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Let`s Play Final Fantasy VI: Brave New World

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But more of that later, Terra wonders where the fuck are the guards, they aren’t in Albrook: we stock our dried meat there, and Edgar makes sure that every women escape and enlist the Imperial army; Nowadays, our crew enter the spooky Sealed Cave and found a rather awesome weapon: Demosbane will stream roll everything here if you bother to bring Locke/Setzer with you


We grab an amazing revivify in our way to the first obstacle here: The bridges will change every five seconds, and if don’t reside on a safe spot, you will experiment the pain of burn your ass with lava


Then, Terra reaches lvl 12 and learns fire 2, making more of a joke this place. Edgar was about to equip Unicorn to improve his poor hp pool, but then I decide to do it later, when the enemies are really a threat


En route to the esper’s gate, we found two switches; the one on the left triggers a REAL HARD FIGHT: Ninja have a whopping 2500 hp (Shadow… why you are so squishy?!?!?), Poison weak and fire/wind block. This dude over here can destroy whatever party you bring to this place, even Edgar/Sabin combo with Bio blaster/Dual-poison claws will take two-three turns to bring him down the ropes, and he meanwhile spam water/fire/bolt scrolls, along with the annoying vanish spell (A.K.A “fuck-you no jutsu”)


In his last moments, he mumbles about hidden treasures, don’t worry, I will give you my condolences while taking them ;)


As I promise, I strip all the hidden treasures for this room (R.I.P derp dude) but I quickly regain my composure when I see that beautiful Ninja star in my pocket, this item will be useful later on


xBurhqe.gifAnd where is our pay?

VwzpWIx.gifOh, is right here in my pocket, let me search … Wait one moment…You assholes!!!


Whatever we just gonna pummel his ass…


And see how he escapes while two mooks try to kill u…Wait, What?!?!?!?!?


So yeah, BTB thought that was kind of pointless that a door sealed away long, long ago, was open in like, five seconds, so he hack in a little surprise: this fight is hard, The Phalanx (5000 hp, poison weak/wind block) are quite competent, Guillotine will destroy anyone in the front row (BTW, you start the fight ambush by the enemy), Harvester is hard-code to be used when you feel cocky and spam muddle, they heal themselves, and Demi/Protect/Shell are toss to make your life ever more harder


After some beating up, Kefka appears and tries to cheese you with Tier-2 spells,Bio and Doom, so make quick work of the remains of those two, to finally slap Kefka’s face to end this fight

Giving these weapons FFIV names?! Explains why they removed these names as this game was titled FFIII on the SNES version which had some music from Chrono Trigger. The SNES one was badly edited, but it was the best version of hem all!!! Chrono Trigger music which climbing the Death Peak track plays in Narshe which changed in all the other versions.

Revivifies are undead banes which are overpowered against them.

That sure is real difficult to battle them at LV12-14. Imagine the Skybase since they're full of them. On the hard mode patch, Espers do not give you boosts when you level up and the Dragons there (The ones with the Genji Gloves to steal) can use wail which instantly kills a character.

All about the shadow warriors code. Whoever knew that Ninja's be working under Gesthal when they are normally lonewolves. But...they are hires for pieces of gold after all!

Payback time!!!! :DDD

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Some responses:

- I didnt Know about that one, but as I say: you learn something new everyday...

- Some items have been Edit, so you can only use them on your party, the phoenix downs and revivify are some of them

- the expected lvl to the FC (floating continent) is 18-20, and you reach it quite easy if you care to fight all the encounters before that place

- TOMORROW I will update: I fucking hate to say it, but... I miss my old pc and the laptop is way too much annoying to work as quick as before

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Ready for more?:

Let’s Play Final Fantasy VI Brave New World Part thirty: Interview brought to you by VTV


The last time, Ms.Brandford and co. failed to bring the espers to this world without destroy everything in sight, now along with her, we go back to The Blackjack


Ehh… let just say they didn’t get the memo about help us and all that jazz…


nY0fy0i.pngThe espers… they are near…

wwmTLYE.gifHow in hell you know that?

nY0fy0i.pngHere, I have e-GPS in my phone, you should check it out!!!


Shut up and get down!!!


Wow, these aren’t fucking around…


Well, if you take the fact that you carry fourteen of their death friends in your pockets, you aren’t exactly giving a good first impression…


8zgayF4.gifEmm Setzer… The airship got hit…

I2SMsQH.gifAwww, fuck you Edgar!!!!


And, as always, we end up falling on our sorry asses


See Edgar? This is why I don’t let you have fun -_-


I do some party arrangements: Setzer finally see the light of the sun, along with Seraph for some nice Hp/Mp +, and Cyan take the lead so he can whoop some imperial’s asses


Wow, Vector's economy these days is hard; the empire had seen better days…



Good idea Banon, now we have an army that will destroy everything, ally or enemy


Normally, when you enemy tells you that was waiting for you, you should run, because it’s a trap


But c’mon!!! This game has everything except logic, so let’s go straight inside!!!


When you realize that, when they torch the entire city, or when Bahamut come to say hi? And don’t come with that BS of “peace at last…”


Gestahl in person… he is… just an ordinary old man, and he is suppose to be my feared enemy? (Later we gonna laugh even more at him)


After he starts to babble, Cid makes an appearance in the place, putting words in Gestahl’s mouth


Like... you know... STOP KILLING THEIR FRIENDS!!!



After some words, Gestahl give us a task: we have to persuade 24 soldiers to stop fighting, so we win a shiny thing. All of them are inside the imperial base, but here is the catch:


Some dickheads want to fight, and thanks to BNW overall harder enemies, the task that would take 3 min at max, now is almost impossible if you don’t optimize you run across this place, worse if you go to the jail or talk the same person twice, you have to be quick


The highlight of this little task: Mega armor (1000 hp, bolt/water weak) is the trap of this place: if you fight him before all the others, he will suck all your time left using barrier and regen to be night-impossible to kill in less than a minute


…And for whatever reason, Cid decides to sit on our side; He knows that we don’t give a fuck about him, right?



The next part consist in rounds of question that you have to answer in the logical way (read: your answers have to be the most nonsensical and stupid of all; Example:“Yes, they are a danger”, of course, because the fact he was the one who enter their world and use almost all of them to start a 2nd war doesn’t count now)


These robe soldiers over here challenge us to see who are the best team. Let just say that Cyan will sleep with a smiling face in the night (1500 hp, the same thing as phalanx, only worse and without gillotine), whatever, we talk to Cid to wrap things up…


Yes, I promise that this war is over… for now…


9WDnnxS.gifAnd I want Terra in that boat, because MAGIC


nY0fy0i.pngHmm… sounds good enough to me


And then, the definition of awesome enters the room… (Please, be on my team, Even Terra can go and take a hike if I can recruit you with that!!!)


DS1FfB4.gifThou arent resposable of Kefka’s actions...

qTX2s23.gifHe was singing while doing that, right?


qTX2s23.gifI take it as “Yes”

See you soon, the next one will have:

- Locke with even more fetish than ever

- Terra showing up why she is awesome with a fliying disc, and…

- Celes giving us a quick class of “The ice law”

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We have some touching moments today:

Let’s Play Final Fantasy VI Brave New World Part thirty one: Shattered Illusions

The last time, Gestahl try to make us believe that he change and all that jazz, of course, we don’t trust any of his statements. Now let’s see what happens after that…


Locke as expected, follows Terra on her mission because his protection fetish wouldn’t let her go alone


nY0fy0i.pngIf you come any closer that 1 mt, I fucking kill you, got it?


xBurhqe.gifAnd no Edgar, I grab the bar to check it out myself, so go and take a hike

8zgayF4.gifDamn it!!


And that’s how we end up with the squishiest party ever. Hope you brought lots of healing items and back-row weapons


Before going for some treasure hunting, this robe dude gave us some prices for doing a splendid job at that dinner yesterday (don’t pay mind at the fact that you sleep INSIDE THE DINNER ROOM the day before):

- All troops gonna retreat for both South Figaro and Doma

- You get access to the Imperial Check-point’s treasure room for beat up 24 soldiers

- Gestahl send you a astounding life bell for have good etiquette and ignore Cid’s whining at the dinner



And now: The treasures here: they are neat (I dont see you there, revivify)


Also, here’s Kefka inside the prison. Yeah dude, what you gonna do now? Destroy all living things? Pffff!!!


You know that your world sucks when the only bathrooms IN ALL THE WORLD are inside the enemy’s headquarters…


Thanks Arvis!!, your sacrifice won’t be forget (until five minutes later)



On the imperial base, the room is filling with way more useful things that you think. That reflect ring will make himself worth way later in the game…


One last optional thing before the plot: Inside the Blackjack, we found a strange duo having a dialogue sequence:


I2SMsQH.gifWho the hell are you? And why you inside my airship?!?!?


Poor Cid, he is just a trash can to everyone...


At least Setzer have a little more education that most of the people in this party


I2SMsQH.gifOf course, I still have some of that passion now…

nY0fy0i.pngSetzer, please don’t: My hand still hurts for punch Edgar’s face the last night…


I2SMsQH.gifBut something was sure: all the nights we were the best “friends with benefits” ;)


nY0fy0i.pngShe just left you for someone else, don’t you?



Good one there, Terra. Edgar must be proud of you…


Finally, after restocking at the item shop, we go to the sailing point to see General Leo


Great… Now we have two annoying random sol-


Well… shit


Locke try to talk to Ms Cherre, but she just pass on him


Emm… thanks?


Then, Leo tells us to go at the INN for some rest, see you later!









Of course, Locke doesn’t give a fuck about my comment, so he decide to take a walk outside…


Just to find his beloved looking at the river (you should hear this OST, it so good and fit the moment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoBn04lcNmo )


NOnPmKc.gif(I don’t know: Maybe has something to do with you and me at the magitek factory, you jerk!!!)


NOnPmKc.gif(Of course you believe in me now, but back there when I nedd you the most, you ignore me!!!)

NOnPmKc.gifPlease, scram off: I need some time to think… and… you still have Terra, don’t you?


NOnPmKc.gif(Don’t look back, you only hurt yourself, Celes…)


Locke then, is left in the dust… drowning in his feelings…



The next day, these scholars discuss about an ancient beast with astounding power. Little they know, than both of them will be right in the near future…


We finally talk again to General Leo , to end this update…

Next update in a hour!!!

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On to Johto the unknown continent:

Let’s Play Final Fantasy VI Brave New World Part thirty two: the town lost in time…


Last time, our favorite lovers have a little discussion and end up pretty bad. Now we are traveling to the east of the Velt in search of the espers…


Later, in the night, Ms.Brandford as always, question about her life and why in hell she end up in all of this shit?


qTX2s23.gifOf course, maybe we have to change our psychological tests JUST A LITTLE…


qTX2s23.gifOne time, you burn two dicks who think that was a good idea thrown chilly in your dress. Ahhh, the old times…


qTX2s23.gif(Dafuck is she saying?) Ehh...I don’t see why not…


qTX2s23.gif Now, walk away VERY SLOW…

nY0fy0i.png…And that’s how I was bor-, Hey, where are you?!?!?


nY0fy0i.pngYou fucking dick… And how is behind me?!?!?



zMNPxFN.gifSo tough luck, kid

nY0fy0i.pngDamn! Maybe that soldier over there will listen to me…

zMNPxFN.gif…. Huh?



Okay… the next morning…


Celes tries to say something…



But Locke is an Alfa bitch and walk away, leaving Terra behind with the trouble


Now the silent ninja is again in our party, but for now, strip him out, you see why soon…


We found Thamasa, and despite the folks don’t talk to us, all shops still sell us all kind of shit, like these babies in the item shop: the Warp whistle are so much useful, they are one-use warp spell, and the only ones to use the spell are Shadow and Gau, so maybe you want to buy some…


The others aren’t disappointing either: The mystery veil will make some characters A LOT MORE useful by making them proc their weapons more often. Rods and Flails are new to us: Rods now uses mp for critical and their procs (Fire/Ice/Bolt 2 and Bio) are way useful if they connect, Flails are just useless despite they death proc, so you will never see them in battle on my lp. But now, in this town…


:Amelia: Mom, I fall on my ass and hurts!!!




As you see…




…There’s nothing strange with the citizens, so let’s go to the houses!!!


nY0fy0i.pngLocke… you are still using that cologne?!?!?

wwmTLYE.gifWhat? Interceptor doesn’t seem to be arguing about that!!!

nY0fy0i.pngFirst, he is a freaking dog!!!, and second, it’s because that thing smells like fucking meat, you idiot!!!


Even the elder doesn’t know about all of this shit, so let’s go to the last house and called a day…


We found this old dude: Strago’s new gimmicks will be discussed later…


nY0fy0i.png(His acting's so poor; he should be working at the opera house.)

wwmTLYE.gif(You've heard about that horrible performance too?)

nY0fy0i.png(I may have been in a coma, but I still read The Jidoor Review.)

wwmTLYE.gif(Everyone's a critic...)



Jr8b7kA.gifWhy do you have to kick me in the shins every time we have company?

s7XMAYM.gifOur guest needs entertainment!!!




Jr8b7kA.gifHey! Whoa, now!

s7XMAYM.gifWhatever. HEY, isn't that a doggie!?


Hey, I like the new Relm!!!




Jr8b7kA.gifAnd don’t pay mind to my clothes, I like cosplay


And with that strange last bit, we go out, to end up this update

See you soon!!!.... I hope…

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Starting now:

Let’s Play Final Fantasy VI Brave New World Part Thirty three: hot wheels


Last time, Locke and co. visit Thamasa, the city with NOTHING going out of place, so we go to the INN for some sleep…


But in the midnight, an old geeze enter the room in search of his glasses


Of course that wasn’t the case, as he tell us that his niece tried to burn a house, something that for some reason doesn’t surprise the other two


They left in hope that they can save the pest, but somebody is having a bad dream…



f2ZTJzLm.gifOf course, half of the money fall in a dump, but is the thought that counts!!!


f2ZTJzLm.gif …Dongs!!!

vY5CCGpm.gifEhhh…. And if we call both of us “Shadow”?


zMNPxFNm.gif ….. Again having those dreams…huh?...


And then, we go back at our team…


No shit, dude. And of course, after I said that, the fire grow bigger (-_-)


Strago for some reason uses the smallest pot of water in the town


Jr8b7kAm.gif I don’t give a fuck about that! Inside that building is my niece... And she still owns me 50 buckets!!!



Then, everyone start to pray in orden to convince the fire to cease his attack…Of course, that didn’t go well either…



So we go inside!, but before that... the parents of the kid left him all alone with flammable sticks than explode when you touch them INSIDE the house… I NOMINATE THEM AS PARENTS OF THE YEAR!!!


Whatever the case, Strago is ours now! And we equip him properly to overcome this place…


As the Opera, enemies are see in the hall, you can try to avoid them, but the grenades are the most annoying enemies ever, so better beat them than be ambush by them trying to escape. As their predecessor, they have Explode to kamikaze at you and input the seizure status.They could be harder if gramps wasn’t packing out his first lore: Aqua rage will destroy them, and Strago have the MP to not stop using it, so abuse the hell out of it


After avoid some surprise doors with monsters inside of them, we got some rather redundant weapons inside the place


One advice for the next boss: please, PLEASE have Terra with dispel and slow, you will be grateful…


Because the next boss is quite the pain in the ass: Heartfire is one of those boss battles that you don’t want to fight blindly: he cast safe/shell and summon four grenades in the start of this hell. Your first two actions is remove safe/shell and input slow…


To finally spam everything that you have with ice properties to finish him off quickly. In his repertory are fireball, Fire 1 and 2 this along with the grenades, will make sure that by the end of the first turn, someone will be dead or your party will be on bad shape…


Whatever, ten or twelve turn later, he is history…


Our ninja dog found the girl and everyone was happy…


Until the useless enemies somehow defeat our party (I blame Locke for this!!!)


Shadow as always, save everyone...


And retrieve all of them in the coolest way possible


What secret? I didn’t see anything suspicious about this place...



Jr8b7kAm.gif Yeah, things go south when they realize that they were the food at one of our conventions


SxIYlcJm.gifHey the Monica! Now tell me, two plus two is…


SxIYlcJm.gifWitch! Chop her head!!!!



Jr8b7kAm.gifNope, you will clean all the mess you cause, little annoying pest!!!


Ahhh family, you can’t live without it….


wwmTLYEm.gifSo that settles all!! Let’s g- h-hey, where is Shadow?


… And we end this update here, see you soon!!!

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Here I go!!!:

Let’s Play Final Fantasy VI Brave New World Part thirty four: Scorched Earth


Last time, Strago found up that Relm burn to ashes a house that for some reason, the owner trough that was a good idea to struck fire rods inside of it. Now we retake our mission to found the espers. Before that, We grab this hidden relic, only to Shadow and Relm a future character, this ring lost his ability to protect against instant death-attacks, but in return, we gain this nice spell: Rerise will found more use in a low level party, I will make heavy use later in the WoR


Before going, Shadow once again left us and yes, he will retreat with all our goodies if you did equip him, so tough luck, son


Jr8b7kA.gif I wasn’t talking about tonight…

zMNPxFN.gif….. Goodbye…..


And now, we have green light to go en-route to the mysterious mountain…


We also get to see all the enemies we skip before: Adamantite pack up 700 hp and a ice weakness, but better not relayed too much of it because they use the nasty sneeze attack that blow off a character for the battlefiend and left him out of get any exp/ep/sp whatsoever. Cephalid (1200 hp, fire/bolt weak) tries to poison you along with electric attack (why in hell he uses his own weakness is beyond me…)


We reach the place and found another nuisance: Slurm have 600 hp and fire weakness, Terra will wreck them with fire 2, but before she can cast it, they can use magnitude so you better have locke ready in any case, and they also uses Discord, our first learnable Lore (inflict Berserk/Confuse/Haste: just use something that protect you from confuse and you have a really good offensive and defensive Lore. 12 mp)


Strago found in our way a new type of armory: the hides are competent because they can halve all type of elemental damage (water being in this case)


The enemies here uses status heavily: Cicada ( 800 hp, fire weak) fly and uses sleep X, meanwhile Kudzu (1200 hp, fire/ice weak) will incapacitate all the magic with rasp and Raid, the 2do Lore and last for this update (absorb hp/mp; It’s more useful than osmose/drain, but can fail more ofter and cost 16 mp). Finally, Adamantoid it just Adamantoise with the double of hp


Before we touch these statues with a big sign of : DON’T TOUCH, we go a little further, save our game and rearrange our team, because we have a surprisingly hard battle now…


In other words: These are icons will be important later in the plot before we know it (-_-)


Of course, they left these icons here, so we can learn about these things and laugh of their bad taste of art


(the plot here it’s so interesting, that I found up that Relm is behind us…)


But suddenly, a strange purple thing came out of nowhere and knocks off everyone!!!


wwmTLYE.gif I through you was working with the empresario

fJ9sBY6.gif Yeah… he is kind of strange, you know?

nY0fy0i.pngAnd say that the big, purple-talking octopus….


Whatever the case, we start the hardest battle until now taking a nice ice attack from Ultros that will inflict slow, so you maybe want to get rid of it with a remedy…


This fight show off one really good point of BNW: Sometimes, it’s better go all out in offensive to finish a battle quickly without loss a lot of resources. In this case, Strago was in the front row with a fire rod and a black belt, making use of fire 2 procs to do appealing damage along with Locke’s firebrand and Terra’s mystery veil to make procs more common…


Of course this doesnt make any easy heal all the damage he can inflict…




He still uses Tentacle on a random target, so you better heal often… and better don’t talk about El niño, just use gold equipment and pray that Locke doesn’t die, because Terra and Strago are too slow to make properly use of the items…



Finally, Relm make her entrance inside the battlefiend and she doesn’t lost time, it seems


Fuck off!!!


fJ9sBY6.gif Dafuck?!?!?


Emm, I don’t think so… I don’t make miracles, you know?


Jr8b7kA.gifYou still have to live! You haven’t paid me yet!!!


Relm using a camera her pincel to print her art


…….. just “……..”


Indeed, little nuisance….


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Once upon a time, was a 19 years old guy how wanted to finish a LP of FFVI: Brave New World... AND HE IS STILL ALIVE!!!!!!

MY PC FINALLY WORKS, SO LETS TACKLE THIS!!!! ..... Soon, I have to make all comments and upload all the images -_-lll

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Me: ….. What I suppose to do now?

Inner self: You have to say something funny and catchy, you moron!!!

Me: Right, here I go!!!!

Me: ……

Inner self: ……

Me: ……

Inner self: ……

Me: I’m dry...any ideas?

Inner self: Nope

Let’s Play Final Fantasy VI Brave New World: Part Thirty Five: The clown's revenge

Ok, where we left it?


Ahhh yes, Relm appears in our fight against Ultros and net us the victory by making him realize how ugly he was


Whatever, Relm joins the team, jadda jadda. We must find those espers before our lady over here becomes more annoying


Jr8b7kA.gifChunks, I knew that I should have bring those glasses!!!


In this little room, we can see a lot of exits, revealing the gimmick of this part: fall in our asses several times for completion sake… beautiful isn’t it?



At least these are useful things…


Our little miss over here has quite changes in her battle performance: she won’t learn healing magic for quite the time, so she receives a buff in everything else: now paintbrushes teach some spells and restore hp when you attack your allies (of course, you can’t target an enemy unless she is confused)


Walking a little further, we finally found the espers


Of course, our heroes, somehow, manage to get them angry at us (I blame Relm and her mouth for this!!!)


The leader of this little congregate burst out and try to talk to Terra using Telepathy


nY0fy0i.png What the?!?!? Better start to forget all that bullshit in your mind, or I will broke that “horn”, you pervert!!!

hI504u6.gifBut I just-



You know? You could just send a text to Ms Brandfort right there telling us to GTFO before you ram into us ¬_¬


hI504u6.gifI’m looking at you, Gabriel

Uso6zI5.pngAwww c’mon!!! it was only a house!!!


hI504u6.gifAre you sure about that? Can they really change that much after all of this?


And then, we warp to Thamasa



Leo and Yura quickly resolve all the ruckus and left all in the past


At the same time, our lovebirds finally put their differences…


… And they live happily ever after…


Of course this would be way too nice for the developers, so instead, Kefka make his appear



VwzpWIx.gifSo you think this is funny? How about… THIS!!!!


His watchmens proceeds to obliterate all our party members in a blink of an eye.... well, at least Leo and the espers are fine





Everything wasn’t that bad at all; we finally get a hold of the mighty general Leo!!!!


He's so BOSS, he can use an armor only for womens… and he looks way better that the girls who can use it!!!


Leo, tired of this, decide to put an end of Kefka’s pitiful life


Stat- wise, Leo hasn’t change…


So this is the common thing when he uses Shock, isn’t beautiful?


Then, out of nowhere, Gestahl make his entrance


qTX2s23.gifThat’s sounds good! Where I gonna go?



qTX2s23.gif Kefka… you bastard



You know? The first time when I play this, back 2005, I was shocked by Leo’s death, having a great character and person, being cold murdered by this clown was the thing necessary to realize how evil Kefka can be…



Our friends in the other side of the door, for some reason, decided to escape of their home just after Yura and Co. have been crystallized



Kefka using his signature attack: FROG SONG


What a jerk, he is the perfect example of why you don’t want a mad scientist and a crazy cat-lady to have a baby



Kefka using his 2do best attack: THE VOID (NoThisisnotareferencetoFFVnope)


Okay… I think we lost him…




And Kefka ends up this part with a laugh, bringing the beginning of the end with it……

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Shit got real! :

Let’s Play Final Fantasy VI Brave New World: Part Thirty six: Extra II: Lurking around the world


The aftermatch is sad: the mighty Leo have fall to Kefka dirty tricks, and sorrow was the only thing left behind…


What? An incredible powerful and shitastic soldier that every five minutes ask to everybody what love is? No thanks


Meanwhile, Ms Chere is questioning her life choices as a killing machine for the empire


Then, Locke see a wounded interceptor and make the quick assumption that Shadow is death (Of course son, because the ninja that save five dudes in a fucking house in flames, could have die by those useless soldiers (-_-) )


No shit (¬_¬)


nY0fy0i.png WOW….. Edgar, you have reach new levels on my rape-meter, congrats!!!


NOnPmKc.gifEdgar, long time no see…. and I remember why now....


wwmTLYE.gifLeo was stab by Kefka and die, Kefka was a little excited while mumble “I told you!!”


nY0fy0i.pngWhatever; Here is an old geezer who can use copy-pasted magic from monsters, and his annoying niece that uses a brush to print some ugly things, say hello to them

s7XMAYM.gifYeah! Let’s whop some tails and take some names!!!

RM9lQTt.gifHey kid, shouldn’t you go home and paint some bawls of fruits?



s7XMAYM.gifI through so


Finally, our crew is complete!



But before going into the plot, Ladies and Gentlemen’s: Edgar and his shenanigans have reached new frontiers: Now he is a pedophile too, hurray!!!!


Inside the Blackjack…


Jr8b7kA.gifOhhhh,Fuck! SHIT, SHIT, SHIT!!!!!

nY0fy0i.pngNow I can see where she get that mouth of her…..




NOnPmKc.gifAnd how in the world can you know that?

nY0fy0i.pngI have the power to heard the earth pleads… hence my name

NOnPmKc.gifCan you teach me that? That sounds kind of cool…

DS1FfB4.gifLook out!!


Suddenly, a gigantic mass of earth goes into the sky…..


And this action reveals Gestahl’s final move: make use of the Warring Triad to take control the world!!!





Now our mission is clear: We must stop all this madness before the world we know gets lost forever…


Of course, saving the world and all that jazz is for another part, now it’s time for some side-quests!!!!



First off, back at Jidoor, we claim another magicite to our list: Zoneseek will see some action pretty soon…..


Now with our new toy, I went back to Narshe to gain some SP to get all the spells I can


The next step is go to Zozo and grind some exp and money (I make use of the Exp eggs, I don’t want a LVL 22-25 character this early, I have plans)


Here, I get to show the greatness of the healing shivs; these knifes, like the paintbrushes, can heal your party members and grants +3 to stamina, the bad thing? Reduce vigor by 3


Here we have the Mystery egg: What does? Beats me, even the most dedicated players don’t know yet.....


After a while, Setzer learns life…. Wait, what?!?!? He doesn’t have any esper that teach him the spell!! This is simple to answer actually: The last gift for get the healing shiv is the life spell, that you can learn when you have equip it


And here we have this picture showing that the floating continent is nothing more that a twisted sealed cave, see you soon, as I get into the final perk of WoB

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Let’s Play Final Fantasy VI Brave New World: Part Thirty Five: The clown's revenge

Everything wasn’t that bad at all; we finally get a hold of the mighty general Leo!!!!


He's so BOSS, he can use an armor only for womens… and he looks way better that the girls who can use it!!!

Putting mad mistress Oliver(FE9/10)to shame. XD

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Ready to see an old buddy?

Let’s Play Final Fantasy VI Brave New World: Part Thirty seven: Air Gauntlet


Ok so… The last time, our heroes were drowning in tears and Gestahl was a step close to the domain of the world


This time, the game gives you three slots to fill up, but in this case, I only have two; Locke is locked (catchy, isn’t it?) to the next few battles because of our winner in a random question


Whatever the case, I pick up Cyan and Setzer: The next part gonna need some tanks and Locke is squishy as hell right now


And then….. The final round between The Empire and The Returners begins…..


Of course, the battles are a must in this kind of moments: The Sky Armor and Spitfire have 2400/1200 hp, bolt/water weak and blocks fire. They’re nasty in some much ways: Sky Armor uses missile to reduce your hp 50%, rotor arm to end the life of someone at half hp and tek laser just for the heck of it. Spitfire despite having the half of hp, can be way harder that his big bro: Uses fireball to seizure, Rotor gun and missile, so better get to heal often and more important: Bench Strago/Relm: they won’t survive this one without heavy healing and they haven’t ways to change that. Locke however, has tons of strength to make some good use of an Elec sword.


Meanwhile, Locke see some little bird over there….




And then an old friend appear ONCE AGAIN


wwmTLYE.gifYeah, no care about it. Can just die now?




Ultros hasn’t change his pattern: He now tentacle more often and without need of a specific command to do it, El niño will still do his job: destroy anyone who doesn’t have more than half hp, Ink isn't even threaten because Lock have a god-tier evasion and Cyan/Setzer uses evade-ignoring attacks like empowered


wwmTLYE.gifWhatever, I presume he will be as useless as you


Da hell is that? Looks like a bad toy-price from a cheap cereal


Mr Chupon brings a new nasty dynamic to this battle: Ultros can still destroy you, but you can’t hit him now, so you have to dispatch Chupon in order to end this… Of course is more easy say it: he can be a pain in the ass with snort, a physical that hit twice, that wouldn't be bad if Ultros didn't spam tentacle and El niño so often, so I hope you bring some Haste/Protect/Shell/Reraise user


But his worst thing is wind slash: wind/earth damage is more powerful than normal elements, so even with shell, Locke was taking 300 hp


This, of the other hand, leads to some awesome results sometimes


After a while he uses sneeze to get you out the blackjack




This action leads to the most nonsensical and stupid battle until now: the IAF is chasing us, and we decide to fight it…. While falling to the ground to our deaths….. talking about awesome multi-task -_-


This one over here can quite nasty, sometimes even than Ultros/Chupon duo: Missile and Barrage makes sure to make you have a character to only heal the wounds so, the next attacks (name: Diverge) doesn't make you eat a…. air nap?


wwmTLYE.gifSetzer, you fucker!!! You could got us back to the airship!!!

I2SMsQH.gifBut this looks way cooler, isn’t it?


At the end, we finally reach our destination without any break bones in the process


But before we go , guess who wasn't right about someone’s death:



vY5CCGp.gifYou’re gonna be ok!


vY5CCGp.gif Don't die on me!!!

f2ZTJzL.gifPlease, stop screaming like a bitch, I’m still can hear you (¬_¬)


f2ZTJzL.gifThey will send me to Kefka…. And I rather be death to hear that fucking song!!! Stop being a pussy and kill me already!!!


vY5CCGp.gifNO! My cape would be ruined!!!


f2ZTJzL.gifI will follow you!!!! Even in your dreams!!!!




DS1FfB4.gifThou aren't death!


wwmTLYE.gifOhh, we were expecting you to be death, now we are so relieved…..





And with that, our last dungeon begins!!!!!!!

Edited by ronlyn

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Well, uh, I guess I'm glad I didn't say "take Relm with you". Locke can still steal stuff, though I don't know how much of it is worth stealing.

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Now steal it's only useful against humans, because tell me, how in hell a Flan could have get a Murasame to be steal? Of course, the quality of items are far more superior (this, again, is because Potions and X-potions are more useful now)

Edited by ronlyn

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But you can jack things from Ninjas, Gigantos, and Nerapa, assuming their types weren't fiddled with :P:

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yeah, you could get some neat steals (ninja stars FTW) but again, you wont have time to steal (mug maybe) with those fuckers spaming scrolls like crazy as I gonna show soon

Edited by ronlyn

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To be honest, I took Mog during this segment. His dances were quite useful, as they tore the enemies a new f***hole and kept my allies healed at regular intervals. Still a hard af dungeon regardless.

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Ready to see an old buddy?

Let’s Play Final Fantasy VI Brave New World: Part Thirty seven: Air Gauntlet


wwmTLYE.gifOhh, we were expecting you to be death, now we are so relieved…..


...And we know now on how and why that the Ninja's attack you throughout the game here, at Gogo's dungeon and at the Final Dungeon. He's a traitor to the ninjitsu academy and now they want his head. So...they side with the empire.

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So much rage…..

Let’s Play Final Fantasy VI Brave New World: Part Thirty eight: The hell is way nicer than this…..


So last time, Locke’s party went through some extreme and bullshit battles before reach their objective, so let’s go!


And of course our first enemy found is nothing more than Behemoth. He packs quite a punch in hp (6000 hp), immune to Wind/water and he’s weak to ice (something that I don’t have access right now) so he will survive to show off all his attacks: Slam serves as counter to any attack that’s not special or magic, so prepare you anus and phoenix downs…. You will use them here. And don’t get cocky and heal often, because he will use Meteo at his 3er turn and will destroy you otherwise.


At least something good out of it: Cyan learns his signature move for the rest of the game (in this build set): Dragon uses stamina to inflict damage to the enemies and can blow a new hole on the enemies right now




The next one on the list is Djinni: 2000 hp, typical undead weaknesses and absorb poison. They are my 2do most hated enemy here, why you say?


Because THIS: Discord is a pain in the ass to deal with, if lands on someone like Cyan or Shadow, the will simply destroy everyone in the party (especially if Cyan gets a wind cut of Kazekiri) so better use an amulet on one of them (why not all the characters, you ask? Setzer will heal you with his attacks because of the healing shivs and Locke kills them even before they attempt to confuse him


Here, have some random treasure


Then, this appears: Looks like Fou Lu got some time to summon some dragon in this game; Dragon have 10000 hp and that’s it. You have to Deplete his hp with your most powerful attacks and prey that you don’t die:


- By Glare (This is what happens when you left a Dragon and a Medusa in a room, folks)


- By one of his nasty attacks (he has x4 in his damage formula, so if he lands his attack, Locke/Shadow is dead)


- By getting youself in the front row by polarity and then OHKO’ed (polarity is his counter)


Next, we have.....Oh god, how I start? Ninja has 2500 hp and human weaknesses/blocks. They don’t look THAT menacing, don’t you think?


WRONG! THEY ARE THE FACE OF THE DEVIL!!!!, they spam Fire/Water scroll like crazy, and they, like the good professionals on this art, will get these pretty much before you get to do ANYTHING!!! On this point of the game and forward, Heal whatever damage you get on a battle, because they will not give you second chances, but you want to know the worst of them?


They use Vanish as counter if they get attack and properly kill any character with 430 or less hp with Kunai, maybe you would like to have someone waiting this to happen, so he cast magic and cancel this BS (that one gonna leave a huge scar on Setzer’s face, BTW)


Our next target is Dactyl: 2500 hp, bolt weak. They’re easy to deal with, but kill them first (even before ninjas)


Because they hide Cyclone as their special attack: This leaves the characters than this spell lands with their hp at one digit, perfect for the ninja to use water scroll to end your life (the other 2 attacks: Epoch wing and firestorm (seizure) are quite easy to ignore)


This dungeon gimmick is simple: you get absorb by the ground.....


and get split out in another place, while pressing some buttons to open new roads


So our next buddies here are: Gargoyle (1500 hp, earth absorb) which can throw at you Quake, and heal his pals with Holy wind (Strago can learn this). Our other guest is Brainpan (1600 hp, ice/water weak, block earth/fire) these little nuisances can go as far as inflict stop with smirk, then merciless thrown 1000 needles at you, a lore that will always deal 1000 hp, and this damage input always will be deadly to you, but not to the enemy (seriously, they can’t change this lore and give another one?)



Inside a orb, we have this friend to help you forget all these assholes for a while: Gigantos packs 10000 hp, poison weakness and block earth. Can use normal attacks and can use or counter with throat jab, which will kill Shadow/Locke and sometimes even Cyan or Setzer if they don’t heal often, but he is kind of a breeze compare to his mates. His last resource is avalanche, so be on your toes and he will be death even before you know it ( One last thing: This one is hacked so everyone gets Sneeze of the fight, but Shadow get all the exp and ep to catch up)


So without someone else new to show off, Lets talk about how my characters perform in this place: Locke is kind of useless because he do the same as every physical unit and steal/mug doesn’t cut it (just a water scroll for get exposed to a horrible death by ninjas? No thanks).Setzer and Cyan have the same role: being tank that absorb all kind of damages and cure our team. Finally, Shadow is perfect to smack things (especially if he gets some procs)


But even with a full geared team, these fights will kick your ass so hard that you will not grind too often


Don’t do my job, game ¬_¬


So yeah, despite the fact that this structure is at least, 100 mts more high that our landing point and this time there’s not water to save us, these people thinks that this is a good idea


Shadow leaves us again because, hey, it’s his job being all mysterious and all that jazz




…… And Locke and Co loses all of their faces and die for blood loss….. that would sound way more realistic than “they fall on their feets, then wake up, clean their boots and go around the world because square"


Now, let’s see how the others fare in this hellhole (NOIMNOTGRINDINGNOPE)



The first ones are Mog and Celes: Mog have three differents options for damage: He can equip a thunder rod and start jumping like crazy in hope to land a proc for a tasty 500+1500 damage from the proc (Also, Dragon can use Cold dust: An incredible annoying spell that only can be cure by causing 2-degree burns on your friends (safety is first J )


(Looks how neat Mog looks when he is Berserk/Frozen) His 2do thing to do here is equip rising suns and start spamming that attack button for some nice damage on fliers


And his final utility is Dance of course: Earth Blues in specific can destroy everything here while healing the damage deal to you quite well


Celes is indeed useful here: She can sleep/mute those fuckers so we don’t see Meteo, can Berserk the ninjas to never see vanish/kunai shenanigans (seriously, she HAS TO always do this first when they appear) and she can runic those pesky Quake spells for some nice mp-recovery (45 mp a shot)


Our next test subjects are no others than the Figaro’s bros, from his side, Edgar is….. Really competent to be honest: He still can apply those status to our enemies (not berserk, but that’s why Bio blaster exist) and he heals quite a punch with cure 2 and lets not begin with how broken is confuse Gargoyle for some healing (set float first with shadow: they still spam Quake and hurts both enemies and allies)

Of course, his near useless stamina lead to him make me use almost 12 remedies on his stay in this place


Sabin is simple: he smashes things with suplex/pummel (and sometimes aurabolt) so there’s nothing worthy to talk about him aside of that



Next up, our second favorite family duo is coming! : Relm can be quite deadly with sketch, especially when she lands Meteo or Cyclone, ending battles quick enough to shade her useless durability


Strago on the other hand, is more incline to inflict status effects (named: Discord) and use his, for now, useful 1000 needles Lore. Oh, and he can destroy enemies mp along with Real, so that’s an extra (but don’t forget: they, along with gau, are squishy as hell, and these enemies don’t fail their attacks, so I hope you come along with 40-50 phoenix downs)


(Random pick while getting all the rages I forget)


The last two to show are Gau and Terra, the second one is kind of the same thing as Locke: she will destroy anything that flies and exploit some weaknesses (I’m looking at you, ninja).Gau however, is very versatile! Wild rat, Brainpan and Repo man are some ways to deal with all these battles, and if you think on your equipment, he can even absorb some shit and everything, so if you know what are you doing here, use him (but remember, he is still squishy and physicals are a no-no)


Well, until next time, when my sanity will go straight out the window and never comes back!!!

Edited by ronlyn

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And here I though the Floating Continent was a pain on normal! Good luck on this patch!

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Ok everyone, We have here kind of a situation: The next part is an special section, in fact, the whole part is just a boss fight , but I haven't decide yet how I gonna tackle it, so why dont ask the viewers:


It would be ready this night and I make sure you guys have some fun watching it, OR......


Of course gonna take more time, but you get to see all the fight and determinate if I'm a pussy or this is challegue

In Two hours I gonna check your answers, hope than all of you are enyojing this Lp!!!!

Edited by ronlyn

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I didn't see this until now.

I think you're doing a fine job, given the difficulty increases. Anyway, don't really care how it's done, I just wanna see it all pan out~!

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Is your body ready?

Let’s Play Final Fantasy VI Brave New World Part Thirty Nine: Special Part: The almighty Beast


So last time: I was showing off why I hate this place, but whatever, let’s see how are our party:


These are our 4 heroes:

- First off, Almost All my characters are lvl 20 with 10 EL to comparison

- Terra is equip to fulfill one mayor role: Make suffer the next boss beyond human limits (and proc Ice 2 in the meantime), the Black Belt gives innate Counter and the Amulet block the berserk/muddle/stop status (very important this) and the final piece is a Mystery Veil, that helps to get proc more often.

- Cyan is a different story: Sprint Shoes and a Ribbon only means that he gonna tank hard and steady, waiting out for a opportunity for thrown a Dragon, the 3er highlight item in his possessions is the Stat Hat (+5 in Vigor/Magic/Stamina/Speed, +10 Def/M.Def)

- Strago, despite he being quite squishy, he possess enough Hp to survive a particular spell, so I take the risk and take him in; That Stat Stick (+ 5 Vig/Mag/Stam/Spd, +12.5% Hp/Mp) gonna save his ass so much, and the gator hide help him tank better some status thrown at him

- Finally, Shadow is there rocking some neat equipment; His role is quite simple and nobody can’t do it as fast as he can: He will make use of those awesome item to keep my people alive in this LONG battle fight

Well, I have nothing more to show than this quote:

"I am Atma.......


I am matter..........


I am anti-matter...............


I can see your pass.............


I can see your future............


I consume time........



Here we have it, people: Atma weapon in all of his glory, how hard he can be, you say? Let just say this: Our last boss have 10000 hp + 2000 hp of each of his minions, Atma however, take that scale and smash it though the ground packing 60000 Hp……. Yeah, you should get some drinks and popcorn, this gonna take a while…..



First thing to do: buff Strago and Terra with haste: Their speed is important now, because Atma have a pretty weakness to ice that I gladly gonna use against him, along with some Empowered (later that turn, I remember this is one of those monsters with innate status, in his case, regen, and is a pain in the ass to deal with); Ice 2 was the star of the show, dealing +2000 of damage to him, and we quite need to end this first phase fast….


Because this motherfucker is as dangerous as you think: Meteo is a killing move if you don’t have 450 hp or Shell


This is when Shadow gets to shine: Float is always a must in this battle: Want to heal but you don’t have Float yet? Use float first!!!, don’t believe me?


Look at his Quake spell; it will deal 500 damage and even if you survive, he could use it again before you heal the damage of the last one, so better make some priorities. And don’t get too carried away attacking with Shadow’s shurikens


On all his phases, he uses Purge to erase all your buffs, and follow it with:


Quartr, the next step of Demi magic (that means is runic-able) and will leave everyone with ¾ of their Hp if lands, perfect for his next feature:


Flare, how many times this move kills someone that was about to get a turn? I can’t count them to be honest; this one over here ignores M.defense, so don’t bother trying to survive to it if you don’t have your Hp at 500 or more, just wait for someone’s turn to pop up and revive the lucky one


Terra can be quite a terror if her Ice brand’s procs succeed: 500+2000 is very nice and she gonna be better as the time goes…


Unless Atma decide to use Whirlpool to end her party: On a normal enemy could be bad…….In Atma’s hands, will kill even Cyan, so watch out for that one


Strago’s role in this one is not only for damage: He is quite the perfect candidate to use those tonics: Holy Wind can bring of death almost anyone


Gravity bomb can be a reason to an early game over: That thing left anyone with 10% of hp, and it’s quite probable that he follow it with a flare to the same unit, so tough luck there


Cyan with his newfound inner dragon, can do 1500 damage, use Regen and Cure 2 and on top of that, heal his Mp with empowered, so he is the ultimate tank


Of course these other party members aren’t the same


Remember those monster in the espers mountain? yeah, Atma copy-cat their annoying Rasp spell just because he can


When you deplete half his health, this quote will appear


And you better heal the hell out, like really fast…..


Because he will give you a warm welcome to this new phase with Flare star: An attack that will give you some pain because uses the level of your character to the damage formula, in this case, he deals 450 hp, but that isn't the problem……


The problem is that he starts using this: Mind blast is the nastiest thing ever: it will input on you (randomly thanks to god) all the status effects in the game except for frozen, making this more dangerous that it should be (especially now that ribbon doesn’t protect against all of them)


He also have Raze now, a fire/poison lore that kick your ass now just because we are humans (don’t know about Mog however)


Full power is now a thing: This counter will ensure that Terra/Shadow/Strago take a dirt nap more often, so maybe you should attack one at a time so someone else can revive the fallen one


And of course, she dies just before that juicy Zoneseek could be used, just wonderful (-_-)*


Terra redeems herself however, as she uses Dispel to remove one of Atma’s secrets, on his 2nd phase, he apply Shell and Safe, so better remove it before you start to damage him (thing that I didn't do in the first place and let him heal almost 5000 hp with regen)


This thing is taking too long, so I use the big guns:



Carbunkle can save the day in this phase, as he can repel all magical attacks not named Quake, Magnitude ,Purge and Mind blast, and remember that Holy Wind pass through reflect, so there is no danger about it


Oh, here’s a neat thing about red bulls: Remember when I state that they were useless? Now they are quite the trending topic here! They are a free one target float spell, making them quite useful to deal with Quake and Magnitude (another earth-base magic attack)



(Seriously, a 30 minutes battle? C’mon dude!!!)


And our rewards are….. No worth the problem….. For now


And because I like to suffer, we gonna do this twice to show off some neat things:


With these Characters in particular, surviving it’s easy just because of Rerise (to some extend, remember to recharge your mp often)


Mog dances are useless if you want to use them to attack, healing with them is the way to go, an early sun bath, or better, a harvester when Mind blast takes place later on can save your life


Setzer for now is just playing with his reels, because why not?


Relm…. Where in hell you get that picture bottle? Can I borrow it?


So yeah, remember when I say Atma Flares are OP? Guess how is now OP, you jerk (although, sometimes could cast Raze, but is still pretty good)

Hey, want to know something interesting about Setzer?





His slots are way to OP when they land In Bar-Bar-Bar….. WTF, he can even summon the almighty King of dragons and we haven't see it yet!!!



But still...... this one is dragging way too long, now what I suppose to do?!?!?


….. So……. let’s recap: We summon a Megazord and the King of Dragons in the same fight, and a 1/16 chance to appear bird deal more that their damage input altogether……… I CALL IT BS!!!!


Whatever being the case, we finally get to Gestahl and Kefka’s Lair right in front of the statues, will our heroes prevail? Find it out, in the upcoming part!!!

Edited by ronlyn

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