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Stupid question of the month from the resident hacking noob

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Okay, after finally getting FEditor working, I started work on a little hacking project of mine that I won't go into detail about because if I can get some help figureing this out, there will soon be a seperate thread all about this project.

Anyway, how do you turn your work into a IPS patch so I can make it availible for download here.

Also, does one have to use dropbox or can you use a direct download link on this site.

honestly, I know these are likely stupid questions but outside of a few youtube videos YEARS ago, this will be my first time uploading anything here other than a post

If it helps, the hack is of FE 6, don't know if that matters.

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To create a patch, either .UPS or .IPS, open up either Lunar IPS or NUPS. .UPS patches are preferred, I believe. There should be a button on NUPS that says "Create Patch." Press that, and it should be self-explanatory. As for putting it up for download, you can either attach it to a post or create a Dropbox link. Both work, but it's probably better to use Dropbox.

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