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This is my thread about screenshot LPs of Fire Emblem hacks

  1. Dream of Five
  2. Bloodlines
  3. The Last Promise
  4. Fire Emblem Forever
  5. Midnight Sun
  6. Death or Glory
  7. Gheb FE
  8. FEIV
  9. Super Thracia

Hopefully you'll enjoy.

If you have any questions or improvement suggestions, shoot them!

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Dream of Five, huh? This hack is kind of an acquired taste-as in, it wasn't until my second playthrough that I really enjoyed it. One thing you should know, though, is that you should NOT be afraid to use the crutch character.

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Have played the prologue.

I believe this hack becomes pretty hard early on since the enemies use already steel weapons in the prologue.

Though it seems to be fun so far.

I like the main character.

Will upload the stuff tomorrow.

Dream of Five, huh? This hack is kind of an acquired taste-as in, it wasn't until my second playthrough that I really enjoyed it. One thing you should know, though, is that you should NOT be afraid to use the crutch character.

I see.

Have played the prologue.

Ignoring the warrior guy would make this chapter pretty difficult.

Is this a hack of FE7? I'm playing that right now, so this has my interest.


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Welcome to my LP of Fire Emblem Dream of Five by AstraLunaSol.

Actually I know nothing about this hack. Neither I have played it, nor I have watched a LP of it.
So this will be a complete blind run for me. I'm very excited about this adventure!

My expectations might be very high from my side, because Midnight Sun was superb. I've heared already that Midnight Sun is probably the best hack ever.
Though it doesn't mean that "Dream of Five" will probably disappoint me.
Quite the opposite: Most hacks have more to offer than a regular FE game and I also want to see the differences between hacks.
So I really look forward to play this!

One request:
Since it's the first time I play this hack, I'll appreciate each hint by you about a character recruitment or any other secrets.
Please put them in spoiler-tags


Here are the growthrates of all the units.

Dream of Five

[spoiler=[b]Prolog part 1]

AstraLunaSol presents:

The same introduction as in FE7. It's logical since it's a FE7 hack.


Welcome to Fire Emblem Dream of Five!

After Midnight Sun it's only the second FE hack I'm going to play and LP.

It's a complete blind run. Neither have played it before, nor watched a LP of it. So I'm very excited!

Since it's a blind run I'm prepared for some bad happenings (= deaths).
I think I'm going to restart each death, because I don't know which unit will be important or not.

I also try to recruit everyone and show you as much as possible of this hack.
That means spoilers are welcome! Only put them in spoiler-tags please!

My commentary about the story won't be as much as in my Midnight Sun, since it's the first time I play this hack and I have no knowledge about the story and characters yet.
However I try to draw conclusions in the story, if I can.
Also I will show you very many screenshots to make it easier for you and me to understand the story and the game mechanics.

Please forgive me my bad English! It's not my motherlanguage.
I try to make it understandable for you as much as I can.
Please correct me, if you see any grammar and / or spelling faults or you have any questions about the content.


Starting a new game.
As in the original FE7 you don't have a choice of different difficulties.
That means I'll start on easy or normal mode depending on which modes this hack includes..
Anyway I would have chosed the lowest difficulty anyway, because I'm not so masochistic to play a hack blindly on highest difficulty.
I'm pretty sure this hack will kick my ass in a few situations.


Kalias is the continent, where this hack will take place.


As in the original FE7 you can create the avatar (the only type of avatar I can stand tbh).


You have to enter your name, birth month and gender.


Now you know my (nick)name.


I believe the months are translated from Japanese. Chosed the fourth option, because I was born in April.


I'm still male, although my avi might not show it to you.


Now time to start the story!


I'm a V.I.P.


Well this portrait looks awesome already! I really love the headgear of this lady (probably a mage).


It seems she likes to tell many "exciting" stories to the villagers.


I think she's telling about the main character.


Oh hello!
Well I think that's the main character, isn't it?
Female version Roy and Eliwood?!
Hopefully she's better than these two.



Two more guys appear.
The guy with eyepatch looks pretty cool. Love eyepatches since Haar from FE9 / 10.
He seems to be fighter or bandit. Anyway he looks very strong.
The other guy looks like a myrmidon or mercenary.




This is Kolbane.


Ok, this seems to be a very authoritarian chick.

Yup, he's definitely a myrm or a mercenary.



Ugh... what the hell is that?!

I think the first typical chapter of a FE game will be: To blow off bandits!


Yup, I'm right!


What does this douche want from my units?


I like her already!


Let's finally begin the prolouge of DoF:

It's a defeat boss mission. A pirate named Discan is the first boss in this hack!

Before I will go to the map, I introduce my units first:


Renair is the lord, to be precise a blademaiden.
She has very high skill and speed already.
I expect she will be a more similar lord type as Lyn or Eirika: More focussed on skill and speed than on strength and defense.
Her constitution is only 6 so she'll have trouble to use heavier swords.
PS: I'm pretty sure the constitution is the buffer for the weapon weight as in the GBA games.


She has an iron sword, a portion (which heals you by 10 HP I think?) and a gold edge.
I don't know, if the gold edge has the same effects as the rapier weapons (effective against knights and cavaliers) from other FE games. However if Renair has equipped the gold edge, she'll get a defense boost of 2:



She only can use swords (yet).


Kolbane is a mercenary with expectable stats for a level two mercenary. In general the base stats are higher for a low leveled unit than in most other FE games and hacks.


He has iron and steel sword, which he can alrady use already.
Steel swords have a weight of only 9. That means he can use it without speed penalty thanks to his constitution of 9.


Last but not least: Garath
Garath is even a warrior (= second tier) with typical stats for a prepromoted unit. His speed is even lower than Renair's, although he's almost 20 (probably 10) levels higher than her. Also his defense is only maginally better than Kolbane's. Only his strength is pretty decent.
Anyway since he's prepromoted, I only will use him to weak the enemies. Renair and Kolbane should get all the kills and experience in the earlygame.
He will be only the panic button, if I'm really desperate.


He has a great bow, an iron bow and an iron axe.
A great bow is probably a stronger version of a steel bow. As you can see it can attack from 3 range. So a very handy weapon against enemies with 1-2 attack range, especially magic users.


Since he's a warrior he can use axes and bows.
Interestingly he has a higher weapon level in bows than in axes. Can bowusers promote into warriors in this hack?

Edited by Mister CatTeaDawn

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[spoiler= Prolog part 2]
Now I check the enemies:




You see the enemies have already steel weapons in the prologue!
I get this feeling this hack will become pretty insane very fast.
Even the stats are pretty damn good. A level 1 fighter with 7 base speed is pretty high.
And a level 1 archer starts with 7 strength and almost 30 HP already.
The enemies are so fast that even my warrior can't double and 1RKO them all.
Well, the fighters with steel axes are excluded because of AS penalty.
So I'm prepared for the worst!


The boss is a pirate with decent stats.
He has a steel axe and a hulbart, a weaker version of a hand axe.
Does this description mean that it has a brave-effect, if it attacks from 2-range? It scares me!

Let's start this chapter:

As I have mentioned alrady, the prolouge is a defeat boss mission.
There are a plenty of enemies on this map. Some of them have steel weapons, who will seriously hurt you. Renair and Kolbane won't survive two hits of them.
If Renair dies => Game Over
I don't know, if it applies to the other two units too. I forgot to check the Game Over conditions during I played this map.


There are two villages on this map, you should visit!

The map theme of the prologue is the same as of chapter 16x in FE7. I like this a lot!

Turn 1:

Let's start the business:


Getting hit by 28%. What a great start :-_-:
The attack theme is a remix of FE5. I'm not sure, if it's the same theme as in the FE7 Arena (never have used it yet).


Kolbane kills this fighter.

I place Garath in the attack range of the archer, because he can't double and 1RKO him:


I think he's an excellent unit to weak the enemies.
Another huge plus: He can attack from 2, even 3 range.

Turn 2:


Kolbane kills the archer while Renair uses a portion:


It heals more than 10 HP.

Garath decoys another archer:


He is decoyed, but the other two (fighter and mercenary) move too in enemy phase:


They fighter only has an iron axe. That means Renair and Kolbane will survive both hits of them.

Turn 3:


Renair takes this spot after killing the archer.


In the enemy phase she dodges.

Turn 4:


She finishes him off so that the mercenary will attack her in enemy phase:


Turn 5:


She kills him by support of Garath.


First level up!
Ok, I guess. Defense is nice. However speed would be nicer in early game.

Kolbane decoys a mercenary:


Slim swords have a pretty decent critrate, but only does little damage.


I forgot to the check that he has a range weapon.
He also has a hurbat, but he doesn't attack me twice. So my fears don't come true!
Anyway it's a real weak and inaccurate 2-range axe.

Turn 6:


The enemy mercenary goes down and Kolbane gets his first level up too.
Funnily enough exact the same as Renair's.
Renair weakens the bandit with the hurbat.


These bandits have hidiculous high HP (31) for level 1.


The bandit with the hurbat also has an iron axe.
Consequently he attacks Garath in melee range, because he has equipped a bow.

Turn 7:


Kolbane kills this bandit.
Only one enemy (mercenary) is left one this map besides the boss.
Renar decoys him:


Turn 8:


Garath and Kolbane kill him while Renair visits the first of two villages:


A new ally :)


A healer!
By the way the recruitment theme of FE6 is used for this.


Asher is a priest
A healer at this early point of this game always is welcome!
Though he can't only heal, but he also can use light magic already. Unfortunately he doesn't have a light tome yet.
Healing gives you more experience than in most other FE games (16 exp.). Though I don't hope it's a degressive model.

Turn 9:

Garath won't be used anymore. He shall visit the second village.
Renair and Kolbane will deal with the boss.

Turn 10:



Turn 12:

It's bosstime:


Blah, blah, blah...


I hit, he misses. Perfect!


In enemy phase he swaps to the steel axe to do more damge, but he still misses.

Turn 13:


Now Kolbane can finish him off and after that Renair can seize in this turn.


He's dead and Kolbane gets an ok level up.
I kinda look for speed for my units, because the enemies are pretty damn fast.

Unfortunately I don't need to seize, because I forgot it was a defeat boss mission.
Otherwise Renair would get the bosskill.
I guess next time...


Well it looks Cajel is our next target of or journey.


This was the prologue.
Quite fun and interesting so far.
I have four different types of characters already.
I'm only a little bit worried about the difficulty curve.
I get the feeling this hack will be very frustating early on, if I see enemies with steel axes in the first map.
Well, I'm hopefully prepared for this.

Edited by Mister IceTeaPeach

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Had this hack been updates since I last checked? I don't quite remember priest guy being able to use light tomes...

Anyways, you're absolutely right about the increased difficulty curve. The chapters in this hack get super super long because TONS of enemies, and the enemies pretty much have silvers/killers before you get really consistent access to steel. As for the level curve, I won't spoiler it quite yet, but I'm sure you'll notice as time goes by.

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Well, thanks for the warning!

I already noticed that the enemies have at least the same or even better stats my units.

For example the enemy mercenaries are lower level than my one, but have the same speed and even more HP.

In chapter 1 I even had to kill a couple of enemies with my warrior.

It's the version 4.0. ; completed till chapter 14 on both routes.

Edited by Mister IceTeaPeach

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[spoiler= Chapter 1 part 1]
A little warning already:
This part only consists of story elements and dialogues.
The chapter will start for real in the next part.


It seems the boss will be a bandit and a pegasus knight a new ally.



What's that?
Sounds interesting!
Of course I will view it!


That's pretty interesting!
You experience a few details about the backstory and main character, but you also get information about the in the next mission.
Definitely a "must have", if you play this hack for the first time!


I see.
The entrance to this village is closed by bandits and I have to eliminate them, right?


She's not only a cutie, but also a very kind one. Will help the villagers without consideration.


Apperently she doesn't live here so the people are surprised about her help for free.


Amelia, what happened to you?!
Idk, but this portrait is similar for me. Can't remember, when and where I saw it.
Definitely not in AstraLunaSol's sprites in his hack thread.


Drawing seems to be her passion.
Forde II


She doesn't live there either.
Either she's a wandering mage, or she's on the run.
Unfortunately she doesn't want to give us an answer.
However she seems to be an interesting and maybe important character for the mainstory.


These people believe in myths: "Orphans are cursed"


New allies or a complete new team?!


Well I don't believe anymore that they're good people...
They have this village under their control.
That guy in the middle can probably fight with closed eyes.


They noticed that some people want to dispute their domination.
Now they must check out the situation:


Ugh... there are lots of enemies.


This guy is on the left is EVERYWHERE!
I get the feeling he can be a very important character (maybe even recruitable?)
Or is it just a portait of a generic soldier?


Are these instructions how to play the next chapter?


My units are shown. Finally!


The door to this village is close ane there's no thief in my team and no one has a door key.
So how to open it?


You were just a poor and naive fool...


... and now he's dead!

Edited by Mister IceTeaPeach

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Doing LP's like these will improve your English by a lot anyways :D:

Just something I found in Part 2 Prologue. You would say "He does little damage" instead of "He does few damage." It's hard to explain when to use few or little.

Anyways, liking the LP, keep it up!

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The guy on the left with the armor is a generic bandit, albeit a REALLY WEIRD one. And, if you think that there's a lot of enemies HERE...

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Well, thanks :)

I appreciate each improvment suggestion!

Unfortunately I have found more errors than this one :(

@The Moniker

Yeah, I might have exaggerated a bit.
I didn't know that the two shown characters will join in the beginning of this upcoming chapter already.


You're welcome!


I have already noticed the difficulty spike of this hack.

I must use Garath more than I prefer.

I try to save the goldedge as much as I can. Though it makes the earlygame a little bit easier because of the defense boosts. Renair can take two hits without any problems.

Edited by Mister IceTeaPeach

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I'd conserve the gold edge uses. Also this hack punishes you for turtling, so keep a steady pace and you wont be overwhelmed. The first builds of this patch featured easy enemy units, but Dan upped his game and totally nailed balance.

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Chapter 1 part 2




He literally wants to run his head against the wall.


Yeah, she joins!


I need every help I can get.


She breaks the door.


The bandits aren't very happy about that...


I accidently have cut a little bit of this "interesting" conversation.
Asher seems to be womanizer. At least he wished to be...

First of all I introduce the two new allies:


Ilanice is a pegasus knight, a very delicate one.
Her bases are typical for a pegasus knight in early game. 7 strength isn't bad, but you have seen already that the enemies have very good bases too so it's not that much worth.
Don't put her on the frontline, because she most likely won't take more than one hit! #
I don't know, if she will be oneshotted by an archer (I think she will).
She can use lances and even swords. Her con is high enough to use the slim lance and the iron sword without AS penalty.


Amelia is a mage.
Her bases are pretty alright for a level 3 mage.
She has a thunder tome. It only weighs 4 in this hack so she can use it without AS penalty thanks to her con of 5.
It's good to see that anima tomes have a similar weight as in FE6. They weigh way too much in FE7 + 8.
Her portrait reminds me pretty much on Fir. Only her ponytail is longer.

Here are the enemies:

As in the prologue you fight lots of bandits, mercenaries, archers, but also fighters this time:


The enemies have pretty much the same level and weapons as in the prologue. So I'm prepared to fight them.

Boss of the day is this guy:


The boss is a level 6 bandit.
Not too tough.
He has exact the same weapons as the previous boss.


There are two houses, a shop and an armory to visit.
Seriously I don't know, if the bandits go for the villages.

Let's start chapter 1:

It's a rout mission.
I have to kill more of the Darkwright bandits.
There are plenty of enemies in my attack range so I decide to turtle in the first turn.
Garath and Kolbane / Renair with the equipped goldedge are the only contenders for the frontline.
Keep away your healer of any attack ranges. Same goes for you peggy of any archers.

The map theme for this chapter is a remix of the opening chapters in FE11.

Turn 1:


Let's start to turtle!

BTW I have read in a comment that a passive playwise will punish you in this hack.
I have to admit I normally tend to play way more aggressively than I do here.
SInce it's a blind run and the enemies are very powerful, I tend to turtle much more in the beginning. I just don't want to do any stupid mistakes.
Hopefully my units will get a few good levels so I can adjust my playwise a little bit later.


The enemies go all for Kolbane.

Turn 2:


I kill the mercenary with Amelia and Ilanice.
My pegasus knight is on the frontline now, but only one enemy can attack her in melee range. There's no enemy with a 2-range weapon in my attack range so she's safe.


Kolbane and Renair kill the bandit.


Kolbane is healed.
As I said there's no enemy with a 2-range weapon in my attack range so my healer won't get attacked.


So much pain for my units in the enemy phase.
Kolbane was in the attack range of this archer. He must die as soon as possible to make the life for Ilanice much more bearable.

Turn 3:


So there are PLENTY of enemies close to my units.
Now I need a good plan how to play this turn.
On the one and I want to try to kill 1-2 enemies in this turn, but on the other hand I don't want to have any damaged units on the front line.

I need a few minutes for this plan:


Renair has to kill this dude without getting hit.


This works!


Garath must kill someone, because there are too many enemies close to me.
The enemies with melee range weapons will go for him anyway, because he has equipped a bow.


Kolbane uses a portion and Asher heals Ilanice


That's my deployment before I end this turn.




I'm stupid! This was total unnecessary!


Axes don't work on Renair!

Turn 4:

I think the worst part is over!
Only have to kill the three enemies. It should be possible to kill two of them at least.


Renair and Amelia kill the archer.
Renair's level up is decent. I only wished she could get speed sometime...


Ilanice kills the mercenary,


Kolbane weakens this fighter at least...


... and Asher heals himself.


Ambush spawning!
Two mercenaries on the left appear:


My peggy needs more defense so badly!

Turn 5:

It's not over yet!
Thanks to the reinforcements I still must turtle.


At least I can kill one enemy.


Renair and Ilanice are healed.


My front line.
Unfortunately one of the mercenaries can use the thicket.


Click :P


Turn 6:


Garath and Ilanice kill this one.


Amelia and Kolbane kill this one.
I always let Amelia attack first, because her hitrates are pretty low. If she misses, I still can search for an alternate plan.
I let the mercenary alive, who is in the thicket. Now he must leave this nice spot:


It's the only remaining enemy close to me.
If I have killed him I can finally do the home visits.

Turn 7:


Amelia, Ilanice and Kolbane kill him.
Ilanice's first level up: Four stats, but these are exact the stats I'm not looking for.

Renair visits the first of two villages:


She gets a javelin.


Unfortunately javelins have a ridiculous low might. :(
Ilanice would do almost no damage with it.
Another problem is the weight. They're lighter than in the GBA games (same goes for most weapons I guess), but Ilanice still would lose 3 AS because of her con of 6.
Maybe someone would be so kind to explain me the description of the hurbat and javelin. I still don't get it.


Asher's first level up: Typical for a healer.


Edited by Magillanica Lou Mayvin

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"Doubles as a range attack" means that you can also use it at range (on top of 1-range), not that it's a semi-brave weapon or anything.

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Ooh, interesting~! Don't be afraid to use Garath! He exists for a reason (and it's not solely for his rugged good looks).

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You're doing fine! As SB said, the hurlbat/javelin is a one-ranged weapon that is ALSO a two-ranged weapon, hence the description. And yes, they've been seriously nerfed in this hack.

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Chapter 1 part 3



There are only two bandits and the boss left on this map.
The boss is stationary on the throne. The other two must be decoyed. It's Amelia's job to decoy one of them:

Turn 9:


He misses.


Therefore Kolbane gets the level up. Not that great, but at least he gets speed.


Garath visits the second village and gets a steel sword.


Renair decoys the last remaining enemy besides the boss.

Turn 10:


Amelia can kill him, but it's still not enough for a level up. She shall kill the boss!

BTW this hack has a fucking awesome winning theme!!!
Maybe someone could give me the name of this theme and the game?

I go shopping:


In the shop I buy a heal stave for Asher and a fire tome for Amelia. Fire has a better accuracy than thunder.


In the amory I only buy an iron lance for Ilanice. However I won't make much use of it yet, because it reduces her speed by 2.

It's boss time:


Damn, she misses.
I must rescue her.
This throne only gives the boss +10 evasion. They aren't as broken as in the GBA games especially FE6. The throne also doesn't heal the boss.


Renair has a much better hitrate of course.
I also was exhorted not to waste the goldenedge too early. I definitely keep my eyes on that.
I'm pretty sure this weapon will give you more than +2 in defense.


In the enemy phase the boss swaps to the steel axe.
Good news for Amelia...


... because she can attack him in the next player phase. Though she misses again. Ilanice must give her the bought fire tome.


Now he's weaken so much that Amelia will kill him in the next enemy phase.


Asher heals her and Ilanice gives her the fire tome.


But the boss prefers to attack Renair for some reason.
Your fault!
Amelia couldn't get a level up :/ Damn it!



Hopefully that's not me!



I think she's a little bit spoiled.


So this guy will probably lead us to the chief of the Darkwrights.


Asher knows how to deal with women.


She loves battles. I like her even more now!


Ilanice and Amelia have a very close relationship.
After Amelia's mother (and most likely father) had died, she wandered. Ilanice is the adoptive mother.
However Ilanice wants to accompany Renair's group. Amelia wants to be on her side so she decides to join the army too and must leave her beloved home.


Chapter 1 ends.


@ SB + The Moniker
Thanks for the answer.
It was a little bit confusing for me, when I saw this description for the javelin.
Because it's known that it can attack from 2-range.

@ Eclipse
Yeah, I already have noticed that Garath makes the chapters much more bearable for me.
I have noticed on the page of DoF you cooperated on this hack, didn't you?
Great hack so far!

Edited by Magillanica Lou Mayvin

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If you thought FE6's throne bonuses are absurd, you should see FE5's. You get +10 Def and some 50 avoid.

Yeah I know about them... unfortunately.

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Wow, good to see your units finally remembered that speed is a stat with a growth as well. And this is just another reason I really want a laptop of my own so that I can emulate on it...

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@ Eclipse

Yeah, I already have noticed that Garath makes the chapters much more bearable for me.

I have noticed on the page of DoF you cooperated on this hack, didn't you?

Great hack so far!

My writing will kick in during some future version. I designed the average stats calculator and that's about it. Anyway, thanks~!

Your gains look like what I normally get. . .so, uh, this might be a bit tougher than normal.

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Chapter 2 part 1



Renair's journal:



Damn, he cannot fight.
I hope I don't have to defend him in the upcoming chapter.


These dudes again.
The second from right wasn't shown yet.
Someone told me that the guy with the face helmet is only a generic bandit, who appears in some maps.


Is this a tattoo?
Their portraits are great. Each of them is unique.


Power struggles inside the Darkwrights.


I think so. This guy with the tattoo is only canonfood. He will kill hisself, while the two guys gain time.

Chapter 2 begins:

It's a defeat boss mission again. The boss is Darrick.


The enemies consist in the majority of level 1 brigands and mercenaries. There are also a few archers on this map so beware of them, if you use Ilanice. There are still no enemies with lances and no mages.


The boss is Darrick, the guy with the tattoo and who thinks he's the best of the Darkwrights.
He is a level 6 fighter with decent speed.
He has a steel axe and a hurbat (= hand axe).
He drops the weapon, he hasn't equipped.
I would like to get the hurbat, because Garath has no 1-2 weapon yet. I forgot to buy the hurbat in the armory in the previous chapter.
Another plus is that he loses one speed point, if he has equipped the steel axe.


There are two villages and four houses to visit.
I will mainly focus on the villages. Don't know, if the brigands go for them.
I can visit the two house in the eastern side in the first turn. Though I don't know, if I will visit the other two next to the village in the first screenshot.
Since I know that turtling will be punished, I want go straight forward with my units as soon as possible. And I think I don't get anything except for information in these houses.

The map theme is the original "companions" from FE7.

Turn 1:


Garath decoys the archer and the brigand.

Two of my units visit the houses:


This couple tells me a little bit about the members of the Darkwrights and whose structure.
Rankin seems to be the leader of this gang.
Ganter is subordinate, but can't accept this position.
Crispin is submissive.
Tbh this language is a little bit hard to understand for me.


First I thought she told about an unit (myrmidon) I can recruit...


... then I noticed she explained me the weapon triangle. Ugh!
No thanks! I don't give a shit for the two other houses. That's only waste of my time and I don't know, when and from where reinforcements will appear.


The brigand attacks Renair instead of Garath, although he cannot fight back.
I see. The enemies go mainly for the lord or for the highest damage they can cause. The hitrate and counterattacks play a minor part for the A.I.


The archer doesn't have another choice than to attack Garath.


A NPC unit appears!


His name is Chester, a level 3 thief.
He has an iron sword, lockpicks and a red jewel, which gives you 2500 gold.
I guess Renair can recruit him, since he didn't mention another certain person of my team.
Ilanice will rescue him and bring him to Renair before he does any stupidities.

The NPC phase theme is a remix of the map theme "liberation" from FE3 / 12. My favorite map theme in these games!

Turn 2:


Amelia gets finally her first level up, a disappointing one.


Kolbane kills the archer.


Before Ilanice will catch the thief, she visits the village.


So probably Ilanice must visit this village.


Celia was Ilanice's teacher.


I get a ranseur. It's basically the same as the wing spear from FE11 + 12: Effective against knights and cavaliers (= lance rapier).
It's also pretty powerful.
I don't want to use this weapon too much in this chapter, because I will save it till I must fight knights and cavaliers.

Maybe I'll get Celia later too.


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