just gonna wreck you if you aren't careful



Look at these text ladies and gentlemen’s, his words will tell you where his next attack will hit, and yes, he can even take off Banon if you don’t defend before he can attack, so play smart, attack with one of two and leave some others dedicated to heal, because the damage can add up and his all-party tentacle is lethal. At the end, Ultros say some words:


See you lat- ohh shot! Wrong channel!!


Okay, let’s see where I left every- WTF where is Sabin?!??!?




Ok, so we are here in this dimension where all of them are trapped with Mog, why? Because FF. Normally I just wait the next episode to start things up, but screw it, let’s do the most boring of all of them!!


Later on, Edgar takes the lead while we reach Narshe and this happen:

8zgayF4.gifI`m the king of Figaro, let me pass

:Soldier: Figaro? What it THAT? Can be eaten? Whatever, fuck off, you pussy!!!


Then Banon remember that his pills fall in the river, poor of him L


Terra then remember the secret pass that Locke use to ALMOST make to the 2do base, better luck next time, buddy



In the path are new versions of Repo man: Mechanix pack up 300 hp the same weakness/blocking while Clawlip are the same IN EVERYTHING that Nautiloid (BTW, Terra learns slow, neat!!)


Before going out the caves, we grind to lvl 10, to have a baseline to compare characters



*yawn* boring isn't it?


But whatever, here we are again, see you later!!!

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Things happens, but anyway:

Let’s Play Final Fantasy VI Brave New World: Part Eleven: Who are thou?


Since our last misadventure, Sabin was drowning in the longest river ever


It looks like we end up in the other side of the continent


Whatever, lets us buy some…shurikens? Smoke bomb? But how I’m gonna use….


Ohh boy, OHHH BOY, that’s the fucking assassin from before, run bitch, RUN!!!!


RM9lQTt.gifDAFUCK!! How I’m gonna make it there?

zMNPxFN.gifI show you the way


zMNPxFN.gifBecause is going with you, or sleep here with that guy in the house

RM9lQTt.gifHuh? And what is the problem with that?


Okay….. Walk slowly to the door and GTFO!!!


Well, it looks like Shadow ins't that bad after all....


Now on the business: Cricket and Rabite have the same allergy to fire, Rabite are more annoying that Cricket, just because they come in groups of five and they ALL use white wind, so kill they in one round, Cricket just use sleep to attack once is death, so don’t bother and kill them last. Finally Stray cats are dangerous if are leave alone too much time, so kill them with attacks, water weakness is not that useful right now (200 hp have Stray cat/cricket and 250 hp Rabite)


Walking aimless across this land we found the place just to realize that is full of enemies, seriously Sabin, how you didn't though of that?



:Soldier:Stop screaming like a monkey, you dork ¬_¬

:Soldier:What? I cant hear you!!! I'm faking out!!

(the NPCs in this game sometimes just….)


:Soldier: (quick, hide those magazines!!!)


This one of those times when I understand Kefka: The NPCs are soo dumb….


Ok, let’s see if I was wrong and they are really competent


Nop, they aren’t a threat


What are you talking? They are just falling in their asses!!!


And then Cyan makes his entrance, and do the right choice of slap the bitch in the face while making an accurate fact (I actually the first time was really amazed by this)


And of course we are the one to do it, because the heck of it:

DS1FfB4.gifI'm Cyan,retainer of Doma. I give thou the privilege of die by this sword,En garde!!!(please, somebody put that line on the hack)


BTW, funny fact: I almost get killed because I wanted to see if I can kill him with attack


After our enemy run for his life, we enter again inside the castle and laugh at their try to seize us


Meanwhile, the dynamic duo wanders around like nobody care about


They reach their first obstacle: a close chest with lock, Sabin of course do the logical thing and smash it into pieces


RM9lQTt.gifCurses! Now where I gonna hide?!?!?


RM9lQTt.gifNailed it!!!


Of course, if they were competent, they just have to look under the table and kill them in two shots, but “competent” doesn't exist in their dictionary, it seems


Anyway, we get the green beret and give it to Shadow


I am just amaze of how limited is their view is in their helmet, what’s next; they hide mines in their shoes?


We stumble into a conversation with the badass general Leon and a wuss


Leon brings this loser into senses and go back to the empire because plot, leaving us in wait for the next time

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I’m in a streak:

Let’s Play Final Fantasy VI Brave New World: Part Twelve: Justified Bloodshed


What the hell is he doing here? He just appears out of nowhere and starts whopping asses, but why? we have to go back five minutes ago…


The last time, Sabin and Shadow were hiding and gather some info about empire’s actions, and what better to start a update if not another cutscene. Yeah, I’m so excited (-_-)lll


Our lovely Kefka want to start a career as singer, but he doesn't know that he suck balls


VwzpWIx.gifME? How dare you! I give you my word and a Thunder break me into two if this wasn't true!!

(black clouds)

VwzpWIx.gifOK, don’t take me THAT literally….

General%20Leo%20(Front).gifYeah…. Just don’t kill any unnecessary people, got it? (leaves)

VwzpWIx.gifOf course not...


VwzpWIx.gifI hope you get struck countless times with a sword in the back!!!

:Soldier: Errr General, here I am, what do you-


VwzpWIx.gifGimme that shit!! That asshole is not longer here, now take a hike you idiot!!!

Of course, our heroe don’t take that lightly and do what everybody do in this kind of situations:


Suplex Kefka and made a hole to bury his corpse


Of course, while Sabin was thinking that, Shadow just owns him by using ninja shenanigans



In our pursuit, we get some goodies, along with annoying enemies also, Telstar have your typical machines weaknesses (water/bolt) along with 1500 hp. They are special because of their berserk and seizure attacks, and better, if you ever lay a finger on them, they just spam enemies, they are packing a punch, that for sure!! (whatever, he give me a spirit claw, so no qualms. also, Sabin is mindfreak)


They didn't


Kefka while practicing to become the next american idol, spread the poison across the river, talking about multi-task


DS1FfB4.gif Hey, it just me or that water seems a little weird?


:Soldier: Hmm… nope, nothing at all…


No shit, sherlock


Of course! He has to be fine!!



…. Is that everyone take a drink the five minutes we were out?!?!?!?. BTW, that remedy it’s actually a nice touch, that’s why there are thing inside pots, so the people that put them there just die when they need them the most


Ok, let’s see his family…


Dammit. this is one moment when I cannot think of something because of the feelings, Cyan has lost everything in just the spawn of five minutes.


That fact wasn't take too well by our guest, lead us to…


Here and now, I hope he destroy everything in his path. Sabin while search for Kefka, see the massacre and tries to take part of it


RM9lQTt.gifAaaughh, I better ask the next time…


This would've more easy if Cyan wasn't so blind and bolt, we have a course of battle along with Cyan, just beat the crap out of everything in sight


You know, sometimes I forget the fact that Sabin is part of royalty, that means the hack is doing a good job giving his characters personallity


This doesn't sounds good….


RM9lQTt.gifNow go up and use the panel to…


RM9lQTt.gifokay, you can handle this...sort of

KLUoGWR.gif You two! stop fucking around and run!!


Not so much to say for battles than: Magitek is still Broken as hell



Plot things, and also we learn that our heroes maybe have lose some bolts


And finally, after some struggle, we’re out of that place, what’s next, let’s wait for the next time to see it, good night!!!

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Wow, I really should stop playing others hacks, they distract me (-_-)lll :

Let’s Play Final Fantasy VI Brave New World: Part Thirteen: Memories of the lost past


So, the last time Cyan was killing soldiers and joins in our little Journey, let’s see what’s happen then….


First, an enemy that I miss, Beakor comes in with 500 hp and earth immunity, not that I care about, I just pummel him to death


Then, we found what I consider one of the most well written parts of the game: The Phantom Forest


Despite the fact that the forest is just 5-6 screens, it`s memorable in his own way


Of course it has his nuisances: Ectoplasms have 200 hp and fire weakness, bolt immunity and a nasty Slow X counter, they always are with Ghost, and undead with 500 hp, holy/fire weak and poison absorb, they use a Berserk inflict counter if you are too cocky, so use Mindblow to kill them and avoid an almost imminent death


In the distance, the crew see a Train in the middle of nowhere, of course, Sabin doesn't wait to run in search of problems (-_-)


But, there isn't a road leading outside, why we just-




RM9lQTt.gifWhat’s up with this place?


RM9lQTt.gifCome on, Cyan! Stop bean a puss-

zMNPxFN.gif…It’s moving!!!


Of course, this scare the bejesus of Sabin, so he gonna get out kicking everyone’s ass till the moon


Our first guest is the bomb, these assholes have 150 hp, ice/water weak and guess what? Fire absorb, who would have guess? They come equip with the nasty attack Explode, now it’s MT, so better get rid of them soon


In the next cabin, we found our first NPC that is useful: the spooks are ghost that for some reason, trust us and want to help, they aren't exactly something out the woods (aside for being fucking ghosts) but they have the nifty ability of possess, killing them, but the enemy as well


Wandering around, our next one is Conjurer, 300 hp, poison weakness, nothing to care about except these dicks use rerise to keep it up until you hate them, so kill them first


walking around, we found a chaperon, We can ask him something, of course I made the right choice


aRXyEdA.gifCall now to Phantom Express, the best train service in this life!!!


aRXyEdA.gifWe have last model technology brought from Figaro that let us go almost at 150 km/h, you gonna lost more that your hair!!!


aRXyEdA.gifAnd don’t forget our lovely staff that will make sure to make you enjoy your journey to the other side!! So what are you waiting for? Call 0900-TRA-



After some time, we finally decide to ask the other one, this dialogue is pure gold, so here it is (thanks BTB and Synchysi ):

aRXyEdA.gifWant me to stop the train? That would we 2 GP

RM9lQTt.gifI... um... seem to have misplaced my coin pouch. How about you tell me how to stop this thing, and I won't suplex you into next week?

aRXyEdA.gifYou would threaten Death's guide with physical violence? You're either very brave or very stupid.

RM9lQTt.gifA little from column "A", a little from column "B".

aRXyEdA.gifVery well. If you are so determined, I suppose you could just use the controls in the conductor's compartment. Good luck, mortal...


On the way, we found angry guest who will attack….


Merchants than die in search for some money (don’t ask)


And dorks that doesn't know how spell words fluently

RM9lQTt.gifGod, stop being annoying


RM9lQTt.gif Here is what I think of all this….


Sabin and co. jump, hoping they don’t break something in the process, will work?


RM9lQTt.gifHey, it’s everyone alright?

DS1FfB4.gifI-I guess……

RM9lQTt.gifAnd Shadow?

DS1FfB4.gifHe is in the floor; I think he broke a leg….

RM9lQTt.gifHmmm…. He will live, let’s go!!


Here are our last two enemies before call it a day: Demon and Zombie have 400 and 500 hp each, the same weakness to fire/holy and poison absorption, nothing to write about them


We found a restaurant, and Sabin decide to eat there, despite the fact that he took all my dried meat


After some strange sound at the table and grab the best item in a chest, there is a cabin with also an

item, but before we reach it…


The mighty Zigfried comes to fight, what we can expect from him?



RM9lQTt.gifWell… that was quick…


Huh? Where I heard that before?


Hmm…. Whatever, moving on!!!



Another room has some chests and a mini-boss:


The only thing remarkable is that he counters almost anything with Demi, but that it. Somehow we got a black belt of it and get equip on Cyan


Aww, I wanted to cheat the boss, but we have another way to do it


Fuck!!! Sabin is a beast, meanwhile, inside the train:

aRXyEdA.gif WTF?!?!? These assholes take too serious my advice o_Olll


On to the topic: Soul train can take you by surprise with Evil tooth, a status effect attack that by himself doesn't kill, but that's why hot wheel and acid rain are there


After avoid our destiny (and pummel the train several times), Sabin tell what I think about all of this place


Meanwhile, Scarlet and Cyan jr go inside their last travel across the land…


DS1FfB4.gifFuck off!!!!!



After we get slap in the face, we see a very sad scene involving Cyan running like a moron








RM9lQTt.gifIt’s something wrong Shadow?

zMNPxFN.gif……Let’s go…..

See you the next time!!!! (and blame Fire emblem binary and FFT 1.3 for being too good (-_-)…)

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Let’s go! :

Let’s Play Final Fantasy VI Brave New World: Part Fourteen: Daredevils


The last time, we get to see how a family reunion can be fucked up! (also, Sabin showing us why he is awesome!!!) and now we watch a soulless man leading the way to a waterfall, let’s see how end up….


Before enter the place, I get everyone up to lv 10, also remove ANYTHING that Shadow wear before, because have survive a haunted train that talk doesn't give him enough trust to just ask us if he can borrow them (-_-)*


DS1FfB4.gifSo let me recall our plan: we jump and scream like monkey until we break our necks in the river rocks, and then we walk out like nobody business

RM9lQTt.gifHmm… Sounds funny!!!!!

zMNPxFN.gifYou two are fucking crazy, I’m out

RM9lQTt.gifPsss, what a pussy





Of course, falling down until you reach the floor would be way too easy, now we fight flying Piranha because Final Fantasy (they have 100 hp and no weakness/absorption whatsoever, they are THAT forgettable)


And yes, Sabin is THAT pro that he can blow your head into pieces by smash it on water While falling to his death


After kick some jaws, mother piranha A.K.A Rizopas make his debut amongst the lamest enemies in the game (2500 hp, also no weakness/nullification, use the nasty El niño (water-base damage) and mega volt (thunder-base damage) just use Suplex and Dispatch and call it a day)


LASDL6ct.gifHmmm… they smell like meat… maybe if a give a little bite here…


This little guest its Gau, and he will be quite the topic in the update, despite the name of it


RM9lQTt.gifWTF man!!! He bite my ass!!!!


And so, Gau escape of the place never to the found again… until five minutes later


The Veldt is known to be the place where all species of enemies in the game decide to come when they feel like it (or when you whop their asses outside of it) so no new encounters here, outside of spirit, a weaker version of phantom that I didn’t show up in the phantom train (150 hp, holy/fire weak, absorb poison damage)


After some walking, Gau appears again and use el chavo’s persuasion techniques to ask for food


LASDL6ct.gifNobody ask you, moustache!!!


RM9lQTt.gifI don’t give a fuck

LASDL6ct.gifSo… you want to dance then?

RM9lQTt.gifLet’s me show you MY TRUE POWER!!!!



DS1FfB4t.gifThis is so gorgeous!!!


After some time, Gau just troll Sabin and wait for him to caught the joke, let’s hope he realize this soon…



For the sake of the plot (and mine) Sabin realize this an hour later


RM9lQTt.gifUURRRGGG!!!! You asshole!!!!


LASDL6ct.gifHey Mr. thou, where is your family?



RM9lQTt.gifHey you little prick; he just lost his family, use you head!!! ( Like you? ¬_¬ )



After some dance and cuotes, we finally can move on!!!


Now, let me explain some niches of Gau… give me a second…


Ejem, Where I was? Ohh yes, Gau is the most versatile character you will found here in this game, let me show off his actions


1) Equip him, he won’t last much if you forget this


2) Use his command “Leap” to make him jump like he was in an orgy on the enemy so he can learn his attacks and shit


3) keep smashing heads until he decided to appear again and profit, take note that he also can learn the attacks of the foes that you fight when he comes back (a side note; thanks the creators to fix the problem of have to be here a fucking lifetime until you learn all the rages, now only rageable enemies are here and they were compress into 64)


Here also you have enemies that will be useful until the espers comes out, to end this update, you ask, why all this ruckus and just ignore him?





See you later!!!!

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Round 2:

Let’s Play Final Fantasy VI Brave New World: Part fifthteen: Jackass


The last time, I kill a kappa that was doing my job and make clear this statement: GAU.IS.BROKEN (sort of really), after catch and learn any possible rage out there, we follow the mountain road until we reach…


…This town. Mobliz as stated the messenger, it’s a lost city in the time, the people I dare to say that they only know of the empire because one dude we gonna see soon…


The INN is not the only place where you can sleep, inside the relic shop, there is a door leading to a free bed, talking about convenience


And don’t bother with this, just go to the other shops (especially the Item shop)


These people have been of some help if I didn't actually recruit Gau (also, Elixir)



Okay, this one stupid love quest, involving letters, gossiping and much, MUCH sleeping and running like a idiot


Starting here… it’s looks like the empire are big assholes, breaking his nails so he cannot write, they should be shame of themselves, whatever, just come to this house…


“What?!?!?!? I have to pay 500 GP for a scrap of paper? Fuck him!!!” trust me, it will get worse, you then have to spam the sleep scene in the relic shop’s bed in order to make pass the time and another one reach Mobliz, and repeat the same thing AGAIN


Half hour of gameplay fast forward later, he finally give a reason to do this BS. The Life Bell being honest…sucks…right now of course, this little gem will shine later on


But for now, let’s do some shopping, two new items are now in the stores, the tonic which heals half of the max hp, useless right now because of how low it is, and a addition to 1.6.0: The Green Cherries were take out for whatever reason but they are back now, and we have to wait some time until they shine (I still buy 8 of those)


The armor and weapon shop just suck as the relic shop, but don`t worry, after a while the equipment will be better


LASDL6cm.gifOkay, Gau gonna run!!!

RM9lQTtm.gifWhy, we just-

:pirate: There they are! That brat eats ALL my meat!!!

RM9lQTtm.gifDS1FfB4m.gifGAU!!! (Run for their lives)


Sometime after the Benny Hill’s persecution, we reach Crescent Mountain in search for shiny things



Of course this doesn’t mean that Gau gonna behave any better, the asshole scare the bejesus of Sabin, making lose his wallet along with some money, that we really loss for the menu, that fucking kid!!!!


We finally found his shiny and Sabin has an idea of how use it (I can see how will end this…)


With another water sequence, why not!!! (Even Gau is question his choices in life, like why the hell he is with them -_-)


In our journey across Atlantic (A.K.A The Serpent Trench) we found these little arrows that will let you change your direction if you fell like it, of course if you do that you get the short way out, but no treasures in that, so the long one it is!


In this ecosystem you won’t find crabs and mermaids sadly, instead here are Anemones, packing up 250 hp along with ice weakness, but unlike you would expect, they nullifies Bolt along with Water. Next up, Anguiform have 300 hp, is ice weak and earth/water nullification (they use a nasty mega volt when die, watch out!), and last Prokaryote, 200 hp but only Bolt and Water resistance


Here is our useless profit


We finally manage to go out of the water (magic is the only logical answer, so don’t ask!) And reach our objective, Nikean


Here we found new toys to play with: I finally buy Edgar’s Bio Blaster because I really like the challenge, the kotetsu, stout spear and a 2do spirit claw are a must, and one of each relic I don’t have with a iron armor and silk robe and that’s it


This lady wants to make some “business” with Cyan, ending up with some hilarious scripts


Just before our party go to Narshe, Gau get some exp to be on par with everyone else


Then, we found again this scene, with only one tale to be told…

See you later!!!

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Today’s update:

Let’s Play Final Fantasy VI Brave New World: Part Sixteen: Cross-Dressing


Last time, our dynamic duo and Gau FINALLY reach Narshe, meanwhile…


wwmTLYEm.gifFuck! He got me!


wwmTLYEm.gifNope! (I understand that you are a dork, but come on!!!, you see him 5 second ago!!!)


Duncan’s wife is awesome as his husband


Normally, you will try to whop everyone’s ass and escape this place, right?


Well, that doesn't work here! You have to follow the gimmicks because Fuck you, son!


Remember this asshole? We gonna need his help soon enough…


wwmTLYEm.gifI’m a treasure hunter, goddammit!!!


Locke prove the guy's statement by stole from him, but then…


wwmTLYEm.gifMoon Crystal, maaaake up!!!! And now he is a merchant, I didn't know FFVI have a job system :awesome:


Ohhh yeah! Don`t wait too long for him or you will be destroy by Shinobi’s powers and shenanigans


wwmTLYEm.gifBut is half the price! You will never find a pendant like this!!!

:Soldier:There is one like that in my house…

wwmTLYEm.gif…Gonna go!!!


Okay, this kid here is the only thing that has a logical way of do things around: He will not let you pass…UNLESS you are a merchant, because being honest…


You would let THIS guy wander around your house?


Locke as always confirm this by robbing a tonic inside this room


Ohh right! You can’t cheese this BS anymore; Here was a bridge before where you can pass to the other side without any of this hassle


We climb the ladder in search for some way to escape (why the hell he don’t just jump that fence and run for his freedom? He survive a fucking 3 floors fall searching for Terra!!!) And found a green soldier that try to kill us


You know that you sucks when a merchant can easily take out the guy that whops your ass


For plot reasons, we assumed that he just rip out of his clothes and the guy run like a draftqueen with heels


After go back and get rid of this dude…


We get some useful info about Kefka trying to seize Narshe and a traitor, two bits of info that Locke didn't know despite being there for like one week (Sabin REALLY wanted that bell) because, again, HE IS THE WORST SPY EVER


Inside the INN our valiant hero steal another poor merchant


wwmTLYEm.gifFuck you, if you wasn’t a senile old man, I swear to god that-

:MerlinusYoung: I will tell you where you can escape I you bring that to me

wwmTLYEm.gif…I would kiss you in the cheeks!!!


Again, we ste- wait where is the dude?!?!? Locke, what the hell are you thinking?!?!?


After we get out of jail and buy another bottle of Cider…


wwmTLYEm.gifOkay, so, I did all this fetch quest so you don’t tell me the password and I have to guess?

:MerlinusYoung: hmm... if you putting in that way...


wwmTLYEm.gifFucking asshole!!! (BTW, this kid somehow, gets a laser beam and sends you back to the start if you give the wrong answer)


wwmTLYEm.gifFuck that house!! I hope it burn in hell!!! (All items in here are already in my possession, so let’s go to the plot)


Only two words: KILL. HIM (and not because he is a traitor, that was expected, is because all of this fucking gimmick that he make us go trough :@ )


And you discover this after an hour of wear it?


Before ending, have some masochism

See you very soon, I gonna wrap up this quick to ask something important…..

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Last one before the intermission:

Let’s Play Final Fantasy VI Brave New World Part Seventeen: Army of one and a half

The last time, Locke was enjoying an M+ scene involving one women with handcuffs and two soldier, let’s see how end up…

:Soldier: Jejeje, you won’t say anything?

NOnPmKcm.gif You dick looks like a lollipop… and not a big one.....


This chick is Celes and OMG, she is the shit!!!!

:Soldier: JA-JA!!! To think you would fall this low, General



God!! I love her new dialogues, it make her looks like a real general, no a whining mistress waiting for someone (Locke in this case)

:Soldier: Shut up!!! Tomorrow it’s your execution, but if you beg, maybe I let you go….

NOnPmKcm.gif First, take mint a shove it in your ass, because your mouth is a loss case, and fuck off, I prefer the electric chair, thank you

:Soldier: ….. Watch that she doesn't try anything funny, you prick!!!



What the-?!?!? Where in hell he go? Ghostbusters cameo confirm!!!! :blink:


wwmTLYEm.gif So much for being a competent soldier…


Locke, I know is shocking that a mouth like that can pull out that kind of puns, but be quick, the ghost can come back in any moment (o_o)lll


wwmTLYEm.gif … You have to always answer like that, huh?

NOnPmKcm.gif …..?

wwmTLYEm.gif Whatever, the name is Locke; I’m a Thi- No!! I-I mean a Treasure Hunter


wwmTLYEm.gifDon’t worry, I have a fetish about rescue sexy chicks and protect them until a new one come…

NOnPmKcm.gif Okay… I will remain in this cell, go out and save you


NOnPmKcm.gif (Well you have two choices, wait to die as traitor, or escape with this rapist? hmm… Hard choice…)

In the end, Celes decide to go with us out of this BS of city


But first out, I give the poor lady some clothes…


Because she is so sexy, god!!!! (But for the sake of her, let’s give her something)


Better… of course Locke doesn't support my motion


I wonder if anyone choose the second choice like ever…


:Soldier: Ram it up all the way in!!!


The lovebirds escape for their life and sanity, by using our new and shiny key in the useless clock in the corner, revealing a new door


And because the old asshole fetch quest wasn't enough, we get a new maze, filled with treasures and two enemies to our roast:


Both Doberman and Private have 200 hp each, and the only difference being the latter having poison weakness. But their weakness is compensate by having safe and demi as normal attacks, but of course Celes have a secret weapon against them


Magic!!! Celes along with the ominous Terra, have the gift of destroy things (with hypothermia in her case) using mental power, so abuse of it when you can





Have an item compilation, the highlights are ethers, they heal half of max mp so use them only on hard fights, a Magic cube, an accessory that have a mp +50% that let Celes kill more, and last the ultimate status-defense relic: the Ribbon, now only block everything except instant death attacks, zombie and seizure


After all that shit, we finally get out


wwmTLYEm.gif Because I need a replacement for someone that fall in a hole making a sepia movie long ago



We finally have control over Celes (I could switch the party anytime there, but plot-wise, Locke was escorting Celes because of her bruises)


NOnPmKcm.gif We have to go!!!


And no, I not taking these treasures... for now...


Of course, we have new enemies so this task becomes much harder, why not? Trilobite doubles Sand Ray’s Hp, so that it, not like Primordite that he not only have 100 hp less than Exocite, also come with ice weakness, so he is useless against us. Finally, Gold Bear isn’t joking around, 800 hp, fire weak and earth/wind resistance, packed up strong physicals, so he is your first target


Celes level up and learn magic like Terra, but she instead of slow, learns Beserk


After drink turtle soup, we found out our next boss-fight:


wwmTLYEm.gifAre you sure about that?

NOnPmKcm.gif Shut up and do you fucking job!! If you gonna save me, do it all the way out!!

wwmTLYEm.gif…… I think I fall in love :wub:



This one can be kind of tricky if you don’t have good timing: first, put Locke on Beserk, then use Runic, an ability that let Celes absorb any magical attack of the white/black/grey schools and gain mp equal as the spell mp cost and you are ready you watch how this fight is trivialize (don’t forget to put runic back and you are fine, even if attacks with physicals, Locke have skyrocket evasion and Celes in the back-row is a tank)


And now we are clear!!!!!

Okay, in 15 minutes or so, I shall do my intermission, see you soon!!!!

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Let’s Play Final Fantasy VI Brave New World: Intermission I: Some updates and a petition to anyone

First of all, God day everyone!!! thanks for watching my LP, I hope you like it so far, if you have any sugestions or ideas, thrown them up so I can improve my perfomance. But this is only one tinny reason for this reply, so let's go though it:

- BTB and Synchysi have release a new version of BNW, but not that much have been changed, so no worries about a restart

- We are at the end of the Early-game, so for now and forward, there gonna be a pool that will decide who I gonna use, what version of an item I get, etc.

- Of course eventually, we gonna get our first espers, so start thinking what Build you would like to see, state a reason to it and I MAYBE choose it (I also want variety, so try something crazy, you never know)

And to the finale, I want to ask something, can anyone help me with the grammar and spelling? I'm not have the best English and I want my LP to be nice visually, so I accept anyone who has the time to do it, and thanks beforehand (also if you want give me more ideas to make this more spicy and funny, you are welcome!!!)

Thanks for read this, have a good day!!!

Edited by ronlyn

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