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So i saw mono's and Kittys topics and i thought "ya why not" its a good excuse to try to work with in a frame, and a bunch of other stuff im to lazy to talk about right now.

basically all you need to know is that i'll do any map request ya want, for exactually 0 Canadian loonys, in whatever program you prefer, might even be willing to do map changes as well, potentially for an additional price? IDK i haven't figured that part out yet, so unless the map has like large special map changes (summoning a mountain? IDK) you can expect to do the basic map changes on your own for now (unless you cant figure it out or something but that would be sad and i expect every one of you to be able to pull it off)


and to try to get your incentive to choose me for your map commissions here is some samples.

[spoiler=placed in a nice spoiler for your convenience.]





also please note that if i do not respond to your request, for more then a day then i am most likely busy, or simply unavailable.

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Hey, can you do me a map of a village, similar to Vale from Golden Sun?

sure can, just send me some reference picture, or at least a link to one, cause i've never played golden sun, so i need an idea of what your looking for.

Wow Pichu, that last map is pretty nice! I like that route split too, makes for a more interesting chapter!

thank you. this was mostly a practice with small mountains, and path ways. if you wanna use it go right ahead.

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