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Let's play "The Midnight Sun" (Vers. 1.2.) (deleted!!!)

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Hello guys,

this is a screenshot LP of the FE8 hack "The Midnight Sun" by Alfred Kamon.

Hope you'll enjoy :)



Welcome to Fire Emblem "The Midnight Sun" by Alfred Kamon!

This is my very first hack I've ever played.

I was introduced into this by watching the LP of MarkyJoe1990.

It really fascinated me, because this hack has lots of stuff (weapons, chapters, character personalities) you won't see in any regular FE game.
So I decided to play it for myself, because playing is still more fun than watching :P

I'm not very experienced in hacks yet so please don't have too high expectations on me.
I will try to give my best, but I cannot promise it will be hero run without any deaths.

I have completed it twice. Once in normal and once in difficult mode so it's not blind for me.
Though I will play it only on normal, because hard mode can be very exhausting and even frustating in some chapters.

If you have any questions, suggestions, critics or compliments, please POST them!

Each advice is appreciated!

Also please correct me for grammar or spelling faults, if you find them. My English sucks!

It's the first time I do a screenshot LP so there will be some faults.

Only an advice by yourself can improve this LP!

Enough talked, let's begin!


I'll play it in normal mode, because difficult mode is pretty insane at least in earlygame.
Have completed difficult mode once yet. It really kicked my ass.
Anyway if this hack is completed, I'll do a LP of this hack with audio commentary on difficult mode.

Story time:



Here are rulers of each country:


Some people look pretty familar.
The descendents of Ismaire, Vigarde, Celleach and a cross of Ephraim / Eirika and Camus.



I think, he's not a good guy.


This game plays on a different Magvel. The names of the countries are changed, but you can see the similar portraits of the FE8 characters.

The prologue:


Fa is the princess of Hoikade. However she only wants to be treated as an ordinary young woman. She also uses the fitting language for her age.
Her sign are her red eyes. She's the vassal. The Demon King is inside her. If she dies, he'll be resurrected.
Moonie the queen of Hoikade tries to calm down her with her problem.

Let's roll out the red carpet for Fa!


A traitor!


Fa shows her dodging skills.


"Mr. Jagen" appears from nowhere and is in serious business. He'll intodruce hisself in the next chapter.


He seems to be familar for Fa, but this guy is in serious business. At least it seems...


Actually it's the best, what he could do in this situation...


Now she has to fight her "(ex-)master".

Now this game begins for real:

Here's Faratrass.
Faratrass is a lord in this game.
She used dark magic. She' s unique, because there's no dark magic lord in a regular Fire Emblem game yet.
Unlike a regular (dark) mage, Faratrass is more focussed on defense than on resistance.
She's like a regular lord with high attack, decent skill, speed, luck and defense only with the difference that she uses magic instead of physcial weapons.
Comparable with Ike or Ephraim only that she uses dark magic instead of physical weapons.
Oblumbra is a "semi-rapier" in this game. It's effective against knights but not against cavaliers.
Umbra is comparable with Flux. It has less accuracy than Oblumbra.
Tonics are technically vulneraries, which restore 10 HP.


Here's Mr. ???:
He's the "Jagen", who wants to save Faratrass.
He has typical base stats for a prepromoted unit. However his growths are pretty good all around.
He uses steel and sliver swords, which are pretty nice. Silver swords only require weapon level B.
The elixirs will save his ass in this chapter.

However welcome to the prologue!
It is a defeat boss mission. Alvano is the boss.
There are lots of enemies close to the NPC.
It's his job to finish them off, while Fa has to "chat" with Alvano.
However if you're very unlucky, he can even die in this chapter.
In hard mode it happened to me, because his HP wasn't low enough that he used the elixir.
He and Faratrass are main characters in this hack!
If they die in any point in this hack => GAME OVER


??? in action


LOL! A dark mage in armor?!


Fa is in action.
She's on a pillar, which gives your unit as in other FE games +1 and +10% avoid.
You see that the soldier does almost no damage while the mage almost reduces 50% of her HP. That means how good her defense and how bad her resistance is.
In hard mode she can't take two hits of the dark mages.


Fa's first kill


No, the A.I. doesn't let me down this time. He uses an elixir.


Fa's first level up. Quite decent. Speed is good, because her growth isn't that good as I heared (believe 35%).


Only Alvano is left. Not too tough. Only marginally stronger than the other dark mages in this chapter.


Little boss conversation.


He is a pathetic teacher, if he even can't hit...


Yeah, she is. Haven't you thought :P
R.I.P. Alvano. I won't miss you...


Fa's second level up. Again quite decent. Magic would be maybe nice.


Queen Moonie doesn't believe Fa's story that Alvano and the other units are units were control by the Demon King. She wants to capture her and find a vassal replacement for her. The Demon's soul should be transferred from Faratrass to the replacement.


Now green units become red units...


Let's get the fuck out of here.


That's the end of the prologue.

Link to the hack:
FE8 hack The Midnight Sun

Edited by Mister CatTeaDawn

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Been meaning to play this one for awhile. I suppose this is the next best thing; I'll be following this.

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Chapter 1 (1/2):



Preparing for the next chapter. This hack likes to tell, when, where and what kind of reinforcements will appear.

Make sure you read these hints carefully, because all reinforcements will appear as ambush. The prologue was one of very exceptions.

In general you have to read red marked text, because these information are very important.


Little generic hints, which give you little advantages in battles. A fort gives you +2 def. and +20% avoid. And it also restores 20% of your HP.


Now we know your name. Fa probably doesn't like the hell...


And here chapter 1 begins . It's also a defeat boss mission. However there's no boss on the map, not even one single enemy.

As Faratrass said lots of different waves of reinforcements will appear after few turns. Your target is to have to prepare for them in the first turns. Find good spots for the units. The fort is the best spot for Faratrass. You don't need to worry about Hellios, because his defense is high enough to take some hits.


There are two villages in the map you have to visit in time.


Here are the stats and weapons of Hellios once more. The stats are still the same, but his equipment is reduced. His silver sword and one elixir are dropped. However even with his steel sword he can 1RKO most enemies.

In the first turn Hellios rescues Fa and rides to village in the south west. In the second turn he drops her.


Oh oh, three wyvern riders appear and one of them is the boss. Only the two assistants move.


Here are stats, equipment and weapon levels of the boss. He has a horseslayer, which is bad news for Hellios. So keep him out of this shit.

Wyvern riders can use two weapons already: axes and lances. He'll drop the weapon, he doesn't equip.


In turn 3 Hellios visits the village, where you got an iron sword. A good weapon, because it doesn't 1RKO all the enemies. So Fa can finish them off.

I send Fa to the fort.


More reinforcements will come.


Suddenly Hellios devises magic power and gets a warp sword from nowhere.


It's a physical range swords. Like a wind edge from FE10 only stronger and with better accuracy.


In enemy phase both wyverns attack Fa. She dodges and hits twice. Good Girl! BTW three more wyverns appear as ambush.


In next player phase she kills one of them and gets again a good level up for that.


In enemy phase the other reamining wyvern "sacrifices" hisself. Unfortunately he hits her.



In the next player turn I let Faratrass on the fort, because she can survive two hits thanks to the def. boost on the fort.

While Hellios visits the other village and gets a tonic. He is also in the attack range of the third wyvern rider.


And more reinforcements appear.


Fa's plan is simple. Just block the bridge with Hellios so no one can attack Faratrass. However as an ambitious FE player I am, I want to try out a different strategy.


In enemy phase one wyvern hits Hellios. Therefore he 1RKOs him.

The other two attacks FA. she dogdes both attacks once more. Faratrass can 1RKO one of them thanks to a critical hit so only one is left.


He are the weapons of the cavaliers. They can use all three melee range weapons. That means they always can take advantage of the weapon triangle. Great thing!

BTW in this hack female enemy cavaliers exist.


A second wave of cavaliers.

And here's the different strategy:

Instead of blocking the river I decide to play the offensive way. I put Hellios and the attack range of the four cavaliers with the iron sword so that he cannot 1RKO them. Faratrass should get all the kills.

In enemy phase Hellios weak them all.



Two NPCs appear.


However my plan is probably going to fail, because Faratrass cannot reach any of them. Faratrass and Hellios should take out each a cavalier in player phase so that in enemy phase only two cavs. can attack Fa (she only can take two hits). Now I have the problem three cavs are left so I have to hope that she dodges at least once. A very risky strategy. Hellios kills one cav. and rides thanks canto (it works at is does in Tellius and Judgral) next to the fighter so no one can attack him.

I have to hope that Fa dodges at least once or the one cav. with full health would attack Hellios, because he cannot 1RKO him with the iron sword.


Godthanks she dodges the first one already so she's safe :)


Fa you amazing dodgetank! And she gets an amazing level up for that. Fa, I love you now!


The third one attacks Hellios, because he cannot 1RKO him. However he critted her so nevermind. And he gets a also good level up.


Fa talks to Rya. If Rya is recruited, her partner is recruited automatically as well. So she doesn't have to talk to him.


Here are Rya's stats. Typical for a (royal) archer. Tbh her base speed isn't too great.

Her lightning bow is a bow, which attack the resistance of the enemy. Why don't magic bows exist in a regular FE game :(


Here are Christoph's stats and weapons. I have to admit his base skill and defense are pretty terrible even for a fighter.

Hand axes are pretty damn good in this game. Their weight is pretty low and have a really good accuracy (even better than steel axes). Unfortuantely he hasn't enough con to use the steel axe without AS penalty (loses 2). He definitely needs an iron axe.

As in FE8 the con. is the buffer for the weapon weight.


Hellios gets the job once more to weak the cavs. so Rya and Christoph can give them the final blow.


Hellios can 1RKO one of them in enemy phase.


Rya and Christoph can claim their first victory in the next player phase.


The final wave of reinfocements: Four shamans and a cavalier.

An advice! Don't put anyone except for Hellios in their attack range, because the shamans will kill your other three units because of their crappy resistance.


Hellios is the only "resbox" in your party yet.


The boss will search for blood!


Good level up for Hellios for killing the cav.


Shit! I forgot that the boss will appear in a different spot - godthanks - not as ambush spawn this time!

Rya can attack him and do real good damage thanks to weapon effective against flying units. The only problem is that the has equipped the javelin. Rya can take two hits of that, but the boss also has the horseslayer, which does 3 more damage than the javelin does. That means if the boss hits her with the javelin and hits her in the enemy phase with horseslayer, she'll die.

However I take the risk, becuase horseslayer has a worse accuracy than the javelin. So I trust Rya that she dodges at least once.


Yes, she dodges!


While Hellios drive the shamans to despair.


Rya also dodges the second attack. I have to admit my units did an excellent job in dodging.

The equipped horseslayer means, I will get the javelin instead. It doesn't matter for me tbh.


Fa has a little nice boss conversation.


Rya finishes him off.


GO TO HELL BIT**! Give me Leonardo instead.


And Hoikaden gives up.

This chapter already shows the challenging difficulty of this hack. The next chapter is the hardest one for me.

I'll upload the story part after this chapter later, because of the limit of posted images.

Edited by Mister IceTeaPeach

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This hack looks interesting!! :)

Yeah it's a really good hack, because it includes lots of stuff you don't see in a regular FE game.

Especially the mission types are very creative and most of them are unique.

However it's more diffiult than a regular FE game. Even normal mode is pretty challenging.

If you're interested in this hack, I put the link to the hack in the topic.

Edited by Mister IceTeaPeach

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Chapter 1 (2/2):




Rya is going to escort Faratrass to Magnolia, where its Empress shall come to Faratrass' aid.


Christoph still doesn't trust Faratrass at all. He believes her after Rya has told him Faratrass' backstory.

I haven't told anything about these two:

Rya is the Princess of Magnolia, means the sister of the Empress. She behaves as an ordinary noble, a little bit snobby and arrogant. However she also has her special interests you'll see later.

Christoph is her subordinate, but also (I'm not quite sure) her boyfriend. He's very religious (wears a crucifix and uses religious terms in his conversations). His morale of fighting is self-defense. However he really doesn't despise blood.


Now we know about Moonie's intention and Hellios' relationship to Faratrass.

It was kinda obvious that Hellios has to be realated with Faratrass, if you remember on this line:



Here's Phoebe, the very well looking empress of Magnolia and Rya's sister. Unlike her sister she doesn't pay attention on any formalities. She behaves like an ordinary young woman. Very kind, honest and also casual. She wants to be called just with her real name.

Faratrass told her the story and wants to pass Magnolia to reach Lazulis.

Phoebe is fulfilling her request and even more she will send Fa's troup a few allies.


This can be elusive...


Chapter 1 ends.

Cool, enjoying the read so far... Any other hacks you are planning on doing a LP for?


As I said this is the first hack I've played yet and it's also the first time I'm doing a (screenshot) LP.

I've tried out Sacred Dawn a little bit (the first three maps).

Before I'll play another hacks, I want to complete all the regular FE games first. Still have to play the Judgral series.

I think if I have done it, I'm going to play Sacred Dawn.

If the people like this screenshot LP, I could do LP this hack as well.

However it probably won't happen till summer.

Edited by Mister IceTeaPeach

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Chapter 2 (1/2):


Now there's a world map as in FE8. Exactly as in FE8 you can manage your items and buy in armorys or shops. Unfortuanetely there's no armory and shop available yet.

There are two new allies:


Andre is the first trainee in the game. He's exact the same as Ewan from FE8. If he reaches level 10, he can promote automatically to a mage.
His bases are pretty good. If he becomes a mage, he will really kick ass. He has a fire tome.


Puledra is an exorcist, which is basically the same class as a bishop. That means he's already second tier.
And his bases are simply pathetic. His low luck affords the enemies to crit him. Even his high HP doesn't change that he's a walking target. Use him mainly for healing or the weak the enemies.


Phoebe fulfills Fa's request and let her pass to Lazulis through Magnolia's territory.




The hormones of a child and a senior...


Unfortunatly Rya has to interrupt them in their "business".


A few advices for Andre and Puledra.


And now time to peep again...
Good to see that old people can still sprightly for their age.




Oh crap!


Hoikade makes trouble once more...


The explanation of the Triumvirate.


Welcome to chapter 2!
It's a defend mission for 11 turns.
There's a boss in this map. However if you kill him, the chapter isn't over early.
So you can take time to kill the boss. There's another reason NOT to kill the boss too early. You'll see later.


Here are the stats and weapons of the boss. He doesn't only look like Tirado, he also has the same name...
Anyway he'll drop a topaz, which gives you 2500 gold (= red jewel).


There's a ballista Rya could use. Though I haven't done yet and I won't do it.
Rya can do more damage with her bows than with the ballista. She also can double enemies with steel weapons.


There's a village, an armory and a shop to visit.


There's another village apart. But how the hell can I reach it without a flier?!


Anyway let's start the business.

There are lots of cavaliers and soldiers on the map. Also wyvern knights and shamans will appear later
The problem is that Hellios is your only real tank in your party.
Faratress and Christoph can barely take more than two hits except the enemies have javelins or iron weapons.

I screwed up in this chapter. I had to restart it, because ambush spawning appeared after turn 2. Faratress was in their range... and died :(

However I search for blood. I send Faratrass out to kill the soldier. Two cavaliers are in her attack range, who cannot kill her.


The two cavaliers attack her. One is doubled and killed, the other one survives. Faratrass gets a good level up.


In turn 2 Christoph finishes off the damaged cavalier and Puledra heals Fa.


This is fatal for me! I send Fa too far away of the main group.

What is happened? Three cavaliers and two shamans appear after turn 2 as ambush spawn and Fa is in range in of all of them => GAME OVER
So I have to restart turn 2.


After I knew what will happen, I send Hellios with the warp sword equipped in the range of the shamans. They have to die at once!


This the moment, when the shamans and the three cavaliers appear.


In turn 3 I kill the three cavaliers.


Christoph gets a very good level up. Speed and defense is very appreciated for this chapter.


Hellios and Faratrass kill the other one. Actually I want to weak one of the with Fa so Rya can kill it. Though Fa steals her the kill by doing a critical hit.


Yeah, HP-sauce :/: The true face of Jagens.


A group of dracos appear. Though they won't move yet. One of the dracos is a boss. That means there are now two bosses on this map.


I'm an idiot I.


I hope I haven't played too aggressively again and ambush reinforcements won't surprise me again...


Here are weapons and stats of the boss.

BTW he's no boss, he's recruitable with Faratrass.
I only knew it, because he must be the ticket to the village in the west.

I have no flier yet and there must be a reason to add a village I only can visit with a flying unit.


Andre's first kill.


Fa kills the cavalier, who has hurt Rya.


Now the dracos will move! More cavaliers appear in the east and a shaman from a fort, who already can attack me. Not nice! However everyone survives.


More defense is very nice. In my first playthrough he didn't get it once.


The shaman attacks Andre. He dodges despite weapon triangle disadvantage.
It's not an easy chapter to train him.


And more reinforcements...


An ok level up.


Well, I have a problem now.
There are too many enemies I have to kill this turn.
Andre has to vanish at once, because the "boss" will one-shot him. So he's not useable for this turn.

Two enemies will survive all the way this turn.
Rya can kill one draco at least, but she wouldn't survive the other two.
So I have to gamble once more...

This hack is pretty hard even on normal mode.
I don't know remember, how I beat this on difficult mode. I believe I needed at least 10 attempts...


Rya kills one of the dracos.


Godthanks he misses! So it doesn't matter, if the other one hits her.


Well it looks much better now!


Menmus' recruitment. His job only will be to visit the armory, shop and the two villages.


That's the reason, why you shouldn't kill Tirado too early. Then otherwise Cattleya will appear and chase you.


Better level up.


No more reinforcements. Hooray!


In the armory I buy two iron axes for Christoph and Menmus.


Ok, this level is alright. It only could be better.


I'm an idiot II.


Hellios kills a cavalier He's in Tirado's attack range, who attacks him with the hand axe.


I buy a thunder tome for Andre and a heal stave for Puledra.

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Chapter 2 (2/2):


Third level up for Hellios in this chapter. Without him this chapter would be hopeless for me.
In this turn I put Fa in Tirado's direct attack range.


Tirado swaps to the steel lance. Fatal for him, because he loses so much AS that he will be doubled and killed by Fa.


She gets a decent level for that.


This happens, if Tirado dies: Cattleya appears.


Take this advice seriously!


Menmus visits the west village. Oh look, who's here? It's the RNG-Goddess herself!


This is basically a brave weapon with much less might, but high crit. A good weapon, if it crits...


Andre does chip damage for an awesome level up!


Then Andre kills the cavalier.


Menmus visits the second village, where you only get a few information about the Triumvirate.


Not each level up can be as awesome...


Christoph, you wall!


Everyone is dead, except for Cattleya.


Cattleya accepts defeat and retreats.


Cattleya wants to take revenge for Tirado's death...

... till Menmus intermediates.


He has the skill "dodge +". Best skill EVER!

Reminds me on the 0% criticals by Basilio vs. Walhart from FE13.


Menmus tries to convince Cattleya that Fa has said the truth.


Fa uses the strategy: Kill me for a guilty conscience.

And has success...


Finally Cattleya joins the party.


Rya brings Fa good news at the end.


This was chapter 2.

Edited by Mister IceTeaPeach

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Chapter 3 (1/3):


There's now an armory available on the map. Though I don't buy anything. I only sell the Topaz by the boss of the previous chapter for 2500 gold.


Here's Cattleya.
Damn, she looks so cute ^_^. But sry Cattleya, there's no way around Mia for being the cutest myrmidon :P
However she has typical stats for a myrmidon. She has a killing edge and Hanabirachi, which isn't only powerful, but also gives her +1 in skill and speed. Only myrmidons can use it.





The info is that Fa will be guided by a strange looking guy.


A young lady just blocks the way...


This chick wrecks without any reasons. She's in business...


She obviously knows more than Fa.


It's a trap!



Fa stop being so naive, seriously! Don't you see he was a traitor?


At least Hellios doesn't fall for it.


Hellios explains Fa what happens. She still has a problem to believe it.


Again a few advices for the upcoming chapter.


Alright, here's the base for the first time.

You can

  • pick your units
  • manage items
  • check out supports (which I don't have yet, and I'm pretty sure they don't exist in this hack version)
  • check map
  • save

It's the same as in FE7 and 8.

I can bring 7 of 8 units to the map. I leave Hellios home, because he's second tier and I want to give the experience to my first tier units.

My main target is to give Andre as many levels as possible to promote him very soon.


These are the only enemies on the map yet. However don't worry! These won't be the only ones :P


Fa is far off.


There are also three villages to visit.
Btw I haven't visited the brown house, because I think only the red houses give you something.


Yeah, that's the plan!


The standard information of the enemies' pattern.


Now I know your name :)


Shiori has a similar skill as Micaiah. She can anticipate things and realize dangers.
For exampele she tells us, when and where reinforcements will appear:


Shiori explains her skill once more.


Here's Shiori.
Why is she so beautiful? She has the same hairstyle as Serra and wears the same kind of top as Lute.

Seriously this hack throws so many beautiful ladies at me like nothing else.

Anyway she's a prodigy, which is fitting to her character.
Unfortunately Shiori's stats are pretty meh.

Her main problem is, she's already level 20 (probably first tier) and her stats are mediocre at best. 8 magic doesn't deserve the predicate "Prodigy".
She's only mainly here to protect Faratrass. Though she will move, if enemies are in her attack range.
Pay attention to her that doesn't try to kill herself. If she dies => GAME OVER

It applies to the entire hack! So keep that in mind!

Chapter 3 starts.

It's a seize mission.
There are only very few enemies on the map at the beginning.

Though as Shiori said, lots of reinforcements will appaer. Even there, you don't expect them.

Let Faratrass on the fort, because it's the safest spot for her.
Shiori is also safe in the thicket.

However as I said she'll move, if she can attack an enemy.

Take an eye on her that she doesn't do any stupidities. I'll try to rescue her with my wyvern rider as soon as possible.


Stats and weapons of the boss.


There are two thieves, who only want to steal from you. So try to kill at least one of them in the first turn.


One of them is dead.


The other one steals me a tonic. Bastard.


The boss Garion tells his son Djambo, what it means to be a bandit.


First wave of ambush reinforcements. This doesn't hurt me that much yet...


Yeah this hack "spoilers" that there's a chracter recruitable. It's obviously the boss Garion.

Actually I like and also dislike these hints.

I like it for the recruitments, because for a blind player I want to have as many units as possible.
Though I don't like these hints for the ambush spawning. It doesn't make that much sense for me. It could be left out and instead the reinforcements appear before the player turn as they do for example in Tellius and in FE11-13 on the lowest difficulty.


In turn 2 Rya gets a level up and Andre kills the thief, who stole me a tonic.


WTF? Reinforcements in the entrance area after turn 2?! Are you kidding me?
I know there will be appear some guys, but not after turn 2.

I will be punished for my offensive playwise. Though I wasn't too offensive since had to the kill all the enemies next to me.
Well, I need the mercy of Anna once more.
I'm excited, how it will end...

To be continued... :P

Edited by Mister IceTeaPeach

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Chapter 3 (2/3):

Enemy phase!
Now, it's do or die for Rya!


First one hits her with 46%! Great :dry:!


Second one hits her with 38% :-_-:.
At least she got a defense point in her last level up. Godthanks, because otherwise she would be wrecked already.
Now she has to dodge twice.


Ok, he misses. One more enemy to dodge, Rya!


OMG, she survives :D:
The thunder mage has the highest hitrate against her of all the four enemies.
Thank you, Rya! Thank you for being awesome. I never ever will call you bit** in the future. Promised!


More reinforcements are on the way.


Said and done!

At once after Shiori has warned about reinforcements a new group appears after turn 3. It's exact the same area, where the wave from turn 2 appeared.
Godthanks Rya does a good job in dodging again. Only Menmus is hit by a mage.


Andre and Menmus kill stuff in the next player phase.

Andre gets a level up. His speed is great so far. Though I highly doubt that I can bring him to level 10 in this chapter already.


Shiori rapes all the enemies.


Now she begins to move. That means I have to rescue her with Menmus as soon as possible.


Dracoknights will appear soon.


Menmus flies towards Shiori.


The thieves stole me in total four tonics in this chapter.
This thief should be killed by Andre. Rya weaks him and Andre finishes him off.


Meanwhile Christoph gets 1000 gold in the village.
As I said in the previous episode, I haven't visited the brown house.


And here the dracos appear. They can reach and attack Christoph and Rya already, but both dodge.
Two more wyvern knights appear before the next player phase.


Rya kills one of them and gets another level up. A great one. Rya: MVP in this chapter!


Menmus rescues Shiori.


Puledra gets accidently his first kill, because Andre cannot cross a village.
Units have to go around a village.


I send Shiori with Menmus to my units so neither she can do suicide nor she can steal any kills.
In enemy phase the two dracos fly towards my units. In the next player turn they can kill them.
And I drop Shiori in this turn.


The final wave of reinforcements.


Chipdamage for another level up.
Unfortunatley Shiori kills this guy in the NPC phase.


Cattleya's first level up. Very nice :):!


I send Rya in the attack range of the mage, who's next to the fort.


This mage has holy fire, which is a dark magic reaver weapon (= light magic).
This hack has not only physical reaver weapons, but also magic reaver weapons.
I like it! It makes the magic triangle more flexible.


Another level up for Rya. She's really awesome in this chapter!


Good level up for Fa.


I send Cattleya to the range of one of the archers. She dodges.


Cattleya kills him and gets a disappointing level up.


Menmus' one isn't much better. I think I'll drop him anyway, because there will be another (better) flying unit later.


Puledra visits the other village, where he gets a vortex tome.
Vortex has more might and less accuracy than umbra. Though still weaker than Oblumbra.


The other two archers are death. Only a fighter, two mages and Garion are left.


He really does NOT disappoint!


Fa talks to him, but he isn't recruited.


Cattleya challenges Garion. Unfortuntely she doesn't crit.


While Andre trains his magic skills against the two remaining mages. In the next chapter I can bring him hopefully to level 10.


Christoph hits one of two and pisses me off with this level up :angry:.


Finally Cattleya kills Garion (who has no deathquote) and gets a level up. Again disappointing.


And at the end of the chapter Puledra gets his first level up. A luck point is nice, because each enemy could crit him. Though it won't change with 2 luck...

Edited by Mister IceTeaPeach

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Huh... For some reason I thought that Cattelya only appeared if you kill Tirado before they talk about her refusing to join the battlr...

Ah well, still felt satisfying killing Tirado quickly... But of course it does mean you have to run from her more.

As for the portraits... Yeah Alfred's mug artist, Arcfalchion(sp?) did a fantastic job on all the mugs for the units in this game... Makes me wish the bosses had mugs from her too... But hey, at least the ones we have are pretty damn awesome. :D

Those thieves and Shiori are a pain in the ass in this chapter though... Especially as it seems the thieves don't drop the items they stole that I noticed, effectively making you lose your tonics forever unless you plan ahead and only give tonics to units outside the thieves range at the start.

I always tried to grab Shiori with Fa as soon as I could to prevent her kamikaze style attacks, and exp stealing.


Enjoying the posts so far. If I may offer some suggestions?

I realize English may not be your first language(based in your Germany location, apologies if incorrect) but you have a few grammatical/spelling errors that sometimes make it a little harder to understand/read. I would suggest throwing your post through a spell check at least to try to catch those.

Also, some of the image tags seem to be repeating images or placing them in the wrong order.

...just some things to think on. Anyways, keep it up! Will be interested to see your conclusion and how your units turn out in the end. :)

Edited by TheErrantShepherd

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Chapter 3 (3/3):

First a few things.

  • I've reuploaded all the screenshots in the prologue. I accidently destoyed the link by deleting the screenshots in Photobucket.
  • I've checked and corrected my commentary in all the uploaded episodes in grammar and spelling so far as possible.
  • If you still see any faults (language, disabled screenshots...), please POST! I will take each advice by you seriously and implement your improvement suggestions!
  • From now on I will cut down the number of screenshots to a maximum of 100 per episode.

It's the first time I'm doing a LP like this, so please don't expect this will be flawless. Only your support can improve me and this LP! So please comment, if you see any mistakes.

178_zpsszhvwd13.png 179_zpsabg9ttib.png180_zpsfhusxttz.png181_zpszacecsqj.png182_zpsc4yrkwoz.png183_zpsycwcvrmq.png184_zpsuxqg9tjc.png185_zpswlcztrwh.png186_zpswk1gxs5h.png187_zpstfkgzpcu.png188_zpsrciqqze1.png189_zpsh76ww9sw.png190_zpsp3pvacpl.png191_zpsz27cijog.png192y_zpsjw4xa9vo.png194_zpsjyjuxp98.png195_zpsatfkdats.png196_zpsmfn2deuj.png197_zpswerryz0c.png

To chase and kill bandits doesn't help Faratrass at all.

So she spares Garion's and Djambo's life.


Puledra teaches Andre in one of the most beautiful accessories in life.

Man, he's not even 18 or 21 :P:
This hack intodruces minors into alcohol. I can't believe it.

They're not the only ones, who have a binge drinking:


Almost everyone is in a drunken stupor :P:.

I love the humor in this game!


Only Hellios is dry.



Shiori wants to know more about Faratrass and her backstory.

She tells her the her sad backstory:

Was grown up without parents, lived in isolation and was betrayed by her only real reference person.

And she's the Vassal of the Demon King.

Her life doesn't make sense anymore for her.

Shiori trustes Fa and wants to win her as a friend. Though Faratrass refuses from fear to lose the control under the influence of the Demon King.

At any price she wants to prevent herself to do anybody mischief.


Where's Fa gone? You'll see in the next chapter!


Chapter 3 ends.

This was an emotional roller coaster.

Current level and stats of my units (will show them in the end of each chapter from now on):


Edited by Mister IceTeaPeach

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Chapter 4 (1/3):




Still no trace of Faratrass.


Shiori usually can realize any kind of malice.
In fact that Faratrass acts under the influence of the Demon King, she should be malicious as well.
Though Shiori cannot realize her location, which confuses her.
Faratrass doesn't seem to be malicious surprisingly...




I can bring all my units to the map.


The bases and stats of the renevants.
Pathetic as in FE8. Similar to soldiers. Decent HP and strength, that's all!
The stats of their weapon sharp claw are displayed in this hack. It's pretty cool.
One of them drops a lantern, which is basically a torch.


Before each turn the Demon King is "talking" to Fa.
Godthanks I don't have to voiceact.


Ok, thanks for the warning!


Yeah, that's we have to do.

Chapter 4 is "find Fa".

You have to reach her in 17 turns.
If you don't manage it in this turnlimit => GAME OVER

It's time now for monster-slapping!
It's the first in the game you fight monsters.
They're pretty much the same as in the original FE8. Though some of them will have different weapons.
The renevants are the first type of monsters you face. Some other monsters will appear later.


As in FE8 the slayer skill exists. Light magic by bishops / exorcists do effective damage to all types of monsters.

Shiori is now playable:


Judgelight is basically shine. Though she hasn't the slayer skill for being a non bishop.


Faratrass is trapped in the forest. She cannot move.
The tarvos boss doesn't move. He's not too dangerous anyway.
As Shiori said, there have to be very tough enemies in this area.

Let's begin.

In turn one I kill all the monster in my field of view:


Rya gets a good level up.


Before each player turn these conversations happen.
I believe so more turns are passed, so more disturbing will be them.


Huh, enemies appear as if by magic.
Godthanks the Demon King is so nice and doesn't let them appear as ambush.


Not very impressive level ups.
Andre's magic is kinda stuck. He reminds me on Lugh: High speed, but low magic.


All the enemies are dead already. They're not really tough.



New enemies appear. They are already in my field of view.


The eyeballs also return.
As in FE8 they're fragile and easy to kill, but they can hit you like trucks.
Magic using monsters are by far the most dangerous type of monster. They can do serious damage to most units because of their low resistance.

Also their weapons are interesting.
Circulum is dark magic, which poisons you (= valaura in dark). Not very powerful, but the poison always is nasty.
Vacuanox is a light magic reaver. That means it would have a weapon traingle advantage against Puledra and Shiori.
Keep in mind to know all the different weapons before you get a bad surprise! This will be more and more important in the following chapters.

Edited by Mister IceTeaPeach

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This hack and this LP look amazing as always! And I think my laptop is nearly fixed! :) Soon, GE7, soon.... :D

Also, Andre's promotion after attaining lvl 10 Pupil is pretty legendary. :)

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Chapter 4 (2/3):

It's turn 3:



I put Shiori there for this reason:


Yeah, Garion is back! He will pay his debt.
Shiori has to talk to him.


Shiori you little meanie :P:


Here's Garion. He's a brigand.
Although he's two levels lower than Christoph, he's pretty much equal except for speed and luck. His skill is (surprisingly for a brigand) even better.
I'll use him, because I have never used a brigand before.
I never ever used Gonzales in FE6 because of his low skill and the poor accuracy of axes. So I'll give Garion definitely a chance.



Cattleya and Christoph solve this problem:


In enemy phase nothing happens.
There's even no conversation between the Demon King and Faratrass this time.
Tbh it's the easiest chapter so far after the prologue.

Though new renevants appear before the next player phase:






Oh really?! Thanks for the info! Though I know it since turn 1 already...


Yeah I haven't forgot about this. Though I haven't located them.

Well time to check them out. Menmus uses the lantern:


Holy shit!
Well "strong" is a little bit understated, I would say! Well, everyone knows Shiori's humor already!

These maelduins kill everyone, who is in their range.
So don't be so masochistic and put anyone in their attack range!
Only do it, if you have fun in sacrificing!

Hellios has to steer clear of these.


Two waves of monsters appear this time: Renevants and eye balls.
Though they're no big match for my units. Only one renevant survies.


Finally! I'm so excited about his promotion!


She's very balanced. Her lowest stat in 9.


I managed it to attack the boss with Hellios. In enemy turn it will be dead.


Boss defeated in enemy phase and in the next player phase Faratrass is saved:


Chapter 4 is done.
It was a very easy chapter.

There will be more conversations between Faratrass and the Demon King. So more turns are passed, so more Faratrass is distressed.

Also some other monsters would appear later: mauthedoogs (though I don't remember when)

Edited by Mister IceTeaPeach

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Chapter 4 (3/3):


The spook is gone!



Where the hell does he come from?



Same goes for this monster!


This critical hit looks somehow funny.
I only knew the critical hit animations of brigands by a hacked tutorial in FE7 I've watched.


Like father, like son.

I accidently mentioned in a previous episode that Djambo is Garion's son.
How you have noticed in this conversation, it's not true. Djambo is only the "foster"-son. I will correct this passage.

It seems I have another trainee and axe user now.
Actually a lance user would be kinda nice, because I only have Menmus yet.


NOOO! What the...?! :.....(


I really hate this "plan"!


Hope dies last!


Chapter 4 ends.
A very sad one.

Here are the level and stats of my units:


I will talk about Djambo later.

I hope Shiori has a good plan.

Anyway next chapter will be my absolute favourite mission I've played yet in Fire Emblem!

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Chapter 5 (1/3):




Saai explains Moonie the current situation.

Hoikade has failed and let Faratrass pass into Lazulis teritorry. And the Demon King could recover parts of his power.
Well, I'm excited about Moonie's latest dirty plan...


Now it's time for the first promotion :D


Vodka lends new strength.

Andre can promote to a

  • mage:


  • wander pupil:


Tbh I don't know exactly the differences since I don't know the term wander pupil.
Wander pupil has more magic, while a mage has more speed.

=> I'll promote Andre to a mage, because speed is more important for me than attack power


Besides Faratrass yon can bring only one other unit to this map.
I highly recommend to choose Menmus!
I'll tell you later, why!


Oh hello...


YES, this guy is a male pegasus rider!
This hack doesn't have gender specific classes. Males and females can become each class! An awesome idea!
I hope for a female fighter in this hack.


Schwarz is the German translation of black. It's the color of his pegasus.
He feels discriminanted, if anyone is confused that he's male.


Best line in the entire hack ^^ :D
These allusions are so hilarious!

Let's go to the business:


These are intructions how this chapter will work. I'll amplify that:

This chapter is an infiltrate mission.

Faratrass has to reach this spot


in 30 turns.

It's a pacifistic chapter. You won't have to fight at all. Quite the opposite:

You don't have to be detected by the enemies in any point in this chapter. If anyone detects you => GAME OVER

This idea is just awesome and never really exists in a regular FE game.

There is only a "pseudo"-stealth mission in chapter 10 in FE9.

If an enemy detects you, some waves of ambush reinforcements will appear. That's it! Not too bad.

Though in this hack, the conseuences aren't comparable. You don't have to make one single mistake in this chapter, because otherwise you are fucked.

As Schwarz said, these knights


won't move. Though they'll attack you with thier 2 range weapons, if you are in their attack range. If this happen => GAME OVER

Some soldiers will appear later and move. So be very careful that your units aren't in their attack range.

There are lots of villages, an armory and a shop:


You only can visit these red villages, if you have Menmus.


Don't visit this village!!! Otherwise you'll regret it!


Here's Schwarz.

Definitely my favorite character. Not only because he's a pegasus knight, but also because of this personality. So fucking badass.
Also his battle animation of his black pegasus is badass. Unfortunately you cannot watch it in this chapter. If you would watch it, I would have failed :P
Anyway his bases are pretty kick ass aside from luck and maybe skill. 11 strength is pretty damn good.
Agile Estoc is the same as the Agile Hasta (Menmus' lance) only as sword. A brave sword with low might, but high crit.

I'll try to show you the perfect run in the next episode(s) (visiting all the villages). Though it will be very hard for me to explain it only with screenshots.

Edited by Mister IceTeaPeach

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Just wanted to say this has been a cool read so far. I really like your LP style, it's very informative without being overly wordy. Keep it up! :)

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What happens if you visit the Village that you mustn't visit? :)

You can watch it now :)

Chapter 5 (2/3):

First a few things about this chapter:

It was really, really hard for me to focus on playing the chapter while making screenshots.

I did some mistakes (will amplify that in the commentary) and I also forgot to make screenshots. So I had to restart this chapter a few times.

Also my commentary in this episode is sort of akward, because it's very hard to instruct a newcomer to a very complicated chapter only by showing screenshots.

So I apologize for this in advance.

It's much easier to show the stealth mission in a video.

There's an order you have to follow. If you don't you'll be screwed.

Now I show you the perfect run with visiting all the villages:

No, I haven't watched Alfred Kamon's video for that :P

I also show you what happens, if you visit the village you musn't.

Chapter 5:

Turn 1:


Schwarz rescues Faratrass.

Turn 2:


Schwarz holds the position while Menmus flies towards east.


Do you see the red point marked by myself?

You might notice, the wall looks different here! You can fly over the wall here (please don't ask me how).

Schwarz is also close to this kind of wall. He also can fly over it.

Turn 3:

(accidently forgot to make a screenshot)

Menmus flies to this spot you can see in the screenshot of turn 4.

Schwarz still keeps his positon.

Turn 4:


Schwarz still keeps his position while Menmus is close to the house. He can visit it in the next turn.

Turn 5:

Menmus visits this house:


After that, this will happen:



The solider will be replaced by a different one.

Position of the old soldier:


Position of the new soldier:


You see the position of the new soldier is one spot nearer towards east.

A little but important change, because it enables Schwarz to fly to this spot in this turn:

Turn 6:


Schwarz flies towards north and Menmus takes the previous spot of Schwarz (forgot to make a screenshot).

Turn 7:


Schwarz is very close to the house, he musn't visit.

Menmus keeps his position.

Turn 8:

If Schwarz reaches the higher part of the town, this happens:


A soldier appears on the left, who will chase you.



If you visit a certain house, this problem will be solved.


Again the warning about this house!

Though I visit it to show you, what happens there:


So better leave this house alone...

Don't count this Game Over. I only did it on purpose to show you the consequence.

Turn 8 (retry):


Schwarz holds his position.

Menmus moves.

Turn 9:


Schwarz has to fly out of the attack range of this javelin soldier. He has to visit this village on the left in the next turn.

Menmus holds his position.

Turn 10:


Schwarz explains, what I already mentioned in the previous episode.

Faratrass has to reach this spot.

That means Fa has to be dropped on a save spot first.

Schwarz visits this house:


The soldier will disappear from the map and returns to his wife.

One problem less!

Turn 11:


Schwarz flies towards east and Menmus will be placed next to him. This knight doesn't move.

Next targets will be the houses on the east side.

Turn 12:


Turn 13:

Menmus visits this village:


He'll get two croissants. Great :/


This line is important!


Schwarz has to drop Faratrass so that Menmus can visit the red house in the next turn.

His movement of 7 isn't enough to visit this village and fly back out of the attack range of this knight with the long bow.

Schwarz has to rescue him after that!

Turn 14:

Menmus visits the red village:


If you see Anna, that can only be something nice ;)

Indeed she gives you another good magic bow.

Turn 15:


Schwarz, Menmus and Faratrass move towards west to visit the last reamaining yellow village on the map.

Turn 16:


Menmus flies towards the village while I decided impulsively to rescue Faratrass again with Schwarz.

Turn 17:

Menmus visits:


This happens, if you have visited the village from turn 13.

The unit, who has visited the house on the right has to give the croissains to this child.

The child is so happy that his loud whoop of joy calls attention to his father. He appears as a knight on this map.

While he's eating a burger, someone is attracted by the smell of the burger:


This soldier moves one step to the left, which is crucial to finish this chapter.


The red marked spot isn't anymore in the attack range of the soldier.

It's the spot, where you have to drop Faratrass. She can seize in the next turn without any problems.


Schwarz flies towards the direction, where will be dropped.

Turn 18:


Schwarz drops Faratrass.

In the next turn I could theoretically end this chapter. Though I still have to visit two red houses.


I will visit the house in the southern area first, because I only can visit the house in the nothern area in the same turn, when Faratrass seizes. Theres' no way to get out of any attack ranges.

Turn 19:


I send Schwarz and Menmus towards the southern house.

Turn 20:


Turn 21:


Turn 22:


Menmus can visit the house in the next turn.

Though he has to be rescued again. That's the reason, why I sent Schwarz to this house too.

Turn 23:

Menmus visits the village


He gets stolen goods.


Ruby is basically a water jewel.


A soldier appears.

This is one of my faults I made.

I have visited this village too early. I forgot about this reinforcement.

The consequnece => I was trapped => Game Over

Turn 24:

Only one house is left.


Turn 25:


I dropped Menmus (for fun). Wasn't actually necessary.

This happens, if it becomes tight.


Turn 26:

Schwarz visits the last remaining house...


... and gets an agile axe. Same type as the sword and lance I get already.

And finally Faratrass can seize:


Well this was a very tedious, but also very fun chapter.

This brought my brain really to stream...

Though that's exactly, what I need in Fire Emblem:

Missions, which make you to think :)

Edited by Mister IceTeaPeach

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Chapter 5 (3/3):


Obviously The Demon King bothers her once more.


Rescue at the last second.


Shiori is back with a new ally.


Well, Caepana looks yonger than she is.

She seems to be another healer.


Faratrass has an uncomfortable to place to sleep...



The problem isn't solved yet. Faratrass will die in two days.

And I still don't know your plan, Shiori.


Finally Shiori comes to the point.


5 days > 2 days :/


Well that sounds good, but did you forget that Fa only does have two days left to live?


Shiori wouldn't be Shiori, if she wouldn't have got a solution for each problem:


Well, nothing else remains to be done.


Chapter 5 ends.

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