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Crazy Foxie

FE1 CD Drama - Masaki Sano, Kyo Watanabe

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Fire Emblem: Ankokuryuu to Hikari no Ken CD Drama

Presented by Masaki Sano and Kyo Watanabe

What is this?

It is a CD drama based on the first Fire Emblem game. It is audio only and comes in the form of a two-CD package. Judging by the art and names mentioned, this was designed by Masaki Sano and Kyo Watanabe. These two also did a 5-volume manga series, and I think this CD drama was published maybe after volume 3.

The disks come with a small booklet and a thicker book called 'Battle History Note'. I didn't scan this through as for the most part it seemed peculiar and is essentially a book for you to write down certain units and make a note of their class, weapon weight and things like that. It's basically a template and for the most part irrelevant. If people want me to show you what it is, I can do.

I had noticed it on the old merchandise page, so I wasn't sure how desperate people were for this.

Drama synopsis

As mentioned above, there is a strong indication that this may take the script of the manga that Masaki Sano and Kyo Watanabe did. I can't say how much of the words are directly taken from the manga or how far it goes, however the disks are split into two arcs: Daybreak Chapter and Purple Storm Chapter.

Daybreak Chapter covers the liberation of Talis and includes a bonus track of Oguma and Navarre-centric material. Purple Storm Chapter covers Devil Mountain and includes a bonus track of Marth and Merric-centric material. It's pretty similar to the OVA in structure.

If anyone has a copy of the Masaki Sano/Kyo Watanabe books and can follow the audio, it would be great if we could get an idea of what it covers :)

Fun fact: Sheeda's Pegasus seems to be called Elkite.

What the files contain

  • Scans of CD inserts, outside sleeve and 4-page booklet
  • The audio files
  • Notes page with tracklist, seiyuus (voices) and credits


CD Drama (both disks) | 4shared | Mediafire |

I don't mind if you wish to distribute this elsewhere, but please credit me or keep the notes page with each volume download.

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