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JSND Alter Dragon Boner

Children's Card Game, back when it was good(AKA World Championship 2006)

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I love Yugioh. I really do. I don't play it much these days for a lot fo reason, namely no one played it on my college(they play Vanguard, and so do I. Fun game, play it totally not advertising), and the cards are REALLY expensive(at least much more expensive than Vanguard). I think I stopped playing around the beggining of ZeXal era. I still had my Budget Karakuri deck in my table

However playing older games did not use as much moneyarrow-10x10.png, so this is a good opportunity to enjoy the game, and had a nostalgia trip into the past

One of the common complaints from people who played yugioh when they were little are that there are so much bullshit going on in the game right now, and this has comes out as early as 5D era. 5D era is perhaps when Yugioh really take off as a game IMO, with so many diverse strategies alvailable and packs being less "scams with 5 card tops that is notable and good" and more of an expansion pack. So yeah, I am a HUGE fan of Synchros. This doesn't mean I did not appreciate the old days for what they were. We're here to have fun with the game as they we're a decade ago. Its been a long time




Typical starting the game stuff. WC series of Yugioh begin this way, or at least he ds installment does. Insert name, pick your avatar, play game. The DS installment allows you to customize them somewhat, which is cool I guess. Things were so simple back in the day

I choose the second from top left icon btw


Now this is interesting. You can choose your starting deckbased on one of the first six structure deck. I really like this actually, since they give you a choice for how you want to begin, and they help you at making a decision on how to develop your deck, which is extremely cool. Most WC games tend to lack these feature, giving you a really terrible starter deck instead(for good reason. A lot of cards in these decks are a ban list suspects), although they kinda make a return in the latest games.

Spellcasters Judgment are based around Spell Counter Manipulation. The Star of the deck is the Dark Eradicator, which requires a sacrifice of Dark Magician to get on the field. Its efect is surprisingly powerful, inflicting 1000 out of 8000 LP damage per every spell casted. Basically Dark Eradicator give 8 hard limit of spell once he hit the field, essentially giving you a control over spell usage. Pretty significant since Spells are an active way to get the game in your favor. The deck is filled with a variety of destructive and burn based card.

This is a pattern that persists in most of these structure decks. They tend to be filled with OPTIONS and variety of cards instead of a clear cut direction with OP cards everywhere. While a cool decision, this concept is a huge miss. In Old Yugioh days, you can basically count on 1.8k and above monster cards for beater, utility and tribute cards to hold your back. Contrary to popular belief, Life Points is just as pointless back then as it is today. The game is just way less explosive, thats how it is.


This deck is mostly based on PURE POWER combined with the versatility of Warrior types. Thanks to this, they have a mix of utility, swarm, and beatdown as far as content goes. The trump card of this deck, is Gilford the Legend. Having simmilar restriction with his boss card comrades of unable to be special summoned, being able to be summoned only by Normal Summon. His ability is to equip as many equipment from the graveyard on summon. Another star of the deck is Gearfried the Swordmaster, summoned by using Release Restraint on Gearfried the Iron Knight, he destroys an opponent monster everytime you give him an equipment.

My thoughts about this deck.... honestly the deck would age better if you are able to special summon Gliford the Legend. The other boss cards are way more versatile simply because they are special summoned instead of tribute summoned. Either way the content on this deck is RIDICULOUS. Giant Trunade, Heavy Storm, MST, Snatch Steal, ROTA, AND Decree? Hell yeah


From the deep, is the fury from the deep. God that was terrible

Fury fom the deep might be one of the better designed structure deck ever, since it has clear focus and designed with that in mind. Keep Umi Clone - A Legendary Ocean on the field, harass with low power monster, boosted by your field effect, and backed by Salvage. Restrict your opponent movement, and use Daedallus as a back up plan. Acting less as the star and more of a back up plan, Daedalus have the ability to send umi into the grave to wipe out everything but itself. Neo Daedalus, the supposed boss monster of the deck is the same on a much bigger scale. It also wipes out the hand.

The deck is simmilar to modern deck that relies on having their playing field to function. As a result, you need to add some searching power to improve its consistency. The deck is kinda interesting in a sense that it gives you an image on how far the game have become. Modern field cards tend to have an effect that gives you a direct benefit that form the basic of your strategy(Necrovalley - usage of your own graveyard), or had an interesting effect that help your deck to go to work(Dragunity's Ravine was what make them a consistent Stardust Dragon spammer). Legendary Ocean, OTOH is a worthless power boost field effect that is REQUIRED to use your monster's effect. There is a development from requirement into synergy, which is really cool.

Fury of the deep introduces... errr have a card with one of the most infamous "What-The-Fuck-How-does-this -make-sense -in-any-way" mechanic in yu gi oh. Same Naming.

A Legendary Ocean name is treated as Umi in attempt to make a less shitty version of the card. Konami have this smart idea that this naming effect means that you can only use 3 card that is named Umi in your deck. As if that is not confusing enough, in case where Legendary Ocean effect is negated while it is ON the field, its name is NOT treated as Umi. Up there with "DESTROYING IS NOT NEGATING UNLESS THE CARD IS CONTINOUS, MYSTICAL SPACE TYPHOON NO BAKA", its one of the most confusing aspect of the game.

The funny part? Konami kinda gave up on the idea(no shit). Recent card with these kind of effect are usually treated as "Name" when it is on Field/grave/deck, basically making them a different card that shares their support instead of same card but different


Fire Attribute was associated with Burn Damage in the old days. And that is what Blazing Destruction is all about. BURN DAMAGE. This strategy is backed by a variety of power boosting card. Its support cards are based on extra burn. Backfire is one of the charms of the deck, reducing your opponent LP by 500 everytime you loses a monster by battle. This is meant to be used with Fox Fire who can revive over and over again everytime it is destroyed by battle.

I think this deck is one of the biggest fail in the history of the game.

For example, Infernal Flame Emperor, the boss card of the deck is a Gliford Clone(unable to be special summoned, normal summon only) that destroyed spell and trap card on the field. After banishing a fire monster from your graveyard. Totally not burning.

Burn is such a failed concept in yugioh since, again, Life Points only matter if they limit your plays, or when it reach 0. In today's yugioh, the benhmark for super low lifepoints are 800, since Gagaga Cowboy killed you with its effect at that point, and 2000 for 5D era, since that is the lifepoint that you need to have in order to use Solemn Warning. Burn decks tend to be extremely brain dead to play, and not very effecive in practice, and there is only one thing you can do with your burn cards(use immediately, burn LP), while other kind of cards tend to have more than one applications.

As a whole Blazing Destruction not only had cards that takes too long to get online, it attempt to cover both beatdown and burning aspect of the game. It had no real focus in its design, and IMO really really bad. When using the deck as it is constructed, the best strategy is simply to stack 2 Solar Flare Dragon, resulting in a field that is unable to be attacked, and burn 1000 or more LP per turn

Oh by the way, this is one deck that could have benefitted from Creature Swap in a thematic sense. It doesn't have a single copy of creature swap. Yay?


Zombie Madness strategy is mainly based on efficient special summoning of high power beatdown, achieved by graveyard summoning with Book of Life, a sudden breakthrough with Call of the Mummy, or the usage of Pyramid Turtle, a floater that calls Zombies with 2000 or less DEF instead of ATK. Pyramid Turtle is undeniably the crux of this deck, since it forms your openning play. Pyramid Turtle, maybe supported with Creature Swap into Ryu Kokki for a free 2400 beater out of nowhere is pretty tough to deal with, at least back then.

Its hard to not talk about Zombie Madness without talking about Vampire Genesis in comparison to Vampire Lord, the boss card of the deck

Vampire Genesis is unique amongst evolution type boss monster, since he requires a banishment of its previous for, Vampire Lord to hit the field. Its effect is essentially an inferior exchange. Discard one zombie from your hand(usually Despair from the Dark), and special summon a lower level Zombie from your graveyard. This is an effect that would be cool in modern era, since your plays began with low level monster, in a summoning chain that resulted in a strong boss monster. In a way, Vampire Genesis is the prototype of the legendary Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, having simmilar summoning condition(but not the restriction), and effect(again, without the restriction)

Vampire Lord is a 2000 Attack 1 tribute monster, which is below the standard at the time. Its effect is to mill 1 card from a category fo card(monster spell trap) from your opponent's deck whenever it deals battle damage. It also comes with a revival effect that kicks off whenever it is destroyed by your opponent's card effect, something that is less useful than it sounds since 2000 attack is VERY LOW

Vampire Lord is usually considered the better card of the two, a sentiment that is not helped by the fact that in the vanilla copy of the deck, you lose the acess to Vampire Lord after you summoned Vampire Genesis. This is pretty interesting, since Vampire Lord is arguably a BETTER DESIGN with its Vampiric theme effect, while Genesis is the better card in term of general usefulness, and in relation to the deck. Genesis is an interesting example of a boss monster that acts as a means instead of your end, a card that you want to keep on the field as long as you possibly can to use their effect to your advantage


Perhaps made as a way to milk the popular Red Eyes B Dragon, Dragon's Roar is based on unresistable offense, packed with support card that provides an out towards defending opponent, Armed Dragon to get rid of a face up monster. Its as simple as it gets. Go in the offense with Armed Dragon, summon a giant beatstick in form of Red Eyes later on into the game, and hopefully go for game.

For now I'll be choosing Zombie Madness since i'm a huge fan of Vampire Gensis, I think I made a poll or something to choose my deck.... assuming anyone is going to follow this LP that is


AAANNDDD thats it. Thats all there is to the game. Pick a deck, make a deck, duel as much as you want. The closest thing to an objective in this game is unlocking new CPU opponent to play with

Its a really long post for something without actual gameplay in it, but i hope you enjoyed it so far

P.S. I am a huge fan of history lesson, especially when it comes to VIDYA GAMES so you might see some cool trivias/overly long garbage in this LP


Dragon Boner

Oh by the way I kinda forgot how to make a poll

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I have never played Yugioh but I found a bunch of the cards near my mailbox one day and someone gave me some, so I have a big collection of the older cards and I still buy a pack of the original cards when I find the cheap packs sometimes. I used to really love the anime and I like to look at the cards but I doubt I will ever use them because I have some rare ones.

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This looks like it'll be fun! I was a big fan of the handheld YuGiOh games, they were always fun to play and I didn't have to waste even more money on the real cards (although I still have crates of them back home). I am curious/interested to see how you're going to approach LP-ing a YuGiOh game, though. Looks like it'll be an interesting challenge!

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