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Let`s Play Final Fantasy VI: Brave New World

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Let’s play: Final Fantasy VI Brave New World: Endgame IV: The Blazing Demon and The Ice Queen


If my memory serves right, team #01 trashed Kaiser, and now we got a hard choice in our hands………….Left or Right? (I know, scary)


In the end, after throwing a dice some thinking, I go right and found up some weights


Shadow is so boss that he doesn’t need to put a finger on that thing


Edgar finds his way inside the build an follows the left route to do the same


And the king put a face worth of a porn magazine


The three men finally met at the lobby for some bromance button-pressing action


At the end, each one of them goes forward to found……..




That they have some business to take care off


Setzer push out Edgar from his spot as leader and step in and face our first goodness


Asura proves her nickname by started the battle with a nasty MT cold dust and freeze some party member



Asura is clearly made to cripple your units with ST spells (Doom) and deadly counters (Loc-Nar, which you can evade)


Condemn is as annoying as you think and Blizzard will slow the shit out of everyone



The strats to take every one of the goodness is simple: Smack them with your most powerful spells/attacks and don’t use their thematic element (Ice on this case)


Tsunami is the only party-wipe attack you will see (and not too often). The next pics are the real reason of why she can be so dangerous: Three frozen party members and a berserk-doomed Locke are a game-over without a doubt


Did I forget to mention that Absolute 0/Meteo will wreck the shit out of you?


I really tried to beat him, but to be honest, this team was doomed to the very beginning: All three goodness have two inherited status, Asura have Safe and Haste, making my team totally useless in the long run because Celes is the only reliable caster and she’s too busy healing things and my damage dealers can't stand against Loc-Nar’s brutal power


So go back to the save-file before the split and choose other routes to my teams (see kids? This is why you have to save often!)


This time, I left Strago lead the fight


Overall, this team is based of stamina/magic attacks, which are perfect to deal with this kind of bosses


Even better when Relm (AKA Ms. Overkill) nail some Meteos via Sketch and cast some Flares


The others do the usual to bring her down (what did happen to Asura back in FFIV? She's uglier now)


Mind you, this isn’t by any stretch easy: The Warring Triad is the only set of bosses who match Kefka in power, and these fights gonna drain half an hour of your life quite fast


OH NOES, Relm was left all alone against her, whatever I do now


Fuck off bitch: she’s too OP for you


One down, two more to go!!!


Next in our list, we have Myria, who starts the battle with the dangerous Overcast, which inflict Zombie when someone dies (unless said person has protection against the status)


Please, equip spirit rings/ribbons and the death ward on everyone: Fireball is painful; Tyrfing is a counter which kill the unit if hits and Condemn is an assured KO if lands


Oh, have I mentioned that Myria has the shit-tastic Mind Blast within her script and every five or so turns she uses it? Yeah………. Horrible


Also, Flare Star and Aero are just there for reasons I don’t know (Really, Fireball is enough to bring down your party with the added seizure, and Flare Star serves like Quasar: “don’t have max HP? Well, fuck you”)


Myria has auto Shell and Haste, so things like Excalibur and Chainsaw rip thought her like butter


Sadly for us, Myria is the hardest of the three of them just because you face A LOT of MT spells/attacks that can potentially KO the entire team ( If for some reason you didn't equip against Zombie/Mind Blast, you have to expend more time healing, thus extending the battle far too long)


After near A HOUR of struggle, she finally goes down


And with that, one last boss stands before our final destination. See you next time

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After a month dicking around doing important stuff, I’m finally back, bringing some more:

Let’s Play: Final Fantasy VI Brave New World: Endgame V: The Thunder Goodness and a story of two wandering souls


Well, let’s just jump right into this battle:


Isis is well known as the easiest of the Warring triad, in the sense that she lacks some MT nuking power (Myria) or strange and deadly status effects (Asura). But her main features grant her the merit of being the most annoying boss in the entire Final Dungeon: Love Token is a straight physical shutter, as this ability makes one party member defend Isis for normal attacks until his death (like the knight cape). One advantage against her is that she only has auto-Shell and Safe, so slow can tame somewhat this beast


You have to shell/image your weaklings and keep everyone’s hp on top: Mega Volt, along with a trusty Acid rain/Holy can wipe out party members in no time



Sabin uses Chakra/Mantra and Golem to keep those effects as long as I can keep them. Even with a bitch-slap simple attack, Isis can consistently kill someone no full healed. Now, about Turmoil: it’s a physical counter that negates defense, so better keep Image up. Meanwhile, Shadow begins to thrown my stuff to Isis in search of a lap-dance……


With horrendous results by doing so


Mog also contributes to the damage via Break (Quake doesn’t pack the punch to be worth his use in 1.6.4, so no bother to use it). Rerise as always can save you some time if you have someone with condemn or at the verge of dead (And our ninja gaiden ALWAYS have the speed to apply said status and dick around)


Don’t get confuse by this lovely animation: This is the most dangerous attack in the entire game (even on the vanilla version)!!! Charm is Isis attempt to seduce one of your dudes or bring a chick to “the dark side”. Most of the time I would laugh at this, but in this mod, if someone get charm, you have to kill it in sight or you have to expect:

- Shadow throwing stuff at you, most of the time killing the lucky one in place

- Mog dancing Water Rondo/Earth Blues and X-magic Quake

- Sabin Suplex/Bum Rush everyone

- Edgar Noiseblast/Autocrossbow/Bio Blast everything

- Locke chucking the Valiant Edge/Excalibur because he can

- Celes Merton shit to cinders (Sadly, this is the only time you will see her being so efficient with the spell…..)

- Gau raging Sea Flower to recreate the tutorial all over again, or Mantodea to slice someone, or Marboro for some family fun via Bad Breath and Bio Blast (And I'm nice here; Gau is pretty scary if the RNG hates you)

- Relm Meteor/Flare stuff like always, just the other way around

- Strago spamming dangerous lores ( And I’d take my time to repeat this: blow fish is deadly only against the player)

- Cyan Cleave/Eclipse/Tempest things (and succeed doing so…….. what a dick….)

- Setzer magically rolling a 7-7-7, to brush salt to the wounds or just thrown money at you (with deadly results)

- And finally, Terra being the main threat with Storm, all the tier 3 elementals with Morph and Ultima (yes, she WILL use it if you teach her said spell before Isis)

So yeah, killing the character with Charm is a priority


After some tries, she end up like her sisters


But even with this, the evil pinnacle is still on his feet. Then, the clever (yet, stupid at the same time if you care to read the dialogue) quote appears:


kJCYDEEm.pngOhhh noes! The only way to end this BS is killing the clown that started EVERYTHING in the first place. Whatever I do…..

zMNPxFNm.gifSo…I get to finish the job, huh?

RM9lQTtm.gifCan I suplex his ass?

wwmTLYEm.gifFuck off, Sabin; His ass is mine!!!

DS1FfB4m.gifThou shall stand aside!! Kefka art vae victis!!!!

Jr8b7kAm.gifEmmm kids....The world is dying….. And you really can only think on that?

8zgayF4m.gifOf course not; I just want to ask to this lovely lady if she want to drink som-

TJoXICxm.pngI’m melting that “King’s spear” of yours if you dare to touch me, got it?

s7XMAYMm.gif(pss….Five thousand buckets that Terra burn his ass in the next five minutes, deal?)



xBurhqem.gif(Why I’m getting stuck with these weirdos….Oh wait, I’m a talking Moogle, don’t mind me.)


The time has come……


The reason why this threat is getting views even after a month of his last update…..


The moment that everyone is hyped for….


It’s time….. To vanquishes our crazy antagonist and his World of Ruin...


So…Are you ready to rumble?


GOOD!!! Because we’re getting the hell outa here and do some stuff first: I’m dry on phoenix downs and I don’t like a sashquash and a strange guy/lady copycat said thing pilot my airplane (Fuck Setzer, The Falcon is mine). Speaking of those two…..


Where are they?


Meh, they aren’t walking plot triggers or something. I’d take my time to steal some hidden stuff you can get from some enemies: the conjurer family can give you this lovely thing as strange steal: The snake oil is result of a tonic with a remedy in a single item, nothing too amazing.


In the meantime, Locke and co. tries to show us some interpretative dance


The Succubus family can give to the player the best defensive piece: The lazy shell can be use by anyone, and can bring someone’s resilience from “wed paper” to “tough as nails”

“Back at the Falcon”


s7XMAYMm.gifWhat the- Where in the world were you two!?!?



TJoXICxm.pngThis is….A letter?




VjVHNydm.gif…… (I also got some trinkets to our ninja gaiden; I don’t want his to toss away our spoons……again…..)


VjVHNydm.gif….. (We got bored and decided split up: I killed some stuff back at the Colosseum like the old times. Umaro decided to go at Jidoor to do some bets....)


uTf240am.gifExcuse me sir, but I have an objection: This sir only pay 6000 GP and I offered 10000GP…..





VjVHNydm.gif……… (And finally, we destroy something called “T-rex”…….It was easy…..)



s7XMAYMm.gif…… Did you understand anything?

TJoXICxm.pngJust shut the fuck up and say “YES”


Finally to end the day, let me show you something broken: From madam's family you can rob this beauty.Of course, this shield penalize the player with -5 on all the 4 principal stats, but the trick is: If you equip the stat stick/hat you erase that weakness. And this thing in hands of someone like says….Relm, along some hide, float and the black heart, will give you essentially a character immune to ALL THE MAGIC ATTACKS THAT HAS AN ELEMENTAL FLAG as result…..Nice, isn’t it?

But for now I end up my update: It has been quite a while since I care to write something this long and I need some time……. Until I got the final battle recorded (Yes, I’m posting that battle on YouTube because I have a little surprise for everyone), HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!!!

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Let’s play: Final Fantasy VI Brave New World: Finale I: Prelude of the end


With nothing more to do, let's end this, shall we?



s7XMAYM.gifUgh, what a diva……


8zgayF4.gifThat hair style doesn't fit you well………

VwzpWIx.gifYou know what? you are right: I need a makeover..... EVERYONE NEEDS ONE!!!!!




wwmTLYE.gifHey! Put me down in this instant excuse of a clown!!!

VwzpWIx.gifOf course, with pleasure!


Kefka 1 – Locke 0?


I2SMsQH.gifDon’t come with that shit on me, you dick: I’m pretty sure you took that from a book……. Owned by Edgar!!!

8zgayF4.gif………this is why I don’t let you take a pic inside my room


TJoXICx.pngTake me as example: I took orphans and teach them how to say bad words and kick in the nuts pedophiles like you.....


TJoXICx.pngShit!!! My nails, you fucking bastard: now its personal!!!!


kJCYDEE.pngOf course we have!! (………Maybe?):


TJoXICx.pngEspecially that little kid, Cecil: he was the only one who took care of me when Phunbaba kick the shit out of me. The others can go to hell


wwmTLYE.gifOf course, she has different hair, eyes, face and complexion, but she’s my lost lover (and the boobs are nice too)


DS1FfB4.gifThou know thy meaning of “bukkake”? Because thou gonna make you feel it!!!!


zMNPxFN.gif…….Ohh BTW, its 3.000.000 GP for try to kill me without my consent


8zgayF4.gifI will have dudes with skirts and chicks using dildo as weapons in case they don’t follow my orders


RM9lQTt.gifOf course, if I were to stay, I would have taken the throne already…….But what’s the fun on that? Just look his face filled with delusion!!!


kJCYDEE.pngOf course: If said dude believes that I’m like her old love and let me fall in a bridge, he better start running now before I slice his throat, put his eyes inside a bottle and sell his rests to Cid for chemical researches


kJCYDEE.pngHypothetically speaking, of course!……..yeah…….


Jr8b7kA.gifThat keeps swearing like a sailor…….


s7XMAYM.gifOr I’m gonna blow you up, you sucking doddering old travesty!!!


LASDL6c.gifAnd we can only give thanks to ny father for being such an asshole


I2SMsQH.gifSo now I can bring back to life the blackjack………. with poker…….. AND hookers!!!







Well………shit got real


I got a Terminator deja-vu moment from this scene for some reason


VwzpWIx.gifWhat? you don't want me to do THIS?


DX7oVLe.gifOops, I did it AGAIN


VwzpWIx.gif……. If you get to me first, I have to change my clothes: a gentleman must look dandy and healthy, you know?

Next part soon………

Edited by ronlyn

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This is a gift to all who has watch this LP from the very begin:

Let’s play: Final Fantasy VI Brave New World: Finale II: The battle for everyone’s tiers.


remember this as you watch this:

I decided this because the LP has been somewhat “monotone”, and I got some time free and decide to pick up ZSNES and make this little montage of the final battle, so I can use it as excuse to only show off characters stats and final thoughts of both their performance around the game, so let’s give it a roll, shall we?

Our first review is about our enigmatic half-esper protagonist, Terra:


Battle performance (4/5): What I can say? Terra is pretty awesome: Being the only mage in the first two-three hours of game where fire weaknesses are now needed to avoid so much pain is a big advantage over everyone else. Her speed problem is not that much of an issue because Edgar is the king of AoE status effects and espers aren’t a thing until later.

Mid-Game however, she receives such a blow into her ranking: She reappears after the escape of Vector’s Magiteck factory, and she only shine inside the gate to the sealed cave because of fire predominance inside the place. She didn’t hit 3/5 because she can easily destroy Atma using Ice 2 procs via Icebrand while having an actual M.def stat.

Things don’t look too promising later either: With the changes made to Phunbaba, now Terra is more prompt to be recruiting later down the line. Her new Tier 3 spells can only take her so far because 48/60/72 mp per cast is a tad expensive for random battles. Her speed is now more of an issue because is needed to finish battles without much of a hassle. However, once the Apocalypse and Gem box come into play, she pretty much becomes a killing machine: Apocalypse Flare proc can reach 5500-6000 damage if the proc lands and Ultima 5000 damage for 50mp (2mp higher than No gem box Fire 3, but without split loss and more deadly unless said enemies are weak to fire).

Build performance (15 Bismark and 10 Phoenix) (3/5): This is my first time giving a roll to this one and I must say: it’s interesting. She depends of procs and she has everything to make it work. She will never have the same attack speed as Locke, but being able to hit a weakness two times per turn (as I said, if the proc lands) can even things out. Sadly, her relics are set in stone and her setup must be made towards speed and evasion if you don’t want to have a strange magical Cyan than dies in a breeze because of counter-attacks. She still has utility spells and a good base magic stat to heal in a pinch. A solid choice for people who like to hybridize characters, just don’t put her into too much danger.

Overall ranking: (7/10): If Celes and espers wasn’t a thing, she would easily get a 8/10, but her speed along with her physicals allergy is too much of a drag sometimes.

Next, we have Celes A.K.A “Not Maria”:


Battle performance (4/5): Celes is good, but by the time you get her, you’ll need either her runic (this is a must if you don’t want to see those damnable soldiers spam Haste X/Demi) or her healing (that is easily replace by dried meats/tonics at that point, especially if Locke is the one toss them), nothing more (the mp use with ice is best invested on healing and attack with her can net you a dead lady because counters are pretty much guaranteed early).

Now, when Terra goes missing she enters with a bang: Lots of screen time, lots of enemies weak to her spells/elemental swords and gray magic start to be a viable strategy to end fights very quick. Her “time out” before Terra came out of her comatose nap doesn’t affect her rank at all: she doesn’t have fire magic to use at the sealed cave and Thamasa’s plot also lock the others out the action, so she’s on par. Atma is a joke if you bring her to the fight: Ice 2 can rekt the shit out of him and Cure 2 will keep everyone top notch (besides, two Float casters are better than one).

What I can say about WoR? If Celes wasn’t good before, now the game shove in your face her utility: AoE/elemental/support spells (minus fire: Merton is shit when you can spam fire2/3), Runic shutting down nasty spell (Meteor/Holy/Flare trio of death) while getting back A LOT of mp to keep shooting spells, hp and heavy gear if you want to face-tank shit without lose any of her healing capacities. Celes is god, Celes is life……. (Unless you decide to give her a stamina build: She would be royally fuck).

Build performance (10 Siren,5 Seraph, 5 Shiva and 5 Crusader) (5/5): Until this day, I haven’t found a reason to switch Celes into a physical oriented build because this one is so good!: 10 Siren early gave good speed to easily end randoms, 2-5 Seraph before Atma is a BIG difference (With them she’s 3KO’ed, without them 2KO’ed). Finally 5 Shiva/Crusader are the final ingredients to give you a strong caster that will never run out of gas (Watch the fight with Kefka if you don’t believe me).

Overall ranking (9/20): Four words: RED MAGE ON STEREOIDS

Now we have Locke, the thie- damn! I mean…… the treasure hunter!:


Battle performance (3/5): At the start of the game, Locke can take both roles of medic and speedy stabber without much of a hassle. His weapons can provide him a lot of evasion, mitigating some of his problem early on. Sadly for him, once he’s hit by either a strong counter or a magic attack, he will drop on the ground like a fly. But what makes him really annoying is this fact: if you played vanilla FFVI, you will have the VERY BAD habit of use steal on everything, giving you a dead Locke very often.

Things don’t change after the sequence against Kefka in Narshe, but now he can sustain the team via robbing people in Zozo, which is a plus to his status. Locke is also the character with most screen time in the WoB, giving you a lot of room to think what to do with his life (Of course, if you want to ease your mind for a while, just give him 5-10 Ramuh: You won’t be disappoint when Atma gets hit for 1000 damage with a Icebrand…….without the proc).

Locke receive a blow to his ranking once we enter WoR, and he never recover from it: Tedious dungeon with arbiter requirements (seriously, by the time you can get Locke, Shadow or Gogo could be on your team), steal once again lost his shine (only useful for Multiguard/Lazy shell hunting), and his physical and magical attributes are easily replace by other members, so Valiant/Excalibur and Apocalypse/Ilumina are the only reasons to actually search for him in the first place.

Build performance (10 Ramuh, 5 Ifrit, and 10 Phoenix) (2/5): “Meh” is the word to describe Locke here: Good strength, speed only available from people like Gau, and phoenix to avoid take a dirt nap as fast as Shadow. Sadly, as I said, he doesn’t offer something more appealing than attack and that’s not enough when you have shit like Tempest and Throw around. Even worse, there is a point in the game where the enemies can reliable hit Locke and all the evasion in the world won’t save his ass (He has X-magic to compensate this fact though).

Overall ranking: (5/10): Yeah, Locke is in a bad spot being unable to do things aside of steal/mug, X-Fire2/3 and X-Life 2. At least he’s fast……

And now, we have the “King’s Spear” in person:


Battle performance (3/5): Edgar’s killing potential is way above the average with Auto-crossbow and Noiseblast early on. His choices are pretty flexible and can tame pretty much anything on his path……….Unless for some reason you decide to NOT BUY ANY TOOLS from Figaro/South Figaro which can be a pretty bad idea taking the fact that this mod can get your party killed pretty fast if you only use attack.

Once things even out and enemies does equal at battles, the king does lose some of his niches (Auto-crossbow is the best example). However, what he lost in tools (yes, drill setting seizure is just a niche, nothing more), is replace by awesome support spells (haste and slow are a dangerous combo). AIF sequence is peasy-easy with his versality, and against Atma he can fill whatever job you gave to him.

WoR is a big disappoint if you are expecting something amazing from him: Tools are useful for their reliability at setting blind/seizure/muddle, but all these things are meaningless when you can dispatch enemies faster than they get affect by those. The Mana Battery is a godsend: Base Edgar with Magic+ gear can easily restore 45-50 MP per use and it’s free, but tinctures does the same and ethers save A LOT of turns where you can do something more. Dragooning with Edgar is something risky if your team wasn’t built to resist a whole turn without him (I have to admit: He is a pretty nice guy to have around so he can absorb hits), but overall is a nice way to deal damage. Finally, his weapon choices will vary depends of what is left from the other sword users, so using attack ends up being a lost turn most of the time (Unless you gave to him the Zantetsuken). Oh, and Chainsaw sucks when you have A LOT of things to do rather than gamble for an instant kill (I left that for Setzer).

Build performance (10 Siren and 15 Golem) (5/5): Don’t get me wrong, Edgar is amazing regardless of what I said above: Tools is without a doubt the most (and the best) support kit you will have in BNW: can set good status that you can’t use via spells or can’t be MT, can revive people with more hp than life and free mp recharge without any item is valuable. Damage wise he doesn’t get affect by his hybridness: Chainsaw can still do a good amount of damage, attack is decent and Flash/Bio Blaster can wipe out enemies without too much thinking. The best part of Edgar is that you don’t have to wait for too long to build his setup: an early 5-10 Siren will give you a nice killing move in the form of Flash (Bio Blast is reserve for places like Fanatics Tower). 5-10 Golem/Palidor can help his dragoon properties and 5 Unicorn can shoot his durability far off. A good example of a “jacks-of-all-trades” builds.

Overall performance (8/10): Edgar is the King of Versatility, he can fill whatever team you can imagine, and that’s important.

Sabin enters with a fury:


Battle performance (3/5): After his sluggish fight against Vargas, Sabin becomes the only answer to retaliate against enemies with hopes of survives a counter-attack. Suplex is easily the most game changer blitz as once your enemy is affected by his muddle side-effect, the only way said enemy comes out of it is that you purposely hit it with something non lethal (And you would be dumb if you do that).

Later down the line, Sabin elemental claws come into play and they pretty much turn him into a beast: slow, poison, mute and drain become available as procs and you have twice the chances of land them because of dual-wield (more if you take someone like Terra with a mystery veil). Fire Dance (learned at lv 15) pretty much dismantles every enemy formation inside the Sealed Cave and after that just SUCKS. Atma is one place to really appreciate Sabin problems: If a boss has safe, you’re fuck, like really: Claws won’t do remarkable damage and Blitz is powerful, but at times you can miss the input and that’s a lost turn which can extend a battle far too long if the boss decides to use something like Purge.

WoR is a roller coast with Sabin: Once you have the opportunity to visit whatever place you like, Most of the time, Sabin WILL needs some EL on HP if you want him to survive most dungeons filled with enemies using magic against you (Don’t worry thought: I have demonstrate that he can manage to survive both bosses and randoms alike with a Knight Cape/Black Heart and good evasion/magic evasion). The dragons are a joke if you berserk him and let him hit their weaknesses (by the time Kaiser changes his weakness against lightning, Sabin already had done around 32000-35000 damage to him) OR let him being the nurse of the team via Chakra and Mantra (The last one needs someone tossing tonics at him to keep it cool thought). He fall down once the final fights in the game comes in: The Warring triad and all of Kefka’s tiers have one way to shut him down, so that’s something to take into account.

Build performance (10 Golem,10 Stray and 5 Terrato) (4/5): There are two kind of BNW players: Those who prefer kill the enemy before they get owned (Vigor Sabin) and Those who like to tank shit forever (Stamina Sabin). I however, took that scheme and crush it into pieces with this new thing: Sabin bases are godlike (only Shadow can compete with them….. and he dies in a gentle breeze unlike our subject), and with the proper setup he can completely run thought whatever situation you get involve……. Not without harm however. 10 Golem early will let him keep destroy enemies via claws until way later into the game. 5-10 Stray while you reach that point will grant him good regen ticks to recover the lost HP (put a life bell and a Zephyr cape as his relics; you won’t regret that decision). Finally, 5 Terrato to finally fix that fragility against magic to some extent (Again, Zephyr cape can completely shut down any if you activate that critical:Safe/Shell proc: He’s almost indestructible when that happens). The bad thing: Blitz will never shine if you decide to use this build: all of his vigor blitz will need complete focus on that Golem if you want to get something decent from them. Chakra and Mantra are friendly if you screw around with equipment and EL (you need 50-55 stamina to heal a good chunk of mp each time you use Chakra, and Mantra only needs someone to use items on Sabin) but don’t expect something extraordinaire: Just a half-ass healing for free that can save your life in certain situations and a MT mp recharge move that you have to keep throwing because spells are costly.

Overall performance (7/10): He’s good all the way until Kefka’s Tower, then he just serves as meat shield and mp battery honestly (Except for Kaiser: That’s his last display of glory)

Thou art I and I am thou…….


Battle performance (2/5): Gonna be honest: Cyan still sucks. Dispatch and Mindblow are only remarkable in certain situations, Empowered is fine because of seizure mostly, Flurry and Tempest are just plain underpowered, Eclipse forces you to invest equipment in the only stat than Cyan really sucks for subpar MT damage, Dragon surprisingly do fine for being his weakest Bushido (that's because can be use on the back row without penalties, but whatever), and Cleave can miss.

Early on, you can complain only about his speed (he’s like my grandma going to the bathroom), but then espers appears, and destroy any chance for redemption: Speedy people like Shadow can act throw shurikens and daggers, drink and beer and take a nap by the time Cyan finish to charges his ATB bar (And you can miss the timing of Bushido and lost the effort). And no, Strago is slow, yeah but AT LEAST HE CAN BUFF HIMSELF and his M.def can take him to some places, unlike our friend here (Flare comes to say hi, Cyan).

At least he’s easy to recruit once you get the Falcon. Also, did you know that katanas can be also use by Shadow? Because he rocks with them (Seriously, now that the mod has a beta update to 1.7.0, I hope Cyan can hold on his own, otherwise he will sucks until the end of the world…….Literally).

Build performance (25 Kirin) (2/5): You say that this is low? At least he can serves as a tank here, Vigor Cyan is pretty much unusable because counters are deadly and even with his HP and defense he is going down in three hits because he’s taking full damage on the front row. With his stamina option, he can only use his Dragon bushido for subpar damage, Empowered and Mindblow for Raid/Rasp shenanigans and his regen heals quite a bit. It’s not the most amazing thing in the world but at least this way he doesn’t take a dirt nap each time he wants to kill something.

Overall performance (4/10): Cyan has been improve since vanilla FFVI, yes, but his fragility and lack of good damaging attacks can only take him so far with that horrible speed of him.

*Appears out of nowhere*...............My turn.......


Battle performance (3/5): Shadow’s gimmicks never changes ever in the game….. Which is a good thing: Shurikens despite being the weakest throwable in the game, can easily add damage since Shadow is fast as all fuck: When Cyan manages to get a turn, Shadow has already clear 5 fights or so, putting him on a good spot early on. Thought, you also have to check your money once in a while: He can drain your funds like really fast and you have to heal at some point inside Zozo, whenever you like it or not.

Another bad point to our ninja gaiden is, like a good ninja, he disappear in the most inconvenient way ever see, like seriously game: Why you gave us an awesome character to just after five or so minutes said character leave the party?!?!? That’s just awful. Besides, he doesn’t even catch up once you get him again inside the floating continent: you have to fight a WoR enemy to help him reach the average of the main team (lvl 20 or so).

WoR is where he redeems himself: After beating Tiamat and get Shadow via coliseum, you can take the falcon, go straight to Jidoor and buy some scrolls that you can combo with magic+ gear (again, katanas are useful on everyone that can use then minus the original owner -_-) for sick damage against mooks. Daggers do cost a lot, but ohh boy if they are worthy: 10-15 man eaters or sakuras can easily suck half of a boss life-bar in no time. But all the wonders of Shadow are also balance by this fact: How many phoenix downs you expend without Shadow in your team, 5,8,10? And how many do you use once you include him, 15, 20, even 30? Ninja stars are the king of damage in the entire game (suck that one, Ultima), and they are the best thing to use against Kefka himself.

Build performance (15 Phantom and 10 Fenrir) (3/5): Shadow has only one build (He shares this faculty with Gau), and you can decide how many EL of certain esper you can give to him because you get more of what he has already, but he will never (and I can say it with passion: NEVER) change his fragility against everything: Shadow has 984 natural HP at lvl 30 and with a black heart that number scales to 1476 which let him survive…………… Fire 2 with shell on? Otherwise, Shadow would break this tier list.

Overall performance (6/10): He’s an old fashioned ninja, so he does his job fine; just don’t expect him to be the last unit on his feet when something like Quasar hits you

It’s turn of the most love-hated incline character in the mod:


Battle performance (4/5, 1/5 if you don’t know what are you doing): I can’t undertand why everyone’s complains about Gau: Yeah, you have to test 64 different rages with unique weaknesses and immunities, and most of the time you end up using five or ten rages at most, but at the same time, I’m pretty sure you will end the game with more than one thousand battles under the belt, and taking Gau in 1/10th of them will give you more than enough room to see what rages are best suited for you (And I’m not including rage hunting). Early on, if you don’t want to spend time thinking, only use repo man to shut down all randoms (even at Zozo).

Later down the line, equipment can complement his fragility to some extent: He will never survive a counter provided by a behemoth, but his rages can allow him to avoid status effects like a champ, leaving room for HP augments. Atma can’t do shit against him if he rage Brawler, or Brainpan to have consistent damage via blow fish and have the same results. This along a black heart will let him survive the dreaded Flare star.

WoR is where shit goes even more on favor of this little guy: Easiest recruitment in the entire game, lots of screen time while you search for other teammates, a VERY AWESOME weapon waiting at Narshe when he reaches lvl 25 than encourages physical oriented rages (If you know how to deal with the enemy inside the box, of course), elemental shield to patch those weaknesses inherent by rages, you have EVERYTHING to use him properly, just test it out and see. Sadly, our little friend will never tank physicals hits (dodge tank is the best he can do and he present the same issues exposed with Locke).

Build performance (15 Stray and 10 Fenrir) (3/5): Same as Shadow, just sturdier in the magic department, but they’re the same anyways.

Overall performance: (7/10): BTB and Synchysi, I can tell that you two put A LOT of effort rebalancing Gau, and I appreciate that. But if there was a way to give to the player an intuitive way of know what does each rage without reading the print me, things would’ve different. Anyways, good job there!!!

It’s time to see if he’s worth a shot:


Battle performance (3/5): Setzer starts in bad shape when you first meet him: Cranes can easily whop his ass out of the battle and once you lose someone there, better let him rest unless you want to enter a vicious circle of revival. He doesn’t improve at all before the end of the WoB: despite I fucking destroy Atma with slots, that thing is so unreliable that by the time you get something like Blackjack or Solitaire, you probably have already got five or six losing spins.

WoR however, is kinda trivialize if you are smart and play the vanilla version beforehand to know where you can find the secret stuff: Daril’s Soul is without any doubt the only coup of grace given to you without too much of effort: An unit that can hit a weakness four times per turn is badass (Even more if is the only one that can do that). Man eater can kill whatever human you can find across you way, darts and tarot with their procs can disband enemies in no time and avenger is just too powerful against people weak to it (and surprisingly enough: A lot of bosses are weak to it).

And I haven’t finished yet: if you don’t like a one-sided unit, you can bet that thing and get the almighty Heiji’s Coin: Money is not that hard to grind out there, and let me put it this way: Final boss in the entire game: 4200 fixed damage when MT and 7000 when ST………to all tiers including Kefka himself……… That shit is fucking OP if you ram that stamina and let him rock that Genji gear.

Build performance (11 Seraph and 14 Scarlet……I had a mind-fart there…..) (4/5): He’s the opposite of what Setzer displays as a character: Fixed damage both ST and MT, great healing move in the form of Regen X (which has the bonus of remove seizure), mandatory relics to work well and need money to be functional. Of course, there is a drawback that he shares with Relm (But not at the same level): If you’re aiming for this, you better take a seat and enjoy playing with the rest of the party until you get both Heiji’s Coin and 5-10 levels worth of Scarlet, otherwise he sucks.

Being so late-game reliant is a pain in the ass if you like to end your games at fast pace. I let that slip under my sight once I see that sexy damage flying around thought: 10 Scarlet and some subpar equipment to bring his stamina to the low 50’s can give you 4200 fixed ST damage at lvl 25, which I believed is a pretty reason to recommend this set (And you still have 15 EL to use at you command).

Overall performance (7/10): His early game is non-existence, but otherwise: Bitch gonna spend my money!!! (Can someone make a picture featuring Setzer throwing money at a sexy dancer at South Figaro, and KO her?).

And now, featuring BNW’s official pet:


Battle performance (3/5): He will never disappoint in the damage department if you ask me: once you get all the dance (fifthy minutes is all its takes), he can become the mage that everyone wants to be: no mp cost, proto-tier 2/3 attacks that will tear enemies appart (random thought) and good equipment to rise that stamina to acceptable levels. Atma will have to try harder if she wants to kill a party including a Mog dancing Earth Blues.

After the world goes boom, Mog will have a hard time to being recruit: Narshe is a not friendly place for casuals: You have to either run pass all the enemies before Mog’s cave or go later with Locke and lose a lot of screen time with him. His dances suffer the same syndrome as Hybrid characters: You will reach a point when they are either useless or not worth the risk of stumble and lose the turn.

His magic selection is very specific: Break for good wind damage at ST, Poison/Bio to inflict pain upon the human race, all kind of debilitating spells (including the almighty Slow X) and Quake for………something I guess taking the fact that Earth Blues is way more reliable and don’t need float to be functional. In the end, Mog will be only focus on dealing big chucks of damage, and something like that can never lack in a party.

Build performance (10 Shoat, 10 Palidor and 5 Terrato) (3/5): The tankiest mage I ever had: 1380 HP along a stat stick can take him to places, his spells aren’t that hard to sustain in the long run (Except Quake, fuck that one), and X-Slow X shut down all kind of bosses with more than one target. Sadly, 189 mp can be some of a drag if your Edgar/Sabin is doing other things: If you don’t recharge hin in 5 turns or less, he’s out of mp, and once you EL him this way, Dance is even more unreliable because he lacks the Stamina to make it work. 10 Palidor are never out of place: 10+ speed make his ATB bar goes a lot faster and he can rod-dragooning for some neat daname via procs (6000 damage with punisher).

Overall performance (6/10): He can pull out a good show out there; just don’t expect him to be the star of the night with his randomness and low mp

Open the way!! Grandpa is coming to kick some tails!!


Battle performance (3/5): He’s always ready: Lores is without a doubt the best magic support in the game, this fact along his spell make him a threat against everything across his way. Before Atma, you have the chance to collect several lores via Gau and joining the main party in the Floating Continent, grabbing his 2 best supports spells in the game: White Wind and Raid. White wind can keep you alive for so long, and 30 mp is acceptable seeing his MP pool (And have a quick fact: Lores doesn’t have a charge time, so in reality, he’s more faster healing that even Celes!!!), meanwhile, Raid can refill his tank for both healing and Ice 2 spam (Yeah, show them who’s boss).

WoR don’t slow down his niches: The new Refract lore can shut down magic threats that can OHKO people in your team (Cyan supports this!), Raze can hit both poison and fire weakness in a pinch (on certain cases…….Almost never actually), Tsunami does the same thing as real life and about Shield/Black Omen I can assure you this: You don’t want to mess up with Hidon until way later.

Strago suffers for the same syndrome as Cyan: He’s slow and these awesome supports/deadly lores/spells won’t see action unless you’re inside a boss or a very dangerous random (Kefka’s tower comes to mind in terms of overall difficulty).

Build performance (5 Shiva, 5 Zoneseek and 15 Carbunkle) (4/5): Mp and Magic are the only things he needs, really. However stamina is nothing to sneeze at: When you see those regen ticks on Strago you can only do but let your mouth drop to the ground: Grampa does get A LOT of stamina equipment and that along his endless Mp and M.defense can make him a good tank (The only reason he will die is because of a counter and you only get those if you’re dumb enough to use rods against enemies with counters). All these espers are easily get (Maybe Zonezeek if you’re going blind on this) so no worries about his future. The only mock with Strago is that you can’t really cover his speedless nature (seriously dude, drink a redbull or something).

Overall performance (7/10): Papa Strago won’t disappoint you and will protect everyone forever and ever……..When he gets a turn….

Warning!!!!Warning!!!! Swearing Loli incoming:


Battle performance (3/5): This little gem is the actual definition of “late bloomer” on BNW: She won’t do anything aside of Sketch in her time inside the WoR. Sketch has received some tweaks, giving us good reasons to be use (you can see things like Flare coming out as soon as Atma……….talking about hidden potential). However, Sketch is more of a filler skill taking his randomness and the fact that you can also get useless things that miss pretty often, so not rely on that too much.

Early WoR is also pretty harsh if you got her early: Relm needs some buffed teammates to train without too much strain. But once she gets her big guns in the form of Flare and Meteor, things goes out of control!: Crazy damage, speed to boot and MP to get some shoots before refill. Regen X and Cure 3 are full heal on her capable hands, Rerise come so fast that she’s second behind Shadow on putting said status on everyone in the team.

Endgame Relm is something magical……Literally: Her newfound abilities of no suck anymore can really make it up for her obvious flaws: She manage, somehow, to be even more fragile than Shadow himself (You can also appreciate that on video: Poor kid….. she hasn’t sleep too well lately….), MP is a constant problem when you don’t have runic and paint brushes are useless when you decide to equip someone with a knight cape (I have to admit thought: is funny seeing someone get guarded against it, it’s something around the lines of: “No more healing for you, champ ;)” ).

Build performance (10 Ifrit, 10 Zoneseek and 5 Bahamut) (5/5): “Glass Cannon” ladies and gentlemen, she got all to fill into that category: superb speed and magic will mitigate her problems with physicals: She can’t survive a single attack? Just blow the thing out of the water before can touch her. Don’t have mp to do that? Use that brush to draw some naughty things (Don’t take Cyan “Special Magazines” as reference: Those are kinda……creamy….).Can’t do neither of those two? Well……sucks to be you!!! (Althought, if you get caught in that kind of situation, I’m 100% it’s your fault for equip her with a rod).

Overall performance (8/10): She can easily warm the bench until her trinkets become available, so she isn’t in a bad spot or anything around those lines. However, being OHKO half of the time can be annoying.


I can’t really classified these two on the ranking because they’re “Hidden Characters” (Yeah, whatever you say game), but if it was for me, I would give them a solid 6/10 mostly because Gogo can fill even more spots than Edgar and he doesn’t have to rely on EL to be good and Umaro despite his cranky speed, can pack some serious punches anytime, so there is that.


“Warring Thriad” Tier:

- Celes (because that wasn’t obvious….)

“Leo” Tier:








“Banon” Tier:






“Pepper” tier:

-Cyan (Yes, you suck THAT MUCH)

Well, I’m officially uploading the last update this Sunday, until then, folks!!

Edited by ronlyn

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I split this so I can put whatever emoticon/image I want, so let’s start:

Let’s play: Final Fantasy VI Brave New World: Finale III: Book of Memories


Where we left off?


Ohh right: Kefka went to K-mart and his tower is falling apart


I2SMsQH.gifWhat the- Why are you two here!?!?


xBurhqe.gifI think you should go to the engine room: Umaro say that he left you a “gift” in the right corner……



Terra goes super saiyan…..


To only fall on her face…..What a nice display of your powers…. emot-colbert.gif





And now we can relax and enjoy our well-deserved ending:








I see this cutscene and I can only imagine a monkey trying to open a barrel with a spoon emot-crossarms.gif

8zgayF4.gifFor the love of- Just step on the damn button!!!!


8zgayF4.gifBut…..You know what? Never mind.



I2SMsQH.gifI’m not drunk: that wall just came out of nowhere, I swear!!!



NOnPmKc.gifColor me impress, how did you figure it out? (¬_¬)


I2SMsQH.gif........That and I grab Edgar’s coin by accident


Like a slut?



RM9lQTt.gifEdgar, how many times must I tell you this? Nobody puts “Milky Titties” as password, aside of you!!!


8zgayF4.gifCould you please move that piece of metal out of my head?!?!?!?

RM9lQTt.gifWith pleasure emot-smuggo.gif



8zgayF4.gifHe can be infuriating sometimes…..But he’s the best thing I could have in the entire world……


(No, I didn't forget to record some of those GIFs, you silly thing....)


xBurhqe.gifThe world still needs me!




Did you know that Mog is actually the last Moogle in FFVI's World? Not that Edgar cares about that…. emot-engleft.gif






AND this is the only time Umaro did something useful for the party aside of disintegrate things with his fists……



NOnPmKc.gifOkay Gogo….. Look at me!

VjVHNyd.gif…..Look at me!


NOnPmKc.gifVjVHNyd.gifGood job!


“And Gogo was never seen again. The legends say that her/his soul wanders around the ruins of the tower, but the silhouette of the famed mimic...........doesn’t wear helmet anymore…..”






NOnPmKc.gifWait a sec, we can use those sta-


NOnPmKc.gifGAU, YOU JERK!!!!!! emot-argh.gif


8zgayF4.gifWell, at least she’s safe and sound……….I can’t say the same about Gau once she catches him thought……

Edited by ronlyn

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I2SMsQH.gifGeez: You just have to jinx her, don't you?


8zgayF4.gifLocke, I know you aren’t exactly a knight in blue armor, but at least you could have tried to make her land on her ass, you know?


kJCYDEE.pngFirst death than living without style!!!


Locke ends this showing off some jumping skills…..And falling to impress Ms. Chere over here.



I2SMsQH.gif............I’m the only one finding strange carry around the crystallized dead body of Terra's father? No? Well, nevermind……


TJoXICx.pngWhy every time you talk to me, you say something awful or sad? Can you say at least for once:“I love you my daughter; here, you can grab my superpowers”?


*Everyone leaves the room and then....*


TJoXICx.png Father........ I'm gonna make sure to life the fullest every day as human.....Like my mom did with you......Farewell.....



Jr8b7kA.gifI can't feel my legs, leave me behind.....save yourself......

s7XMAYM.gifGet you shit together, old coat: I won’t blow up along this place and neither let you die so easily, so get moving!!!


Jr8b7kA.gifI don’t want my soul living inside a morbid old man's art exhibition because of you portrait!!!

s7XMAYM.gifBut that won’t happen!!!......Twice…..



zMNPxFN.gifI don’t need your company where I’m going…..Take care of yourself,my friend…..



zMNPxFN.gifI’m sorry……for nor being a good father for you…….my little baby…….



SxIYlcJ.gifHey......Hey.....Hey,hang on!!!!

vY5CCGp.gif.......Where I am?

SxIYlcJ.gifYou're inside Thama-wait, don't let me talking alone,wake up!!!

*Years later......*


vY5CCGp.gifDon't follow me,dog: this peaceful place that I call home and belong to my love and our little daughter must not be disturb by my past.....


vY5CCGp.gifI hope both of you can forgive me someday.............



s7XMAYM.gif(W-What the-!?!?; These are memories of some stranger.......Why I'm seeing this?…..for some reason, when I see this…....I fell........warm…..)

Jr8b7kA.gif(So…. You’re not coming, then? ………I hope you can find her once again…….Clyde…..)

xBurhqe.gifHey, you two: You better catch up quickly, this place is going down!!!!!



Jr8b7kA.gifYou assholes!!!: Whoever is doing this, I’m gonna kill it right in the spot!!!!!


RM9lQTt.gifCyan, what are you doing with that thing?!?!? Let me handle this!!!


RM9lQTt.gifOh boy…….

*below the falcon*


Jr8b7kA.gifI won’t let them trash me like that: I still have some life to share with my little niece over here!!!!


Jr8b7kA.gifGoing up, milady?

s7XMAYM.gifQuit that shit and climb faster, you old fart!!!!

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Wrapping things finally:



Jr8b7kA.gifDarn, that was a close one….Now, who’s the damnable little prick who almost kills both my niece and me?!?!?

RM9lQTt.gifI told you Cyan: You have to stop dealing with buttons and mechanical things; you never listen to me…..


RM9lQTt.gifDo you like to say that again? My fists didn’t hear you!!!

I2SMsQH.gifAhh Daryl…. Why did you die and let me all alone with these fucking idiots…..

s7XMAYM.gifBecause she wasn’t dumb enough to get seduced by two walking watermelons

I2SMsQH.gifThat's not tru-


I2SMsQH.gifYES MA’AM!!!!


Because of the plot, after several parts, struggles and walking around painful dungeon…..Terra finally remember that she can FUCKING FLY……I swear this game……


mqbixF9.gifSorry everyone, my planet needs me…..

xBurhqe.gifCut the crap and get over here, gay-ish E.T

mqbixF9.gifI can never have some fun…..


Escaping thought the dump…..What a dignified way to end things…


mqbixF9.gifI will die as I live………..Like a boss!!!!


1aO0YbS.gifWow…… I want to be like that lady…..

ElmUrVK.gif…..Want to be a strange pink lady swearing at everyone? Why would you do that: you’re like her except for the pink part and…. *gets smack by a rock*






You SERIOUSLY didn’t expect me to give the password that easily? Scram off!!! (Why would you care about that? Just play and find out)


This scene looks like the after-match of a wild night with some tequila and beer…..not exactly a good view……


DS1FfB4.gifOhh no……

8zgayF4.gifSetzer, you fucking bastard!!!!!

s7XMAYM.gifNow who’s gonna make laugh at expense of Edg- Ups, I mean:NO, WE LOST TERRA!!! WHY GOD, WHY?!?!?

TJoXICx.pngCould you three just stop the drama and look on the left


kJCYDEE.pngNo: You said that you and Daryl were doing some dirty things inside the bed

I2SMsQH.gifOhh,shut your trap, women!!!

kJCYDEE.pngDid you say something!?!?!? *holds Excalibur*

I2SMsQH.gifN-Nothing at all.....please don't kill me.....



And with that………Everything comes to an end……


Life starts anew……


Sadness is replaced by joy……..


The world has been gift with a 2nd chance…..


Our protagonist can finally show off her spinach-like hair……


And all thanks to:

- A pyromaniac with serious problems of personality

- The not-so famous clone of an opera singer

- A Jack Sparrow wannabe

- The king of a harem where the only one without experience is said king

- Miyagi’s apprentice

- Some random samurai who learn how to pull a switch

- A stranded kid of Mobliz who lose himself on drugs, making him unable to said coherent phrases

- Shinobi’s next protagonist

- Your grandpa

- Goku’s niece, just even more badmouth

- A Franchise’s tutorial mascot

- Uma Truman with dyed hair and bad luck with love

- A dirty mop that has been thrown inside toxic water and it’s now a pokemon

- Resident Evil 4’s Merchant without that creepy voice

Yeah….If there is a group out there than can solve this BS, it was that team…..


And this last screen brings to an end this joyful LP. I must be honest: Life sucks: This LP was supposed to be finish MONTHS ago, but internet and lack of ideas really hamper the speed of this threat, but nonetheless, this was a fun thing to do, I’m hope that everyone on this forum (and those who aren’t on it) enjoy it and can also get for yourselves this awesome mod, I really recommend it. If you can leave some comments about this LP so I can get better at this (because DEFINITELY is not my last LP) I would really appreciate it. Ronlyn out…..

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Update more often. :P:

Still, that was quite enjoyable! Congratulations on finishing, and thanks for the giggles!

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Pretty awesome LP although it would have been more awesome if you talked more about the differences between this and vanilla ( you did ended up explaining stuff but later in the LP)

It was really funny at parts and Setzer, Gau, Sabin, Edgar and Celes were really awesome.

I liked how Setzer was like " Fuck this someone kills me" Phunbaba is heading this way " Hey that works too!

Also this

DS1FfB4.gif So I pretended to be her dead boyfriend because there wasn't enough drama in my life.

I2SMsQH.gif Seems perfectly reasonable to me.

DS1FfB4.gif If you think so, then I really must have messed up.

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