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FE12 Lunatic Reverse Efficiency run in 181 turns (Myrm!MU)

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Eh, I'm not that good at making long introductions, not like you need one. Anyway, I decided to do a H4 efficiency run.


- H4 / Lunatic Reverse mode.

- Efficiency, aka quick and reliable clears. Map save-backed up crits are fine; one is allowed per map save at 20% or better, except for Hardin (two crits). I do accept a prologue steel axe dodge here and there because who doesn't.

- Full recruitment, no deaths.

- Lunatic Boosters, Mixed Reclass, RP, Growth Drop and Bond Drop are fine.

- No How's everyone.

- Growth rigging isn't prohibited. While I won't reset for excessive blessings, I prefer having the possibility to make up for screwages via map saves. (The first part excludes Drill Grounds because I'm not investing money into bad or mediocre levels.)

MU: Myrmidon, Orphan (Str / Mag), Kind (Def), Enlightened (HP)


P1: MU should get a Str proc here; it's IIRC about equally likely as rigging the Fighter roll on Prologue 3, and it's better for longterm.

P2: MU should proc Str again, to gang up on the Fighter on P3. MU having 3 Lck might be needed for a 4-turn, but I don't exactly remember. Luke's possible 9 Skl roll makes me suspect it isn't needed.

P3: A 4-turn is possible if MU's levels are more blessed, with my actual MU it would've required 2 dodges because my Vulnerary count was a bit low.

P4-A: I think a 4-turn might be possible because by turn 4, all enemies but Athena would be defeated with a different strategy; I recall that I'd also have enough units to gang up on Athena Atk-wise, but they'd sit so low on HP that they can't take a single hit from her.

P5: Can be more reliable if Ryan proc's Str twice (like, if he gets 2 levels to begin with, but I'm not focussing on using him a whole lot).

P6-O: Tried if a 2-turn is possible on H4, but there's a similar issue as for the Athena 4-turn.

P7-C: Luke had 5 Lck, allowing for a 3-turn if the Myrmidon that attacks him on EP1 has 14 Skl. With a more def-blessed MU, I feel it can be done by manipulating the Myrmidon and Archer rolls to lower Atk and attacks a Luke with above 5 Lck who has a sword equipped, but that's less likely to occur.

4+4+5+5+4+3+3/28 turns.

Turncounts and videos:


P1-7 AOC: 4+4+5+5+4+3+3/28 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhCrgmcY3Hg

P8: 15/43 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvnpXi8uUyo

C1: 8/51 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvh1uQSkpjU

C2: 7/58 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMAEDJP0zMA

C3: 17/75 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UskFqgjQ33A

C3x: 6/81 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ejiu2Fk5BKc

C4: 5/86 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtSnC8qTFGs

C5: 8/94 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fY67wr_b13E

C6: 5/99 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2MZven6kpw

C6x: 1/100 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5EHTUxsmGk

C7: 4/104 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJMH2hv-8Kw

C8: 3/107 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zs7GBZEKAC0

C9: 5/112 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8r7_Sg0GzCE

C10: 3/115 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWFWA8cRtY4

C10x: 1/116 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JuVJjDXRnY

C11: 5/121 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2NSnxPrvec

C12: 5/126 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjdHmlmmXKk

C13: 6/132 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDVyBMH2Pb8

C13x: 2/134 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHLZPIqE2O0

C14: 5/139 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GgeqNU5FG0

C15: 4/143 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7b9AvWZ6VE

C16: 2/145 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgd-uTvPp58

C16x: 2/147 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zh3jAcuAock

C17: 3/150 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpcYh4hHrYE

C18: 2/152 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Oa_kt_60aE

C19: 6/158 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h98fOFyj2Ns

C20: 5/163 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mg5yUwMN6F8

C20x: 4/167 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPS97KT8gcI

C21: 5/172 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nj3erxP0ByM

C22: 4/176 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aW2YWNKBq-U

C23: 3/179 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNrSvM9Mh_c

C24 + turncount roll: 2/181 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VApt8XaW9cI


Staff usage:



C1-3x: None

C4: 1 Rescue - Marth is rescued by Yumina and recruits Castor on turn 1 and is four full movements distanced from the gate.

C5: 2 Rescue - Marth is rescued by Malicia on turns 1 and 8 to get him to the Hammerne village or gate, respectively, more quickly.

C6: 1 Rescue - Marth is rescued by Arran on turn 5 after collecting the treasure.

C6x: 1 Hammerne, 1 Rescue - Malicia uses the Hammerne on the rescue staff and Linde rescues Marth for a 1-turn clear.

C7: 1 Rescue - Marth is rescued closer to the gate by Wendell on turn 1 to seize in 4 turns. He can aswell be rescued on turn 4 for the same turncount but it's pretty much the worse choice wrt Marth's experience gain and potentially the treasure hunt since Marth wouldn't be around to OHKO some thieves.

C8: 1 Rescue - Marth is rescued on turn 3 by Malicia after recruiting Bantu.

C9: 1 Rescue - Marth is rescued by Linde on turn 5 and seizes upon being danced after the Etzel recruitment.

C10: 1 Hammerne, 2 Thief - I use a free turn to hammerne the rescue staff. Thief staffed the Unlock staff and Bullion (L).

C10x: none

C11: 2 Rescue - Etzel rescues Feena, is danced and rescues Marth on turn 5, allowing for a 5-turn clear.

C12: 1 Rescue - Linde rescues Feena on turn 5, allowing for Marth to skirt the boss area and seize immediately afterwards.

C13: none

C13x: none

C14: 1 Rescue , 1 Thief - Marth is rescued by Linde after recruiting Tiki. Thief staff was used on the Again chest.

C15: 1 Rescue, 1 Again - Marth is rescued below the first door on turn 2, and receives an Again on turn 4 to seize sooner.

C16: 2 Thief - Got the Bullion (L) and Rescue staff.

C16x: None

C17: 2 Rescue, 1 Again - Marth is rescued after recruiting Tomas; Feena is rescued to dance Marth, allowing him to reach Sheema a turn earlier, and Again is used on Marth so he can seize right after recruiting Sheema.

C18: 1 Rescue - Marth is rescued by Etzel after visiting the village on turn 2 and gets danced to seize.

C19: 1 Rescue, 1 Again - Marth is rescued on turn 6 to make up for his detour to Roshea's village, and is casted Again on to seize a turn sooner.

C20: 1 Rescue - Midia is rescued away from those Generals that would otherwise kill her.

C20x: none

C21: 1 Rescue, 1 Again - Marth is rescued closer to the gate and used Again on by Linde and Malicia respectively to seize earlier. Both happen on turn 5.

C22: 1 Rescue - Feena is rescued so Marth can be danced, instead of being used an Again charge on, to the throne.

C23: 1 Rescue, 1 Again - Linde rescues Marth on turn 3 into seizing range and is Again'd to critblick Gharnef.

C24: 1 Rescue, 1 Again - Merric is rescued to recruit Elice; Elice uses Again on Marth for additional damage on Medeus.





Prologue: Made the strats by myself for the majority, but they're largely similar standard H3 prologue strats.

C1: Came up with the strat by myself. The opening is pretty positioning-flexible so mine differed significantly from other efficient strategies.

C2: Variation of the standard strat. I don't know who did the DK pull I used first but it's similar to Miikaya's 6-turn strat pull, postponed by one turn.

C3: Modified the standard strategy to deploy General!Arran, who can feed 14 Spd Marth a low-rolling DK.

C3x: This opening doesn't require much thought, but it can obviously be modified so Linde would tank a Knight and someone else the Archer, improving the EXP distribution.

C4: Grandjackal for recommending a +1 Steel Sword so Taurus!RP!Ogma ORKOes Pirates.

C5: commonguard. Modified the second turn so Sirius can get the bosskill and some Cavaliers.

C6: Own strategy, practically an improved version of dondon's 6-turn. commonguard for the Armorslayer forge idea so Sirius can kill Lang.

C6x: Simple and straightforward, Paperblade used that strat first.

C7: Standard.

C8: Standard strategy involving Luke and Sirius getting an extra General via Armorslayer forge, except it involved Cavalier!Catria because Peg!Catria couldn't quite combine a Steel Lance + Javelin on the Thief.

C9: commonguard. Had to make adaptations because I stupidly left out Door Keys on Chapter 5.

C10: Standard.

C10x: Standard. MJEmirzian for the L-trick.

C11: dondon151. Modified the strat so Etzel doesn't soak any Wyrm kills.

C12: Miikaya's strat.

C13: commonguard for the general structure of the strategy, the Spirit Dust get and the idea to convert dead turns into reinforcement farming. Came up with the reinforcement killing strat myself.

C13x: Variation of the standard strat with Linde distracting the Pachyderm because Luke couldn't tank 3 boss area hits.

C14: Miikaya for the opening. I think a good chunk of this is similar to the 5-turn clears commonguard and PKL achieved.

C15: PKL for the original strat by using Nosferatu for the RHS and 6 water-crossing units for a quick boss area assault. Modified the clear by myself.

C16: commonguard for General!Jeorge distracting the Sniper from Palla. Straightforward strat otherwise.

C16x: Own strategy.

C17: Own strategy; found it when doing my LTC run, but adjusted it to accomodate the Tomas recruitment.

C18: Own strategy.

C19: commonguard for the recruitment strategy. Miikaya for the Warrior double-pull on turn 1.

C20: Variation of the standard strategy. MagicBarrier16 for the General pull I did on turn 4.

C20x: MagicBarrier16 / Miikaya for the original strat, which I adjusted a bit.

C21: Own strategy. commonguard and PKL for the openings which I combined. Kngt_Of_Titania for showing that it's possible to 5-turn the map with Michalis and 1 Rescue + 1 Again.

C22: Own strategy. Miikaya/commonguard for the 10 mov Gradivus user + Unlock bosskill.

C23: Own strategy.

C24: I think the formation on turn 1 is mine, might have been used already though. It partially resembles the standard one.



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SM is the best I guess.

wrt P8, I take it back, it's awful as always haha.

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Rage, had to spend quite some turns to heal my units. I tried around a lot but I simply needed all of the units I healed to handle the boss area. I could've shaved some turns if I had more Vulneraries, and maybe rigging a dodge from MU would've saved a turn or two aswell. SM is kind of Spd-screwed, she got 3 procs in 8 level-ups. I'm pretty sure she would be able to ORKO C1 Bandits as an RP!Cav on average.

P8 is completed in 15 turns (43 total).

Edited by Gradivus.

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yeah, 15 Spd still is kind of good. I guess Cav is better here and there but idt it's needed for anything really.

Apparently someone likes P8 too! well, I like a P8 that got owned by me, I don't really like doing it either.


No matter how much I tried to fool the enemies by abusing their attacking order, I couldn't find a way to smash through the first initial group on turn 1 such that Marth would reach the village on turn 2. Draug proves himself pro by nuking that Bandit on turn 1. I didn't find a way to have Arran get to Lorenz by turn 6, which could've ensured a 7-turn. However Arran had to finish off that Bandit on turn 2 so he couldn't really make the distance unlike a certain other General. I should've moved Draug next to Malicia's turn 3 tile so she'd still get WEXP because MU got that awkward dodge. I don't know if doing a pull of the 2nd enemy group like I did is necessary, I think Arran could simply have gone onto the fort, but it looks kind of neat so I did it anyway.

C1 is completed in 8 turns (51 total).

RP usage

3 uses, 74 leftover

Draug: ORKOes a Bandit.

Marth: ORKOes a Hunter.

Arran: General ftw.

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Eh, I'm not sure. On H3 I can see it being easy to feed him a good amount of earlygame kills as a Pirate, but on H4 I think he really needs a Hunter reclass to efficiently grab kills. I think he'll mainly be an utility unit on this run because he can ORKO a lot of early stuff. We'll see how well he gains exp. However I don't see him having problems surviving single hits later on, if he's trained well he's likely to have 12 or 13 Spd as a Fighter by C4 to ORKO Bandits with RP and tank a hit. His HP growth as a Pirate or Fighter is pretty good actually.

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Damn I just watched your C1, that is some creative use of Peg!Cecil. I've never even been to that area to the left of the cave before haha.

I'm thinking of starting a H4 run myself but am kinda loathe to even use MU at all. I wonder how much that would hurt in the grand scheme of things though.

Edited by Irysa

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that cecille trick is pretty standard actually :P H4 without MU is doable (lolForced deployment C16x) it seems, you can still invest more exp on prologue into 7th platooners and not care about turns generally.

as for the run, C2 is being tedious AI-wise and I'm playing FE8 atm so I'll proceed eventually. maybe I can do it in 6 turns by having SM nuke DKs? I definitely see the Cavaliers being a larger issue though and even the soldier movement doesn't want to cooperate (I'm having a nice payback on soldiers though... lolSilverlance!Seth).

Edited by Gradivus.

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that cecille trick is pretty standard actually :P

Show how much I know then. :V

I wouldn't be using the Rainbow Potion either beacuse I think it's cheap for casual runs, but yeah I'm sure it's DOABLE...it just makes me wonder about how to use particular units. I guess Luke is definitely worth training as a Bow User early on into Horseman, but I'm thinking about doing Pirate Rody into DracoKnight/Berserker/Paladin. Draug is likely better than Rody for it but his HP and lack of Prologue make me wonder.

I wish Horseman Cecil could be a thing...maybe I need to look into hacking just so I can do it.

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Show how much I know then. :V

I wouldn't be using the Rainbow Potion either beacuse I think it's cheap for casual runs, but yeah I'm sure it's DOABLE...it just makes me wonder about how to use particular units. I guess Luke is definitely worth training as a Bow User early on into Horseman, but I'm thinking about doing Pirate Rody into DracoKnight/Berserker/Paladin. Draug is likely better than Rody for it but his HP and lack of Prologue make me wonder.

I wish Horseman Cecil would be a thing...maybe I need to look into hacking just so I can do it.

That's right, you know nothing because if you would, you'd be continuing your FE6 LTC to reach C16x where Douglas runs around in a corner to burn RNs, literally going distance, most of the cursor movement goes for him.

As for the Draug thing, I think Draug can be used on prologue and be fed high-exp kills to, like Thieves and Cain. I bet you can also feed him one of the P7 reinforcements. Anyway, he needs +2 HP +1 Spd to survive and double Bandits, whereas Rody would need 6 Spd procs to double, but he can also gang up on C1 stuff with Gordin I think so it's not as insane. I believe they'll turn out similarly anyway due to their growths, except that Draug might face "got killed even after the mend usage" issues but generally wrecking harder early on. Rody also has to share his EXP with Luke (wrt bosskills) but I think it isn't a huge issue. If you think of an MVPish Dracoknight to stomp much stuff on EP, Palla should still be one of the best choices despite not having Berserker, because of her bases. Luke still is a good candidate for an HM obviously.

This run is looking great so far. I enjoyed your LTC and I'm sure I'll enjoy this as well.

Nice that your liking it!

I bet you expected an update here, but Youtube is down or something, I did and recorded C2, failed to do it in 6 turns though.

Edited by Gradivus.

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Chapter 2 is completed in 7/58 turns.

A 6-turn requires a turn 4 pull of the boss area Dracoknights, which my team couldn't accomplish due to the remaining Cavalier, so I settled with a 7-turn clear. I rely on the seemingly more likely 1 Def roll for Str Bond!Rody to 2HKO the thief because Draug was needed on the RHS, to manipulate the Sword!Cav's movement and then kill him. Rody is capable of 3HKOing the Thief with a Javelin, to convoydrop the Lady Sword on turn 5 instead. I'm not sure how the Dracoknights would move, but I think I could still have gotten the same exp distribution aside from Catria killing Gordin's DK and Rody just tanking the LHS one on turn 6, while, I think, being outside his range on turn 5. I also think I'll forge a Javelin eventually, and I could've done it here to +2 Mt had the Thief roll been less likely.

C2 prep

3 Rainbow Potions (71/77)

Marth: doubles Cavaliers.

Draug: doubles Cavaliers.

Catria: doubles Soldiers and is more reliable against Hunters and Dracoknights. I believe she needs it to 2HKO the Soldier aswell but not sure. Unsure if 2HKOing him is needed though.

Bond Drop: SM, providing bonds that I'm using to meet benchmarks for the clear.

Str Bond: Rody, allowing to 2HKO the Thief with Javelin + Steel Lance.

Str Bond: SM, allowing her to ORKO the Lance!DK.

Def Bond: Arran tanks the boss + a generic DK. I realized late that I don't need to tank both if I manipulate the DK movement via savepoint, but I doubt the Def bond will matter.

Edited by Gradivus.

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Left annotations wherever something went unlike planned (I actually messed up at a point) and for some random comments. Not much to say overall; aside from General!Arran, allowing 14 Spd Marth to eat a DK kill, it's mostly standard stuff. Note that General!Arran faces some difficulty going that large distance; I planned on getting him to the Ballista on turn 16 because I assumed it can threaten Marth after he kills the Cavalier, but a forged Javelin still is weak enough to let Marth survive. Malicia can be grinded nicely on this map due to where the ballista can shot.

Chapter 3 is completed in 17/75 turns.

C3 prep:


4 Rainbow Potion uses (67 left)

Luke: Doubles DKs, I couldn't deploy him as a Myrmidon here because SM took up that reclassing slot.

SM: ORKOes that DK on EP2; he has a lance.

Catria: Doubles DKs and meets damage benchmarks.

Marth: Doubles enemies.

Forged: +3 Mt, +5 Hit Javelin, Name: @@@@@@@, Price: 3000G

The standard version is +2 Mt, but I threw an extra point of Mt on it because I managed to avoid any other forges and Luke is really good money-wise so I had some spare money. Who knows, maybe it comes in handy? I didn't technically need it here, but I turned out to need it after that Palla mistake, and I planned on forging one anyway. Doing it now helps me get around the 1 forge per chapter rule.

Bought: 1 Angelic Robe, used on Linde

This is crucial for the DK pulls and for easier longterm usage.


Edited by Gradivus.

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Luke: Doubles DKs, I couldn't deploy him as a Myrmidon here because SM took up that reclassing slot.

Wait, I thought MU's assumed class was Merc/Myrm and you got +1 over the amount you should have by that time? What class is MU assumed to be in terms of class allocation, or does he/she just not have one?

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I only have 1 slot on both Merc and Myrm by now, overall those are my reclass limits:

3 fliers: Palla, Catria, free

6 cavaliers: Rody, Luke, Cecille, Arran, Matthis, free

2 knights: Draug, free

3 archers: Gordin, Ryan, free

1 merc, 1 myrm, 1 pirate, 1 dark mage: free slots

3 fighters: Bord, Cord, free

2 hunters: Warren, free

2 healers: Malicia, free

2 mages: Linde, free

What I assumed was that MU doesn't grant a reclassing slot, and that stuff is consistent with it.

Edited by Gradivus.

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Ryan is begging you to use him.

Also, in your LTC run Catria wasn't that great. Do you expect her to be extremely good in this run, considering that you aren't going to do lv 10 promotions (I'm assuming)?

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Ryan is turning out well whenever I don't intend on using him, but when I tried to, he trolled me and I ended up with 26 Spd after speedwings on C20 :( She wasn't that great because she didn't go Falcoknight, I'm indecisive if I'm gonna force myself to 4-turn C11 because minimum or just 5-turn it and get a lot of resources (namely 2 Speedwings because I don't throw one Linde's way, 1 Shield, a much better Catria, a Scroll and like 3500G more) and better exp allocation. I think that, even if she has to go DK, she's good enough to stay part of my royal airforce though.

I'm throwing this at you now too because it's easy.

I enforced 34 HP / 9 Def rolls on the turn 1 Knights that were batted by Palla and Marth. I could've abused the 3rd roll too and just forged a +1 Steel Sword (very handy for C4) so Luke can finish off without RP. Arran had to go Horseman because Catria can't ORKO the Archer from range without RP+Shard; otherwise, he could've gone Sniper and saved the RP use. I wish Cav!Luke's Spd growth weren't that iffy, but I needed the movement for positioning reasons.

Chapter 3x is completed in 6/81 turns.

C3x prep:



2 Rainbow Potion uses (65 left)

Luke: finishes off an Armor Knight.

Arran: doubles the Archer.


C4 will be tough; I know a semi-reliable 4-turn with Castor recruited (can confirm that it works on H3, not quite sure about H4), but it relies on a Dracoknight tanking a Silver Bow + Hand Axe, and Marth tanking 2 Axes via Angelic Robe + RP.

Edited by Gradivus.

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5 turns! This clear is pretty tough and without an overwhelming Dracoknight, it requires a bit of enemy attacking order exploitation, which I go more in detail about below. Anyway, since Luke and SM needed the movement for their respective tasks, I needed to reset for rolls because they sat at 12 Spd; the Pirates attacked by Luke and SM mustn't have 11 Spd (the rolls I needed seemed rather likely to me). The Hand Axe and Silver Axe!Pirate duo near the boss mustn't have 55 combined Atk (i.e. one of them must flux down) for Marth to survive, and the Silver Axe!Pirate that engaged Marth on turn 3 mustn't have 30 Atk so that Yumina mends Marth to full HP next turn. A thing worthy of note is I could've given Marth an LSB Dracoshield or Robe had he not reached the durability benchmark for this map since I don't expect Palla to need more than two shields, and it's likely that I'd have a spare Robe. Castor needed a Killer Bow crit against the Thief, so I deployed Cavalier!Ryan to reach the map save on turn 3. I could've improved the reliability of the clear by using double RP on Castor and Yubello (I think; note that Sirius must still get it on turn 3), to gang them up on the thief without a crit, and by still buying a Dracoshield or Angelic Robe for Marth so as not to rely on stat rolls.

Chapter 4 is completed in 5/86 turns with 1 Rescue use.

C4 prep:



6 Rainbow Potion uses (59 left)

Luke, SM: double 10 Spd Bandits.

Marth: meets the tanking benchmark, 2HKOes Pirates, doubles Pirates.

Sirius, Ogma: double Pirates.

Palla: doubles the boss.

Forged: +1 Mt Steel Sword, Name: Pot Abuse!, Price: 875G

This allows Ogma to ORKO a Pirate. I don't think I could've just had Yubello finish off since I needed Yumina to stand on the tile, in order to heal Castor.


C4 AI manipulation stuff, or how I survived turn 3:



The attacking order of the enemies can be determined by using the L button (I had to explore the reinforcements by myself because I wasn't familiar with when they attack). The reinforcements are the last enemies to attack. This is the attacking order of the C4 turn 3 bandits (the one killed on turn 1 doesn't count):


To protect Sirius, Arran had to luck-distract Pirate 1; Pirate 2 not attacking before him is necessary because 1 would otherwise go for Sirius, who would likely die. Pirate 2 goes for SM. Pirate 3 goes for Ogma due to lower defense. Pirate 4 suicides on Marth, his sole target; Marth's position is necessary, otherwise Ogma would've been doubly exposed. The reinforcement Pirate suicides on Sirius. Killing the Hunters is important because they could've killed Yumina.



Edited by Gradivus.

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Again, I used a version of commonguard's strat; Sirius grabs the bosskill and counterkills Cavaliers with a Javelin forge. I changed his position though and gave him a Speedwing instead; this way, he consistently doubles Cavaliers, the only roll I had to rely on was the Silver Lance!Cav having 6 Def (35 HP mustn't occur either, but it seems to be rare). Palla got promoted. Luke after an Arena round had 13 Spd, making him consistently ORKO Mages with RP. Managed to rout the generic Snipers in order to spread EXP. Also left out on buying door keys; I'm sure I can find a way to buy those on C9. C6 might be less leniently possible, but I think I can still manage. I'm running a bit low on money, and I plan on forging the Armorslayer for C6.

Chapter 5 is completed in 8/94 turns with 2 Rescue uses.

C5 prep:



Sold: 1 Bullion - 5000G

Bought: 1 Angelic Robe, 1 Speedwing

Forged: +4 Mt Iron Axe, Price: 1760G

Drill Grounds used on Luke twice and on Palla.

Palla: 710G, Str Spd Def

Luke: 1280G, HP Str Spd Def

Current money: 2515G

Angelic Robe - Marth

I should've done this on C4 instead, but it still helps his EXP gain overall.

Speedwing - Sirius

He can double Cavaliers, and doubles a lot of things in the long run.

7 Rainbow Potion uses (52 left):

Marth: gets 3HKOed by Silver Lance!Armors and ORKOes them.
Luke: doubles a Mage.

Catria: ORKOes Mages that proc 3 Def.

Sirius: meets benchmarks for the boss area.

Palla: ORKOes Dracoknights and the Sniper.

Arran: ORKOes a Knight.

Caeda: survives a ballista and a Silver Sword with Vulnerary + fort healing in between; this was pretty much a waste because she dodged the ballista, and Devil!Ogma could still have fed the Sniper on turn 8 to her.





Marth / 10.15 / 38 HP / 12 STR / 14 SKL / 14 SPD / 13 LCK / 10 DEF / 1 RES / D Swords / 1 Robe

Luke / 10.59 / 29 HP / 15 STR / 9 SKL / 13 SPD / 8 LCK / 5 DEF / 1 RES / E Bows / None

Catria / 11.15 / 29 HP / 11 STR / 8 SKL / 16 SPD / 11 LCK / 11 DEF / 0 RES / E Swords C Lances / None

Linde / 7.92 / 29 HP / 4 MAG / 7 SKL / 9 SPD / 11 LCK / 3 DEF / 4 RES / D Tomes / 1 Robe

Palla / 13'3.00 / 31 HP / 18 STR / 15 SKL / 17 SPD / 10 LCK / 17 DEF / 4 RES / B Lances E Axes / None

SM / 12.00 / 29 HP / 15 STR / 17 SKL / 17 SPD / 12 LCK / 8 DEF / 0 RES / C Swords / None

Malicia / 8.17 / 20 HP / 6 MAG / 1 SKL / 9 SPD / 15 LCK / 1 DEF / 8 RES / B Swords / None

Sirius / 2.71 / 27 HP / 14 STR / 15 SKL / 15 SPD / 5 LCK / 13 DEF / 3 RES / A Lances E Axes / 1 Wing

Caeda / 7.64 / 21 HP / 7 STR / 10 SKL / 18 SPD / 16 LCK / 9 DEF / 6 RES / D Lances / None


Edited by Gradivus.

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