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SF Hunger Games cont. ~ Game Over

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Previous main HG thread

Alright guys HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: sign up when you want to enter a game! This is just a random name generator, so it's as simple as that. Once you're signed up I do all the rest of the work and give you the results. Sign-ups stay open for 3 days (72 hours) after the previous game ends. The game can fit either 24, 36, or 48 people. I will try my best to fill in empty spaces to reach an amount (that's why I have a filler list~!) with other sfers by the time sign-ups ends even if nowadays I don't actually end it and if I can't and we just have a couple spaces left, I'll stick in some fake/nonSF people so that I won't have to drop a bunch of people off the list to wait for the next game ;u;

As a more recent addition, people are now allowed to request being in a district with others (we USUALLY have districts of three). I need to know that everybody is willing and agreeing to be arranged into the district with you. Please specify whether you want this for just one game or if you'd like that every game (until you request otherwise, of course~). Otherwise it will be entirely randomized as usual.


[spoiler=TEAM REQUESTS]Groups:

-Draco, Carmine Sword

-Nexas, Jiac

-James Bond, Irony, Lettuce

-Tiny Goddess, sylveonzoroark

-Brittany, Specta, Aryabug

District requests:

-Izhuark District 3

-Irony District 3


[spoiler=PAST TEAMS (starting now at least~)]Game 9

Game 10

Game 11

Game 12

Game 13

Game 14

Game 15

Game 16

Game 17

Game 18

Game 19

Game 20

Game 21

Game 22

Game 23

Game 24

Game 25 (Quarter Quell)

Game 26

Game 27

Game 28

Game 29

Game 30

Game 31

Game 32

Game 33

Game 34

Game 35

Game 36

Game 37

Game 38

Game 39

Game 40

Game 41

Game 42

Game 43

Game 44

Game 45

Game 46

Game 47

Game 48

Game 49

Game 50 (Quarter Quell #2!)

Game 51

Game 52

Game 53

Game 54

Game 55

Game 56

Game 57

Game 58

Game 59

Game 60

Game 61

Game 62

Game 63

Game 64

Game 65

Game 66

Game 67

Game 68

Game 69

[spoiler=PAST GAMES]First Game - http://i.imgur.com/kb9BEWT.jpg

Second Game - http://i.imgur.com/ChW8I6k.jpg

Third Game - Page 78

Fourth Game - Page 101

Fifth Game - Page 123

Sixth Page - TOTALLY FORGOT (wow Esme way to make me to search for it myself ^o^)

Seventh Game - Page 159

Eighth Game - Page 170

Ninth Game - Page 2 Summary

Tenth Game - Page 8 Summary

Eleventh Game - Page 15 Summary

Twelfth Game - Page 22 Summary

Thirteenth Game - Page 28 Summary

Fourteenth Game - Page 34 Summary

Fifteenth Game - Page 38 Summary

Sixteenth Game - 16.1 Page 44 16.2 Page 45 Summary

Seventeenth Game - Page 49 Summary

Eighteenth Game - Page 53 Summary

Nineteenth Game - Page 61 Summary

Twentieth Game - Page SIXTY NIIIIIINE Summary

Twenty-first Century Game - Page 76 Summary

Twenty-second Game - Page 81 Summary

Twenty-third Game - Page 87 Summary

Twenty-fourth Game - Page 93 Summary

Twenty-fifth Game (Quarter Quell) - Page 100 Summary

Twenty-sixth Game - Page 105 Summary

Twenty-seventh Game - Page 110 Summary

Twenty-eighth Game - Page 114 Summary

Twenty-ninth Game - 29.1 Page 119 29.2 Page 120 Summary

Thirtieth Game - Page 126 Summary

Thirty-first Game - Page 130 Summary

Thirty-second Game - Page 134 Summary

Thirty-third Game - Page 138 Summary

Thirty-fourth Game - Page 144 Summary

Thirty-fifth Game - Page 148 Summary

Thirty-sixth Game - Page 153 Summary

Thirty-seventh Game - Page 157 Summary

Thirty-eighth Game - Page 161 Summary

Thirty-ninth Game - Page 166 Summary

Fortieth Game - Page 171 Summary

Forty-first Game - Page 178 Summary

Forty-second Game - Page 181 Summary

Forty-third Game - Page 185 Summary

Forty-fourth Game - Page 188 Summary

Forty-fifth Game - Page 192 Summary

Forty-sixth Game - Page 195 Summary

Forty-seventh Game - Page 198 Summary

Forty-eighth Game - Page 201 Summary

Forty-ninth Game - Page 204 Summary

Fiftieth Game - Page 207 Summary

Fifty-first Game - Page 210 Summary

Fifty-second Game - Page 213 Summary

Fifty-third Game - Page 217 Summary

Fifty-fourth Game - Page 220 Summary

Fifty-fifth Game - Page 223 Summary

Fifty-sixth Game - Page 227 Summary

Fifty-seventh Game - Page 231 Summary

Fifty-eight Game - Page 234 Summary

Fifty-ninth Game - Page 237 Summary

Sixtieth Game - Page 241 Summary

Sixty-first Game - Page 245 Summary

Sixty-second Game - Page 248 Summary

Sixty-third Game - Page 252 Summary

Sixty-fourth Game - Page 254 Summary

Sixty-fifth Game - Page 259 Summary

Sixty-sixth Game - Page 263 Summary

Sixty-seventh Game - Page 266 Summary

Sixty-eighth Game - Page 269 Summary

SIXTY-NINTH GAME - Page 273 Summary

[spoiler=HALL OF FAME]1. Dijon Mustard

2. Eclipse

3. Hashuni Mei

4. Bindi

5. Specta

6. Yasako

7. Kon

8. Momogeek

9. Carmine Sword

10. Refa

11. Kinumi

12. Acacia Sgt

13. momogeek2141

14. Ether

15. Aura Wolf

16. Refa

17. Lettuce

18. Ambulz

19. Nightmare

20. Nightmare

21. Fujiwara no Mokou

22. Koneko

23. Formina Sage

24. Jedi

25. Naesala (the FE character)

26. Hashuni Mei

27. SageOfAnys

28. Lettuce

29. eclipse

30. James Bond

31. Aryabug

32. James Bond

33. Polydeuces

34. EarthboundAddict


36. Hashuni Mei

37. Monde

38. Monde

39. eclipse

40. James Bond

41. Hashuni Mei

42. Exo

43. Soapbar

44. eclipse

45. Jedi

46. Fantasia

47. Carmine Sword

48. Tiny Goddess

49. eclipse

50. Belisarius

51. Kinumi

52. Brittany

53. Acacia Sgt

54. TheErrantShepherd

55. Kinumi

56. Malus

57. Irony

58. Crysta

59. Trisitei

60. Monde

61. Balcerzak

62. Carmine Sword

63. Euklyd

64. K:inumi

65. K:inumi

66. MidoriMage

67. Hunter Nightblood

68. Jiac

69. Slade

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man I forgot to make this poll public :c

You still can.

Weird, I have notifs on but quoting didn't notify me? Huh.

/In, though I think I signed up already. I just wanted to put this in my content thing.

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You still can.

Weird, I have notifs on but quoting didn't notify me? Huh.

/In, though I think I signed up already. I just wanted to put this in my content thing.

Oh I can? ok

....... No I can't~! I coulda swore I remember it not allowing the change after votes have been placed.

I was wondering if maybe it wasn't working ;c

Maybe it doesn't like too many quotes or it doesn't work in spoiler tags

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ok sorry for stretching the page but I'm going to do the quote thing outside of spoilers this time

[spoiler=u have been notified]

In for the next~

I volunteer as tribute

Aye, too bad. Good job, momo. You sneaky bastard.


damn it

that would never happen irl, even if I made it to the final 2, because there's no way I'd be sleeping lol

GG BRO, I WAS HOPING I'D WIN but it's still nice

/in for next game!

Also, in for next. There may no longer be a SF hunger games after (at least considering the amount of participation in this one)


I'll join again as well~!

night esmeeeeeeeeee

HA JK you don't get in this time you're game hostess now

In for next one.

The Darkness better won't take me again!

/in da club, bottle full of bub




/in if i can


That was a p great ending

I'm in for the next oneeeeeeeeeee

/in it to win it

Oh jeez, I totally missed this. I feel bad that I wasn't here to cheer Draco on. Although he deserved to lose for sleeping on the job.

Can I join the next game please?

Wow I survived 2 arena events, got 5 kills and made it to top 3. I'm pretty sure that's the best I did. Shame it was the one time I wasn't home for the Hunger Games

I'm /IN for the next round

gg I dragged Nightmare with me to HELL



Forget it, I'm done with this!


Ow Sask be more careful.



Prepare to be Bizzaro Flamed

/in for the next one.

woah wait what didn't even know the previous game started.

/in for next game.


/in the heat of the night

Also, darn. I missed the entire hunger games.

/in, someday I'll make it ;-;

/in ~


One more /in please

Wow, I missed the whole last game! I'm lucky I didn't die on Day One.

I'll sign up again. I hope I'm here for it this time.

I'm in.

Let's do this!

I'll join in, if that's all right~

Count me in? (Yes, please?)

Yes, I'd like in.

In plz.

u already signed up silly

If any of you got notified just now (if you have quote notifications turned on) you're already in the game from signing up in the previous thread c:

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GOOD so I need to remember to leave out spoiler tags when I wanna notify

Except now that the notifications have already been sent out, I can stick that in spoiler tags

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I would like to participate this time.

y'know, now that Esme isn't the host, he should sign up.

Heh, I totally am!

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Two more and we can have at least a 36-man brawl game~

Also if we do end up going with the fixed 72-hour thing, I'm just going to give it a fixed 24 hours this time since we already started with a huge list and also I SHOULD be home all tomorrow~ Sound like a plan stan?

OH YEAH I forgot to mention I'm also going to go with the medium death rate since that seemed to be agreed upon in the last thread

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