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Another Random Hack Concept To Discuss

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So yeah, the "artist" formorally known as Randomsonicvideos now known as MCProductions has another potentially crazy idea for a FE hack that borrows ideas from Crash Bandicoot and classic Spyro the Dragon(of all things) as far as stage progression goes.

Anyhow, onto the concept, in order to reseal the Demon King after he possesses a(undecided) major Magvelen leader, Ephraim and Eirika need to find ALL of the pieces of the 4 shattered Sacred Stones that are scattered across Magvel.

In order to do so, the twins must explore the contienet in a hub world area that has gates to various stages(chapters in FE terms) which lead to the shards, which in turn are obtained thru filling various criteria in these chapters.

basically, there are four shard types

Crystal shard: complete the chapter as normal. Obviously the easiest to get

Clear Gym shard: open all treasure chests in a level. Clearly ripping off CB break the crates goal

Red Gym shard: unlock and clear the chapters Gaiden. Not all stages have one of these shards

Relic shard: a literal LTC goal, beat the clock to get the shard. once again, ripping off CB blatantly here

In each hub, 5 stages are unlocked from the get-go and can be replayed at will, either to complete Shard quests, or grind some enemies(It's a Sacred Stones sequel, what did you expect, no grinding). Various secrets can also be found in these hubs such as the final weapons. Some of which can be found from the first hub if you know where to look.

So there, I'm not the best FE hacker, and this concept is what I came up with after brainstorming for a while. An FE8 sequel isn't exactly an original concept, but it can work with this concept and if nothing else; 8 sequel will remain it's goal for now.

Sorry, Project Utopia you're no longer full custom

So could this concept phesibly work, or am I wasteing my time.

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I've played Elibean Nights, but I'm pictureing a much larger hub world with several varients to denote different segments of the game. Basically, if you have ever played the classic spyro games on the PS1, I'm imagineing a similer hub system here. A full stage with various triggerable events and secrets that happens to also serve as a hub to other stages. Elibean Nights hub was basically just another Menu, while my aim is to take the hub and make it a major game changeing feature.

Tho, I'd be lying if I said Elibean Nights didn't inspire me to make both this concept and start hacking

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