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Fire Emblem OC Quotes (Awakening-based)

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Wait!! This contains spoilers, for Awakening!
Anyways, I decided to make a forum for some good old Fire Emblem OC development, specifically ones meant to be in Awakening. This doesn't even have to be an OC, either! As long as you can write for a character in their personality, it's all good. This is a very long process, and I want people to write a lot of good quotes, so be prepared to take some time on this.
Examples can be found here, in the playable characters section, on that character's page, in the quotes section.

Event Tiles
  • (exp)
  • (weapon exp)
  • (item drop)
Relationship Event Tiles
Asking - Normal
  • (happy)
  • (team up)
  • (dreams)
  • (free time)
Replying - Normal
  • (happy)
  • (team up)
  • (dreams)
  • (free time)
Asking -Parent
  • (train)
  • (concern)
  • (gift)
  • (story)
Replying - Parent
  • (train)
  • (concern)
  • (gift)
  • (story)
Asking - Married
  • (promise)
  • (compliment)
  • (love)
  • (gift)
Replying - Married
  • (promise)
  • (compliment)
  • (love)
  • (gift)
Level Up
  • (6-7 stats up)
  • (4-5 stats up)
  • (2-3 stats up)
  • (0-1 stat up)
  • (0-1 stat up, most stats capped)
Class Change
  • (buying)
  • (selling)
  • (forging)
  • (misc)
  • (surge)
  • (morning)
  • (midday)
  • (evening)
  • (night)
  • (birthday)
Help Description
Final Chapter Quotes
(Quote before final chapter, when Robin is almost defeated by Grima)
(Quote when Chrom kills Grima)
(Reassuring Robin for their choice to not sacrifice themself)
(After Robin sacrifices themselves to kill Grima)
DLC Pre-Battle
The Golden Gaffe Pre-Battle
EXPonential Growth Pre-Battle
Infinite Regalia Pre-Battle
Death's Embrace Pre-Battle
Five-Anna Firefight Pre-Battle
Roster Rescue Pre-Battle
Summer Scramble Pre-Battle
Hot-Spring Scramble Pre-Battle
Dual Support
Dual Strike
Dual Guard
Defeated Enemy
Partner Defeated Enemy
Defeated By Enemy
  • (Quote)
Death/Retreat Quotes
  • (Retreat)
  • (Death)
Rules? I guess?
You don't have to do all of these (I.E. your OC isn't a child character. Therefore, they can't have quotes for a parent)
Fields may be added, such as special characters in event tiles or the convoy.
Event tile or convoy quotes must be directed towards anyone, unless specified otherwise.
Make sure you write at least one for each of the bullet points!

I'll post mine, later. Good luck!

EDIT: Another rule, there's no rule against editing your quotes.

Have fun! ;w;

Edited by Chigai

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Character: Chigai

Note: Summaries of characters can be found in the Roster, so there's no need for an explanation, unless you want to go more in-depth.

Event Tiles

  • Alright... I'm getting better at stealing things, finally... (exp)
  • I've been practicing some sword techniques... I wonder if it's helping? (weapon exp)
  • Wh-what's that? I guess nobody wants it... (item drop)

Relationship Event Tiles
Asking - Normal

  • Hey, you look pretty chipper... What is it? (happy)
  • Um... You're so strong, and... Could we team up?(team up)
  • I've had a lot of dreams while I slept... Have you had any?(dreams)
  • H-hey, what do you do in your free time?(free time)

Replying - Normal

  • What? I-i'm not happy... I'm just smiling out of shyness...(happy)
  • You think I'd be a good partner...? I guess that's all right...(team up)
  • I dream about finding someone to love... D-did I say that out loud?! (dreams)
  • Well, I like to read a book or two... Maybe take a nap, as well.(free time)

Asking - Married

  • Is that a wound on your arm?! Please, promise me that I don't have to lose you...(promise)
  • You look nice today... (compliment)
  • I love you, -character-. Stay with me... forever.(love)
  • Are you holding something? ... Can I see it?(gift)

Replying - Married

  • Of course! I'd never leave the one I loved...(promise)
  • Really? Thank you...(compliment)
  • I love you, too, -character-... Heheh... (love)
  • Oh... I just got you a little something... (gift)

Level Up

  • What a rush! Whew... (6-7 stats up)
  • I'm feeling pretty good, actually! (4-5 stats up)
  • Ah... This is an okay pace, I guess.(2-3 stats up)
  • I'm pathetic... (0-1 stat up)
  • I'm so strong, now... But I'm still shy... (0-1 stat up, most stats capped)

Class Change
Whoa, this is new... I wonder what else I can do!

  • Oh, for me? Heh... Thanks. (buying)
  • Oh, it's not like I could even use that stuff...(selling)
  • Ah... A way to gain power. Interesting... (forging)


  • Hm... My wings are pretty shiny, today.(misc)
  • I'm feeling GREAT! I could fly across all of Ylisse!(surge)


  • Yawn... It's early...(morning)
  • Hello, -avatar name-...(midday)
  • Yeesh... I'm tired.(evening)
  • I promise, I'm not stealing anything... Heheh...(night)
  • It's your birthday, isn't it? I had some cake, somewhere...(birthday)

A manakete of the Divine tribe from Valm who has a knack for stealing. He's extremely shy, and enjoys sleeping. The most likely to jump when he hears his name. Born on July 23rd.
Help Description
A shy manakete thief from Valm. Fairly gloomy.

Final Chapter Quotes
(Quote before final chapter, when Robin is almost defeated by Grima)
-Avatar-, don't give in... I need you!
(Quote when Chrom kills Grima)
This is all over... Hurray!
(Reassuring Robin for their choice to not sacrifice themself)
Hey, you can't leave me... I couldn't live with that...
(After Robin sacrifices themselves to kill Grima)
... -Avatar-... I... Oh, no...
DLC Pre-Battle
The Golden Gaffe Pre-Battle
That gold was mine! I need that, you meanies... I'll end you!
EXPonential Growth Pre-Battle
Risen? Dark? Oh gods, this is a nightmare... But I can't call for help... Eek... I'm not a vegetable...
Infinite Regalia Pre-Battle
You've been here for... How long? I think you may be older than me...
Death's Embrace Pre-Battle
The spikes... They hurt so badly... I can't make it alive, can I? I'm such a failure...
Five-Anna Firefight Pre-Battle
I... I'm burning... But I'm not sure if it's from the lava or my blushing... Oh gods, make them stop staring at me...
Roster Rescue Pre-Battle
Wh-what's the page about me say? I don't want anybody looking at it! You keep your hands off my personal life...
Summer Scramble Pre-Battle
Wow... This place is beautiful... But the sun... it's burning my skin! Ah!
Hot-Spring Scramble Pre-Battle
Ah... This place is nice! I could really use a good soak...
Dual Support

  • You can do this...
  • Don't let it hurt me...
  • Please, win!
  • Ahh!
  • Kill it!
  • I can fight...
  • It's all right!
  • Let's roll.
  • Okay...
  • *deep breathing*

Dual Strike

  • Heeyah!
  • Hah!
  • This is it!
  • Take this!
  • Please, die!

Dual Guard

  • Hey!
  • Keep close guard...


  • I'm done!
  • You're gonna die!
  • Sorry about this!
  • Ah!
  • It's over!

Defeated Enemy

  • Close one...
  • I think I may be sick!
  • Oh, gods...
  • Ah...
  • Phew...

Partner Defeated Enemy

  • Thanks...
  • You did it!
  • You did that for me...?
  • We did it!

Defeated By Enemy

  • Ah... H-help...

Death/Retreat Quotes

  • Ugh... This hurts... I'm going back!(Retreat)
  • No... It's upon... Me... The cold jaws... I can feel them sinking in...(Death)


"Oh my gosh... I never thought I'd find somebody who loves me as much as you! I... I don't want to ever leave your side, again... Promise me that I won't have to... Please."

Basic Ending (Unmarried)

Chigai - The Sheepish Dragon

When the war came to an end, Chigai returned to Valm to serve as Tiki's right hand helper. He longed to find a husband of his own, but the people who supported the Voice would not let him leave the divine land. He spent many years alone, too shy to use force to escape.

Married to Male My Unit

Many wrote of -My Unit-'s legendary exploits, but accounts of his/her origins and character varied. Scholars, poets, and bards agreed on one thing alone—he loved his husband, Chigai, above all else.

Married to Gregor

With his more epic battles behind him, Gregor soon sank into a life of excess. Chigai sank down with him, and the two peacefully lived for many years.

Married to Basilio

With Grima a done deed, Basilio returned to Ferox and applied himself to dethroning Flavia. If his army of champions failed, he knew he could always count on his trusted husband, Chigai, to transform into a dragon and wipe away the competition.

Married to Walhart

Walhart was said to leave this world in pursuit of new conquests, dragging his newly wed husband along. Some surviving legends go so far as to place them in the Outrealms, where he reputedly found a new continent to subjugate and rule.

Married to Gangrel

With the slaughter done, Gangrel retired to obscurity. Chigai eventually restored him to his regular self, and the two lived the rest of their days in peace.

Married to Yen'fay

Yen'fay vanished like the mist, never to be seen again. Some say he returned to the Outrealm from whence he came, but none were able to witness the great swordsman's departure. Chigai was left alone as he disappeared, and refused to marry any other man, as he expected his husband to return. Sadly, no record exists if he did or did not.

Married to Priam

Priam and Chigai vanished like a breath on the wind. Did Priam's pursuit of true power lead him to a quiet corner of the map? Or did Chigai persuade him to come to Valm? No existing record remains of where they left to.

Edited by Chigai

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I only have battle quotes for Cerai xD Not Awakening based though...

Dual support

I’m here!

You’ll be fine!

Son of a…

Dual strike

I’m goin’ in!

Geronimo coming through!


Dual guard

Quit picking your nose!

You’re welcome!

Watch it!

Defeated enemy

Yeah, I’m awesome.

That’ll leave a stain for awhile…

Spoils of war, peeps.



Thank ya.



Time to take out the trash!

Die you stupid thing die!

Eat dirt, beyotch!

Edited by Dragoncat

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Shouldn't this be in the writing section? xP

Anyway, I wrote quotes a long time ago for this character, Antoinette. She's Frederick's daughter. :3 I didn't include DLC quotes though, because I've hardly played any of the Awakening DLC. I did add the roster description though. Also, I realize there's a consistency error with the horse. I didn't realize Frederick's horse is actually female until it was too late... xP I had already characterized it as a stallion named Sir Kieran and by the time I found my mistake, I'd already included the horse in a lot of writing... I just pretend that in this particular timeline, the horse is male! lol


Frederick's daughter from the future and closest retainer to Lucina. She's a free-spirited girl that would rather admire handsome young men than train, but she's every bit as sophisticated and devoted as her father. Loves horses and riding the most. Born on May 12th.

Event Tile

- "Ugh, who left this dirty thing lying around? People really should be neater than that." (item)
- "I just finished brushing Sir Kieran AND my hair in record time! I must keep a good image to impress the boys." (exp)
- "I got in some extra practice. As Father taught me, a retainer must always stay sharp to keep everyone safe." (weapon exp)

Relationship Tile


- "Oh, you seem happy! Did someone cute and charming flirt with you?" (happy)
- "Wow, you've been working really hard! Trying to make a big dream come true?" (dreams)
- "Hey, I noticed how you do so well in the midst of battle! May I team up with you? I might learn a thing or two." (team up)
- "So, I notice you disappear once in awhile between battles. What are you doing all that time?" (free time)


- "Oh, no, I was taking Sir Kieran for a nice ride and a boy said I looked cute riding him!" (happy)
- "My biggest dream? I want to find a handsome and charming boy that will love both me and Sir Kieran!" (dreams)
- "Well, one thing I do agree with my father on is that teamwork is very important, so I'd be happy to partner with you!" (team up)
- "Ah, I take Sir Kieran out for gentle rides and exercise and groom his lovely coat and hair. And I find cute boys!" (free time)

Asking - Frederick

- "Father, could we train a little? I don't feel I'm as skilled as you yet." (train)
- "Father, are you okay? You look like you've had some rough battles." (concern)
- "Father, if there's anything you need, tell me! You're family and I do need to be good with service." (gift)
- "Father, you've asked me about my time, but I want to know more about you! I only know so much!" (story)

Replying - Frederick

- "Oh, of course, Father! There's so much I want to learn from you!" (train)
- "I'm just fine, you don't need to baby me, Father. Sir Kieran is happy too. Right, Sir Kieran?" (concern)
- "I think I can make do with what I have, Father, but thank you!" (gift)
- "Well, I did my best to carry on your legacy and honor both you and Mother. But I don't know if I'll ever really be worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as you two..." (story)

Asking - Mother

- "Mother, let's train together! We never did get to do it much in the future since I was working with Father so often..." (train)
- "Mother, are you feeling alright? If anything's wrong, I can go get Father and we'll help you!" (concern)
- "Mother, is there anything I can get you? Sir Kieran and I can get it quickly!" (gift)
- "Mother, can you...tell me about yourself? I'm afraid I don't know a lot..." (story)

Replying - Mother

- "Train with you, Mother? I'd be honored! That opportunity was rather rare before." (train)
- "Oh, thank you, Mother, but I've never felt better! And I'm sure Father would be at my side in a second if I wasn't." (concern)
- "Mother, you're so kind. I don't need anything now, but I'll be sure to let you know if I do." (gift)
- "Truth be told, I don't remember as much about you as I do Father, but I'll never forget how strong the love between you two was. I really want a bond like that with my own future husband." (story)

Asking - Married
- "You look so cute and handsome as ever, (name)! I'm so in love with you that I can't put it to words!" (love)
- "Oh, (name), you are just so wonderful, handsome, and charming. I'm glad I found the right man to be my hubby-wubby!" (compliment)
- "Hey, what do you have there, dear? Hee hee...are you hiding something from me?" (gift)
- "(Name), please don't go too far from me! I want you to always be near so I can keep you safe!" (promise)

Replying - Married

- "Daww, my heart races when you say it that way. I love you dearly too!" (love)
- "Hee hee, you are so very sweet, (name). You are looking even more handsome than yesterday yourself!" (compliment)
- "Aw horsetails! I wanted to surprise you with this bow tie. Wouldn't you look simply dashing in it?" (gift)
- "Aw, you're really that worried about me? Of course I'll stay by your side. I wouldn't ever consider otherwise!" (promise)

Level Up

- "Wow, at this rate, I could outdo even Father!" (6+ stats up)
- "I'm doing great! I just need to keep it up." (4-5 stats up)
- "Ah, well, a slow and steady road is the key." (2-3 stats up)
- "Ugh, Father would be most displeased with me..." (0-1 stat up)
- "I guess I've learned pretty much everything I could here." (0-1 stat up, most capped)

Class Change

- "Ooh, not bad at all! Boys might find me even cuter now!"


- "Oh, you're shopping for me? I'm so excited!" (buying)
- "Argh! Do I really have something useless?" (selling)
- "Ah, the keener a weapon, the better it can be!" (forging)



- "Wow, for some reason, I feel really pumped up right now!" (surge)
- "I ought to get in some knitting practice sometime soon. It's kinda fun, but I'm still not as good at it as Father is." (misc)


"Ah, good morning, Avatar! Need a push to get the day started?" (morning)
"Hey, Avatar! Deciding to rest up?" (afternoon)
"Good evening, Avatar. Are you about to turn in?" (evening)
"Oh, Avatar, you might want to get some sleep. It's quite late." (night)
"A very happy birthday, Avatar!" (Avatar's birthday)


Support Boost

- "Careful now!"
- "Let's go!"
- "No one will harm you!"
- "My strength is yours!"
- "Victory shall be ours."
- "Believe in yourself!"
- "Hold on there."
- "Have no fear!"
- "I'm here for you."
- "No carelessness, you hear?"

Dual Strike

- "May I?"
- "I'll take this!"
- "And one from me!"
- "It's my turn now!"
- "Once again!"

Dual Guard

- "Not as long as I still breathe."
- "Nice try."
- "I don't think so!"

Defeated Enemy

- "Ha, so predictable!"
- "Ladies finish fights, not start them!"
- "Oh poo on you."
- "There now."
- "Phew..."

Partner Defeated Enemy

- "Wow, impressive!"
- "Now that's teamwork!"
- "Thanks so much!"


- "Your filthy arse is history."
- "You've messed with the wrong girl!"
- "Farewell, fool!"
- "May no god have mercy on you!"

Defeated By Enemy

- "Ugh...Father..."


- "Ugh! Sir Kieran! Run away...quickly... Don't let them...get you... Please survive..." (paralogue)
- "No! Why...? Why now...? Daddy...please...forgive me... I will always...be your...little girl." (classic)
- "Ugh, gods! I can't believe this wound has made me useless! I apologize, but I must retreat!" (casual)

Confession to Avatar

- "Out of all the boys that I've met...you've charmed me the most. And Sir Kieran loves you too!"

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Shouldn't this be in the writing section? xP

I thought about this, but I thought that was for actual writings... If I do another thing like this, I'l be sure to put it there.

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Well, I just thought quotes were technically writing too, but I do see what you mean, I guess. :P

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Here I come! The Battle-loving Peacemaker, Scarlet!

[spoiler=I say things. And then a lot of things.]Event Tiles

  • "Hm... but what if...? And then..."(exp)
  • "No time like now to train. This is war."(weapon exp)
  • "Ooh ooh, something's on the ground!"(item drop)
Relationship Event Tiles

Asking - Normal

  • "So what's with the smile? C'mon, tell me." (happy)
  • "You. Me. On the battlefield. Now." (team up)
  • "So, what d'ye think of when yer not thinking of war?" (dreams)
  • "Say, got any hobbies? S'good to know this stuff." (free time)
Replying - Normal
  • "This is my game face. I just finished training." (happy)
  • "Challenge accepted! Ya wanna train afterwards?" (team up)
  • "Improving my skills with my sword is all the dreams I need." (dreams)
  • "I've been practicing cooking, but there's a lot to know about it." (free time)
Asking - Child
  • "Hey, kid. Wanna spar with yer ol' man?" (train)
  • "Kid, I don't wanna see ya die out there. Got that?" (concern)
  • "What ya got there, kid? C'mon, show me." (gift)
  • "Bluehair says that the future was grim. Tell me about it." (story)
Replying - Child
  • "It's on, kid! We gonna train now, or later?" (train)
  • "Don't sweat it, kid. This ol' man's tougher'n his future self." (concern)
  • "Heh, ya caught me there. Here. Ain't much, but..." (gift)
  • "Alright, kiddo. Sit down, and I'll tell you about..." (story)
Asking - Married
  • "Hey uh, don't do anythin' silly out there, alright? Promise me ya won't." (promise)
  • "Um... y-you pretty today... Sorry, I can't think much when I'm around you."(compliment)
  • "I know I've said this before, but... I love you." (love)
  • "Huh? What do you have there?"(gift)
Replying - Married
  • "I promise... and I don't break promises."(promise)
  • (compliment)
  • (love)
  • (gift)
Level Up
  • "I can feel the power flowing through me! (6-7 stats up)
  • "I've still got a ways to go." (4-5 stats up)
  • "There's a lot of ways I can improve." (2-3 stats up)
  • "Still a long way to go." (0-1 stat up)
  • "Now to place myself to the test! "(0-1 stat up, most stats capped)
Class Change

"Change is good, but do these things really hafta change my clothes?"


(buying)"For me? That's cool."

(selling)"Wonder how much Gold we'll get outta this..."

(forging)"Here's to hoping it's awesome!"



(misc)"Huh. Not a single place to get /that/. Aw..."



(morning)"Mornin'! Up fer a spar or two?"

(midday)"Okay, so then... Oh, hey there, Tactician [[email protected]!"

(evening)"As the day ends, we look back upon the events that happened that day."

(night)"Still planning out tactics?"

(birthday)"Many happy birthdays to Tactician Avatar!"


Airheaded and ditzy are but a few words to describe this young fool of a man. His dedication to training and disgustingly positive attitude has led many under the impression of an unflappable fool. The most likely to smile at rainbows. Born on July 4.

Help Description

A cheerful youth on a journey of self-improvement.

Final Chapter Quotes

(Quote before final chapter, when Robin is almost defeated by Grima)"Hey, no slacking on the job, Tactician Avatar! Get up!"

(Quote when Chrom kills Grima)"We sealed Grima... but at what cost?

(Reassuring Robin for their choice to not sacrifice themself)"What's done is done. If your kids are around when he's comes back, maybe they'll do what we couldn't."

(After Robin sacrifices themselves to kill Grima)"... We'll miss ya, Avatar."

DLC Pre-Battle

>The Golden Gaffe Pre-Battle

(Pre-Battle)"This shiny stuff has got to go! Into my hands, of course. We need that money."

>EXPonential Growth Pre-Battle

(Pre-Battle)"Hm... these things are tough stuff. All the better for training!"

>Infinite Regalia Pre-Battle

(Pre-Battle)"Relics of the past, now up for grabs... Alright then, let's cut our way through these fools!"

>Death's Embrace Pre-Battle

(Pre-Battle)"This place... the dead should stay dead. I can't forgive that arsewiper."

>Five-Anna Firefight Pre-Battle

(Pre-Battle)"Man, this place makes Plegia look like the Hotrealms! Better get to rescuing those Annas."

>Roster Rescue Pre-Battle

(Pre-Battle)"Huh? Some otherworldly force kept tabs on me? That's nice. I'd better not let these things keep it, though."

>Summer Scramble Pre-Battle

(Pre-Battle)"My memory of this Outrealm compels me to purge you brigands from this place! Prepare!"

>Hot-Spring Scramble Pre-Battle

(Pre-Battle)"Oh boy, the Bathrealms! Ah, this is the stuff, I tell ya! ...But these things have gotta go."


>Dual Support

"C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!"

"Wonder how this will pan out..."

"I wanna see a good battle happen!"

"Let the fun begin."

"Bring it on!"

"Don't fear, I'm here!"

"Hey, don't rush."

"No pain, no gain!"

"Is this all they've got?

"No holding back."

>Dual Strike

"Watch me roll 'em."

"Can't run from me."

"Fear this unexpected strike!"

"But not quite!"

"Don't leave /me/ out!"

>Dual Guard

"Happy I'm here?"

"Don't die on me!"


"You're outta luck."

"I'm really feeling it!"

"Anna... is with me!"

"This'll be a quick one."

"Watch closely, everyone!"

>Defeated Enemy


"One more point for me."

"Another battle under my belt!"

"That coulda gone sour."

"And that's all there is to it."

>Partner Defeated Enemy

"Let's fight together s'more, yeah?"

"Aw, that was my kill!"

"Ya got 'em there."

"We should be training buddies!"

>Defeated By Enemy

(Quote)"Guh!? Gah..."

>Death/Retreat Quotes

(Retreat)"Argh, wish I didn't hafta hold back... See y'all later..."

(Death)"And so ends... my story..."

Edited by ScarletFlame

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Eric the Shy Sellsword

Event qoute:

Hey, someone left this 'ere, can I keep it? (Item)

I trained and now I feel funny (EXP)

Just got back from spendin', that bein' code for beatin' up bandits (Weapon EXP)

Relationship qoute, asking:

What do you dream of doing one day? (Dream)

What's the big grin for? Did you get a cool new weapon? (Happy)

So what do you when you're not figthing? (Free time)

Um,.....think we could...um...fight...um...together? (Team Up, female)

How's bout we join forces for the comin' battle, bet we could knock some socks off (Team up, male)

Relationship, replying:

Dreams? Does making a world with no conflict sound reasonable? (Dream)

Oh, this is just how I always look, you're the one who looks cheery (Happy)

Whatever will keep me from the cluthches of boredom (Free time)

Please don't go anywhere dangerous... (Team up, female)

Sure thing! We'll teach 'em a lesson or two (Team up, male)

Asking, married:

I sure am lucky to be with such a nice lady like you, (name) (Love)

Gosh, you sure are pretty, (name) (Compliment)

Promise you won't die out there, (name) (Promise)

Hey, what do you got there, (name), can I see? (Gift)

Replying, married

You mean it? (Love)

Are you sure, (name), cus I don't feel nothin' (Compliment)

Y-yes, ma'am.. (Promise)

Aw, man, that supposed to be a secret... (Gift)

Asking, child

Are you OK, (name) (Concern)

Hey, how's 'bout we see how strong you are, (name) (Train)

What was your life like before I came along? (Story)

There anythin' I can get ya, (name) (Gift)

Replying, child

Oh, don't worry about me, (name), I've had worse (Concern)

Just warning you, I'm really tough! (Train)

Oh, boy, where do I begin, there was...., and then...., er, maybe I'll tell ya later (story)

Oh, I'm good. Nice of you to ask, though (Gift)

Level Up:

This is more like it! (8-6 stats)

Alright, none too shabby! (5-4 stats)

Eh, not perfect but I'll take it! (3-2 stats)

Next time I'll bring my A-game (1-0 stats)

This can't be the only thing I'm good at, right? (Maxed out)

Class Change:

This feels funny!


What's wrong with what I have?

At least we're gettin' some extra cash, right?

We can even give it a new name?


What to do, what to do? (misc)

Eep! My hairs are standin' on end, is that normal? (misc)

Greetings, normal:

Mornin', Robin, up early?

Hi, Robin! Here to take a break?

Good even, Robin, sure was a long day, huh?

*yawn* You sure are dedicated, Robin!

Happy Birthday, Robin!

Greetings, married:

Hey, Robin! You're up already?

Hey, Robin! What's up?

It's gettin' late, Robin...

*yawn* Please don't so stay up so late, Robin

Happy Birthday, Robin!

I might add more as it comes to me, also, how do I put spoilers?

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This sounds interesting. Let's see if I got a few nice ideas...

Character : Cucco - The Charismatic yet Humble Archer

Event Tile :

-"Hmm? Something on the ground? What is this...?" (item)

-"If I focus properly, then no target will ever escape my arrow." (exp)

-"Managed to sharpen some arrows there, they'll pierce better I figure." (weapons exp)

Relationship Tile :

Asking - Normal

-"If I may ask, would you mind sharing what inspires you to go on?" (dreams)

-"Oh-ho, seems like a grin is forming on your face there." (happy)

-"It seems that you sometimes vanish from camp. Are you up to any shady deals?" (free time)

-"How about you and I team up for the coming battle?" (team up)

Replying - Normal

-"An important quest of mine keeps me moving and shooting, you see." (dreams)

-"Oh, me? I just managed to snipe an ant right in the eye. ... Figuratively." (happy)

-"I enjoy taking walks in the nearby forests at night, reminds me of home." (free time)

-"Very well. I shall protect your back and snipe any threats where they stand." (team up)

Asking - Married

-"Promise me that you'll never go too far (name)... I couldn't bear to lose someone dear once more." (promise)

-"You are as lovely as a flower (name). I never get tired of looking at you." (compliment)

-"Now is a good time as any, but I just wished to say that I love you with all my heart (name)." (love)

-"Oh-ho. What is it that milady has hidden behind her secretive back?" (gift)

Replying - Married

-"I shall keep my word (name). I will not allow you to feel the pain that haunts me." (promise)

-"The lucky person here is myself. To earn a compliment from such a lady is the best music that I have ever had the pleasure to listen to." (compliment)

-"I love you too (name). May our love stay eternal and fruitful until the end." (compliment)

-"O-oh this? It's food- ah, scratch that. This is a gift to you from me truly." (gift)

Asking - Child

-"How about a little practice, kid? Show me if you can snipe that apple over there." (train)

-"Are you alright (name)? Your face seems pale lately..." (concern)

-"Life must have been quite a chore back in your future... If there's anything that I can buy for you, simply ask. It would be my pleasure." (gift)

-"I would like to speak about your life back in the future. There is so much that I wish to ask." - (story)

Replying - Child

-"Hah, are you doubting your father's skills? Let me show you how a hunter does the job!" (train)

-"Please don't worry (name). Just some unpleasant thoughts going through my mind." (concern)

-"A gift, for me? ... Thank you. I'm so glad to have such a wonderful child like you (name)." (gift)

-" ...This father of yours has a lot to speak about. If you wish to do so now, then by all means sit down next to me." (story)

Level Up

-"I managed to snipe an ant's eye! ... Figuratively." (+6 stats)

-"This hunter certainly is coming a long way huh..." (4-5 stats)

-"The long yet steady way is always the safer route." (2-3 stats)

-"...This was a poor performance." (1 stat)

-"Like the hunter who knows the whole forest and its targets, I have finally mastered all the skills." (Most capped stats)

Class Change

-"Please tell me that arrows are involved."


-"Hmm... Is there anything worth purchasing?" (buying)

-"Do we really need to sell anything? I care for my possessions." (selling)

-"I could forge his bow and make it even better..." (forging)



-"I wonder how is he doing...?" (misc)

-"What's with me today? I feel like I could snipe TWO ant eyes at once!" (surge)

Greetings - Normal

-"Good morning, (name). Is the fresh light of the sun calming you?" (morning)

-"Are you possibly on a break?" (day)

-"Good evening, (name). Today certainly was quite a ride wasn't it?" (evening)

-"Go ahead and sleep (name). Don't forget that you'll be directing our lives tomorrow." (night)

-"So today is your birthday? In that case, happy birthday!" (birthday)

Greetings - Married

-"Good morning, lovely wife of mine. Is the soft light of the sun calming your soul?" (morning)

-"How is the day treating you? I know for a fact that I might treat you to dinner tonight." (day)

-"Good evening, my love. Look at the white moon, and be embraced by its sweet radiance."(evening)

-"(Name), isn't it time that you head off to bed? You've been working all day." (night)

-"A happy birthday for the most wonderful woman in all the realm!" (birthday)


A young hunter from a certain village far away inside the forests. He carries a heavy burden, and while life didn't treat him at its best, he still manages to bring out a charismatic and humble personality, even though some of it sound forced at times. The most likely to stare at the moon before going to bed.

Help Description

A young hunter who strives in the art of the bow. Has a special way with words.


"My life has been one huge ride of emotions and deceptions, but this very moment is probably the biggest ride of them all. I feel like I can finally create a new life- without changing my name of course."

This will be about all that I will write here. It should prove enough.

Edited by SuperCuccoSaiyan

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Event Tiles

  • Hm... I'm not improving, am I?
  • I just got in some training. They won't expect THIS!
  • Huh? Heh, finders keepers. This is mine now.

Relationship Event Tiles

Asking - Normal

  • Well that's a bright grin you got there. What's goin' on?
  • Hey, want to team up? F-For strategy, of course!
  • When this is all over, what are your dreams?
  • Gettin' bored here... what do you do when you have free-time?

Replying - Normal

  • Huh? J-Just a joke I've heard... nothing you need to know about.
  • Sure... just... not for you, for the sake of our victory! ...Ngh...
  • To be the world's best strategist, and marry- NO! Uhh...
  • Mowing down risen with my fighting prowess... H-Hey, I could!

Asking - Married

  • Hey, <Player Name> that arrow came pretty close. Promise you'll be more careful.
  • H-Hey... you... You're... *cough* looking beautiful today... *cough*
  • Hey... as much as I may not show it... I... I really do love you, <Player Name>
  • What's that? In your hand, that's... 

Replying - Married

  • I won't die, I promise... Now, say you won't either.
  • H-Huh? Well... thanks... Heh... Same for you.
  • I... *cough* I love you too! *cough*
  • Hm? This? Hey, no peeking, it's a surprise for you. Heheh

Level Up

  • All part of the plan. Now let's get this over with!! (6-7)
  • Hm? Well, that feels pretty good. Come on! (4-5)
  • Heh, nice. (2-3)
  • Urgh... I'm sorry... (0-1)
  • I've come so far... Heh, let's finish this! (0-1 most stats capped)

Class Change

I feel my heart beating... Adrenaline pumping... Let's see how this goes.


  • Whatever you think will help... not that one though... (Buying)
  • Ah... Fine, it's for good of us all... (Selling)
  • You sure I can't just do this myself? (Forging)


  • Mmmm~... no, no, no... not good enough... (Miscellaneous) 
  • I can think so clearly... Leave the planning to me! (Surge)


  • Good morning, <Player Name>. You ready for today? (Morning)
  • Hey. (Midday)
  • Work hard today, huh? Sure, <Player Name>. (Evening)
  • Zzz... zzz... Gack! Hey, I-I was dreaming... (Night)
  • One year closer to death. Congratulations. (Birthday)


A sarcastic former Valmese strategist. Sometimes rude; but is quite humorous, and kind-hearted (Much to his dismay). Least likely to volunteer for physical labor. Born on May 4th

Help Description

A sarcastic tactician from Valm. Somewhat good-looking, yet lazy.

Final Chapter Quotes

(Quote before Final Chapter, when Robin is almost killed by Grima)

I know you, <Player Name>. You don't give in this easily! Show this damn monster what you're REALLY made of!

(When Chrom defeats Grima)

Ngh... that's it, huh? Victory at long last...

(Reassuring the Player, if they chose not to sacrifice themselves, and they are married)

<Player Name>, don't be upset... It'll turn out fine. You did your best, and you won... Thank you...

(After the Player sacrifices themselves)

Wh-What? N-No! You... You can't be gone, <Player Name>, this isn't like you! Return to us!


The Golden Gaffe

H-Hey, that's mine! Give it back now, or... Are you just going to stare at me?

EXPonential Growth

Vegetarian Risen, attacking an village in a ruins? You can't be serious... Oh, well... a battle's a battle I guess...

Infinite Regalia

That's... The Lionheart!? I... I thought that was just a legend, I... I'm so EXCITED for this! Hahah!

Death's Embrace

GYAH! Urgh! ...Why... Why s-spikes?

Five Anna Firefight

Argh... I... I'm boiling alive in here... Can't I... take this off? B-But... those girls... I... I have to do this!

Roster Rescue

By gods, if ANY of you read that book, I will kill you! ...What are you looking at, you monster?


So much sand... And those sorcerers... Urgh... S-Stop looking at me!


Of course... Here I thought we'd have some time to relax for once... <Player Name>, you owe me big for this...


Dual Support

  • Come on.
  • Let's get this over with.
  • Go for the flank, buddy.
  • You can do this!
  • You can't do this...
  • Ugh.
  • You sure about this?
  • All part of the plan.
  • Stop.
  • Let me help you.

Dual Strike

  • Take one more!
  • Send my regards!
  • Not alone!
  • Stand down!
  • Hah!

Dual Guard

  • Surprise.
  • Nope.


  • Let me hear you SCREAM!
  • That's enough out of you!!
  • This is all part of the plan, heh...
  • Wonder what your heart looks like?

Defeated Enemy

  • Phew...
  • I'm done...
  • Looks so beautiful... 
  • Heheh... heh... urgh...
  • ...Mm...
  • I'll send my condolences.
  • I'm sorry... 

Partner Defeated Enemy

  • Huh?
  • I'm done- Uhh...
  • Thank you! Err... for supporting...
  • Mind your business.
  • Why are you helping me?

Defeated by enemy

P-Pathetic... hit me... a-again...

Death/Retreat Quotes

Casual Retreat

Huh? I... I failed you...? I-I'm sorry... I got to go... h-heal up...

Classic Death

I... I can't stand... I can't... see... ... Th-Thank you... for everything... Finish this war... ... Forget... about... me... ...

Marriage Quote

I never thought you felt the same way as me... This seems like a dream! Only, this fantasy is real... Promise me, you'll stay by my side... Never forget about me... okay?

Unmarried Ending

Obsidian - Acerbic Strategist

With his old leader, Walhart defeated, and the world under a new peace, Obsidian continued competing with <Player Name> in a battle of strategy. It is unknown who succeeded in the end, but his strategies in battle continued to be used for centuries to come.

Married to FeMu

Many wrote of <Player Name>'s legendary exploits, but accounts of her origins and character varied. Scholars, poets, and bards agreed on one thing alone-- She loved her husband, Obsidian, above all else



(Wow, that took a while to write. Hopefully it will have been worth it :3)

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